A manufacturer from Minsk, Belorussia (White-Russia), since 2009, named "Zebrano"
(this is a multimedia branch and used his own parts with injection moulded kits from other branches as PST, ACE, UM and bronze armorsets from Miniworld).
The owner Vladimir Kiselev produced also kits in other scales

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Announced for 2016-2017


PST kits in collaboration with Zebrano

Kit 72067 - T44M - collaboration between "PST/Zebrano" - very limited edition

(hull and tracks from T54 with new resin turret and metal barrel)

zebrano/72067/01.jpg zebrano/72067/02.jpg zebrano/72067/03.jpg zebrano/72067/04.jpg

The 1/72 T-44M is a multimedia kit (with plastic chassis and body complete with resin turret and metal barrel and small parts) and the quality is quite nice for this manufacturer.
T-44 was a lesser known Russian tank developed in 1943 as a replacement for the famous T-34 model, but due to war demands production started only in early 1945 and this it did not reach the fronts. Yet, it was produced in significant numbers and production stopped only with the introduction of the T-54 model. The chassis was used in many specialized vehicles.
T-44M was an improved model which was produced in larger quantity than the original T-44 model.
This is a strictly limited kit with production being limited to just one batch.

Kit 72068 - T54 m1949 - Cold War Periode- collaboration between "PST/Zebrano" - very limited edition

zebrano/72068/01.jpg zebrano/72068/02.jpg zebrano/72068/03.jpg zebrano/72068/04.jpg zebrano/72068/05.jpg zebrano/72068/06.jpg

Comments by Jolyon Ralph
Essentially it's the old PST T-54 kit with a new resin turret for the T-54-2 variant (Not the earlier T-54-1 which is the m.1946 version) - probably a better option is to get the modeltrans T-54-2 turret and fit that to a Trumpeter T-54 hull - note that it's not that simple with the T-54-1 turret that Modeltrans sell, as the T-54-1 hull had various differences, including machine-gun pods on the fenders, so you'd need a new hull top as well as a turret, but that's another issue altogether)

Kit 72068-1 - T54 m1949 - (same kit as 72068 but with metall DShKM gun )

zebrano/72011-1/01.gif zebrano/72011-1/02.jpg

Kit 72069 - ZSU-61K - collaboration between "PST/Zebrano" - very limited edition - (November 2011 "Out of Production")

zebrano/72069/01.jpg zebrano/72069/02.jpg zebrano/72069/03.jpg zebrano/72069/04.jpg zebrano/72069/05.jpg zebrano/72069/05.jpg zebrano/72069/05.jpg

Kit 72070 - MOBD (Support Vehicle - Movable Security Vehicle)- (collaboration between "Zebrano/PST")

This vehicle is in every Russian regiment which is armed with movable artillery, rockets, etc. It has a places for canteen, bedroom and combat compartment with BTR-70 turret.

Pst/72070/01.jpg Pst/72070/02.jpg Pst/72070/03.jpg Pst/72070/04.jpg Pst/72070/05.jpg Pst/72070/06.jpg

Model built by Andrey Kovalchuk

Pst/72070/1/01.jpg Pst/72070/1/02.jpg Pst/72070/1/03.jpg Pst/72070/1/04.jpg Pst/72070/1/05.jpg Pst/72070/1/06.jpg

Kit 72071 - T44 - collaboration between "PST/Zebrano" - very limited edition

zebrano/72071/01.jpg zebrano/72071/02.jpg zebrano/72071/03.jpg zebrano/72071/04.jpg zebrano/72071/05.jpg

Pictures built model by Zebrano

zebrano/72071/1/01.jpg zebrano/72071/1/02.jpg zebrano/72071/1/03.jpg zebrano/72071/1/04.jpg

For more information visit:

logoWebsite "ScaleModels.ru.

Kit 72072 - Zis 12


Kit 72073 - JSU-130


Kit 72074 - Zis-44 Ambulance - collaboration between "PST/Zebrano"

zebrano/72074/01.jpg zebrano/72074/02.jpg zebrano/72074/03.jpg zebrano/72074/04.jpg zebrano/72074/05.jpg zebrano/72074/06.jpg

Kit 72075 - GAZ-AA Truck

zebrano/72075/01.jpg zebrano/72075/02.jpg zebrano/72075/03.jpg zebrano/72075/04.jpg zebrano/72075/05.jpg

Kit 72076 - GAZ-AAA Truck

zebrano/72076/01.jpg zebrano/72076/02.jpg zebrano/72076/03.jpg zebrano/72076/04.jpg zebrano/72076/05.jpg

Kit 72077 - GAZ MM M1941 Truck - collaboration between "PST/Zebrano"

zebrano/72077/01.jpg zebrano/72077/02.jpg zebrano/72077/03.jpg zebrano/72077/04.jpg zebrano/72079/04.jpg zebrano/72079/05.jpg zebrano/72078/06.jpg zebrano/72079/08.jpg zebrano/72077/07.jpg

Kit 72077 - GAZ MM M1941 Truck - reboxed under Zebrano label - (2017)

zebrano/72077/00.jpg zebrano/72077/08.jpg

Kit 72078 - GAZ MMM M1943 Truck - collaboration between "PST/Zebrano"

zebrano/72078/01.jpg zebrano/72078/02.jpg zebrano/72078/03.jpg zebrano/72078/04.jpg zebrano/72079/04.jpg zebrano/72079/05.jpg zebrano/72078/06.jpg zebrano/72079/08.jpg zebrano/72077/07.jpg

Kit 72078 - GAZ MMM M1943 Truck - collaboration between "PST/Zebrano" - (Other instructions & Sprue layout)

zebrano/72078/1/01.jpg zebrano/72078/1/02.jpg zebrano/72078/1/03.jpg zebrano/72078/1/04.jpg zebrano/72078/1/05.jpg zebrano/72078/1/06.jpg zebrano/72078/1/07.jpg zebrano/72078/1/08.jpg zebrano/72078/1/09.jpg

Kit 72079 - GAZ-55 Ambulance - collaboration between "PST/Zebrano"

Finished model by Andrey Kovalchook

zebrano/72079/01.jpg zebrano/72079/02.jpg zebrano/72079/03.jpg zebrano/72079/04.jpg zebrano/72079/05.jpg zebrano/72079/06.jpg zebrano/72079/07.jpg zebrano/72079/08.jpg zebrano/72079/09.jpg

Kit 72079 - GAZ MMM M1943 Truck - reboxed under Zebrano label - (2017)

zebrano/72079/00.jpg zebrano/72079/1/01.jpg zebrano/72079/1/02.jpg

Model built by Vojislav Jereb

zebrano/72079/2/01.jpg zebrano/72079/2/02.jpg zebrano/72079/2/03.jpg zebrano/72079/2/04.jpg

Kit 72080 - MAZ-7910 Truck Oil (gas) Pipeline - (collaboration between "PST/Zebrano")


Kit 72081 - GAZ-55 Ambulance M1943 - (collaboration between "PST/Zebrano")

zebrano/72081/01.jpg zebrano/72081/02.jpg zebrano/72081/03.jpg zebrano/72081/04.jpg zebrano/72081/05.jpg

Model built by Peter Batin

zebrano/72081/1/01.jpg zebrano/72081/1/02.jpg zebrano/72081/1/03.jpg zebrano/72081/1/04.jpg zebrano/72081/1/05.jpg zebrano/72081/1/06.jpg

Kit 72082 - GAZ-03-30 m.1933 - Soviet city bus - (collaboration between "Zebrano/PST")

zebrano/72082/01.jpg zebrano/72082/02.jpg zebrano/72082/03.jpg zebrano/72082/04.jpg zebrano/72082/05.jpg zebrano/72082/06.jpg zebrano/72082/07.jpg

Soviet City Bus GAZ-03-30 (m.1933)

The soviet bus GAZ-03-30 was designed in 1932 on the basis of GAZ-AA truck units and found wide application both in the civil service and in the Red Army. The civil version was designed for transportation of 17 passengers. An army bus was used as a headquarters, while he could have another configuration of the cabin and additional equipment for communication. The bus of this model was produced from 1933 to 1941.

Exterior of the GAZ-03-30 bus was supposed to be as follows:
- the roof and the sides over the waist were painted in light-yellow color
- the body below the waist, the hood, radiator cover, apron and wheels were painted in dark blue, dark green or dark red
- the wings - in black or body color below the waist
- the fenders and bumpers - in black
The ceiling, the walls and seats inside were papered leatherette.
The rest of the surface were covered by oil paint and varnish.
The floor was painted in black.

Kit 72083 - GAZ-03-30 m.1945 - Soviet city bus / Post War - (collaboration between "Zebrano/PST")

zebrano/72083/01.jpg zebrano/72083/02.jpg zebrano/72083/03.jpg zebrano/72082/04.jpg zebrano/72082/05.jpg zebrano/72082/06.jpg zebrano/72082/07.jpg

Soviet City Bus GAZ-03-30 (m.1945)

The soviet bus GAZ-03-30 was designed in 1932 on the basis of GAZ-AA truck units and found wide application both in the civil service and in the Red Army. The civil version was designed for transportation of 17 passengers. The bus of this model was produced from 1933 to 1941 in the quanttaty of 6569 vehicles. During World War II the issue of the bus almost stopped (it was issued only 28 buses). After the war, the release of GAZ-03-30 was relaunched, but on the basis of GAZ-MM. External differences was in the wings and two-part rear door. The total issue of GAZ-03-30 m.1945 during 1945 - 1950 was 8211 vehicles

Kit 72084 - GAZ-MM (m.1943) with 72-K AA Gun - (collaboration between "Zebrano/PST")

Pst/72084/01.jpg Pst/72084/02.jpg Pst/72084/03.jpg Pst/72084/04.jpg Pst/72084/05.jpg Pst/72084/06.jpg Pst/72084/07.jpg Pst/72084/08.jpg Pst/72084/09.jpg Pst/72084/10.jpg

Kit 72085 - Soviet 72-K 25-mm AA Gun - (collaboration between "Zebrano/PST")

zebrano/72085/01.jpg zebrano/72085/02.jpg zebrano/72085/03.jpg zebrano/72085/04.jpg zebrano/72085/05.jpg zebrano/72085/06.jpg zebrano/72085/07.jpg

Kit 72088 - Mobil Medical Laboratory AntiCovid 19 on MAZ-543M

As Russia made special vehicles to provide the anti-COVID vaccination on its tremendous expances, the PST issue their MAZ-543M in a variant of Medicine Labaretory. - Limited version (200 kits only)

Pst/72088/01.jpg Pst/72088/02.jpg Pst/72088/03.jpg Pst/72088/04.jpg

Combination kits with parts from UM, GRAN ltd, PST and Zebrano,
released under Zebrano label

Gaz AA (AAA) truck with Quadruple Maxim anti-aircraft machine-gun 4M (4M) - collaboration between "UM/Zebrano" - very limited edition

zebrano/72001/1/01.jpg zebrano/72001/1/02.jpg zebrano/72001/1/03.jpg zebrano/72001/1/04.jpg

Kit 72001 - Gaz AA (AAA) truck with Quadruple Maxim anti-aircraft machine-gun 4M (4M) - with resin parts - (Out of Production)

zebrano/72001/01.jpg zebrano/72001/02.jpg zebrano/72001/03.jpg zebrano/72001/04.jpg zebrano/72001/05.jpg zebrano/72001/06.jpg zebrano/72001/07.jpg

zebrano/72001/08.jpg zebrano/72001/09.jpg zebrano/72001/10.jpg zebrano/72001/11.jpg zebrano/72001/12.jpg

Kit 72001 - Gaz AA (AAA) truck with Quadruple Maxim anti-aircraft machine-gun 4M (4M) - collaboration between "UM/Zebrano" - re-tooled model

zebrano/72001/2/00.jpg zebrano/72001/2/01.jpg zebrano/72001/2/02.jpg zebrano/72001/2/03.jpg zebrano/72001/2/04.jpg

For more information visit:

logoWebsite "ScaleModels.ru.

For an "Jolyon Ralph" review about kit 72001 - Gaz AA (AAA) truck with Quadruple Maxim anti-aircraft machine-gun 4M (4M) visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 72002 - GAZ-AAA with DShK AA mashine gun - collaboration between "UM/Zebrano/MiniWorld" - very limited edition - (November 2011 "Out of Production")

zebrano/72002/00.jpg zebrano/72002/01.jpg zebrano/72002/02.jpg zebrano/72002/03.jpg zebrano/72002/04.jpg zebrano/72002/05.jpg zebrano/72002/06.jpg zebrano/72002/07.jpg

Built model by Zebrano - metal gun from Miniworld

zebrano/72002/1/01.jpg zebrano/72002/1/02.jpg zebrano/72002/1/03.jpg zebrano/72002/08.jpg

Kit 72003 - GAZ-AAA RSB-F - (plastic kit) - (re-release February 2022)

zebrano/72003/1/01.jpg zebrano/72003/1/02.jpg zebrano/72003/1/03.jpg zebrano/72003/1/04.jpg zebrano/72003/1/05.jpg

Old version with resin parts - (Out of Production)

zebrano/72003/01.jpg zebrano/72003/02.jpg zebrano/72003/03.jpg zebrano/72003/04.jpg zebrano/72003/05.jpg zebrano/72003/06.jpg

Kit 72004 - KV-6 SPG = (KV-7 version 1) - Prototype - collaboration between "PST/Zebrano" - very limited edition

zebrano/72004/01.jpg zebrano/72004/02.jpg zebrano/72004/03.jpg

zebrano/72004/1/01.jpg zebrano/72004/1/02.jpg zebrano/72004/1/03.jpg zebrano/72004/1/04.jpg zebrano/72004/1/05.jpg zebrano/72004/1/06.jpg zebrano/72004/1/07.jpg zebrano/72004/1/08.jpg

Built model by HenkofHolland

zebrano/72004/2/01.jpg zebrano/72004/2/02.jpg zebrano/72004/2/03.jpg zebrano/72004/2/04.jpg zebrano/72004/2/05.jpg zebrano/72004/2/06.jpg zebrano/72004/2/07.jpg zebrano/72004/2/08.jpg zebrano/72004/2/09.jpg zebrano/72004/2/11.jpg zebrano/72004/2/13.jpg

For an "HenkofHolland / OTW" preview about kit 72004 - KV-6 SPG = (KV-7 version 1) - Prototype visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

For an "Leonid Postny / 1/72 depot" pictures built model kit 72004 - KV-6 SPG = (KV-7 version 1) - Prototype visit:

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logo "Hugos Hobbies" on YouTube - "German Language"

Kit 72005 - KV-7 version 2 SPG - Prototype - collaboration between "PST/Zebrano" - very limited edition - built model by Zebrano

zebrano/72005/01.jpg zebrano/72005/02.jpg zebrano/72005/03.jpg zebrano/72005/04.jpg

zebrano/72004/1/01.jpg zebrano/72004/1/02.jpg zebrano/72004/1/03.jpg zebrano/72004/1/04.jpg zebrano/72005/1/05.jpg zebrano/72005/1/06.jpg zebrano/72005/1/07.jpg

Built model by HenkofHolland

zebrano/72005/2/01.jpg zebrano/72005/2/02.jpg zebrano/72005/2/03.jpg zebrano/72005/2/04.jpg zebrano/72005/2/05.jpg

Kit 72006 - Soviet Military Truck YaG-10

Built model by Zebrano

zebrano/72006/01.jpg zebrano/72006/02.jpg zebrano/72006/03.jpg zebrano/72006/04.jpg

zebrano/72006/1/01.jpg zebrano/72006/1/02.jpg zebrano/72006/1/03.jpg zebrano/72006/1/04.jpg zebrano/72006/1/05.jpg

Kit 72007 - Gaz-64

zebrano/72007/01.jpg zebrano/72007/02.jpg zebrano/72007/03.jpg

Kit 72009 - KV-1 Pilot Model

zebrano/72009/01.jpg zebrano/72009/02.jpg zebrano/72009/03.jpg zebrano/72009/04.jpg

Kit 72011 - T-54-1 (conversion kit)

zebrano/72011/01.jpg zebrano/72011/02.jpg zebrano/72011/03.jpg zebrano/72011/04.jpg zebrano/72011/05.jpg zebrano/72011/1/01.jpg zebrano/72011/1/02.jpg

Kit 72011B - T-54-1 (same kit as 72011 but with metall DShKM gun )

zebrano/72011-1/01.gif zebrano/72011-1/02.jpg

Kit 72015 - KV-3 Heavy tank. Conversion kit (turret & barrel)

zebrano/72015/01.jpg zebrano/72015/02.jpg zebrano/72015/03.jpg

Kit 72016 - SU-152 (KV-14) Soviet Heavy SPG

zebrano/72016/00.jpg zebrano/72016/01.jpg zebrano/72016/02.jpg zebrano/72016/03.jpg zebrano/72016/04.jpg

Kit 72017 - Soviet AA Self-Propelled Gun 29-K on Yag-10

zebrano/72017/01.jpg zebrano/72017/02.jpg zebrano/72017/03.jpg

Kit 72020 - Cuban SAM S-75/T-55 - AA launch system - (Those AA kits were in first instance available in the former USSR - Limited Party 200 models)

The box contains parts of the T-55 from PST and the Sam S-75 from Gran - (Collaboration between Zebrano, Gran & PST)

zebrano/72020/01.jpg zebrano/72020/02.jpg zebrano/72020/03.jpg zebrano/72020/04.jpg zebrano/72020/05.jpg zebrano/72020/06.jpg zebrano/72020/07.jpg zebrano/72020/08.jpg zebrano/72020/09.jpg zebrano/72020/10.jpg

Kit 72021 - Cuban S-125 Pechora/T-55 - AA launch systems - (Those AA kits were in first instance available in the former USSR - Limited Party 200 models)

The box contains parts of the T-55 from PST and the Pechore S-125 - (Collaboration between Zebrano, A&A & PST)

zebrano/72021/00.jpg zebrano/72021/01.jpg zebrano/72021/02.jpg zebrano/72021/03.jpg zebrano/72021/04.jpg zebrano/72021/05.jpg zebrano/72021/06.jpg zebrano/72021/07.jpg zebrano/72021/08.jpg zebrano/72021/09.jpg

Model built by Peter Batin

zebrano/72021/1/01.jpg zebrano/72021/1/02.jpg zebrano/72021/1/03.jpg zebrano/72021/1/04.jpg zebrano/72021/1/05.jpg zebrano/72021/1/06.jpg zebrano/72021/1/07.jpg zebrano/72021/1/08.jpg zebrano/72021/1/09.jpg

Model built by Udo Bauer

ZEBRANO 72021 is an interesting kit but expensive. The chassis of PST is in my eyes from less quality. I have combinated the Trumpeter 7282 with GRAN 7209. I will build the mobile complex S-125 Newa / Petchora on T-55
On the Internet these fla-rocket complexes can be seen in Polish and Cuban air defense (with minor differences
Question: What is the elastic tube on the right side? I suspect that the Poles have created prepared places for the vehicles. There are communications (power supply, data transmission). The cables are connected to the vehicle and protected by a flexible metal tube (the Kopex tube) in front of the jet when the rocket is launched
In some photos, the cables can also be seen without a protective tube. So, however, it looks more interesting from my point of view on the model

zebrano/72021/2/01.jpg zebrano/72021/2/02.jpg zebrano/72021/2/03.jpg zebrano/72021/2/04.jpg zebrano/72021/2/05.jpg zebrano/72021/2/06.jpg zebrano/72021/2/07.jpg zebrano/72021/2/08.jpg zebrano/72021/2/09.jpg

Model built by Wang XianGui, from China

based on parts from Zebrano S-125M+Trumpter T-55+ OKB resin tracks - (Gran ltd and/or AAModels?)

zebrano/72021/3/01.jpg zebrano/72021/3/02.jpg zebrano/72021/3/03.jpg zebrano/72021/3/04.jpg zebrano/72021/3/05.jpg zebrano/72021/3/06.jpg

Kit 72022 - Cuban S-125 Pechora/T-55 - AA launch systems (NOT ISSUED) - (Those AA kits were in first instance available in the former USSR - Limited Party 200 models)

The box contains parts of the T-55 from PST and the Pechora S-125 from Gran - (Collaboration between Zebrano, Gran & PST)

zebrano/72022/01.jpg zebrano/72022/02.jpg zebrano/72022/03.jpg zebrano/72022/04.jpg zebrano/72022/05.jpg zebrano/72022/06.jpg zebrano/72022/07.jpg

zebrano/72022/01.jpg zebrano/72022/02.jpg

pictures built model taken from http://000716.taobao.com

zebrano/72022/1/01.jpg zebrano/72022/1/02.jpg zebrano/72022/1/03.jpg zebrano/72022/1/04.jpg zebrano/72022/1/05.jpg

Kit 72024 - Gaz-67 M8 Rocket Launcher

zebrano/72024/00.jpg zebrano/72024/01.jpg zebrano/72024/02.jpg zebrano/72024/03.jpg

Kit 72025 - Zis 5 with DShK 38 MG

zebrano/72025/02.jpg zebrano/72025/03.jpg zebrano/72025/04.jpg zebrano/72025/05.jpg zebrano/72025/01.jpg

Kit 72026 - Zis 6 with Quadtriple Maxim MG M4

zebrano/72026/01.jpg zebrano/72026/02.jpg zebrano/72026/03.jpg zebrano/72026/04.jpg zebrano/72026/05.jpg zebrano/72026/06.jpg

Kit 72028 - 76mm Mountain Gun M1938

zebrano/72028/01.jpg zebrano/72028/02.jpg zebrano/72028/03.jpg

Kit 72031 - YaG-6 Soviet Army Truck

zebrano/72031/01.jpg zebrano/72031/02.jpg

Finished and corrected model by Steve Beat

zebrano/72031/1/01.jpg zebrano/72031/1/02.jpg zebrano/72031/1/03.jpg zebrano/72031/1/04.jpg zebrano/72031/1/05.jpg zebrano/72031/1/06.jpg

Kit 72032 - KV-2 (MT-1) Heavy Tank conversion kit


Kit 72033 - Red Army Pick-up with 4M Gun

zebrano/72033/01.jpg zebrano/72033/02.jpg zebrano/72033/03.jpg zebrano/72033/04.jpg zebrano/72033/05.jpg zebrano/72033/06.jpg zebrano/72033/07.jpg

Kit 72034 - Soviet 45mm Anti-Tank gun 1941 (resin & PE)

zebrano/72034/01.jpg zebrano/72034/02.jpg zebrano/72034/03.jpg zebrano/72034/04.jpg zebrano/72034/05.jpg zebrano/72034/06.jpg

Kit 72035 - Humber Armoured Car Mk.IV - (resin kit)

This is a resin kit and not a "plastic kit" as stated on the box

Note: Tony Mackinder: - The decal sheet has markings for both kits, but lacking any white stars or a bridging disc (14 on yellow). Instructions are very skimpy having been copied from elsewhere and there is no indication of colours or where the markings should go. However, an excellent guide is the Miniart 1/35 AEC instructions.

zebrano/72035/00.jpg zebrano/72035/01.jpg zebrano/72035/02.jpg zebrano/72035/03.jpg zebrano/72035/04.jpg zebrano/72035/05.jpg zebrano/72035/06.jpg zebrano/72035/09.jpg zebrano/72035/07.jpg zebrano/72035/08.jpg

Kit 72036 - AEC Mk.III British Armored Car - (resin kit)

This is a resin kit and not a "plastic kit" as stated on the box

Note: Tony Mackinder: - The decal sheet has markings for both kits, but lacking any white stars or a bridging disc (14 on yellow). Instructions are very skimpy having been copied from elsewhere and there is no indication of colours or where the markings should go. However, an excellent guide is the Miniart 1/35 AEC instructions

zebrano/72036/01.jpg zebrano/72036/02.jpg zebrano/72036/03.jpg zebrano/72036/04.jpg zebrano/72036/05.jpg zebrano/72036/06.jpg zebrano/72036/07.jpg

Kit 72037 - 1928 Ford Tudor American car

zebrano/72037/01.jpg zebrano/72037/02.jpg zebrano/72037/03.jpg zebrano/72037/04.jpg zebrano/72037/05.jpg

Kit 72038 - Marmon-Herrington Mk.II ME Armored Car - (resin kit)

Assembled model by Andrey Kovalchuk

The armored car Marmont-Herrington Mk.II was produced in the Republic of South Africa in 1940 - 1941. Option ME (Middle East) was intended for action in the Middle East. Armored vehicles were delivered to the combat units of South Africa, which participated in the hostilities in North Africa, as well as to units of Great Britain. The armament consisted of a 7.7 mm Bren machine gun, a 13.97 mm Boys anti-tank rifle and an anti-aircraft machine gun. In total, 338 armored vehicles of this variant were manufactured

zebrano/72038/01.jpg zebrano/72038/02.jpg zebrano/72038/03.jpg zebrano/72038/04.jpg zebrano/72038/05.jpg

Kit 72039 - BRDM-1 Soviet Armoured Reconnaissance Car - (resin kit)

zebrano/72039/01.jpg zebrano/72039/02.jpg zebrano/72039/03.jpg zebrano/72039/04.jpg

Model built by Udo Bauer

BRDM-1 by ZEBRANO as a reconnaissance vehicle of the Soviet naval infantry. I have reworked and added a number of details. The kit is fine, it's a pity that the car body is solid material. - Udo Bauer

zebrano/72039/1/01.jpg zebrano/72039/1/02.jpg zebrano/72039/1/03.jpg zebrano/72039/1/04.jpg

Kit 72040 - Bantam BRC40 US 4x4 Truck - (resin kit)

zebrano/72040/01.jpg zebrano/72040/02.jpg zebrano/72040/03.jpg zebrano/72040/04.jpg zebrano/72040/05.jpg zebrano/72040/06.jpg

Kit 72041 - Lanchester British Armored Car - (resin kit)

The armored car for the Royal Navy Air Service (R.N.A.S.) was developed by Lanchester on the basis of the Lanchester 19B light truck in 1914. The armored vehicles entered service in 1915. The vehicle was armed with a 7.7 mm Vickers-Maxim machine gun and had an armor thickness of 8 mm. The armored car took part in the battles of the 1st World War and the Civil War in Russia.

zebrano/72041/01.jpg zebrano/72041/02.jpg zebrano/72041/03.jpg zebrano/72041/04.jpg

Built model by Zebrano

zebrano/72041/1/01.jpg zebrano/72041/1/02.jpg zebrano/72041/1/03.jpg

For an "Jürgen Bellenbaum / IPMSDeutschland" review about Kit 72041 - Lanchester British Armored Car - (resin kit) visit:

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Kit 72042 - T-37A Soviet Amphibious Tank - (Izhora Plant) - (resin kit)

zebrano/72042/01.jpg zebrano/72042/02.jpg zebrano/72042/03.jpg zebrano/72042/04.jpg

Built model by Andrew Kovalchuk

zebrano/72042/05.jpg zebrano/72042/06.jpg

Review from Dmitry Strelkov

Even 4 years ago, it was considered almost impossible to find the T-37A model in the 72nd scale on the market. These models were produced by Orient Express, Hobby Boss, Red Army and Panzerwaffe (trophy version). As a person sick of pre-war equipment, I searched wherever I could ... And now - oh, a miracle! A model from the Zebrano T-37A of the Izhora plant falls into my hands. Naturally, such a unique model was destined for a “greater” fate than just being assembled and put on a shelf. And so, having waited for his diorama, the “waterfowl” went to my assembly shop.
Based on the “price-quality” parameter, the Zebrano model has no equal on the market, since the model costs half as much as, for example, Lancer.
Surprisingly, this is a rare guest on the shelves of model stores, despite the fact that the model came out more than a year ago. The love for the 35th scale and the increased problems with logistics affect. But the more valuable this tank becomes for lovers of rare samples of pre-war equipment.
In the box, which depicts the T-37A of the Izhora plant on a white background, there is an assembly manual with a brief historical background, as well as a bag with model details. The set consists of 10 parts in total: a hull, two undercarriage parts (left and right), a turret and two sprues, one of which has a turret hatch, a machine gun and a silencer attached, and the other has a rudder, propeller and steering frame overcoming water barriers. There is no etching, which is understandable, because the addition of even one machine gun would certainly affect the cost of the model. Therefore, it was immediately decided to replace the machine gun with a metal one from Zedval. The parts are carefully cast, there are practically no traces of the “growing” of the master model on a 3d printer. I had to grind a little the sidewall of the body on the left for a tighter fit of the chassis part, as well as the bottom of the body bath, where there was a trace of the attachment.
The model in the assembly is not at all complicated, one might even say pleasant. The main attention should be paid to attaching the chassis parts, otherwise there is a risk of getting cracks, which, if desired, are not difficult to cover up with putty. The mount of the tower was a little disappointing, or rather, its complete absence. The tower is simply inserted with a recess into the recess of the hull, because of which it will either have to be glued tightly, or not glued, leaving the possibility of spinning, but then there is a risk of it falling out every time you try to pick up the tank.
Since the “native” parts of the equipment and body kit looked more like toys, after the machine gun it was decided to cut off the signal and replace it with a metal one from Zedval, replaced the headlights and taillight with Elf products and added home-made muffler brackets. In addition, on top of the “native” MTO grille, I installed an etched one from the BT-5 set from UM. From there I borrowed etched thimbles.
The diorama, in which the tank was to take part, was planned for the Winter War, so the tank was first blown in 4BO from ICM, and then in white from Tamiya, which was peeled using the “hairspray” method.
Soot, water and oil effects, as well as fixative from Wilder and Zip, rust from Mig and Wilder. Snow cover - texture from AK and snow from Plastmaster (for me - the best imitation of powder).
The result is an excellent, rare model with an ideal price-quality balance, which at the same time leaves room for a flight of fancy.

Model built by Dmitry Strelkov

zebrano/72042/1/01.jpg zebrano/72042/1/02.jpg zebrano/72042/1/03.jpg zebrano/72042/1/04.jpg zebrano/72042/1/05.jpg zebrano/72042/1/06.jpg zebrano/72042/1/07.jpg zebrano/72042/1/08.jpg

Kit 72043 - VAI US Army Tractor - (resin kit - note on box "plastic kit" is wrong)

zebrano/72043/01.jpg zebrano/72043/02.jpg zebrano/72043/03.jpg zebrano/72043/04.jpg

Kit 72044 - T-20 Komsomoletz light gun tractor Early - (resin kit)

zebrano/72044/01.jpg zebrano/72044/02.jpg zebrano/72044/03.jpg zebrano/72044/04.jpg

Built model by Andrew Kovalchuk

zebrano/72044/1/01.jpg zebrano/72044/1/02.jpg zebrano/72044/1/03.jpg zebrano/72044/1/04.jpg

Kit 72045 - BZ-42 Fuel Tanker - (plastic kit with resin parts)

zebrano/72045/01.jpg zebrano/72045/02.jpg zebrano/72045/03.jpg zebrano/72045/04.jpg zebrano/72045/05.jpg zebrano/72045/06.jpg

Kit 72046 - T-27 Soviet Tankette - (resin kit)

zebrano/72046/01.jpg zebrano/72046/02.jpg zebrano/72046/03.jpg zebrano/72046/04.jpg zebrano/72046/05.jpg

Built model by Zebrano

zebrano/72046/1/01.jpg zebrano/72046/1/02.jpg zebrano/72046/1/03.jpg zebrano/72046/1/04.jpg

Kit 72047 - Chernobyl Fire Tank GPM-54 - (based on T-54 - T-55 chassis) - (Plastic & Resin kit)

The GPM-54 tracked fire engine was developed in 1977 by the USSR Ministry of Defense on the basis of the T-54 and T-55 tanks. The new fire tank was intended to extinguish fires in warehouses and arsenals of the Ministry of Defense, as well as in the national economy to extinguish forest fires. The fire tank was produced in small batches at the Lviv Tank Repair Plant No. 17. During the conversion, the tank turret was removed and a water tank was installed on the roof of the hull. Also, the machine was equipped with bulldozer equipment. The capacity of the foam concentrate tank is 1100 l, the capacity of the water tank is 9000 l. Firefighting tanks served in rocket and artillery arsenals, at Baikonur, and in the fire departments of the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs. These vehicles also took part in eliminating the consequences of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

zebrano/72047/01.jpg zebrano/72047/02.jpg zebrano/72047/03.jpg zebrano/72047/04.jpg zebrano/72047/05.jpg

Built model by Zebrano

zebrano/72047/1/01.jpg zebrano/72047/1/02.jpg zebrano/72047/1/03.jpg zebrano/72047/1/04.jpg zebrano/72047/1/05.jpg

Kit 72048 - 3.7cm PaK auf gep Artillerie Schlepper 630(R) German SPG - (resin kit)

Having captured a large number of T-20 Komsomolets small artillery tractors as trophies as a result of the first battles of the Great Patriotic War, the Germans used them for their own needs. The tractors were subjected to various alterations, in particular, 37-mm Pak.35 / 36 anti-tank guns were installed on them. The exact number of converted tractors is not known, but there were several dozen.

zebrano/72048/01.jpg zebrano/72048/02.jpg zebrano/72048/03.jpg

Kit 72049 - T-38 Soviet Amfibious Tank- (resin kit)

In connection with the identification of a large number of shortcomings of the T-37A tank during operation in the army, it was decided to design a new tank, free from the shortcomings of the previous one. The design bureau of plant No. 37 under the leadership of N.A. Astrov took up the solution to the problem. As a result, in February 1936, the T-38 amphibious tank was adopted by the Red Army.
The armament remained the same - one DT machine gun of 7.62 mm caliber. The tank was in production from 1936 to 1939. A total of 1382 T-38 tanks were produced.

zebrano/72049/00.jpg zebrano/72049/01.jpg zebrano/72049/02.jpg zebrano/72049/03.jpg zebrano/72049/04.jpg

Built model by Zebrano

zebrano/72049/1/01.jpg zebrano/72049/1/02.jpg zebrano/72049/1/03.jpg zebrano/72049/1/04.jpg zebrano/72049/1/05.jpg

Kit 72050 - Carro Armato L6/40 - (resin kit)

L6/40 light tank was developed by the Italian company FIAT-Ansaldo in 1940. The tank was armed with a 20 mm cannon and an 8 mm machine gun. Serial production began in 1941 and continued until 1944. A total of about 450 tanks were produced

zebrano/72050/01.jpg zebrano/72050/02.jpg zebrano/72050/03.jpg zebrano/72050/04.jpg zebrano/72050/05.jpg

Built model by Andrey Kovalchuk

zebrano/72050/06.jpg zebrano/72050/07.jpg zebrano/72050/08.jpg

Kit 72051 - T-37A Soviet Amphibious Tank - (Podolsk Plant) - (resin kit)

zebrano/72051/01.jpg zebrano/72051/02.jpg zebrano/72051/03.jpg zebrano/72051/04.jpg zebrano/72051/05.jpg

Built model by Andrey Kovalchuk

Last picture T-37A Izhora Plant & Podolsk Plant, left vehicle is Izhora Plant version

zebrano/72051/06.jpg zebrano/72051/07.jpg zebrano/72051/08.jpg zebrano/72051/09.jpg

Kit 72052 - ZiS-30 Soviet Anti-Tank SPG - (resin kit)

With the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, there was an urgent need for mobile anti-tank weapons. To solve this problem, the design bureau of plant No. 92 developed a self-propelled unit with the placement of a 57-mm ZiS-2 anti-tank gun on the chassis of a serial Komsomolets light tractor. The new self-propelled guns received the ZiS-30 index and were mass-produced in September-October 1941. A total of 100 self-propelled guns ZiS-30 were produced.

zebrano/72052/01.jpg zebrano/72052/02.jpg zebrano/72052/03.jpg zebrano/72052/04.jpg

Built model by Andrey Kovalchuk

zebrano/72052/05.jpg zebrano/72052/06.jpg zebrano/72052/07.jpg

Kit 72053 - T-20 Komsomolets Soviet Gun Tractor (Late) - (resin kit)

The high-speed armored tracked tractor, which get the military designation T-20 "Komsomolets" was designed in the NATI design bureau under the leadership of the chief designer N.A. Astrov The armor of the tractor was 7 - 10 mm. Armament - 1 DT machine gun with 1008 rounds of ammunition. The tractor could reach a maximum speed of up to 50 km / h, and the highway range was 250 km. The artillery tractor T-20 "Komsomolets" was produced from 1937 to July 1941. A total of 7,780 tractors were manufactured

zebrano/72053/01.jpg zebrano/72053/02.jpg zebrano/72053/03.jpg

Built model by Andrey Kovalchuk

zebrano/72053/04.jpg zebrano/72053/05.jpg zebrano/72053/06.jpg zebrano/72053/07.jpg

Kit 72054 - R-1 Romanian Tankette - (resin kit)

In the mid-30s of the last century, the Czechoslovak company CKD designed the AH-IV tankette, which was actively offered for export. In 1936, Romania showed interest in the tankette delivery. After negotiations, the tankette was modified according to the requirements of the Romanian side. Under the contract, CKD supplied 35 tankettes to Romania. One more tankette was built in Romania. In Romania, the vehicle was designated R-1. The tankette was armed with two Czechoslovak machine guns of 7.92 mm caliber. R-1 tankette took part in battles on the territory of the Soviet Union during the Great Patriotic War

zebrano/72054/01.jpg zebrano/72054/02.jpg zebrano/72054/03.jpg zebrano/72054/04.jpg

Kit 72101 - Zis-12

zebrano/72101/01.jpg zebrano/72101/02.jpg zebrano/72101/03.jpg zebrano/72101/04.jpg

Kit 72102 - ZiS-5

zebrano/72102/01.jpg zebrano/72102/02.jpg zebrano/72102/03.jpg

Kit 72103 - ZiS-6

zebrano/72103/01.jpg zebrano/72103/02.jpg zebrano/72103/03.jpg

Kit 72104 - BT-4

zebrano/72104/02.jpg zebrano/72104/03.jpg zebrano/72104/04.jpg zebrano/72104/05.jpg zebrano/72104/06.jpg zebrano/72104/07.jpg zebrano/72104/08.jpg zebrano/72104/09.jpg zebrano/72104/00.jpg zebrano/72104/01.jpg

Finished model by http://darksun.denw.ru/v/tanks/russian/bt/bt4/

zebrano/72104/1/02.jpg zebrano/72104/1/03.jpg zebrano/72104/1/04.jpg zebrano/72104/1/05.jpg zebrano/72104/1/06.jpg

For an "Alexander Kolbasov / OTW" preview about kit 72104 - BT-4 visit:

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BT-4 Vehicle History

1932 Soviet BT-4 Light Tank (two turrets gun and m.g.)


The BT-4 was a factory prototype by "Kharkov Factory", with hull features similar to the BT-3 but with twin turrets replacing the single turret and minor changes in the suspension. (3 prototypes were produced (with partially riveted hull)

Summary, there are exist only "4 fake photos / photoshop” of BT-4 in internet - (info Alexander Kolbasov)

Bt/bt4/01.jpg Bt/bt4/02.jpg Bt/bt4/03.jpg Bt/bt4/04.jpg

In fact, info for modelers: - (info Alexander Kolbasov)
Main item!!! BT-4 as an official twin turret project had never been exist! In Government Projecting Program BT-4 as project did not exist.
BT-4 started and finished in 1932. Totally were produced 3 tanks on Kharkov Factory, but as experimental sample. It was initiative of the Factory. Government did not give official design order for it. Main difference with BT-2 is welded body. So, 3 samples were produced, then BT-4 production stopped, further their life story unknown. It is possible that they were used for study purposes, but nothing info more. Since 1932 it story missed. Also there is no any information about their using in WW2.

May 2017 - info from Alexey Kiyanov, from Russia
I want to inform about the tank BT-4 from Zebrano. This tank did not exist NEVER. All the information about him, schemes and photos - it was a joke on the first of April of our Russian technology historians Svirin and Kolomiets. The joke was not the most successful. Keep this in mind. Not "what IF" or unrealised "paper" projects, but just a joke.
Sincerely, Kiyanov Alex Aka Ornst

Fake photo 1

Bt/bt4/fake1/01.jpg Bt/bt4/fake1/02.jpg Bt/bt4/fake1/03.jpg Bt/bt4/fake1/04.jpg

Fake photo 2

Bt/bt4/fake2/01.jpg Bt/bt4/fake2/02.jpg

Fake photo 3

Bt/bt4/fake3/01.jpg Bt/bt4/fake3/02.jpg

Fake photo 4

Bt/bt4/fake4/01.jpg Bt/bt4/fake4/02.jpg Bt/bt4/fake4/03.jpg Bt/bt4/fake4/04.jpg

Kit 72105 - ZiS-5V (Wooden Cab) - (Plastic Model Kit)

zebrano/72105/01.jpg zebrano/72105/02.jpg zebrano/72105/03.jpg zebrano/72105/04.jpg zebrano/72105/05.jpg

Kit 72106 - ZiS-44 Ambulance - (Plastic Model Kit)

zebrano/72106/01.jpg zebrano/72106/02.jpg zebrano/72106/03.jpg zebrano/72106/04.jpg zebrano/72106/05.jpg

Kit 72107 - ZiS-22M halftrack - (Plastic Model Kit)

zebrano/72107/01.jpg zebrano/72107/02.jpg zebrano/72107/03.jpg zebrano/72107/04.jpg zebrano/72107/05.jpg

Kit 72108 - (deleted) - GAZ-MM(1941) Truck with 76.2 Zis-3 Gun - (Plastic Model Kit)

This kit will be reissued in summer 2017 with new lorry tooling and new item number

zebrano/72108/01.jpg zebrano/72108/02.jpg zebrano/72108/03.jpg zebrano/72108/04.jpg zebrano/72108/05.jpg zebrano/72108/06.jpg zebrano/72108/07.jpg zebrano/72108/08.jpg zebrano/72108/09.jpg

Kit 72108 - Red Army Staff Car - The prototype is soviet GAZ-A car (licence production of Ford-A in USSR) - (Plastic Model Kit)

zebrano/72108/1/00.jpg zebrano/72108/1/01.jpg zebrano/72108/1/02.jpg zebrano/72108/1/03.jpg zebrano/72108/1/04.jpg zebrano/72108/1/05.jpg zebrano/72108/1/06.jpg zebrano/72108/1/07.jpg zebrano/72108/1/08.jpg

Built model by Andrey Arkhangelskiy

zebrano/72108/1/1/01.jpg zebrano/72108/1/1/02.jpg zebrano/72108/1/1/03.jpg zebrano/72108/1/1/04.jpg zebrano/72108/1/1/05.jpg

For "Simon Ashford / OTW" preview of Kit 72108 - Red Army Staff Car visit:

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Kit 72109 - Red Army Staff Car - "Model A American Car" (licence production of Ford-A in USSR) - (Plastic Model Kit)

zebrano/72109/01.jpg zebrano/72109/02.jpg zebrano/72109/03.jpg zebrano/72109/04.jpg

Built model by Andrey Arkhangelskiy

zebrano/72109/1/01.jpg zebrano/72109/1/02.jpg zebrano/72109/1/03.jpg zebrano/72109/1/04.jpg zebrano/72109/1/05.jpg zebrano/72109/1/06.jpg zebrano/72109/1/07.jpg zebrano/72109/1/08.jpg zebrano/72109/1/09.jpg zebrano/72109/1/10.jpg

For an "Jan Willisch / IPMSDeutschland" review about Kit 72109 - Red Army Staff Car - "Model A American Car" visit:

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Kit 72110 - Zis-8 Soviet Bus - (Plastic Model Kit)

zebrano/72110/01.jpg zebrano/72110/02.jpg zebrano/72110/03.jpg zebrano/72110/04.jpg zebrano/72110/05.jpg zebrano/72110/06.jpg zebrano/72110/07.jpg

Model built by Andrey Kovalchook

zebrano/72110/1/01.jpg zebrano/72110/1/02.jpg zebrano/72110/1/03.jpg zebrano/72110/1/04.jpg zebrano/72110/1/05.jpg zebrano/72110/1/06.jpg zebrano/72110/1/07.jpg zebrano/72110/1/08.jpg zebrano/72110/1/09.jpg zebrano/72110/1/10.jpg

Kit 72111 - PMG-1 Fire tanker

zebrano/72111/01.jpg zebrano/72111/02.jpg zebrano/72111/03.jpg zebrano/72111/04.jpg zebrano/72111/05.jpg

Built model by Andrey Kovalchuk

zebrano/72111/1/01.jpg zebrano/72111/1/02.jpg zebrano/72111/1/03.jpg

Kit 72112 - Polutorka (GAZ-AA Truck) - (Plastic Model Kit)

zebrano/72112/01.jpg zebrano/72112/02.jpg zebrano/72112/03.jpg zebrano/72112/04.jpg zebrano/72112/05.jpg

Kit 72113 - D8 Soviet Armoured Car

Light armored car D-8 was created by engineer N. Dyrenkov on the base of Ford-A car in 1931. The armored car was armed with one 7.62 mm DT machine gun with 2709 rounds of ammunition. Four embrasures were made in the body of an armored car for shooting. About 50 armored cars D-8 were issued in total. The D-8 armored cars consisted In the armament of the Red Army until the end of 1942

zebrano/72113/01.jpg zebrano/72113/02.jpg zebrano/72113/03.jpg zebrano/72113/04.jpg zebrano/72113/05.jpg

Built model by Andrey Arkhangelskiy

zebrano/72113/1/01.jpg zebrano/72113/1/02.jpg zebrano/72113/1/03.jpg zebrano/72113/1/04.jpg zebrano/72113/1/05.jpg zebrano/72113/1/06.jpg

Kit 72114 - FAI - Soviet Light Armored Car

zebrano/72114/01.jpg zebrano/72114/02.jpg zebrano/72114/03.jpg zebrano/72114/04.jpg zebrano/72114/05.jpg zebrano/72114/06.jpg zebrano/72114/07.jpg

Kit 72115 - Wehrmacht Einheitsdiesel AA SPG - (Plastic Model Kit)

Same kit as "ZV Models Kit 72001 - German Einheitsdiesel & MAC Kit 72037 - Einheits-Diesel Truck, but with tilt and Flak 38 which is from Ace kit72288 - Flak 38

zebrano/72115/01.jpg zebrano/72115/02.jpg zebrano/72115/03.jpg zebrano/72115/04.jpg zebrano/72115/05.jpg zebrano/72115/06.jpg

Built model by Zebrano


Kit 72116 - D-12 Soviet Armored Car - (no picture)

Kit 72117 - Gaz-4 Pickup - (Red Army First Pick-Up) - (Plastic Model Kit)

The GAZ-4 pick-up truck was designed in 1933 on the basis of the GAZ-AA "Polutorka" (kit 72112) and the GAZ-A chassis (kit 72108). The car had a carrying capacity from 500 kg. The pick-up was produced in 1933 - 1937. There were produced about 10,5 thousand machines in total
Many cars were delivered to the Red Army, where they were used in direct purpose and as carriers of weapons. There were 545 GAZ-4 pickup trucks in the Red Army on June 1, 1941.

zebrano/72117/01.jpg zebrano/72117/02.jpg zebrano/72117/08.jpg zebrano/72117/09.jpg zebrano/72117/03.jpg zebrano/72117/04.jpg zebrano/72117/05.jpg zebrano/72117/06.jpg

Radio station variant


Kit 72118 - Soviet 72-K 25-mm AA Gun (Late) with PE Gunshield with details on both sides

zebrano/72118/01.jpg zebrano/72118/02.jpg zebrano/72118/03.jpg zebrano/72118/04.jpg zebrano/72118/05.jpg

Kit 72119 - GAZ-AAA (Dvukhtonka)

zebrano/72119/01.jpg zebrano/72119/02.jpg zebrano/72119/03.jpg zebrano/72119/04.jpg

Kit 72120 - BMD-3 Russian Airborne Vehicle

zebrano/72120/00.jpg zebrano/72120/01.jpg zebrano/72120/02.jpg zebrano/72120/03.jpg zebrano/72120/04.jpg zebrano/72120/05.jpg zebrano/72120/06.jpg

Model built by Andrey Kovalchuk

zebrano/72120/1/01.jpg zebrano/72120/1/02.jpg zebrano/72120/1/03.jpg zebrano/72120/1/04.jpg

Model under construction by Udo Bauer

zebrano/72120/2/01.jpg zebrano/72120/2/02.jpg zebrano/72120/2/03.jpg zebrano/72120/2/04.jpg zebrano/72120/2/05.jpg zebrano/72120/2/06.jpg zebrano/72120/2/07.jpg zebrano/72120/2/08.jpg zebrano/72120/2/09.jpg zebrano/72120/2/10.jpg

Kit 72121 - BMD-4

Vehicle was 2020 on Victory Parade in Moscow

zebrano/72121/00.jpg zebrano/72121/01.jpg zebrano/72121/02.jpg zebrano/72121/03.jpg zebrano/72121/04.jpg

Future Kits for 2020


New line code "SEA - Soviet Experimental Armour"

Kit SEA001 - RV-1 Pilot #1

zebrano/72009/01.jpg zebrano/72009/02.jpg zebrano/72009/03.jpg zebrano/72009/04.jpg

Kit SEA002 - KV-6

zebrano/72004/01.jpg zebrano/72004/02.jpg zebrano/72004/03.jpg

zebrano/72004/1/01.jpg zebrano/72004/1/02.jpg zebrano/72004/1/03.jpg zebrano/72004/1/04.jpg zebrano/72004/1/05.jpg zebrano/72004/1/06.jpg zebrano/72004/1/07.jpg zebrano/72004/1/08.jpg

Kit SEA003 - KV-7

zebrano/72005/01.jpg zebrano/72005/02.jpg zebrano/72005/03.jpg zebrano/72005/04.jpg

zebrano/72004/1/01.jpg zebrano/72004/1/02.jpg zebrano/72004/1/03.jpg zebrano/72004/1/04.jpg zebrano/72005/1/05.jpg zebrano/72005/1/06.jpg zebrano/72005/1/07.jpg

Kit SEA004 - KV-3 Heavy tank

zebrano/sea004/01.jpg zebrano/sea004/02.jpg

Kit SEA005 - KV-1K Rocket Heavy Tank.

zebrano/sea005/01.jpg zebrano/sea005/02.jpg zebrano/sea005/03.jpg zebrano/sea005/04.jpg zebrano/sea005/05.jpg

Kit SEA006 - PT-76 with S-60 AA Gun

zebrano/sea006/01.jpg zebrano/sea006/02.jpg zebrano/sea006/03.jpg

Kit SEA009 - KV-1S 152

zebrano/sea009/01.jpg zebrano/sea009/02.jpg zebrano/sea009/03.jpg zebrano/sea009/04.jpg

Kit SEA012 - BT-7A Artillery Tank with L-11 Gun

In order to test the new artillery system in 1939, the L-11 gun was set in the turret of the tank BT-7A. The tests were successful, but on the results engineers have come to the conclusion that the gun L-11 is not suitable for using in BT tanks. BT-7/L-11 was released in the only one instance

zebrano/sea012/01.jpg zebrano/sea012/02.jpg

Kit SEA014 - BT-7A Artillery Tank with F-32 Gun

In order to test the new artillery system in 1939, the F-32 gun was set in the turret of the tank BT-7A. The tests were successful: gun F-32 proved to be more suitable for use in BT tanks (then had being tested gun L-11), and subsequently it was placed in the tanks T-34 and KV.

zebrano/sea014/01.jpg zebrano/sea014/02.jpg

Kit SEA015 - KV-2 Pilot model

After the troubles the Soviet Army faced during the Winter War with Finland while overcoming the "Mannerheim Line", it was decided to design a tank with a 152 mm caliber weapon. In the short term (2 weeks), a team of engineers from the Kirov plant designed the turret with installation of the M-10 howitzer for the KV tank. The new artillery system had a shorted barrel and was designated as MT-1.

zebrano/sea015/01.jpg zebrano/sea015/02.jpg

Kit SEA023 - Object 212 Heavy SPG

According to the decision of committee of defense in 17.07.1940, it was entrusted to Leningrad Kirovsky Plant to design and construct the self-propelled installation armed 152mm gun BR-2. The T-220 tank had to stay as the base for this SPG. During the design process it was supposed to consider the experience got during winter war. Production of Object-212 began on Kirovsky plant in 1941, however from the beginning of war operations the production of this prototype model was stopped, and subsequently it was sorted.

zebrano/sea023/01.jpg zebrano/sea023/02.jpg zebrano/sea023/03.jpg zebrano/sea023/04.jpg zebrano/sea023/05.jpg zebrano/sea023/06.jpg zebrano/sea023/07.jpg zebrano/sea023/08.jpg zebrano/sea023/09.jpg zebrano/sea023/10.jpg zebrano/sea023/11.jpg zebrano/sea023/12.jpg zebrano/sea023/13.jpg zebrano/sea023/14.jpg zebrano/sea023/15.jpg zebrano/sea023/26.jpg zebrano/sea023/17.jpg zebrano/sea023/18.jpg zebrano/sea023/19.jpg

For an "Alexander Kolbasov / OTW" preview about kit SEA023 - Object 212 Heavy SPG visit:

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Kit SEA025 - KV-5 Super Heavy Tank

zebrano/sea025/01.jpg zebrano/sea025/02.jpg zebrano/sea025/03.jpg zebrano/sea025/04.jpg zebrano/sea025/05.jpg zebrano/sea025/06.jpg zebrano/sea025/07.jpg zebrano/sea025/08.jpg zebrano/sea025/09.jpg zebrano/sea025/10.jpg

Finished model by Andrey Arkhangelsky

zebrano/sea025/1/01.jpg zebrano/sea025/1/02.jpg zebrano/sea025/1/04.jpg zebrano/sea025/1/05.jpg

Kit SEA026 - BT-7 - (Pilot model 1)

The kit is combination of BT-7 hull from UMMT and Zebrano resin parts. - (Finished model by Andrey Arkhangelsky)

zebrano/sea026/01.jpg zebrano/sea026/02.jpg zebrano/sea026/03.jpg zebrano/sea026/04.jpg zebrano/sea026/05.jpg

Kit SEA027 - BT-7 - (Pilot model 2)

The kit is combination of BT-7 hull from UMMT and Zebrano resin parts - (Finished model by Andrey Arkhangelsky)

zebrano/sea027/01.jpg zebrano/sea027/02.jpg zebrano/sea027/03.jpg zebrano/sea027/04.jpg

Kit SEA028 - Soviet Light SPG SU-1

The kit is combination of T-26 hull from UMMT and Zebrano resin parts - (Finished model by Andrey Arkhangelsky)

zebrano/sea028/01.jpg zebrano/sea028/02.jpg zebrano/sea028/03.jpg zebrano/sea028/04.jpg zebrano/sea028/05.jpg zebrano/sea028/06.jpg zebrano/sea028/07.jpg zebrano/sea028/08.jpg zebrano/sea028/09.jpg zebrano/sea028/10.jpg zebrano/sea028/11.jpg

Kit SEA029 - KV-13 with KV chassis - (soon another variant based on the T-34 Chassis)

zebrano/sea029/00.jpg zebrano/sea029/01.jpg zebrano/sea029/02.jpg zebrano/sea029/03.jpg zebrano/sea029/04.jpg zebrano/sea029/05.jpg

Model built by Andrey Arkhangelsky

zebrano/sea029/1/01.jpg zebrano/sea029/1/02.jpg zebrano/sea029/1/03.jpg zebrano/sea029/1/04.jpg zebrano/sea029/1/05.jpg zebrano/sea029/1/06.jpg zebrano/sea029/1/07.jpg zebrano/sea029/1/08.jpg

Kit SEA030 - Russian Heavy SPG S-51 (on KV-1s chassis) with 203,4mm B-4 Howitzer

The heavy C-51 SPG was designed at the end of 1943 at the CADB under the leadership of V.G.Grabin. In order to obtain a powerful mobile fire weapon, the designers installed a 203-mm howitzer B-4 on the body of a heavy tank KV-1S. The result was not very successful and after the tests in early 1944 the project was closed.

zebrano/sea030/0/01.jpg zebrano/sea030/0/02.jpg

zebrano/sea030/00.jpg zebrano/sea030/01.jpg zebrano/sea030/02.jpg zebrano/sea030/03.jpg zebrano/sea030/04.jpg zebrano/sea030/05.jpg zebrano/sea030/06.jpg zebrano/sea030/07.jpg zebrano/sea030/08.jpg zebrano/sea030/09.jpg zebrano/sea030/10.jpg zebrano/sea030/11.jpg zebrano/sea030/12.jpg zebrano/sea030/13.jpg

Built model by Andrey Kovalchook

zebrano/sea030/1/01.jpg zebrano/sea030/1/02.jpg zebrano/sea030/1/03.jpg zebrano/sea030/1/04.jpg zebrano/sea030/1/05.jpg zebrano/sea030/1/06.jpg zebrano/sea030/1/07.jpg zebrano/sea030/1/08.jpg zebrano/sea030/1/09.jpg zebrano/sea030/1/10.jpg zebrano/sea030/1/11.jpg zebrano/sea030/1/12.jpg zebrano/sea030/1/13.jpg zebrano/sea030/1/14.jpg

Built model by Udo Bauer

The search for the vehicle was very difficult. Unfortunately, there are only a few photos of the S-51. Some questions remained open.
Some modellers in 1:35 have "fantastic" solutions regarding the storage of ammunition ready: cartridged ammunition in caliber 203.2mm - only the grenade weighs 100kg! The howitzer had separate ammunition = grenade and cargo. Some photos show a cabinet / box on the right front chain cover, where only the charges (6-8 pieces) may have been stored.
In the Russian literature it is said that the Howitzer was always loaded from ground and that at least 5 men were needed.
The service had a carrying rack with a shell for the grenade (I have modeled the frame, located next to the grenades). The was pushed over the ladders and a rail at the rear by 3 man pushed up, the men are high and the grenade was carried to the bottom of the howitzer. It could have been like that, that would be the Russian style of the 30s - 40s. This is my interpretation of the original photos about the charging process.
You see, I've made a lot of changes. The gun-barrel has been too thin. I replaced it with a 4mm brass tube. The shields I have made foldable. In the transition from the Marschlage (the tube was pulled back) in the battle position (Rhor in the suspension), the shields served as a working platform).

zebrano/sea030/0/03.jpg zebrano/sea030/0/04.jpg

zebrano/sea030/2/01.jpg zebrano/sea030/2/02.jpg zebrano/sea030/2/03.jpg zebrano/sea030/2/04.jpg zebrano/sea030/2/05.jpg zebrano/sea030/2/06.jpg zebrano/sea030/2/07.jpg zebrano/sea030/2/08.jpg zebrano/sea030/2/09.jpg zebrano/sea030/2/10.jpg zebrano/sea030/2/11.jpg zebrano/sea030/2/12.jpg zebrano/sea030/2/13.jpg

S-51 in 1/35 scale

zebrano/sea030/1/15.jpg zebrano/sea030/1/16.jpg zebrano/sea030/1/17.jpg

For more information of S-51 SPG visit:

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Kit SEA031 - Lebedenko Tank

zebrano/sea031/01.jpg zebrano/sea031/02.jpg zebrano/sea031/10.jpg zebrano/sea031/11.jpg zebrano/sea031/03.jpg zebrano/sea031/04.jpg zebrano/sea031/05.jpg zebrano/sea031/06.jpg zebrano/sea031/07.jpg zebrano/sea031/08.jpg zebrano/sea031/09.jpg

Built model by Andrey Arkhangelsky.

zebrano/sea031/1/01.jpg zebrano/sea031/1/02.jpg zebrano/sea031/1/03.jpg zebrano/sea031/1/04.jpg zebrano/sea031/1/05.jpg zebrano/sea031/1/06.jpg zebrano/sea031/1/07.jpg zebrano/sea031/1/08.jpg zebrano/sea031/1/09.jpg zebrano/sea031/1/10.jpg

Kit SEA032 - Object 234 (IS #2) heavy tank

zebrano/sea032/01.jpg zebrano/sea032/02.jpg zebrano/sea032/03.jpg zebrano/sea032/04.jpg zebrano/sea032/05.jpg

Kit SEA033 - Object 483 (OT-55/54), Experimental Flamethrower tank based on the T-54/55.

zebrano/sea033/01.jpg zebrano/sea033/02.jpg zebrano/sea033/03.jpg zebrano/sea033/04.jpg zebrano/sea033/05.jpg zebrano/sea033/06.jpg zebrano/sea033/07.jpg

Kit SEA034 - S-59 Heavy SPG

Heavy self-propelled gun S-59 was developed in the design bureau of plant number 100. This vehicle was distinguished from the S-51 self-propelled guns by the installation of a 152-mm Br-2 gun. The gun was mounted on the chassis of the KV-1S heavy tank and was intended, first of all, to combat reinforced concrete fortifications. SPG was tested in May - June 1944, which could not stand it. After testing, the project was closed.

zebrano/sea034/01.jpg zebrano/sea034/02.jpg zebrano/sea034/03.jpg zebrano/sea034/07.jpg zebrano/sea034/08.jpg zebrano/sea034/04.jpg zebrano/sea034/05.jpg zebrano/sea034/06.jpg

Kit SEA035 - Zis-41 halftrack with 57mm ZiS-2 anti-tank gun

The experimental anti-tank self-propelled gun ZiS-41 was developed on the basis of the ZiS-22M half-track vehicle at the V.G. Grabin design department. The new SPG was tested early in 1942 and was armed with a 57mm ZiS-2 anti-tank gun with 100 rounds of ammunition and a 7.62mm DT machine gun. The tests results were unsatisfactory, and the anti-tank SPG did not received further development. Later, on the basis of the ZiS-41, an ammunition transporter for the M-30 howitzer was developed.

zebrano/sea035/2/01.jpg zebrano/sea035/2/02.jpg zebrano/sea035/2/03.jpg zebrano/sea035/2/04.jpg

zebrano/sea035/01.jpg zebrano/sea035/02.jpg zebrano/sea035/03.jpg zebrano/sea035/04.jpg zebrano/sea035/05.jpg

Built model by Andrey Kovalchuk

zebrano/sea035/1/01.jpg zebrano/sea035/1/02.jpg zebrano/sea035/1/03.jpg zebrano/sea035/1/04.jpg zebrano/sea035/1/05.jpg

Kit SEA037 - Object 170 Soviet Rocket Tank - (experimenteel tank)

As part of a study of the possibilities of arming Soviet tanks with combined missile weapons, the Volgograd Tractor Plant designed the Object 170 tank. The tank was armed with two Coral rockets launchers with drum-type ammunition tracks and ATGM Malyutka. Additional armament consisted of a 7.62 mm machine gun.

zebrano/sea037/01.jpg zebrano/sea037/02.jpg zebrano/sea037/03.jpg zebrano/sea037/04.jpg zebrano/sea037/05.jpg

Kit SEA039 - U-18 Soviet Heavy SPG

The U-18 heavy self-propelled gun was designed in 1942 on the basis of the experimental KV-7 self-propelled gun. The main purpose of the new self-propelled guns is the destruction of bunkers and other fortifications. The main armament of the self-propelled guns was the ML-20 howitzer with 60 rounds of ammunition.

zebrano/sea039/01.jpg zebrano/sea039/02.jpg zebrano/sea039/03.jpg zebrano/sea039/04.jpg

Built model by Andrey Kovalchuk

zebrano/sea039/05.jpg zebrano/sea039/06.jpg zebrano/sea039/07.jpg zebrano/sea039/08.jpg

Special Editions

Ralley Participants - Moscow-Caracum Desert-Moscow rally

zebrano/SEO1-01/07.jpg zebrano/SEO1-01/08.jpg

Kit SE01-01 - Ralley Participant No. 21 GAZ-A

The first kit of "SE" serien is GAZ-A with special tyres and is dedicated to Moscow-Caracum Desert-Moscow rally

zebrano/SEO1-01/01.jpg zebrano/SEO1-01/02.jpg zebrano/SEO1-01/03.jpg zebrano/SEO1-01/04.jpg zebrano/SEO1-01/05.jpg zebrano/SEO1-01/06.jpg

Built Gaz-A

zebrano/SEO1-01/1/01.jpg zebrano/SEO1-01/1/02.jpg zebrano/SEO1-01/1/03.jpg zebrano/SEO1-01/1/04.jpg zebrano/SEO1-01/1/05.jpg zebrano/SEO1-01/1/06.jpg

Kit SE01-02 - Ralley Participant No. 19 AMO-3

A semi-new kit appeared in KaraKum Trial project. It's an AMO-3 lorry. As there were no external difference with ZiS-5 truck, I give the ZiS-5 moulds to this kit. And add some resin parts. (Next month will follow GAZ-AA and GAZ-AAA kits as Rally Participants and the project will be finished)

zebrano/SEO1-02/01.jpg zebrano/SEO1-02/02.jpg zebrano/SEO1-02/03.jpg zebrano/SEO1-02/04.jpg zebrano/SEO1-02/05.jpg zebrano/SEO1-02/06.jpg

Future kits:

Special Edition #2 are dedicated to the Road of Life during the Leningrad siege in 1943 - 1945. - Info Zebrano

Figure Sets

Zebrano has planned to start with some figure sets

Kit 72008 - 4M Gun Crew - (crew for Kit 72001)

zebrano/72008/01.jpg zebrano/72008/02.jpg zebrano/72008/03.jpg zebrano/72008/04.jpg

72010 - Soviet Tank Crew, 1944

zebrano/72010/00.jpg zebrano/72010/01.jpg zebrano/72010/02.jpg zebrano/72010/03.jpg zebrano/72010/04.jpg zebrano/72010/05.jpg

72012 - German Tank Crew, 1944

zebrano/72012/01.jpg zebrano/72012/02.jpg

For "Cristian Florescu's / ww2germans" review of 72012 - German Tank Crew, 1944 visit:

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72013 - Crew for 61-K AA Gun - set 1

zebrano/72013/01.jpg zebrano/72013/02.jpg zebrano/72013/03.jpg

72014 - Soviet Pilots WW2

zebrano/72014/00.jpg zebrano/72014/01.jpg zebrano/72014/02.jpg zebrano/72014/03.jpg

72019 - Crew for 61-K AA gun - set 2

zebrano/72019/01.jpg zebrano/72019/02.jpg zebrano/72019/03.jpg zebrano/72019/04.jpg zebrano/72019/05.jpg zebrano/72019/06.jpg

72029 - 72-K AA Gun Crew

zebrano/72029/01.jpg zebrano/72029/02.jpg zebrano/72029/03.jpg zebrano/72029/04.jpg zebrano/72029/05.jpg zebrano/72029/06.jpg zebrano/72029/07.jpg

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