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A resin manufacturer from Poland with Post War / modern time vehicles in 1/72 scale

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Polish Post War / Modern Time AFV's

Kit ALM72001 - 91 "Twardy"

tololoko/72001/01.jpg tololoko/72001/02.jpg

Kit ALM72002 - PT-91M/Ex "Twardy" (Malaysian Army) (BUMAR)


Kit 72003 - KTO Rosomak w/Hitfist-30P turret


Kit ALM72004 - KTO Rosomak OSS-D ISAF (command ver.)

tololoko/72004/01.jpg tololoko/72004/02.jpg tololoko/72004/03.jpg

Kit ALM72005 - KTO Rosomak with 120mm mortar "Rak"

tololoko/72005/01.jpg tololoko/72005/02.jpg tololoko/72005/03.jpg tololoko/72005/04.jpg tololoko/72005/05.jpg

Kit ALM72006 - KTO Rosomak 8x8 with RPG Net (WZM) (Qinetique)

tololoko/72006/1/01.jpg tololoko/72006/1/02.jpg

tololoko/72006/01.jpg tololoko/72006/02.jpg tololoko/72006/03.jpg

Kit ALM72007 - KTO Rosomak 8x8 Medevac (WZM)

tololoko/72007/01.jpg tololoko/72007/02.jpg tololoko/72007/03.jpg tololoko/72007/04.jpg tololoko/72007/05.jpg

Kit ALM72008 - KTO Rosomak-2 Spike-LR

tololoko/72007/01.jpg tololoko/72007/02.jpg

Kit ALM72009 - KTO Rosomak w/Hitfist-30P turret ISAF w/additional armor (wer. afganska)


Kit ALM72010 - KTO Rosemak Wolverine

tololoko/72010/01.jpg tololoko/72010/02.jpg tololoko/72010/03.jpg

Kit ALM72011 - Star 266 "Omega" cargo truck (Polish Army ver. 1985)

tololoko/72011/01.jpg tololoko/72011/02.jpg

Kit ALM72012 - Star 266 cargo truck mod. 1975 (Polish Army)

tololoko/72012/01.jpg tololoko/72012/02.jpg

Kit ALM72013 - Star 266 Workshop (Polish Army)


Kit ALM72014 - Star 660 Workshop (Polish Army)

tololoko/72014/01.jpg tololoko/72014/02.jpg tololoko/72014/03.jpg

Kit ALM72015 - Star 660 cargo truck (Polish Army)

tololoko/72015/01.jpg tololoko/72015/02.jpg tololoko/72015/03.jpg

Kit ALM72016 - WR-40 Langusta (w/BM-41 Grad)

tololoko/72016/01.jpg tololoko/72016/02.jpg

Kit ALM72017 - AHS 155mm KRAB


Kit ALM72018 - Jelcz 315 cargo truck (Polish Army)

tololoko/72018/01.jpg tololoko/72018/02.jpg tololoko/72018/03.jpg tololoko/72018/04.jpg tololoko/72018/05.jpg

Kit ALM72019 - Jelcz 442.32 Bartek (Polish Army)


Kit ALM72020 - WWO Wilk 8x8 w/turret Cockerill XC-8 105HP

tololoko/72020/01.jpg tololoko/72020/02.jpg

Kit ALM72021 - KTO Rosomak 8x8 Medevac (WZM) w/RPG


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