German / Czechoslovakian 38T, Hetzer and 38D variants

Source text:"Czechoslavakian armoured fighting vehicles 1918-1945", by H.C.Doyle and C.K.Kliment,
and information from several modeling websites

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Production History

Model: Production period: Number produced
Ausf. AMay - November 1939150
Ausf. B/C/DJanuary - November 1940110/110/105
Ausf. E/FNovember 1940 - October 1941275/250
Ausf. S (?)May - December 194190
Ausf. GOctober 1941 - June 1942321

Note: 179 additional Ausf G chassis were built but they were not finished as tanks.

Variants and production history - (info Wikipedia):

An LTH TNHP Initial export version to Iran (50 ordered in 1935) (Iran was the first customer)
LTP export version to Peru
LTH export version to Switzerland (24 without weapons)
LTL export version to Lithuania (21 ordered, none delivered due to Soviet annexation)
LT vz. 38 Czechoslovak Army designation (none entered service)
LT vz. 40 Slovak Army designation for the LTL tanks taken-over from the Lithuania order
PzKpfw 38(t) Ausf. A-D TNH tank in German manufacture
PzKpfw 38(t) Ausf. E-G Pz 38(t) with frontal armour increased to 50 mm by bolting on an additional 25 mm armour
PzKpfw 38(t) Ausf. S 90 TNH ordered by Sweden in February 1940 but seized by Germany
Stridsvagn m/41 S(eries)I, Swedish license-built TNH version as compensation for the seized Ausf. S tanks. 116 produced.
Stridsvagn m/41 S(eries)II, Strv m/41 with upgraded armour and stronger engine. 104 produced.

Other designs based on 38(t) chassis

SdKfz 138 Marder III - German tank destroyer; German 75 mm gun in open-top superstructure.
SdKfz 139 Marder III - German tank destroyer; Soviet 76.2 mm gun in open-top superstructure.
SdKfz 138/1 Grille - German self-propelled gun; German 150 mm heavy infantry gun. Also ammunition carrier variant, which carried ammunition for the SP gun.

SdKfz 140 Flakpanzer 38(t) - German self-propelled anti-aircraft gun; 20 mm FlaK 38 anti-aircraft gun.
SdKfz 140/1 Aufklärungspanzer 38(t) mit 2 cm KwK 38 - German reconnaissance tank with 20 mm turret from a SdKfz.222 armoured car (70 built).
SdKfz 140/1 Aufklärungspanzer 38(t) mit 7.5 cm KwK37 L/24 - German close-support reconnaissance tank with 75 mm gun mounted in a modified superstructure (2 built).
Jagdpanzer 38(t) (unofficially known as the Hetzer) - German tank destroyer carrying a 75 mm L/48 anti-tank gun in enclosed superstructure. G-13 - Swiss designation for postwar-built Jagdpanzer 38(t) sold by Czechoslovakia.

Nahkampfkanone 1 - Swiss built tank destroyer, similar to Marder III (1 built).
Pansarbandvagn 301 - Swedish Stridsvagn m/41 (SI and SII) rebuilt to armoured personnel carriers (220 converted).
Stormartillerivagn m/43 - Swedish assault, gun based on the m/41 SII chassis (36 built).

For more info about 38T production history visit:

logo "www.armorama.com - (history 38T)

You found also good historical information about 38T / Hetzer on:

logo "www.aviarmor.net - (Russian Language - use Google translator)

Early variants

PzKpfw. 38 - LT vz 38

38t/lt/01.jpg 38t/lt/02.jpg

PzKpfw. 38 - LT vz 40


PzKpfw. 38 - TNH


PzKpfw. 38T Ausf. A / D

PzKpfw 38(t)

Built in Czechoslovakia for the German Army after the annexation of Bohemia and Moravia in 1939, the PzKpfw 38(t), types from ausf. A to ausf. G, mounted a 3.7cm gun plus two machine guns. Many different variants were derived from this tank. In total, 1414 (three prototypes plus 1411 production models) PzKpfw 38(t) - (Ausf. A-G) were manufactured. When production was halted, a total of 6321 PzKpfw 38(t) had been built, including variants.

38t/draw/07.jpg 38t/01/01.jpg 38t/01/02.jpg 38t/01/03.jpg 38t/01/04.jpg

PzKpfw. 38T Ausf. E / F / G

38t/02/01.jpg 38t/02/03.jpg 38t/02/02.jpg 38t/02/04.jpg

PzKpfw. 38T Ausf. C

PzKpfw 38(t) Ausf.C,

This series comprised of 110 vehicles manufactured between May and August 1940. Changes included protector for the turret ring, a German entenna and moving the silencer (muffler) to the top of the rear plate.


1/72 Attack

38t/draw/c/01.jpg 38t/draw/c/02.jpg 38t/draw/c/03.jpg 38t/draw/c/04.jpg 38t/draw/c/05.jpg 38t/draw/c/06.jpg 38t/draw/c/07.jpg

Model built by Zhenmin Han - 1/72 - UM

38t/draw/c/1/01.jpg 38t/draw/c/1/02.jpg 38t/draw/c/1/03.jpg

PzKpfw. 38T Ausf. G - and command vehicle

PzKpfw 38(t) Ausf.G,

This is the last version of the original tank. 500 chassis were built, but only 321 were completed as PzKpfw 38(t) between October 1941 and July 1942,


Model built by Zhenmin Han - 1/72 - UM

38t/03/2/01.jpg 38t/03/2/02.jpg 38t/03/2/03.jpg

1/72 Attack

38t/draw/g/01.jpg 38t/draw/g/02.jpg 38t/draw/g/03.jpg 38t/draw/g/04.jpg 38t/draw/g/06.jpg 38t/draw/g/07.jpg 38t/draw/g/08.jpg

Model built by ? - 1/35

38t/03/01.jpg 38t/03/02.jpg 38t/03/03.jpg 38t/03/04.jpg 38t/03/05.jpg

Model built by Steven Heng- 1/35 - www.missing-lynx.com

38t/03/1/01.jpg 38t/03/1/02.jpg 38t/03/1/03.jpg 38t/03/1/04.jpg 38t/03/1/05.jpg

PzKpfw. 38T na (Nue Art - 1943)

38t/24/01.jpg 38t/24/02.jpg 38t/24/03.jpg 38t/24/04.jpg 38t/24/05.jpg 38t/24/06.jpg

Model built by ?

38t/24/1/01.jpg 38t/24/1/02.jpg 38t/24/1/03.jpg 38t/24/1/04.jpg 38t/24/1/05.jpg

Other versions

PzKpfw. 38T Ausf. H / M

Panzerjager 38(t) series H and M:
The changing situation on the battle fronts in late 1941 necessitated the next conversion and gave a new lease on life to the outdated PzKpfw 38(t) tanks. The 3.7cm guns were proven to be totally inadequate against the Russian T-34 and KV-1 tanks, but Germany at this time had only one tank capable of carrying the long 7.5cm gun, the PzKpfw IV. To provide the anti-tank gun on a mobile platform, the chassis of the PzKpfw 38(t) was mated, initially, with the excellent Russian 7.62cm guns which the Germans had captured in large numbers during the Summer 1941 offensives and later with the German 7.5cm Pak 40. The total production from the series H and M were about 2000 vehicles.

PzKpfw 38(t) SdKfz.139 with 7.62cm PaK36(R), Marder III,

The earliest Marder III variant was the SdKfz. 139, which was a simple conversion. The turret and the superstructure top plate were removed and the gun mounted on a cross, the members of which were welded to the hull sides and to the front and rear plates. A crudely constructed gun shield from 10mm plate provided only a rudimentary protection for the crew. The gun had a straight sight and 30 rounds were carried in bins within the old fighting compartment. The gun was rechambered for German ammunition which gave it a muzzle velocity of 960m/sec. It fired a 4.15kg shell which could penetrate 94mm armour at 1000m.
Between April and October 1942, 344 SdKfz 139s were built, 176 mounted on the Ausf. G chassis, the rest mounted on Ausf. H with a more powerful engine.

Model built by Zhenmin Han - 1/72 - UM

38t/04/1/01.jpg 38t/04/1/02.jpg 38t/04/1/03.jpg 38t/04/1/04.jpg

Model built by ? - 1/35 - www.fallconbbs.com

38t/04/01.jpg 38t/04/02.jpg 38t/04/03.jpg 38t/04/04.jpg 38t/04/05.jpg

PzKpfw 38(t) with 75mm Stu

One or two prototypes are built in May 1942 to test variants of mounting 75mm and 76mm guns on the Praga Pzkw. 38(t) chassis. It lost out to the more popular and better designed Marder III with the 7.5 cm Pak 40 mounting. But apparently like all good German prototypes it saw service in Russia. Only three photos of this vehicle and no plans are known to exist.

38t/25/1/01.jpg 38t/25/1/02.jpg 38t/25/1/03.jpg

Pictures from www.voyagermodel.com

38t/25/01.jpg 38t/25/02.jpg 38t/25/03.jpg 38t/25/04.jpg 38t/25/05.jpg 38t/25/06.jpg 38t/25/07.jpg 38t/25/08.jpg

Pictures from www.ww2incolor.com

38t/25/2/01.jpg 38t/25/2/02.jpg 38t/25/2/03.jpg

PzKpfw 38(t) with 75mm Stu - was the prototype for the SdKfz 138. The 75mm StuK 40(L/45) were fitted with the new PAK 40/3

PzKpfw 38(t) SdKfz. 138 with 75mm PaK40, Marder III, ausf. H

This was a similar adaption for the Pak 40, which had become available in May 1942. The first 42 vehicles were manufactured on Ausf. H chassis in November 1942. The conversion was very similar to SdKfz 139, though the gun shield was of a better design and provided more protection for the crew. The usual crew of four was carried. 242 vehicles of this type were manufactured between November 1942 and April 1943 and a further 175 were converted from PzKpfw 38(t) during 1943

Model built by ? - 1/35 - www.fallconbbs.com

38t/05/01.jpg 38t/05/02.jpg 38t/05/03.jpg 38t/05/04.jpg

Model built by Zhenmin Han - 1/72 - UM

38t/05/1/01.jpg 38t/05/1/02.jpg 38t/05/1/03.jpg 38t/05/1/04.jpg

PzKpfw 38(t) SdKfz. 138M with 7.5cm PaK40/3, Marder III, ausf. M

THis was the final version of this series. The Ausf.M chassis was originally developed as a special self-propelled carriage for the infantry houwitzer by mounting the engine in the centre. The front part of the chassis was redesigned and lengthened with one straight sloping plate. The driver sat in the right front side under a cast armoured hood with hinged visor. The gun was mounted in the rear at pannier height and was protected by a four-sided superstructure. Armour on the gun shield was 10mm, on the hull only 15mm. Between April 1943 and May 1944, a total of 975 vehicles of this type were built.

38t/06/01.jpg 38t/06/02.jpg 38t/06/03.jpg 38t/06/04.jpg 38t/06/05.jpg

Model built by James C Hensley - 1/35 - www.panzershop.cz

38t/06/hens/03.jpg 38t/06/hens/01.jpg 38t/06/hens/02.jpg 38t/06/hens/04.jpg 38t/06/hens/05.jpg

Model built by Zhenmin Han - 1/72 - UM

38t/06/1/03.jpg 38t/06/1/01.jpg 38t/06/1/02.jpg 38t/06/1/04.jpg

PzKpfw 38(t) SdKfz. 138/1 with 15cm Sig 33, ausf. H, 'Grille or Bison'

To provide fully tracked supporting artillery for infantry formations, Alkett designed a conversion based on the PzKpfw.38(t) Ausf. H chassis, using a Rheinmetall-Borsig howitzer. The gun was again located on a cross-member, bolted to the sides and front and rear plates. 90 vehicles were built on the Ausf. H chassis until the Ausf. M chassis, developed specially for this purpose, became available.

38t/07/1/01.jpg 38t/07/1/02.jpg 38t/07/1/03.jpg

Model built by Zhenmin Han - 1/72 - UM

38t/07/3/01.jpg 38t/07/3/02.jpg 38t/07/3/03.jpg

Model built by Carlos da Diego Vaquerizo - 1/35 - www.missing-Lynx.com

38t/07/01.jpg 38t/07/03.jpg 38t/07/02.jpg 38t/07/04.jpg

Model built by ? - 1/35 - www.falconbbs.com

38t/07/2/01.jpg 38t/07/2/02.jpg 38t/07/2/03.jpg 38t/07/2/04.jpg 38t/07/2/05.jpg 38t/07/2/06.jpg

PzKpfw 38(t) SdKfz. 138/1 with 15cm Sig 33, ausf. M, 'Grille or Bison'

The original order for 200 Grille was completed with 90 based on the old Ausf. H chassis and 110 as originally planned on the designated new Ausf. M chassis. From April 1943 until September 1944 a total of 282 of these 'Grille' self-propelled guns were built.

38t/08/01.jpg 38t/08/02.jpg 38t/08/03.jpg 38t/08/04.jpg 38t/08/05.jpg

Model built by Zhenmin Han - 1/72 - UM

38t/08/1/01.jpg 38t/08/1/02.jpg 38t/08/1/03.jpg 38t/08/1/04.jpg

Model built by ? - 1/35 - panzermodelkit.valka.cz

38t/08/valka/01.jpg 38t/08/valka/02.jpg 38t/08/valka/03.jpg 38t/08/valka/04.jpg

PzKpfw 38(t) Flakpanzer 38 with 20mm Flak 38, ausf. L, SdKfz. 140

Between November 1943 and February 1944 BMM manufactured 140 anti-aircraft tanks on the Ausf. L chassis. The 20mm Flak 38(L/55) was mounted in the rear of the vehicle and was enclosed in an armored super structure, of which the upper half could be opened to facilitate the work of the crew and to allow more depression of the gun.

38t/10/01.jpg 38t/10/02.jpg 38t/10/03.jpg 38t/10/05.jpg 38t/10/06.jpg 38t/10/07.jpg

Model built by Calum Melrose

38t/flak38/1/01.jpg 38t/flak38/1/02.jpg 38t/flak38/1/03.jpg 38t/flak38/1/04.jpg 38t/flak38/1/05.jpg 38t/flak38/1/06.jpg 38t/flak38/1/07.jpg 38t/flak38/1/08.jpg 38t/flak38/1/09.jpg 38t/flak38/1/10.jpg

PzKpfw 38(t) Aufklarungspanzer 38 with 20mm gun in turret, SdKfz. 140/1

After the PzKpfw II 'Luchs' was abondoned as being too complicated and too costly, the pressing need for a fully tracked reconnaissance vehicle was filled by modifying the PzKpfw 38(t) chassis which were recalled specifically for this purpose. During February and March 1944, 70 vehicles had their original turrets removed and their chassis prepared. 50 were fitted with the 20mm Hanglafette open topped turred.

38t/11/01.jpg 38t/11/02.jpg 38t/11/03.jpg 38t/11/05.jpg 38t/11/06.jpg

Models built by Zhenmin Han - 1/72 - UM

38t/11/2/01.jpg 38t/11/2/02.jpg 38t/11/2/03.jpg 38t/11/2/04.jpg

Model built by ? - 1/35 - www.falconbbs.com

38t/11/1/01.jpg 38t/11/1/02.jpg 38t/11/1/03.jpg 38t/11/1/05.jpg 38t/11/1/06.jpg

38T Munition instandsetzungpanzer [= armored ammunition supply vehicle] -

PzKpfw 38(t) Munitionpanzer, ausf. K (Grille without gun)

Parallel with the production of the 'Grille', from January to May 1944, a total of 102 Munitionspanzer were built on the Ausf. M chassis. The limited ammunition storage capacity of the 'Grille' was to be supported by operating two unarmed Munitionspanzer with every six SIG33 gun systems.

38t/09/01.jpg 38t/09/02.jpg 38t/09/03.jpg 38t/09/04.jpg 38t/09/05.jpg 38t/09/06.jpg

Model built by zdenny - 1/35 - pavlikhobbykits.zdenny.cz

38t/09/1/01.jpg 38t/09/1/02.jpg 38t/09/1/03.jpg

PzKpfw 38(t) Munitionpanzer / instandsetzungpanzer 38(t)

Starting in 1942 many obsolete tank chassis were converted in the field to auxilairy vehicles to support self-propelled gun and tank formations. With the turret removed they weighed only 8-tons and had a crew of two. Between January and May 1944 some 102 new vehicles, based on the Ausf. K chassis were built specifically to re-supply the "Grill".

38t/09/2/00.jpg 38t/09/2/01.jpg 38t/09/2/02.jpg

1/72 - Esci

38t/09/5/01.jpg 38t/09/5/02.jpg 38t/09/5/03.jpg 38t/09/5/04.jpg 38t/09/5/05.jpg 38t/09/5/06.jpg

PzKpfw 38(t) Munitionpanzer / instandsetzungpanzer / Fieldconversion Ost-front 38(t)

1/72 - Esci

38t/09/4/01.jpg 38t/09/4/02.jpg 38t/09/4/03.jpg 38t/09/4/04.jpg 38t/09/4/05.jpg 38t/09/4/06.jpg

PzKpfw 38(t) Bergepanzer [= armored recovery vehicle] 38(t)

Model built by Tony Ivey - 1/72

38t/09/3/01.jpg 38t/09/3/02.jpg 38t/09/3/03.jpg 38t/09/3/04.jpg

Hetzer and their variants

Hetzer 38(t) with 7.5cm Pak 39 L/48 gun 'Early'

The "Hetzer" was based on an enlarged version of the well proven 38(t) chassis. Spension and running gear were extended by about 10 per cent to carry the increased size, but the gearbox, steering and the final drive units were unchanged. The driver's position was switched to the left and the armour was completely redesigned. The entire contruction was welded. The gun was a modified version of the PzKpfw IV gun and was mounted at the right side of the fighting compartment. Armor thickness was 60mm at the front, but only 20mm on sides and rear. Until March 1945 a total of 2584 "Hetzers" were built.


1/76 resin - old Milicast

38t/13/2/02.jpg 38t/13/2/03.jpg 38t/13/2/04.jpg 38t/13/2/05.jpg 38t/13/2/06.jpg 38t/13/2/08.jpg

Model built by Zhen Min Han - 1/72 - UM

38t/13/3/01.jpg 38t/13/3/02.jpg 38t/13/3/03.jpg 38t/13/3/04.jpg

Model built by ? - 1/35

38t/13/1/01.jpg 38t/13/1/02.jpg 38t/13/1/03.jpg 38t/13/1/04.jpg 38t/13/1/05.jpg 38t/13/1/06.jpg

Hetzer 38(t) with 75mm Pak 39 L/48 gun 'Mid'


Model built by Brett Green - 1/35

38t/14/brett/01.jpg 38t/14/brett/02.jpg 38t/14/brett/03.jpg 38t/14/brett/04.jpg 38t/14/brett/05.jpg 38t/14/brett/06.jpg 38t/14/brett/07.jpg 38t/14/brett/08.jpg 38t/14/brett/09.jpg

Hetzer 38(t) with 7.5cm Pak 39 L/48 gun 'Late'

38t/15/01.jpg 38t/15/02.jpg

Model built by Alex Clark - 1/72

38t/15/1/01.jpg 38t/15/1/02.jpg 38t/15/1/03.jpg 38t/15/1/04.jpg 38t/15/1/05.jpg

38t/15/1/06.jpg 38t/15/1/07.jpg 38t/15/1/08.jpg 38t/15/1/09.jpg 38t/15/1/10.jpg

Model built by Zhenmin Han - 1/76 - Fujimi

38t/15/2/01.jpg 38t/15/2/02.jpg 38t/15/2/03.jpg

Hetzer 38(t) 638/14 "Starr" - with 75mm Pak 39 (L/48) or 105mm StuH 42/2 L28

Originally, the Hetzer was designed to carry a rigid mounted gun. Rheinmetall-Borsig was developing the gun and Alkett was put in charge with the vehicle modification studies. Two guns were envisioned for this project, namely the 75mm Pak 39 (L/48) and the 105mm StuH 42/2 (L/28). Two prototypes on the 38(T) chassis were actually built and tested at Hillersleben. Problems with the sights and unmanageable hand wheels led to postponement of production of the Starr and the Hetzer with the normal gun mount was produced instead. 60 vehicles were built and sent to Skoda in Prague for completion in April 1945, but were never finished.

38t/16/01.jpg 38t/16/02.jpg 38t/16/03.jpg 38t/16/04.jpg 38t/16/05.jpg 38t/16/06.jpg

1/76 resin - manufacturer unknown

38t/16/1/02.jpg 38t/16/1/03.jpg 38t/16/1/06.jpg 38t/16/1/07.jpg 38t/16/1/08.jpg 38t/16/1/10.jpg

Hetzer 38(t) - 'Command' - (Mid version)

Model built by ? - 1/35

38t/22/01.jpg 38t/22/02.jpg 38t/22/03.jpg 38t/22/04.jpg 38t/22/05.jpg 38t/22/06.jpg

Hetzer 38(t) Flammpanzer [= flame thrower]

In december 1944, 20 Hetzers were converted to flame-throwing tanks by having their guns removed and replaced with a flame-thrower. A simulated barrel was fitted on the flame-thrower, so that the vehicle would not be so esaly recognizable. Weight was 15.5 tons and a crew of four was carried. Fuel for the flame-thrower was carried internally. This conversion was made specifically for the Ardennes Offensive.


1/76 resin - old Milicast

38t/flame/1/02.jpg 38t/flame/1/03.jpg 38t/flame/1/04.jpg 38t/flame/1/05.jpg 38t/flame/1/06.jpg 38t/flame/1/07.jpg

Model built by Kang Min-Seok - 1/35 - missing-lynx.com

38t/17/kang/01.jpg 38t/17/kang/02.jpg 38t/17/kang/03.jpg 38t/17/kang/04.jpg 38t/17/kang/05.jpg

Model built by Jens Kronsvold Frederiksen - 1/35 - missing-lynx.com

38t/17/jens/01.jpg 38t/17/jens/02.jpg 38t/17/jens/03.jpg 38t/17/jens/04.jpg 38t/17/jens/05.jpg 38t/17/jens/06.jpg 38t/17/jens/07.jpg 38t/17/jens/08.jpg

Hetzer 38(t) with 15cm Sig 33/2 - (Gerat 588)

The troops continually demanded more self-propelled 150mm SIG33 guns but since production of the SdKfz 138/1 Ausf. M had terminated in 1944, it was impossible to meet these demands. However, in November 1944 it was decided to produce a new self-propelled howitzer on the Hetzer chassis. A total of 30 of these vehicles was built between December 1944 and February 1945, 24 from new production and 6 rebuilt from Hetzer. The howitzer was mounted in a heightened superstructure, which otherwise followed the clean Hetzer lines.

38t/18/01.jpg 38t/18/02.jpg 38t/18/03.jpg 38t/18/04.jpg 38t/18/05.jpg 38t/18/06.jpg

Model built by Zhenmin Han - 1/72 - UM

38t/18/1/01.jpg 38t/18/1/02.jpg 38t/18/1/03.jpg

Model built by Jari Livonen - 1/35 - missing-lynx.com

38t/18/jari/01.jpg 38t/18/jari/02.jpg 38t/18/jari/03.jpg 38t/18/jari/04.jpg 38t/18/jari/05.jpg 38t/18/jari/06.jpg 38t/18/jari/07.jpg 38t/18/jari/08.jpg

PzKpfw 38(t) Bergepanzer I Hetzer, with or without earthspade

Concurrently with the production of the Hetzer, a recovery vehicle [in German: Bergepanzer] was built. A total of 170 vehicles was built of which 106 were a new production line while 64 werew converted from normal Hetzer. With a weight of 14.5 ton and a crew of four, it had a lowered super structure, no gun and it was fitted with a winch. It was used by the Hetzer units as a standard recovery vehicle. Because of an under-powered engine, the vehicle proved far from succesful.

38t/berge/01.jpg 38t/berge/00.jpg 38t/berge/02.jpg 38t/berge/03.jpg 38t/berge/04.jpg 38t/berge/05.jpg

Model built by Zhenmin Han - 1/72 - Attack

38t/berge/6/01.jpg 38t/berge/6/02.jpg 38t/berge/6/03.jpg

1/76 resin - old Milicast

38t/berge/4/02.jpg 38t/berge/4/03.jpg 38t/berge/4/05.jpg 38t/berge/4/06.jpg 38t/berge/4/07.jpg 38t/berge/4/08.jpg

1/76 resin - old Milicast

38t/berge/5/01.jpg 38t/berge/5/02.jpg 38t/berge/5/03.jpg 38t/berge/5/05.jpg 38t/berge/5/06.jpg 38t/berge/5/07.jpg

Model built by Jim Norian - 1/35 - www.alpenflage-hobbies.com

38t/berge/1/01.jpg 38t/berge/1/02.jpg 38t/berge/1/03.jpg 38t/berge/1/04.jpg 38t/berge/1/05.jpg

38t/berge/2/01.jpg 38t/berge/2/02.jpg 38t/berge/2/03.jpg 38t/berge/2/04.jpg 38t/berge/2/05.jpg

Model built by ? - 1/35 - www.dbmodel.com

38t/berge/3/01.jpg 38t/berge/3/02.jpg 38t/berge/3/04.jpg 38t/berge/3/05.jpg 38t/berge/3/06.jpg

38t/berge/3/08.jpg 38t/berge/3/09.jpg 38t/berge/3/03.jpg 38t/berge/3/07.jpg 38t/berge/3/10.jpg

38T with pontoons - amphibian

Model built by Tony Ivey - 1/72

38t/ivey/01a.jpg 38t/ivey/02a.jpg 38t/ivey/03a.jpg 38t/ivey/04a.jpg 38t/ivey/05a.jpg 38t/ivey/06a.jpg

Fahrschule - Lehrpanzer - based on Hetzer Chassis

38T Fahrschule vehicle with Holzgasgenerator [= wood gas generator]


For information about German vehicles with Holzgasgenerator, visit:

logo "topwar.ru" Website - (Russian language)

The last variants of the 38T and / or Hetzer variants in WWII period

A small historical reference to the prototype model - (source http://www.dishmodels.ru/gshow.htm?p=8103)

- In October 1944, the company BMM has received an order to develop a series of reconnaissance tanks weighing up to 15 tons on the chassis Jagdpenzer 38 with a three-man crew. When used in the manufacture of prototypes main chassis Bergepanzer 38. developers suggested four main types of weapons for various versions of the machine:

- 1. Gerat 563 - hanglaffete with 20mm anti-aircraft flak 38 and MG42, based on Bergehetzer chassis
- 2. Gerat 585 - with 20 mm Flak 38, based on Bergehetzer chassis
- 3. Gerat 586 - 120mm mortar, based on 38T chassis
- 4. Gerat 654 - with 75 mm K51 / L24 in an open top

According to some few articles came out of the stage of projects on paper. Prototypes are made ​​but not tested
Although it is also known that one of them - the machine (Gerat 654) nevertheless successfully tested in the fall and winter of 1945 on kummersdorf. But it is not accepted for production.

Gerat 563 - hanglaffete with 20mm anti-aircraft flak 38 and MG42, based on Bergehetzer chassis

Pictures taken from http://www.dishmodels.ru - (1/35)

38t/hanglafette/1//01.jpg 38t/hanglafette/1//02.jpg 38t/hanglafette/1//03.jpg 38t/hanglafette/1//04.jpg 38t/hanglafette/1//05.jpg 38t/hanglafette/1//06.jpg 38t/hanglafette/1//07.jpg 38t/hanglafette/1//08.jpg 38t/hanglafette/1//09.jpg 38t/hanglafette/1//10.jpg 38t/hanglafette/1//11.jpg 38t/hanglafette/1//12.jpg 38t/hanglafette/1//13.jpg 38t/hanglafette/1//14.jpg 38t/hanglafette/1//15.jpg

Pictures taken from http://www.sixtharmygroup.com - (a model in the 1/6 scale with great details - Built by Dennis Widner from USA)

38t/hanglafette/2//01.jpg 38t/hanglafette/2//02.jpg 38t/hanglafette/2//03.jpg 38t/hanglafette/2//04.jpg 38t/hanglafette/2//05.jpg 38t/hanglafette/2//06.jpg 38t/hanglafette/2//07.jpg 38t/hanglafette/2//08.jpg

Gerat 585 - Aufklarungspanzer with 20mm Flak 38, prototype 2



38t/20/1/03.jpg 38t/20/1/04.jpg 38t/20/1/05.jpg 38t/20/1/06.jpg 38t/20/1/07.jpg 38t/20/1/08.jpg 38t/20/1/09.jpg

Pictures from http://suthhobby.blogspot.nl/2014/05/2-cm-flak-38-auf-hetzer.html?view=classic - (1/35)

38t/flak38/2/01.jpg 38t/flak38/2/02.jpg 38t/flak38/2/03.jpg 38t/flak38/2/04.jpg 38t/flak38/2/05.jpg 38t/flak38/2/06.jpg 38t/flak38/2/07.jpg

Gerat 586 - 38(t) Morsertrager Ausf.M [= mortar carrier]

The Morsertrager was a new design from 1944 for use by self propelled artillery formations, however, it was not adopted.

38t/21/01.jpg 38t/21/02.jpg 38t/21/03.jpg 38t/21/04.jpg 38t/21/05.jpg

Pictures from http://www.modelblokez.org.au/othermodels.html#prettyPhoto - (1/35)

38t/21/06.jpg 38t/21/07.jpg 38t/21/08.jpg 38t/21/09.jpg 38t/21/10.jpg

1/76 resin and scratchbuild

38t/21/1/02.jpg 38t/21/1/03.jpg 38t/21/1/04.jpg 38t/21/1/05.jpg 38t/21/1/06.jpg 38t/21/1/07.jpg 38t/21/1/08.jpg

Gerat 654 - Aufklarungspanzer with 75mm short gun, prototype 1


1/76 resin

38t/19/1/01.jpg 38t/19/1/02.jpg 38t/19/1/03.jpg 38t/19/1/04.jpg 38t/19/1/05.jpg 38t/19/1/06.jpg

Model built by Zhenmin Han - 1/72

38t/19/2/01.jpg 38t/19/2/02.jpg 38t/19/2/03.jpg 38t/19/2/04.jpg

Sd.Kfz. 138/1 Grille M w/3cm Flak 103/38 - "Jaboschreck"

Original vehicle - Prague 1945

38t/jaboschreck/1/01.jpg 38t/jaboschreck/1/02.jpg 38t/jaboschreck/1/03.jpg 38t/jaboschreck/1/04.jpg 38t/jaboschreck/1/05.jpg

Pictures from http://gulumik.blogspot.nl/2011/03/3cm-mk103-auf-sf-38t-172-attack.html - (Attack 72852 - 1/72)

In the 1/72 Attack model is a simplicated version of 3cm Flak 103/38 mounted

38t/jaboschreck/2/01.jpg 38t/jaboschreck/2/02.jpg 38t/jaboschreck/2/03.jpg 38t/jaboschreck/2/04.jpg 38t/jaboschreck/2/05.jpg 38t/jaboschreck/2/06.jpg 38t/jaboschreck/2/07.jpg 38t/jaboschreck/2/08.jpg 38t/jaboschreck/2/09.jpg 38t/jaboschreck/2/10.jpg 38t/jaboschreck/2/11.jpg 38t/jaboschreck/2/12.jpg

Pictures simplicated 3cm Flak 103/38 from:

- http://www.customscale.de/resin-modelle-1-35/3cm-flak-auf-behelfslafette-baumaffe-2/
- http://www.customscale.de/resin-modelle-1-35/3cm-flak-auf-fester-lafette/

38t/jaboschreck/3/01.jpg 38t/jaboschreck/3/02.jpg 38t/jaboschreck/3/03.jpg 38t/jaboschreck/3/04.jpg 38t/jaboschreck/3/05.jpg 38t/jaboschreck/3/06.jpg 38t/jaboschreck/3/07.jpg 38t/jaboschreck/3/08.jpg 38t/jaboschreck/3/09.jpg 38t/jaboschreck/3/10.jpg 38t/jaboschreck/3/11.jpg 38t/jaboschreck/3/12.jpg

Tomas Jakl has informed me that Attack version is correct and Cyber-Hobby version is wrong.

You found pictures of correct version in his book "The Czech Uprising 1945 - Prague":
logo "Track-n-Troops" Website

Pictures from http://wingnutmodels.com/38(t)M.html - (1/35)
(Has wrong main armament mount. In fact much more simplified version of the Lafette had been used. See attached pictures above.)

38t/jaboschreck/01.jpg 38t/jaboschreck/02.jpg 38t/jaboschreck/03.jpg 38t/jaboschreck/04.jpg 38t/jaboschreck/05.jpg 38t/jaboschreck/06.jpg 38t/jaboschreck/07.jpg 38t/jaboschreck/08.jpg 38t/jaboschreck/09.jpg 38t/jaboschreck/10.jpg 38t/jaboschreck/11.jpg 38t/jaboschreck/12.jpg

PzKpfw 38(t) Aufklarungspanzer 38 with 75mm gun/short in turret, SdKfz. 140/1

With most German tank chassis running out by 1945, only the 38(D) and 38(T) were left in the light class category. The existing 38T / Hetzer was continued, in various forms, and became the basis for a new reconnaissance vehicle. One version, completed as a prototype, carried the short 75mm K51 gun in a sloped, open top superstructure while only two prototypes of the Aufklaringspanzer [= armored reconnaissance vehicle] armed with the 75mm KwK 38L/24 were built.

38t/12/01.jpg 38t/12/02.jpg 38t/12/03.jpg

Model built by Zhenmin Han - 1/72 - Attack

38t/12/1/01.jpg 38t/12/1/02.jpg 38t/12/1/03.jpg 38t/12/1/04.jpg

Pictures from http://wingnutmodels.com/38(t)M.html

38t/12/2/01.jpg 38t/12/2/02.jpg 38t/12/2/03.jpg 38t/12/2/04.jpg 38t/12/2/05.jpg 38t/12/2/06.jpg 38t/12/2/07.jpg 38t/12/2/08.jpg 38t/12/2/09.jpg

38T / Hetzer - APC "Kaetzchen" - (Built on Hetzer chassis)

In 1944, a single prototype for a new full track reconnaissance vehicle was ordered from and built by CKD / BMM in Prague, manufacturer of the Hetzer 38(T) Panzerjager. It was wider than the Auto Union model and heavier, being much better armored. Its front plate armor was 50mm, sides were 30mm and rear was 20mm thick. It retained the general layout with the open top and the engine in the rear, but it lacked the ball fixing for the front MG, wich was instead mounted behind an armored shield as carried by the SdKfz.250 and 251 halftracks. A rear mount for another MG was also provided.

Information taken from http://www.materielsterrestres39-45.fr

In 1943, the Auto-Union firm received the command of a fully tracked reconnaissance vehicle for the eastern front. The vehicle was transporting 6 - 8 soldiers and was not to engage enemy vehicles. Beginning 1944, Auto-Union produced the complete model and two prototypes. The fighting compartment had no roof. The crew consisted of the pilot (left) and gunner (right). The same function as the transportation of staff Sd.Kfz.251 half-track he had more the same internal layout. The vehicle was powered by a Maybach 50Z 180-200 hp. The shield was thick 14.5mm on the sides and rear and 30mm at the front.
The frame included some novelties such as steel-lined wheels. Both prototypes were tested at Berka was in 1944 when they discovered many mechanical problems. In September 1944, Auto-Union received the order to stop the development work that was entrusted to BMM based on the chassis of Jagdpanzer 38 (t) Hetzer.

A two prototypes Auto-Union (designated as gepanzerter Mannschaftransportwagen kätzchen (kitten) will be captured by the US Army in early 1945. Two prototypes based on PzKpfw 38 (t) nA (neuer Art) were also ordered. The draft BMM very similar to Auto-Union, however, included some amendments (two MG 34, an engine installed right rather than the left and a frontal armor increased to 50mm, ...). Two engines were considered and reviewed, the Tatra 103 to 220 hp and 280 hp Praga NR. e design of BMM was higher than Auto-Union with such a maximum road speed of 64km / h, and in any field of 40km / h for maximum autonomy of 600 km. The version of BMM was designated as Vollkettenaufklarer 38 (t) kätzchen (kitten) but never went into production before the end of the war.

Sources: Internet

For more info about 38T production history visit:

logo "www.materielsterrestres39-45.fr - website

38t/kat/01a.jpg 38t/kat/02a.jpg 38t/kat/03a.jpg 38t/kat/04a.jpg 38t/kat/05a.jpg 38t/kat/06a.jpg 38t/kat/07a.jpg

Below: Built prototype 38T - This vehicle has the same air-intake or exhaust on its rear side as by the Panther "Kaetzchen" concept. (see below)

38t/kat/5/01a.jpg 38t/kat/5/02a.jpg

38T Hetzer APC - "Kaetzchen" - Model built by Suth Pongpanluke. - ( 1/ 35 pictures from http://suthhobby.blogspot.nl)

38t/kat/6/01a.jpg 38t/kat/6/02a.jpg 38t/kat/6/03a.jpg 38t/kat/6/04a.jpg 38t/kat/6/05a.jpg 38t/kat/6/06a.jpg 38t/kat/6/07a.jpg 38t/kat/6/08a.jpg

38T Hetzer APC - "Kaetzchen" - ( 1/ 35 pictures from http://www.materielsterrestres39-45.fr/)

38t/kat/7/01a.jpg 38t/kat/7/02a.jpg 38t/kat/7/03a.jpg 38t/kat/7/04a.jpg 38t/kat/7/05a.jpg 38t/kat/7/06a.jpg 38t/kat/7/07a.jpg 38t/kat/7/08a.jpg 38t/kat/7/09a.jpg 38t/kat/7/10a.jpg 38t/kat/7/11a.jpg 38t/kat/7/12a.jpg 38t/kat/7/13a.jpg

Hetzer APC / 38T "Kaetzchen" - 1/35 - Panzermodelkit.valka.cz

38t/kat/1/01a.jpg 38t/kat/1/02a.jpg 38t/kat/1/03a.jpg 38t/kat/1/04a.jpg

Hetzer APC / 38T "Kaetzchen" - gun point - 3d.com

38t/kat/2/01a.jpg 38t/kat/2/02a.jpg

Vollkettenaufklarer - APC "Kaetzchen" - Prototype SWS

38t/kat/3/01a.jpg 38t/kat/3/02a.jpg 38t/kat/3/03a.jpg 38t/kat/3/04a.jpg 38t/kat/3/05a.jpg 38t/kat/3/06a.jpg

Pictures taken from website nast-sonderfahrzeuge.de - is this the original concept or nicely built "fake" vehicle?

VK501 "Weserhutte" - "Kaetzchen" - APC / Munition Schlepper with elements of the Panther chassis and fully enclosed armor.

panther/vk501/01.jpg panther/vk501/02.jpg panther/vk501/03.jpg panther/vk501/04.jpg panther/vk501/05.jpg panther/vk501/06.jpg

Hetzer "Kogelblitz"

Model built by Detlev Kaczmarek - (1/35)

38t/kogelblitz/2/01a.jpg 38t/kogelblitz/2/02a.jpg 38t/kogelblitz/2/03a.jpg 38t/kogelblitz/2/04a.jpg

Model built by Calum Melrose - (1/72)

38t/kogelblitz/1/01a.jpg 38t/kogelblitz/1/02a.jpg 38t/kogelblitz/1/03a.jpg 38t/kogelblitz/1/04a.jpg 38t/kogelblitz/1/05a.jpg 38t/kogelblitz/1/06a.jpg 38t/kogelblitz/1/07a.jpg 38t/kogelblitz/1/08a.jpg 38t/kogelblitz/1/09a.jpg

Krupp Vorschlag

Hetzer - with Pz.IV turret - 7.5cm Stu Kwk 43 L48


Model built by Zhenmin Han - 1/72

38t/26/02a.jpg 38t/26/03a.jpg 38t/26/04a.jpg 38t/26/05a.jpg 38t/26/06a.jpg

Hetzer - with Pz.IV turret - with 8cm Paw 600


Model under construction by Calum Melrose


38D variants - concepts and drawing board vehicles

Leichter Einheits Waffentrager 38(D) ARDELT with 8.8cm Pak43/2 L/71

One of the developments in the last year of the war was the Waffentrager [= weapons platform] series. A large variety of vehicles was designed. Just about every plant capable of building a tractor, made a test vehicle but only a small number was actually built in quantity production. Some Ardelt Waffentrager were used in action and a surviving example can be found in the Kubinka tank museum.

38t/ardelt/01a.jpg 38t/ardelt/02a.jpg 38t/ardelt/03a.jpg

Remaining example in Kubinka Museum - tanksinmoscow.com

38t/ardelt/1/01a.jpg 38t/ardelt/1/02a.jpg 38t/ardelt/1/03a.jpg 38t/ardelt/1/04a.jpg 38t/ardelt/1/05a.jpg 38t/ardelt/1/06a.jpg 38t/ardelt/1/07a.jpg

Model built by Zatsepin - 1/72 - acemodels.com

38t/ardelt/2/01a.jpg 38t/ardelt/2/02a.jpg 38t/ardelt/2/03a.jpg

Model built by Zhenmin Han - 1/72 - Ace

38t/ardelt/3/01a.jpg 38t/ardelt/3/02a.jpg 38t/ardelt/3/03a.jpg 38t/ardelt/3/04a.jpg 38t/ardelt/3/05a.jpg

38D concepts and drawing board vehicles

copyright drawings by Hilary Louis Doyle

Jagdpanzer 38D with 8cm Paw 600
Jagdpanzer 38D with 7.5cm KwK L/70
Jagdpanzer 38D with 7.5cm KwK L/70 (engine positioned in center)

38t/38D/0a.jpg 38t/38D/00a.jpg 38t/38D/02a.jpg

Jagdpanzer 38D with 10.5cm StuH 42/2


FCM - Jagdpanzer 38D with 10.5cm StuH 42/2

Pictures taken from kleinpanzer.jimbo.com

38t/38D/3/01a.jpg 38t/38D/3/02a.jpg 38t/38D/3/03a.jpg 38t/38D/3/04a.jpg 38t/38D/3/05a.jpg 38t/38D/3/06a.jpg

Jagdpanzer 38D with 10.5cm Paw 1000 (engine in rear)


FCM - kitnumber unknown

38t/38D/1/02a.jpg 38t/38D/1/03a.jpg 38t/38D/1/04a.jpg 38t/38D/1/05a.jpg 38t/38D/1/06a.jpg 38t/38D/1/07a.jpg

Pictures taken from kleinpanzer.jimbo.com

38t/38D/1/1/01a.jpg 38t/38D/1/1/02a.jpg 38t/38D/1/1/03a.jpg 38t/38D/1/1/04a.jpg 38t/38D/1/1/05a.jpg

Jagdpanzer 38D with 10.5cm Paw 1000 (engine positioned in center)
Aufklarungspanzer 38D with 7.5 cm KwK L/48
Aufklarungspanzer 38D with 12cm Mortar

38t/38D/04a.jpg 38t/38D/05a.jpg 38t/38D/06a.jpg

Jagdpanzer 38D with 7.5cm Pak 42/1 L/70


Kit FCM7617 - JgPz 38D w 7,5cm Pak 42/1 L/70 (lang) (1/76)

Pictures taken from kleinpanzer.jimbo.com

38t/38D/2/02a.jpg 38t/38D/2/03a.jpg 38t/38D/2/04a.jpg 38t/38D/2/05a.jpg 38t/38D/2/06a.jpg 38t/38D/2/07a.jpg

FCM - JgPz 38D w 7,5cm KWK Pak L/48 (Short) (1/76)

38t/38D/2/1/01a.jpg 38t/38D/2/1/02a.jpg 38t/38D/2/1/03a.jpg 38t/38D/2/1/04a.jpg 38t/38D/2/1/05a.jpg 38t/38D/2/1/06a.jpg

Flakpanzer 38D "Kugelblitz"


Pz.38D Kogelblitz article by Phil Trusinki - (*.pdf file)

logo Copyright by Phil Trusinski
Jagdpanzer 38D with 10.5cm Paw 1000
Bergepanzer 38D

38t/38D/31a.jpg 38t/38D/09a.jpg

Krupp (II-Wolfert) Waffentrager for 8.8cm Pak 43 L/71
Krupp (Egen) Waffentrager for 8.8cm Pak 43 L/71
Krupp (Egen) EinheitsWaffentrager for 12.8 cm K81/3

38t/38D/10a.jpg 38t/38D/11a.jpg 38t/38D/12a.jpg

Krupp (II-Wolfert) Waffentrager for 10.5cm leFH18


Krupp leichter Waffentrager for 10.5cm leFH18/40/4

38t/38D/14a.jpg 38t/38D/14-1a.jpg

Krupp leighter Waffentrager for 8.8cm Pak 43/1 L/71 (GW 638/18 Sf)

38t/38D/15a.jpg 38t/38D/16a.jpg 38t/38D/16-1a.jpg

Rheinmetall-Borsig Vorschlag

Rheinmetall-Borsig Waffentrager for 8.8cm KwK 43 L/71
Rheinmetall-Borsig Waffentrager for 5.5cm Flakzwilling
Rheinmetall-Borsig Waffentrager for 8.8cm KwK 43 L/71 (with Praga motor)

38t/38D/17a.jpg 38t/38D/18a.jpg 38t/38D/19a.jpg

Rheinmetall-Borsig Waffentrager for 10.5cm leFH18 (with Praga motor)
Rheinmetall-Borsig Waffentrager for 8.8cm Pak 43 L/71
Rheinmetall-Borsig Waffentrager for leFH

38t/38D/20a.jpg 38t/38D/21a.jpg 38t/38D/22a.jpg

Rheinmetall-Borsig Waffentrager for 12.8 cm Sf (5 rollen laufwerk)
Rheinmetall-Borsig Waffentrager for 15cm Sf (6 rollen laufwerk)
Rheinmetall-Borsig Waffentrager for 12.8 cm Sf (4 rollen laufwerk

38t/38D/23a.jpg 38t/38D/24a.jpg 38t/38D/25a.jpg

Rheinmetall-Borsig Waffentrager for 15cm sFH 18 Rohr
Rheinmetall-Borsig Waffentrager for 12.8cm Jagdtiger Rohr

38t/38D/26a.jpg 38t/38D/27a.jpg

Skoda Dampfschlepper

38t/38D/29a.jpg 38t/38D/30a.jpg

On "38T / Hetzer chassis" based variants in Czechoslovak military service "PM-1" - (post war)

This is a post-war prototype of the Czechoslovak flame-throwing tank PM-1 which is based on the Hetzer chassis.
The hole in front armour was covered with a piece of an armour sheet, turret from LT-38 (Pz.38(t)) with the main gun removed and replaced with a flame thrower and a machine gun from T-34. Huge box at the rear carried seven bottles with pressurized air to drive the inflammable fluid. Diorama portrays the PM-1 during tests in summer 1954 - filling of the internal tanks with incendiary fluid.
Czechoslovak Flamethrower PM-1

pictures from http://www.aviarmor.net/tww2/tanks/czech/lt38.htm

38t/pm1/1/01.jpg 38t/pm1/1/02.jpg 38t/pm1/1/03.jpg 38t/pm1/1/04.jpg 38t/pm1/1/05.jpg 38t/pm1/1/06.jpg

Czechoslovak Flamethrower PM-1

Pictures from http://www.network54.com/Forum/47210/thread/1411233976/last-1411260074/View+Thread

38t/pm1/01.jpg 38t/pm1/02.jpg 38t/pm1/03.jpg 38t/pm1/04.jpg 38t/pm1/05.jpg 38t/pm1/06.jpg 38t/pm1/07.jpg 38t/pm1/08.jpg 38t/pm1/09.jpg

Fahrschule - Lehrpanzer - based on Hetzer Chassis in Czechoslovak military service - (post war)

Fahrschule - Lehrpanzer based on Hetzer chassis


Czechoslovak ST-III - Fahrschule / Lehrpanzer based on Hetzer chassis

38t/ST-III/01.jpg 38t/ST-III/02.jpg 38t/ST-III/03.jpg 38t/ST-III/04.jpg 38t/ST-III/05.jpg 38t/ST-III/06.jpg 38t/ST-III/07.jpg 38t/ST-III/08.jpg 38t/ST-III/09.jpg

Armoured DT-I (prototype, Czechoslovakia, 1947), there were also similar DT-II prototypes and DT-III. - (post War)

38t/czk/1/01a.jpg 38t/czk/1/02a.jpg 38t/czk/1/03a.jpg 38t/czk/1/04a.jpg

Czechoslovak - LKMVP - Praga (armored artillery tractor) - (post war)

- medium anti-tank cannon / artillery tractor / armored
- a prototype vehicle was at the behest of the Czechoslovak army. Further fate of the vehicle after the completion of the project are not known.
- prototype
- Manufacturer: CKD


Romanian Service

PT-ACS Maresal M-05. Cannon 75mm. The first prototype was on the chassis of the Soviet T-60, the drawing - reconstruction of the description of machines M-05 and M-06

38t/Maresal/01.jpg 38t/Maresal/02.jpg 38t/Maresal/03.jpg

3D drawings taken from www.cgtrader.com

38t/Maresal/1/01.jpg 38t/Maresal/1/02.jpg 38t/Maresal/1/03.jpg 38t/Maresal/1/04.jpg 38t/Maresal/1/05.jpg

Kit FCM76018 - JgPz 38 MARESAL (1/76)

38t/Maresal/2/01.jpg 38t/Maresal/2/02.jpg 38t/Maresal/2/03.jpg 38t/Maresal/2/04.jpg 38t/Maresal/2/05.jpg 38t/Maresal/2/06.jpg

Swiss Army. Tank destroyer G 13, imported 1946-7, originally German Wehrmacht Jagdpanzer 38(t) "Hetzer" - (post war)

38t/G13/1/01.jpg 38t/G13/1/02.jpg 38t/G13/1/03.jpg 38t/G13/1/04.jpg

Built model 1/35 - Pictures taken from http://armorama.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=SquawkBox&file=index&req=viewtopic&topic_id=168420&page=1

38t/G13/01.jpg 38t/G13/02.jpg 38t/G13/03.jpg 38t/G13/04.jpg 38t/G13/05.jpg 38t/G13/06.jpg 38t/G13/07.jpg

On "38T chassis" based variants in Swedish military service - war time and post war

STRV - M41


Sturmgeschutz SAV 101 - M43 with 105mm gun

38t/swed/2/01.jpg 38t/swed/2/02.jpg 38t/swed/2/03.jpg

PVB301 with 20mm gun

38t/swed/3/01.jpg 38t/swed/3/02.jpg 38t/swed/3/03.jpg



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