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A Manufactured in China under some different label names, with a line of ready built and painted (Diecast?) kits, released also kits in the 1/72 scale (plastic quick build / easy build ?) - (which possible also are released as diecast by Easy Model)

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3RModel - Transform

Kit TK7001 - Chinese PLA ZTZ-99A MTB - (3RModel / Transform)

sanrong/TK7001/01.jpg sanrong/TK7001/02.jpg sanrong/TK7001/03.jpg sanrong/TK7001/04.jpg sanrong/TK7001/05.jpg sanrong/TK7001/06.jpg sanrong/TK7001/07.jpg sanrong/TK7001/08.jpg sanrong/TK7001/09.jpg sanrong/TK7001/10.jpg sanrong/TK7001/11.jpg sanrong/TK7001/12.jpg sanrong/TK7001/14.jpg sanrong/TK7001/15.jpg sanrong/TK7001/16.jpg sanrong/TK7001/17.jpg sanrong/TK7001/18.jpg sanrong/TK7001/19.jpg sanrong/TK7001/20.jpg sanrong/TK7001/21.jpg sanrong/TK7001/22.jpg sanrong/TK7001/23.jpg sanrong/TK7001/24.jpg sanrong/TK7001/25.jpg sanrong/TK7001/26.jpg sanrong/TK7001/27.jpg sanrong/TK7001/28.jpg sanrong/TK7001/29.jpg sanrong/TK7001/30.jpg sanrong/TK7001/31.jpg sanrong/TK7001/32.jpg sanrong/TK7001/33.jpg sanrong/TK7001/34.jpg sanrong/TK7001/35.jpg sanrong/TK7001/36.jpg sanrong/TK7001/37.jpg sanrong/TK7001/38.jpg sanrong/TK7001/39.jpg sanrong/TK7001/40.jpg sanrong/TK7001/41.jpg sanrong/TK7001/42.jpg sanrong/TK7001/43.jpg

Detail pictures about differences in dimensions between the sModel Chinese PLA ZTZ-99A and the 3RModel kit, by Robert Czulda and Lindsey Dye (on Missing Lynx form / Tapatalk)

Robert Czulda - I have finally got this via China. Here are some photos of sprues and a comparison to S-Model's ZTZ-99A. Have you noticed a significant differences of a turret and a chassis?

Lindsey Dye - The Type 99's dimensions are supposed to be:- length - 7m, width - 3.7m, height - 2.35m. Maybe Robert could measure the models and scale up? The S-model version looks to be based on one of the original pre-production prototype vehicles, known as the Type 98 or 9910 Project or WZ123. I doubt that accounts for the difference in the models' size, however. Much of the information about the tank seems to be speculative anyway, based on informed guesswork from looking at photographs

sanrong/TK7001/2/01.jpg sanrong/TK7001/2/02.jpg sanrong/TK7001/2/03.jpg sanrong/TK7001/2/04.jpg sanrong/TK7001/2/05.jpg sanrong/TK7001/2/06.jpg sanrong/TK7001/2/07.jpg sanrong/TK7001/2/08.jpg sanrong/TK7001/2/09.jpg sanrong/TK7001/2/10.jpg sanrong/TK7001/2/11.jpg sanrong/TK7001/2/12.jpg sanrong/TK7001/2/13.jpg sanrong/TK7001/2/14.jpg sanrong/TK7001/2/15.jpg sanrong/TK7001/2/16.jpg sanrong/TK7001/2/17.jpg

Built model by Lubing (China)

sanrong/TK7001/1/01.jpg sanrong/TK7001/1/02.jpg sanrong/TK7001/1/03.jpg sanrong/TK7001/1/04.jpg sanrong/TK7001/1/05.jpg sanrong/TK7001/1/06.jpg sanrong/TK7001/1/07.jpg sanrong/TK7001/1/08.jpg

For "Aka Model" upgrade set for this kit, visit:

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For pictures of the original vehicle visit:

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Kit TK7002 - Chinese ZTZ96B MBT - (3R Model / Transform)

New pictures by Mark Davies

sanrong/TK7002/01.jpg sanrong/TK7002/02.jpg sanrong/TK7002/03.jpg sanrong/TK7002/04.jpg sanrong/TK7002/05.jpg sanrong/TK7002/06.jpg sanrong/TK7002/07.jpg sanrong/TK7002/08.jpg sanrong/TK7002/09.jpg sanrong/TK7002/10.jpg sanrong/TK7002/11.jpg sanrong/TK7002/12.jpg sanrong/TK7002/13.jpg sanrong/TK7002/14.jpg sanrong/TK7002/15.jpg sanrong/TK7002/16.jpg sanrong/TK7002/17.jpg

Built model by Sanrong

sanrong/TK7002/1/01.jpg sanrong/TK7002/1/02.jpg sanrong/TK7002/1/03.jpg sanrong/TK7002/1/04.jpg

For "Andre's Russian AFV page" preview Kit TK7002 - Chinese ZTZ96B MBT visit:

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Kit TK7003 - Leopard 2 A5/A6 - (Border Model / Transform) - (Replaced under TK7201 BorderModel)

sanrong/TK7003/01.jpg sanrong/TK7003/02.jpg sanrong/TK7003/03.jpg sanrong/TK7003/04.jpg sanrong/TK7003/05.jpg sanrong/TK7003/06.jpg

Kit TK7004 - Mid East War Pickup - (2x four door pickup Toyota Hilux + DShK heavy MG) - (3R Model / Transform)

sanrong/TK7004/01.jpg sanrong/TK7004/02.jpg sanrong/TK7004/03.jpg sanrong/TK7004/04.jpg sanrong/TK7004/05.jpg sanrong/TK7004/06.jpg sanrong/TK7004/07.jpg

Model built by Vojislav Jereb

sanrong/TK7004/1/01.jpg sanrong/TK7004/1/02.jpg sanrong/TK7004/1/03.jpg sanrong/TK7004/1/04.jpg

Kit TK7005 - Mid East War Pickup - (2x double door pickup Toyota Landcruiser + ZPU-2 machine gun) - (3R Model / Transform)

sanrong/TK7005/01.jpg sanrong/TK7005/02.jpg sanrong/TK7005/03.jpg sanrong/TK7005/16.jpg sanrong/TK7005/17.jpg sanrong/TK7005/18.jpg sanrong/TK7005/19.jpg sanrong/TK7005/04.jpg sanrong/TK7005/05.jpg sanrong/TK7005/06.jpg sanrong/TK7005/07.jpg sanrong/TK7005/08.jpg sanrong/TK7005/09.jpg sanrong/TK7005/10.jpg sanrong/TK7005/11.jpg sanrong/TK7005/12.jpg sanrong/TK7005/13.jpg sanrong/TK7005/14.jpg sanrong/TK7005/15.jpg

Built model by Mike du Toit

sanrong/TK7005/1/01.jpg sanrong/TK7005/1/02.jpg sanrong/TK7005/1/03.jpg sanrong/TK7005/1/04.jpg sanrong/TK7005/1/05.jpg

Built models by Udo Bauer

With the TK 7004 and 7005, the company 3R Modell has released two kits with 2 Toyota Landcruisers each. One vehicle is armed, the other is unarmed. 7005 has the ZPU-2 (14.5mm twin) and 7004 has the Toyota crew cab and the DShK 12.7mm AA gun. I first built the variant with the ZPU-2 (see photos). I will build the civil variant, i.e. the second vehicle from the TK7005, with the RAK-12 (128mm) launcher of the Croatian army. The Croatians delivered this launcher to Syria, and the Syrian-Kurdish militias are using it. I build the launcher and the changes to the Toyota myself based on photos - Udo Bauer

sanrong/TK7005/2/01.jpg sanrong/TK7005/2/02.jpg sanrong/TK7005/2/03.jpg sanrong/TK7005/2/04.jpg sanrong/TK7005/2/05.jpg

Built model by Udo Bauer

Here are some photos of the second TOYOTA Landcruiser from the same kit TK 7005, but the vehicle with the Croatian RAK-12 (128mm) rocket launcher. He's in action in Syria with all sorts of warring factions, private armies, militias... I really liked the kits, high fitting accuracy, fine detailing. - Udo Bauer

sanrong/TK7005/2/06.jpg sanrong/TK7005/2/07.jpg sanrong/TK7005/2/08.jpg sanrong/TK7005/2/09.jpg sanrong/TK7005/2/10.jpg sanrong/TK7005/2/11.jpg

Kit TK7006 - Stryker M1128 MGS - (3R Model / Transform)

Note: On the box wrong kitnumber

sanrong/TK7006/01.jpg sanrong/TK7006/02.jpg sanrong/TK7006/03.jpg sanrong/TK7006/04.jpg sanrong/TK7006/05.jpg sanrong/TK7006/06.jpg sanrong/TK7006/07.jpg

Kit TK7007 - Stryker M1296 Dragoon - (3R Model / Transform)

sanrong/TK7007/00.jpg sanrong/TK7007/01.jpg sanrong/TK7007/02.jpg sanrong/TK7007/03.jpg sanrong/TK7007/04.jpg sanrong/TK7007/05.jpg sanrong/TK7007/06.jpg sanrong/TK7007/07.jpg sanrong/TK7007/08.jpg

Kit TK7008 - Stryker M1128 MGS - (3R Model / Transform)

sanrong/TK7008/01.jpg sanrong/TK7008/02.jpg sanrong/TK7008/03.jpg sanrong/TK7008/04.jpg sanrong/TK7008/05.jpg sanrong/TK7008/06.jpg sanrong/TK7008/07.jpg

Kit TK7009 - Stryker M1128 MGS Upgrade - (3R Model / Transform)

sanrong/TK7009/01.jpg sanrong/TK7009/02.jpg sanrong/TK7009/03.jpg

Kit TK7011 - PLA ZTQ15 Light Tank - (3R Model / Transform)

sanrong/TK7011/01.jpg sanrong/TK7011/02.jpg

Kit TK7012 - PLA ZTQ15 Light Tank (Armoured version) - (3R Model / Transform)

sanrong/TK7012/01.jpg sanrong/TK7012/02.jpg

BorderModel - Transform

Kit TK7201 - German MBT Leopard 2 A5/A6 - (Border Model / Transform)

sanrong/TK7201/01.jpg sanrong/TK7201/02.jpg sanrong/TK7201/03.jpg sanrong/TK7201/04.jpg sanrong/TK7201/05.jpg sanrong/TK7201/06.jpg sanrong/TK7201/07.jpg sanrong/TK7201/08.jpg sanrong/TK7201/09.jpg

Kit TK7203 - Tiger 1 - (early version) - (Border Model / Transform)

sanrong/TK7203/10.jpg sanrong/TK7203/11.jpg sanrong/TK7203/00.jpg sanrong/TK7203/01.jpg sanrong/TK7203/02.jpg sanrong/TK7203/03.jpg sanrong/TK7203/04.jpg sanrong/TK7203/05.jpg sanrong/TK7203/06.jpg sanrong/TK7203/07.jpg sanrong/TK7203/08.jpg sanrong/TK7203/09.jpg

For "Andre's Russian AFV page" preview Kit TK7203 - Tiger 1 - (early version) - (Border Model / Transform) - (51 pictures) visit:

logo "Andre's Russian AFV page", Small AFV Blogspot

Kit TK7205 - Tiger 1 - (Initial version) - (Border Model / Transform)

sanrong/TK7205/00.jpg sanrong/TK7205/01.jpg sanrong/TK7205/02.jpg sanrong/TK7205/03.jpg sanrong/TK7205/04.jpg sanrong/TK7205/05.jpg sanrong/TK7205/06.jpg sanrong/TK7205/07.jpg sanrong/TK7205/08.jpg sanrong/TK7205/09.jpg sanrong/TK7205/10.jpg sanrong/TK7205/11.jpg sanrong/TK7205/12.jpg sanrong/TK7205/13.jpg sanrong/TK7205/14.jpg sanrong/TK7205/15.jpg sanrong/TK7205/16.jpg sanrong/TK7205/17.jpg

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