AIRFIX - (Hornby Group)

Airfix military kits in scales 1/76 and 1/72

A Humbrol Product. Humbrol Limited, Marfleet, Hull, England.
Since 2007 part of the Hornby Group

Airfix is one of the oldest manufacturers in the small scales. Compared to today's quality standard the Airfix kits are badly outdated. Most of the moulds are from around 1964 and have not been reworked to a higher standard. Airfix, please, update your moulds !!!

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Catalogue history.

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Old box layout.

The picture is an thumbnail of one of earliest original Airfix Sherman box-art. Over the years, the bottom third of the picture has been edited out, erasing the dead German in the foreground.


The Airfix box layout history over the years

In the very beginning the small Airfix kits series 1 and 2 were packed in plastic bags with a paper label, followed by a hard-cover blister box with a carton backside.

Plastic bag - Boxing type 2 - 1959 until 1960 and type 3 - 1963 until 1973.

Airfix/bag/01.jpg Airfix/bag/02.jpg Airfix/bag/03.jpg Airfix/bag/04.jpg Airfix/bag/05.jpg Airfix/bag/06.jpg Airfix/bag/07.jpg Airfix/bag/08.jpg Airfix/bag/09.jpg Airfix/bag/10.jpg Airfix/bag/11.jpg Airfix/bag/12.jpg Airfix/bag/13.jpg

Airfix plastic bag Red Flash labels type 3 from 1963 until 1973.

Airfix/1304-old.jpg Airfix/1305-old.jpg Airfix/1306-old.jpg

Airfix/1307-old.jpg Airfix/1308-old.jpg Airfix/1309-old.jpg

Airfix/1311-old.jpg Airfix/1312-old.jpg Airfix/1313-old.jpg

Airfix/1314-old.jpg Airfix/1316-old.jpg Airfix/1317-old.jpg

Airfix/2302-old.jpg Airfix/2303-old.jpg Airfix/2304-old.jpg

Airfix/2307-old.jpg Airfix/2308-old.jpg Airfix/3301-old.jpg


Airfix boxes Red Flash type 3 from 1963 until 1973 - US Layout.

Airfix/us/1302.jpg Airfix/us/1303.jpg Airfix/us/1304.jpg Airfix/us/1305.jpg
Airfix/us/1306.jpg Airfix/us/1307.jpg Airfix/us/1308.jpg Airfix/us/1309.jpg

The plastic blister packages were released from 1973 [until 19??] - (kit type series 1)

Airfix/blister/01.jpg Airfix/blister/02.jpg Airfix/blister/03.jpg Airfix/blister/04.jpg Airfix/blister/05.jpg Airfix/blister/06.jpg

Airfix/blister/07.jpg Airfix/blister/08.jpg Airfix/blister/09.jpg Airfix/blister/10.jpg Airfix/blister/11.jpg Airfix/blister/12.jpg

Airfix/blister/13.jpg Airfix/blister/14.jpg Airfix/blister/15.jpg Airfix/blister/16.jpg Airfix/blister/17.jpg

Box type 4 used from 1973 until 1977 - (kit type series 2 & 3)

Airfix/box4/01.jpg Airfix/box4/02.jpg Airfix/box4/03.jpg

Airfix/box4/04.jpg Airfix/box4/05.jpg Airfix/box4/06.jpg

Airfix/box4/07.jpg Airfix/box4/08.jpg Airfix/box4/09.jpg

Airfix/box4/10.jpg Airfix/box4/11.jpg Airfix/box4/12.jpg

Airfix/box4/13.jpg Airfix/box4/14.jpg Airfix/box4/15.jpg

Airfix/box4/16.jpg Airfix/3303.jpg Airfix/3301.jpg


Airfix box layouts after 1977.

Kit 1302 Panther tank.

Airfix/1302/01.jpg Airfix/1302/02.jpg Airfix/1302/03.jpg Airfix/1302/04.jpg

Airfix/1302/1/01.jpg Airfix/1302/1/02.jpg Airfix/1302/1/03.jpg Airfix/1302/1/04.jpg

Kit 1303 Sherman M4 MK1.

Airfix/1303/01.jpg Airfix/1303/02.jpg Airfix/1303/03.jpg Airfix/1303/05.jpg Airfix/1303/06.jpg Airfix/1303/07.jpg

Airfix/1303/04.jpg Airfix/1303/1/01.jpg Airfix/1303/1/02.jpg Airfix/1303/1/03.jpg Airfix/1303/1/04.jpg

Converting into Sherman Crocodile by Aart Hoogenstrijd

Airfix/1303/5/01.jpg Airfix/1303/5/02.jpg Airfix/1303/5/03.jpg Airfix/1303/5/04.jpg

For Milgeek's construction review of kit 1303 Sherman M4 MK1, visit:

logo 'Milgeek' website

New name but the same kit.

Airfix/1303/4/02.jpg Airfix/1303/4/03.jpg

Model built by David O'Garcia.


May 2011 issue of 'Scale Military Modeller' - article 'Airfix Sherman History' by Tom Cole.

Airfix/1303/3/01.jpg Airfix/1303/3/02.jpg

Kit 1304 Churchill MK7 tank.

Airfix/1304/01.jpg Airfix/1304/02.jpg Airfix/1304/03.jpg Airfix/1304/04.jpg Airfix/1304/05.jpg Airfix/1304/1/01.jpg Airfix/1304/1/02.jpg Airfix/1304/1/03.jpg Airfix/1304/1/04.jpg

Model built by Aart Hoogenstrijd

Airfix/1304/2/01.jpg Airfix/1304/2/02.jpg Airfix/1304/2/03.jpg Airfix/1304/2/04.jpg Airfix/1304/2/05.jpg

Model built by Schaun

Airfix/1304/3/01.jpg Airfix/1304/3/02.jpg Airfix/1304/3/03.jpg Airfix/1304/3/04.jpg Airfix/1304/3/05.jpg

For MiniAfv / Erhan Atalay's construction review of kit 1304 Churchill MK7 tank, visit:

logo 'MiniAfv' Blogspot - part 1. logo 'MiniAfv' Blogspot - part 2 - finished model.

Kit 1305 25 pdr field gun and quad

Airfix/1305/01.jpg Airfix/1305/02.jpg Airfix/1305/03.jpg Airfix/1305/04.jpg Airfix/1305/05.jpg Airfix/1305/06.jpg Airfix/1305/07.jpg Airfix/1305/1/01.jpg Airfix/1305/1/02.jpg Airfix/1305/08.jpg

Kit 1306 German Stug III.

Airfix/1306/01.jpg Airfix/1306/02.jpg Airfix/1306/03.jpg Airfix/1306/04.jpg Airfix/1306/05.jpg Airfix/1306/1/01.jpg

Kit 1307 JS-III Russian tank.

Airfix/1307/01.jpg Airfix/1307/02.jpg Airfix/1307/03.jpg Airfix/1307/1/01.jpg Airfix/1307/1/02.jpg

Kit 1308 German Tiger I tank.

Airfix/1308/01.jpg Airfix/1308/02.jpg Airfix/1308/03.jpg Airfix/1308/04.jpg Airfix/1308/05.jpg Airfix/1308/06.jpg Airfix/1308/1/01.jpg

Heller/79888/03.jpg Heller/79888/04.jpg

Model built by Erhan Atalay.

Airfix/1308/2/01.jpg Airfix/1308/2/02.jpg Airfix/1308/2/03.jpg Airfix/1308/2/04.jpg Airfix/1308/2/05.jpg

Kit 1309 bren carrier with 6 pdr anti-tank gun.

Airfix/1309/01.jpg Airfix/1309/00.jpg Airfix/1309/02.jpg Airfix/1309/03.jpg Airfix/1309/04.jpg Airfix/1309/1/01.jpg Airfix/1309/1/02.jpg Airfix/1309/05.jpg Airfix/1309/06.jpg Airfix/1309/07.jpg Airfix/1309/08.jpg Airfix/1309/09.jpg Airfix/1309/10.jpg

Model built by Marcin Mizielinski.

Airfix/1309/2/01.jpg Airfix/1309/2/02.jpg Airfix/1309/2/03.jpg Airfix/1309/2/04.jpg Airfix/1309/2/05.jpg

Kit 1311 8 wheeler Sdkfz 234.

Airfix/1311/01.jpg Airfix/1311/02.jpg Airfix/1311/03.jpg Airfix/1311/04.jpg Airfix/1311/1/01.jpg Airfix/1311/00.jpg

Pictures Model built.

Airfix/1311/1/02.jpg Airfix/1311/1/03.jpg

Airfix/1311/05.jpg Airfix/1311/06.jpg Airfix/1311/07.jpg Airfix/1311/08.jpg Airfix/1311/09.jpg Airfix/1311/10.jpg Airfix/1311/11.jpg Airfix/1311/12.jpg Airfix/1311/13.jpg Airfix/1311/14.jpg

Kit 1312 DUKW amphibian.

Airfix/1312/01.jpg Airfix/1312/02.jpg Airfix/1312/1/01.jpg Airfix/1312/1/02.jpg

Model in diorama, by Mick Hill

Airfix/1312/2/01.jpg Airfix/1312/2/02.jpg Airfix/1312/2/03.jpg

Kit 1313 White halftrack M3.

Airfix/1313/01.jpg Airfix/1313/02.jpg Airfix/1313/1/01.jpg

Model built by Laszlo Szasz.

Airfix/1313/2/01.jpg Airfix/1313/2/02.jpg Airfix/1313/2/03.jpg

For MiniAfv / Erhan Atalay's construction review of kit 1313 White halftrack M3, visit:

logo 'MiniAfv' Blogspot.
Kit 1314 AEC Matador with 5.5 inch gun.

Airfix/1314/01.jpg Airfix/1314/02.jpg Airfix/1314/03.jpg Airfix/1314/04.jpg Airfix/1314/1/01.jpg

Airfix/1314/4/01.jpg Airfix/1314/4/02.jpg Airfix/1314/4/03.jpg Airfix/1314/4/04.jpg Airfix/1314/4/05.jpg Airfix/1314/4/06.jpg Airfix/1314/4/07.jpg Airfix/1314/4/08.jpg

Model built by Marcin Mizielinski.

Airfix/1314/2/01.jpg Airfix/1314/2/02.jpg Airfix/1314/2/03.jpg Airfix/1314/2/04.jpg

Model built by Dirk Schenk

Airfix/1314/5/01.jpg Airfix/1314/5/02.jpg Airfix/1314/5/03.jpg Airfix/1314/5/04.jpg

Model built by Mick Hill - Matador variant with Coles crane.

Airfix/1314/3/01.jpg Airfix/1314/3/02.jpg Airfix/1314/3/03.jpg Airfix/1314/3/04.jpg Airfix/1314/3/05.jpg Airfix/1314/3/06.jpg

Model in diorama by Mick Hill

Airfix/1314/6/01.jpg Airfix/1314/6/02.jpg

Kit 1315 WW-I MK-1 tank.

Airfix/1315/01.jpg Airfix/1315/02.jpg Airfix/1315/03.jpg Airfix/1315/04.jpg Airfix/1315/05.jpg Airfix/1315/06.jpg Airfix/1315/1/01.jpg Airfix/1315/1/02.jpg Airfix/1315/1/03.jpg Airfix/1315/1/04.jpg

For MiniAfv / Cetin Sarf's construction review of kit 1315 WW-I MK-1 tank, visit:

logo 'MiniAfv' Blogspot April 2011 issue of 'Scale Military Modeller' - article 'Airfix Sherman History' by Tom Cole.

Airfix/1315/2/01.jpg Airfix/1315/2/02.jpg

Kit 1316 Russian T34/76-85 tank.

Airfix/1316/01.jpg Airfix/1316/02.jpg Airfix/1316/03.jpg Airfix/1316/00.jpg

Airfix/1316/1/01.jpg Airfix/1316/1/02.jpg

Kit 1317 M3 Grant/Lee tank.

Airfix/1317/01.jpg Airfix/1317/02.jpg Airfix/1317/03.jpg Airfix/1317/07.jpg Airfix/1317/04.jpg Airfix/1317/05.jpg Airfix/1317/06.jpg Airfix/1317/08.jpg Airfix/1317/09.jpg

Kit 1318 Matilda II tank.

Airfix/1318/02.jpg Airfix/1318/01.jpg Airfix/1318/06.jpg Airfix/1318/03.jpg Airfix/1318/04.jpg

Model built by Brett Mahoney - Matilda in Russian service.


For "Ozgur Aydin / MiniAfv" pictures of built model Kit 1318 Matilda II tank, visit:

logo 'MiniAfv' Blogspot
Kit 1319 Japanse Chi-Ha tank.

Airfix/1319/02.jpg Airfix/1319/01.jpg Airfix/1319/00.jpg Airfix/1319/03.jpg Airfix/1319/04.jpg Airfix/1319/05.jpg

Kit 1320 Scorpion scout.

Airfix/1320/01.jpg Airfix/1320/02.jpg Airfix/1320/03.jpg Airfix/1320/04.jpg Airfix/1320/05.jpg Airfix/1320/06.jpg Airfix/1320/07.jpg Airfix/1320/08.jpg

Kit 1321 LCVP "Higgins Boats" landigscraft.

Airfix/1321/01.jpg Airfix/1321/02.jpg Airfix/1321/03.jpg Airfix/1321/04.jpg Airfix/1321/05.jpg Airfix/1321/06.jpg Airfix/1321/07.jpg Airfix/1321/08.jpg Airfix/1321/09.jpg Airfix/1321/10.jpg

Kit 1322 Willys Jeep with trailer.

Airfix/1322/01.jpg Airfix/1322/02.jpg Airfix/1322/03.jpg Airfix/1322/04.jpg Airfix/1322/05.jpg Airfix/1322/06.jpg

Models built by Dirk Schenk

Airfix/1322/1/01.jpg Airfix/1322/1/02.jpg

Kit 1323 GMC truck.

Airfix/1323/01.jpg Airfix/1323/02.jpg Airfix/1323/03.jpg Airfix/1323/04.jpg Airfix/1323/05.jpg Airfix/1323/06.jpg Airfix/1323/07.jpg Airfix/1323/08.jpg Airfix/1323/09.jpg

For MiniAfv / Zafer Yakar's construction review of kit 1323 GMC truck, visit:

logo 'MiniAfv' Blogspot. For Stephen Brezinski's review of kit 1323 - GMC truck, visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

For Milgeek's construction review of kit 1323 - GMC truck, visit:

logo 'Milgeek' Website

Kit 2301 Scammell tank transporter.

Airfix/2301/01.jpg Airfix/2301/02.jpg Airfix/2301/03.jpg Airfix/2301/08.jpg Airfix/2301/1/01.jpg Airfix/2301/1/02.jpg Airfix/2301/1/03.jpg Airfix/2301/1/04.jpg

Are the latest boxtops misprints??

Airfix/2301/07.jpg Airfix/2301/04.jpg Airfix/2301/05.jpg Airfix/2301/06.jpg
21-06-2011 Airfix Scammell TRMU-30, or simply 'tank transporter', as the box states. The box picture at first seemed to be mirrored from the earlier boxes, till I spotted the markings on the Churchill. Also, on one of the sides the picture is printed upside down. BTW, the other side of the box states 'Made in India'. Meanwhile a friend from England pointed out another mistake on the same Airfix tank transporter kit box. On the last Indian version it is stated 'Scammel', the right spelling is 'Scammell' with double l. I still wonder whether is this a typo or a very clever way to avoid copyrights? - Ilian Filipov.

14-11-2011: Regarding the discusion concerning Airfix kit 2301 (Scammell tank transporter) mirrored box art, I bought one of these kits some time ago. It featured both mirrored boxart and the wrong spelling of 'SCAMMEL'. My kit is 'made in France' by Humbrol Group and I think it is of an earlier date than the 'made in India' kits. Adding to the rarity of this edition is the fact that it is labelled as 1:72 scale, while earlier and later editions state H0/00 and 1:76, respectively. I hope the information is of interest. David Sanz, Madrid, Spain.

Model built by Alexandre Novellino.

Airfix/2301/2/01.jpg Airfix/2301/2/02.jpg

Models built by Mick Hill.

Airfix/2301/3/01.jpg Airfix/2301/3/02.jpg Airfix/2301/3/03.jpg Airfix/2301/3/04.jpg

Model built by Marcin Mizielinski.

Airfix/2301/4/01.jpg Airfix/2301/4/02.jpg Airfix/2301/4/03.jpg Airfix/2301/4/04.jpg Airfix/2301/4/05.jpg

Model in diorama by Mick Hill.

Airfix/2301/5/01.jpg Airfix/2301/5/02.jpg

Kit 2302 Buffalo amphibian.

Airfix/2302/01.jpg Airfix/2302/02.jpg Airfix/2302/03.jpg Airfix/2302/04.jpg Airfix/2302/00.jpg

Airfix/2302/1/01.jpg Airfix/2302/1/02.jpg Airfix/2302/1/03.jpg Airfix/2302/1/04.jpg

Built model by Rodrigo A Nunez Rivolta

The sample of my Airfix 2302 Buffalo kit was made in India. It's a old simple kit with limited detail, but lots of flash. - Rodrigo A Nunez Rivolta

Note Webmaster: - Some years ago Airfix had buisiness problems, in that periode many kits were produced in other countries as China and India, the castings from this countries were (sometimes) poor. (Lot of flash etc.)

Airfix/2302/2/01.jpg Airfix/2302/2/02.jpg Airfix/2302/2/03.jpg Airfix/2302/2/04.jpg Airfix/2302/2/05.jpg Airfix/2302/2/06.jpg

Kit 2303 88mm AA gun with tractor.

Airfix/2303/01.jpg Airfix/2303/02.jpg Airfix/2303/03.jpg Airfix/2303/04.jpg Airfix/2303/05.jpg Airfix/2303/06.jpg Airfix/2303/1/01.jpg Airfix/2303/1/02.jpg Airfix/2303/1/03.jpg Airfix/2303/1/04.jpg

Built model by Rodrigo A Nunez Rivolta

Airfix/2303/2/01.jpg Airfix/2303/2/02.jpg Airfix/2303/2/03.jpg Airfix/2303/2/04.jpg Airfix/2303/2/05.jpg Airfix/2303/2/06.jpg Airfix/2303/2/07.jpg

Kit 2305 Chieftain tank.

Airfix/2305/01.jpg Airfix/2305/02.jpg Airfix/2305/03.jpg Airfix/2305/04.jpg

Airfix/2305/1/01.jpg Airfix/2305/1/02.jpg.... Airfix/2305/3/01.jpg Airfix/2305/3/02.jpg Airfix/2305/3/03.jpg Airfix/2305/3/04.jpg

Model built by Erhan Atalay.

Airfix/2305/2/01.jpg Airfix/2305/2/02.jpg Airfix/2305/2/03.jpg

Kit 2306 Leopard tank.

Airfix/2306/01.jpg Airfix/2306/02.jpg

Airfix/2306/1/01.jpg Airfix/2306/1/02.jpg Airfix/2306/1/03.jpg Airfix/2306/1/04.jpg

Kit 2307 Centurion tank.

Airfix/2307/01.jpg Airfix/2307/02.jpg Airfix/2307/03.jpg Airfix/2307/04.jpg Airfix/2307/05.jpg

Airfix/2307/1/01.jpg Airfix/2307/1/02.jpg Airfix/2307/1/03.jpg Airfix/2307/1/04.jpg Airfix/2307/1/05.jpg

Airfix/2307/2/01.jpg Airfix/2307/2/02.jpg Airfix/2307/2/03.jpg

Finished built by Erhan Atalay

Airfix/2307/3/01.jpg Airfix/2307/3/02.jpg Airfix/2307/3/03.jpg Airfix/2307/3/04.jpg

Scratch conversion, Airfix Centurion converted to A41 (Mk.I), by Joe Turchick

Airfix/2307/4/01.jpg Airfix/2307/4/02.jpg Airfix/2307/4/03.jpg Airfix/2307/4/04.jpg

Scratch conversion, Airfix Centurion conversion to AVRE 165 with Giant Viper, by Joe Turchick

Airfix/2307/5/01.jpg Airfix/2307/5/02.jpg Airfix/2307/5/03.jpg Airfix/2307/5/04.jpg

For MiniAfv / Burak Ozdil's construction review of kit 2307 Centurion tank, visit:

logo 'MiniAfv' Blogspot.
Kit 2308 Panzer IV tank.

Airfix/2308/01.jpg Airfix/2308/02.jpg Airfix/2308/03.jpg Airfix/2308/04.jpg

Airfix/2308/1/01.jpg Airfix/2308/1/02.jpg Airfix/2308/1/03.jpg Airfix/2308/1/04.jpg

Model built by Olaf Klein.

Airfix/2308/2/01.jpg Airfix/2308/2/02.jpg Airfix/2308/2/03.jpg Airfix/2308/2/04.jpg

Kit 2309 Bristol Bloudhound.

Airfix/2309/01.jpg Airfix/2309/02.jpg Airfix/2309/1/01.jpg Airfix/2309/1/02.jpg Airfix/2309/1/03.jpg Airfix/2309/1/04.jpg

For Al Magnus' review of kit 2309 - Bristol Bloodhound, visit:

logo 'On the Way' website

Kit 2310 - A15 Crusader tank.

Airfix/2310/01.jpg Airfix/2310/02.jpg Airfix/2310/1/01.jpg Airfix/2310/1/02.jpg Airfix/2310/03.jpg Airfix/2310/04.jpg Airfix/2310/05.jpg

Finished model by Iain Fraser

Airfix/2310/2/01.jpg Airfix/2310/2/02.jpg Airfix/2310/2/03.jpg Airfix/2310/2/04.jpg

A-15 Crusader MK-II with a Sun Shelter by Iain Fraser

The Tank is Out of the Box with a scratch built Sunshelter, made from Brass wire and Tissue Paper - Iain Fraser

Airfix/2310/2/05.jpg Airfix/2310/2/06.jpg Airfix/2310/2/07.jpg Airfix/2310/2/08.jpg

For Stephen Brezinski's comparison of sModel kit 720003 with Airfix 02310 - A15 Crusader, visit:

logo 'On the Way' website.

Kit 2311 Sheridan tank.

Airfix/2311/01.jpg Airfix/2311/02.jpg

Airfix/2311/1/01.jpg Airfix/2311/1/02.jpg Airfix/2311/1/03.jpg Airfix/2311/2/04.jpg Airfix/2311/2/05.jpg Airfix/2311/2/06.jpg

Model built by Zhenmin Han.

Airfix/2311/2/01.jpg Airfix/2311/2/02.jpg Airfix/2311/2/03.jpg

For MiniAfv / Burak Ozdil's construction review of kit 2307 Centurion tank, visit:

logo 'MiniAfv' Blogspot - part 1. logo 'MiniAfv' Blogspot - part2 completed.
Kit 2312 German reconnaissance set.

Airfix/2312/01.jpg Airfix/2312/02.jpg Airfix/2312/03.jpg Airfix/2312/04.jpg Airfix/2312/05.jpg

Airfix/2312/1/01.jpg Airfix/2312/1/02.jpg .... Airfix/2312/3/01.jpg Airfix/2312/3/02.jpg Airfix/2312/3/03.jpg Airfix/2312/3/04.jpg

Model built by Dirk Schenk

Airfix/2312/4/01.jpg Airfix/2312/4/02.jpg Airfix/2312/4/03.jpg Airfix/2312/4/04.jpg

Model built by Erhan Atalay.

Airfix/2312/2/01.jpg Airfix/2312/2/02.jpg

Kit 2314 Bofors 40mm Gun with tractor.

Airfix/2314/01.jpg Airfix/2314/02.jpg Airfix/2314/03.jpg Airfix/2314/04.jpg Airfix/2314/05.jpg

Airfix/2314/1/01.jpg Airfix/2314/1/02.jpg Airfix/2314/1/03.jpg Airfix/2314/1/04.jpg Airfix/2314/1/05.jpg

Airfix/2314/4/01.jpg Airfix/2314/4/02.jpg Airfix/2314/4/03.jpg Airfix/2314/4/04.jpg Airfix/2314/4/05.jpg Airfix/2314/4/06.jpg

Model built by Marcin Mizielinski.

Airfix/2314/2/01.jpg Airfix/2314/2/02.jpg Airfix/2314/2/03.jpg Airfix/2314/2/04.jpg Airfix/2314/2/05.jpg Airfix/2314/2/06.jpg

Model built by Alexandre Novellino.

Airfix/2314/3/01.jpg Airfix/2314/3/02.jpg Airfix/2314/3/03.jpg Airfix/2314/3/04.jpg Airfix/2314/3/05.jpg Airfix/2314/3/06.jpg Airfix/2314/3/07.jpg Airfix/2314/3/08.jpg Airfix/2314/3/09.jpg Airfix/2314/3/10.jpg Airfix/2314/3/11.jpg Airfix/2314/3/12.jpg Airfix/2314/3/13.jpg Airfix/2314/3/14.jpg

Built model by Rodrigo A Nunez Rivolta

Airfix/2314/5/01.jpg Airfix/2314/5/02.jpg Airfix/2314/5/03.jpg Airfix/2314/5/04.jpg Airfix/2314/5/05.jpg Airfix/2314/5/06.jpg Airfix/2314/5/07.jpg Airfix/2314/5/08.jpg

Kit 2315 Opel Blitz with AT40 gun.

Airfix/2315/01.jpg Airfix/2315/02.jpg Airfix/2315/03.jpg Airfix/2315/04.jpg

Airfix/2315/1/01.jpg Airfix/2315/1/02.jpg Airfix/2315/1/03.jpg Airfix/2315/1/04.jpg Airfix/2315/1/05.jpg

For Cristian Florescu's review of kit 02315 - Opel Blitz with AT40 gun kit, visit:

logo 'ww2germans.com' website

Kit 2316 DUKW.

Airfix/2316/01.jpg Airfix/2316/02.jpg

Airfix/2316/1/01.jpg Airfix/2316/1/02.jpg

Kit 2318 White halftrack M3A1.

Airfix/2318/01.jpg Airfix/2318/02.jpg Airfix/2318/03.jpg Airfix/2318/04.jpg

Airfix/2318/1/01.jpg Airfix/2318/1/02.jpg Airfix/2318/1/03.jpg

Model built by Erhan Atalay.

Airfix/2318/2/01.jpg Airfix/2318/2/02.jpg

Kit 2318V White halftrack M3A1 - (Re-release - Vintage Classics

Airfix/2318V/01.jpg Airfix/2318V/02.jpg Airfix/2318V/03.jpg Airfix/2318V/04.jpg Airfix/2318V/05.jpg Airfix/2318V/06.jpg

Kit 2320 - Sherman with Crab mine clearing device.

Airfix/2320/01.jpg Airfix/2320/02.jpg

Airfix/2320/1/01.jpg Airfix/2320/1/02.jpg Airfix/2320/1/03.jpg Airfix/2320/1/04.jpg Airfix/2320/1/05.jpg

Pictures taken at the Airfix tribute forum.

Airfix/2320/2/01.jpg Airfix/2320/2/02.jpg Airfix/2320/2/03.jpg Airfix/2320/2/04.jpg

Pictures taken at the Airfix tribute forum.

Airfix/2320/3/01.jpg Airfix/2320/3/02.jpg Airfix/2320/3/03.jpg

Scratch conversion, Revell 3211 Firefly converted to Sherman V with the Airfix Crab Mk.I flail assembly, by Joe Turchick

This is a Revell AG [ex-Matchbox] Sherman V with the Airfix Crab Mk.I flail assembly. It has lots of scratch parts and Dragon, ExtraTech, Karaya bits, etc. Also Trumpeter tracks.

Revell/3211/1/01.jpg Revell/3211/1/02.jpg Revell/3211/1/03.jpg Revell/3211/1/04.jpg

For "Erman Ozer / MiniAfv" review of Kit 2320 - Sherman with Crab mine clearing device visit:

logo 'MiniAfv' Blogspot - part 1: construction logo 'MiniAfv' Blogspot - part 2: built model

Kit 2321 - Churchill with 'Crocodille' flamethrower.

Airfix/2321/01.jpg Airfix/2321/02.jpg

Note: The kits 2320 and 2321 are not new kits. Only the parts for the 'Crab' and 'Crocodile' are new. Airfix works offensive and has made conversions of its old models. Thus, the old Sherman and the old Churchill were used to configure into the Sherman Crab and into to the Churchill Crocodile respectively.

Airfix/2321/1/01.jpg Airfix/2321/1/02.jpg Airfix/2321/1/03.jpg Airfix/2321/1/04.jpg Airfix/2321/1/05.jpg Airfix/2321/1/06.jpg Airfix/2321/1/07.jpg Airfix/2321/1/08.jpg Airfix/2321/1/09.jpg Airfix/2321/1/10.jpg Airfix/2321/1/12.jpg Airfix/2321/1/11.jpg

For "Murad Ozer / MiniAfv" pictures of built model Kit 2321 - Churchill with 'Crocodille' flamethrower, visit:

logo 'MiniAfv' Blogspot
Kit 2322 - LWB Landrover (soft top) & trailer - ex-JBModels.

Airfix/2322/01.jpg Airfix/2322/02.jpg Airfix/2322/03.jpg Airfix/2322/04.jpg Airfix/2322/05.jpg Airfix/2322/06.jpg Airfix/2322/07.jpg Airfix/2322/08.jpg

Model built by Vojislav Jereb

Airfix/2322/1/01.jpg Airfix/2322/1/02.jpg

Kit 2323 - M113 U.S. ACAV - ex-JBModels.


Kit 2324 - LWB Landrover (hard top) & trailer - ex-JBModels.

Airfix/2324/01.jpg Airfix/2324/02.jpg

Model built by Vojislav Jereb

JBModels/1003/1/01.jpg JBModels/1003/1/02.jpg JBModels/1003/1/03.jpg JBModels/1003/1/04.jpg

Kit 2325 - Saladin MkII armoured car - ex-JBModels.


Model built by Alexandre Novellino.

Airfix/2325/1/01.jpg Airfix/2325/1/02.jpg Airfix/2325/1/03.jpg Airfix/2325/1/04.jpg Airfix/2325/1/05.jpg Airfix/2325/1/06.jpg Airfix/2325/1/07.jpg Airfix/2325/1/08.jpg Airfix/2325/1/09.jpg

Modifications were:
Mirrors: made with copper wire. The turret and hull doors: detailed with copper wire. Bags: from resin set. Machine-gun: replaced with a more detailed one.

Kit 2326 - Bedford MK 4ton truck - ex-JBModels.

Airfix/2326/01.jpg Airfix/2326/02.jpg Airfix/2326/03.jpg Airfix/2326/04.jpg Airfix/2326/05.jpg

Model built by Dirk Schenk

Airfix/2326/1/01.jpg Airfix/2326/1/02.jpg Airfix/2326/1/03.jpg

Kit 2327 - M113 Australian fire support vehicle - ex-JBModels. (Incorrect text on the box, is not US fire support vehicle)

Airfix/2327/01.jpg Airfix/2327/02.jpg Airfix/2327/03.jpg Airfix/2327/04.jpg Airfix/2327/05.jpg

Model built by Erhan Atalay.

Airfix/2327/1/01.jpg Airfix/2327/1/02.jpg Airfix/2327/1/03.jpg Airfix/2327/1/04.jpg

Kit 2328 - Saracen APC Mk1/2/3 - ex-JBModels.

Airfix/2328/01.jpg Airfix/2328/02.jpg

Model built by Tomas Hrdlicka.

Airfix/2328/1/01.jpg Airfix/2328/1/02.jpg Airfix/2328/1/03.jpg Airfix/2328/1/04.jpg

Kit 2329 - Bedford Mk tactical aircraft refueller - ex-JBModels.

Airfix/2329/01.jpg Airfix/2329/02.jpg Airfix/2329/03.jpg Airfix/2329/04.jpg Airfix/2329/05.jpg Airfix/2329/06.jpg Airfix/2329/07.jpg Airfix/2329/08.jpg

For "Keith Goodman's / KGWings" review of Kit 2329 - Bedford Mk tactical aircraft refueller visit:

logo "KGWings", website

Model built by Ilian Filipov.

Airfix/23291/01.jpg Airfix/23291/02.jpg Airfix/23291/03.jpg Airfix/23291/04.jpg Airfix/23291/05.jpg Airfix/23291/06.jpg Airfix/23291/07.jpg

This is the good old JB Models kit, reborn in Airfix boxes. Note that many things have been upgraded, replaced and added to the basic kit and the grille is DIY etched. Ilian

Kit 2330 - Vickers light tank - ex-JBModels.

Airfix/2330/01.jpg Airfix/2330/02.jpg Airfix/2330/03.jpg Airfix/2330/04.jpg Airfix/2330/05.jpg Airfix/2330/06.jpg Airfix/2330/07.jpg Airfix/2330/08.jpg

Model built by Marcin Mizielinski.

Airfix/2330/1/01.jpg Airfix/2330/1/02.jpg Airfix/2330/1/03.jpg Airfix/2330/1/04.jpg Airfix/2330/1/05.jpg

Model built by Petr Hlavacek.

Airfix/2330/2/01.jpg Airfix/2330/2/02.jpg Airfix/2330/2/04.jpg Airfix/2330/2/05.jpg Airfix/2330/2/06.jpg

Model built by Olaf Klein - Vickers VIB France 40.

Airfix/2330/3/01.jpg Airfix/2330/3/02.jpg Airfix/2330/3/03.jpg Airfix/2330/3/04.jpg

For Rich West's review of kit 2330 - Vickers light tank, visit:

logo '1-72depot.com' website

Kit 2331 - Landrover 1ton FC truck G.S. Body - ex-JBModels.


Model built by Vojislav Jereb

JBModels/1010/1/01.jpg JBModels/1010/1/02.jpg JBModels/1010/1/03.jpg JBModels/1010/1/04.jpg

Kit 2332 - British M119 105mm light field gun - ex-JBModels.


Kit 2333 - Landrover 1ton FC ambulance - ex-JBModels.

Airfix/2333/01.jpg Airfix/2333/1/01.jpg Airfix/2333/1/02.jpg Airfix/2333/1/03.jpg Airfix/2333/1/04.jpg Airfix/2333/1/05.jpg Airfix/2333/1/06.jpg

Model built by Zhenmin Han.

Airfix/2333/02.jpg Airfix/2333/03.jpg Airfix/2333/04.jpg

Kit 2334 - Sherman 'Calliope' tank

Airfix/2334/01.jpg Airfix/2334/00.jpg Airfix/2334/02.jpg Airfix/2334/03.jpg Airfix/2334/04.jpg Airfix/2334/05.jpg Airfix/2334/06.jpg Airfix/2334/07.jpg Airfix/2334/08.jpg Airfix/2334/09.jpg Airfix/2334/10.jpg

Model built by Jonathan Mock.

Airfix/2334/1/02.jpg Airfix/2334/1/03.jpg

Model built - owners unknown.

Airfix/2334/1/01.jpg Airfix/2334/1/04.jpg Airfix/2334/1/05.jpg Airfix/2334/1/06.jpg Airfix/2334/1/07.jpg

Kit 2335 - Matilda 'Hedgehog'.

Airfix/2335/1/01.jpg Airfix/2335/1/02.jpg Airfix/2335/1/03.jpg Airfix/2335/1/04.jpg

Sprue parts and pictures of finished model were sent to me, but who is the owner?

Airfix/2335/01.jpg Airfix/2335/02.jpg Airfix/2335/03.jpg Airfix/2335/04.jpg Airfix/2335/05.jpg Airfix/2335/06.jpg Airfix/2335/07.jpg

Airfix/2335/2/01.jpg Airfix/2335/2/02.jpg Airfix/2335/2/03.jpg Airfix/2335/2/04.jpg Airfix/2335/2/05.jpg

Model built by Zhenmin Han.

Airfix/2335/4/01.jpg Airfix/2335/4/02.jpg Airfix/2335/4/03.jpg

Model built by Mike Johnson.

Airfix/2335/3/01.jpg Airfix/2335/3/02.jpg Airfix/2335/3/03.jpg

Kit 2337 - WW-I female tank.

Airfix/2337/02.jpg Airfix/2337/01.jpg Airfix/2337/03.jpg Airfix/2337/04.jpg Airfix/2337/05.jpg Airfix/2337/06.jpg Airfix/2337/07.jpg

Airfix/2337/1/01.jpg Airfix/2337/1/02.jpg Airfix/2337/1/03.jpg Airfix/2337/1/04.jpg

For Matthew Lenton's review of kit 2337 - WW-I female tank, visit:

logo 'Armorama' website.

For J.C.Carbonel's review of kit 2337 - WW-I female tank:

logo 'Modelstories' website.

Kit 2338 - Cromwell cruiser tank.

Airfix/2338/01.jpg Airfix/2338/02.jpg Airfix/2338/03.jpg Airfix/2338/04.jpg Airfix/2338/05.jpg Airfix/2338/06.jpg Airfix/2338/07.jpg Airfix/2338/08.jpg

Model built by Mick Hill.

Airfix/2338/1/01.jpg Airfix/2338/1/02.jpg Airfix/2338/1/03.jpg

For Britmodeller's review of kit 2338 - Cromwell cruiser tank:

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For Airfix Tribute's review of kit 2238 - Cromwell cuiser tank, visit:

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For James Hatch's review of kit 2238 - Cromwell cruiser tank, visit:

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For an "Gurkan Ozkan's / MiniAfv" review kit 2238 - Cromwell cruiser tank visit:

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Kit 2339 - Willy Jeep with trailer and 75mm howitzer - (1/72 D-Day)

Airfix/2339/01.jpg Airfix/2339/02.jpg Airfix/2339/03.jpg Airfix/2339/04.jpg Airfix/2339/05.jpg Airfix/2339/06.jpg Airfix/2339/07.jpg Airfix/2339/08.jpg Airfix/2339/09.jpg Airfix/2339/10.jpg Airfix/2339/11.jpg Airfix/2339/12.jpg Airfix/2339/13.jpg

Model built by Dirk Schenk

Airfix/2339/1/01.jpg Airfix/2339/1/02.jpg Airfix/2339/1/03.jpg Airfix/2339/1/04.jpg Airfix/2339/1/05.jpg Airfix/2339/1/06.jpg

Model built by Aleksandar Matevski

Airfix/2339/2/01.jpg Airfix/2339/2/02.jpg Airfix/2339/2/03.jpg Airfix/2339/2/04.jpg Airfix/2339/2/05.jpg Airfix/2339/2/06.jpg

For "Bayram Koçer's / MiniAfv" pictures of built model Kit 2339 - Willy Jeep on transport / "Jeep in a Crate" visit:

logo 'MiniAfv' Blogspot

Kit 2340 - Higgens LCVP - (1/72 D-Day)

Airfix/2340/01.jpg Airfix/2340/02.jpg Airfix/2340/03.jpg Airfix/2340/04.jpg Airfix/2340/05.jpg Airfix/2340/06.jpg Airfix/2340/07.jpg Airfix/2340/08.jpg

Finished model by Lo Baars

Airfix/2340/1/01.jpg Airfix/2340/1/02.jpg Airfix/2340/1/03.jpg

Airfix release 2020

On 6th of January 2020 at 16.00 MET Airfix offer her programm for 2020 on the website

1/72 military vehicles

A major component of any Airfix model range, Military Vehicles received a boost recently with the mass re-introduction of a large number of 1/76th scale kits in the Vintage Classics range and as of 2019, a new collection of 1/35th scale models. With many of these models also appearing in the 2020 range, we are pleased to announce that we have some new tooling projects to report, with exciting developments in both 1/35th and 1/72nd scales. As already covered with the new Beginner Sets overview, the Airfix team have also produced standard kit versions of both the WWII Sherman Firefly and the mighty Tiger 1 in 1/72nd scale and these will be joined by a new Tractor and Compactor (used during wartime airfield construction), a Scammell Pioneer Recovery Tractor and a Scammell R100 Artillery Tractor. It is significant that these new kits have been developed in 1/72nd scale and serve as an illustrator for future development in the Military Vehicle kit sector.

A 02341 - Sherman Firefly - (1/72 new mould)

Airfix/2341/01.jpg Airfix/2341/02.jpg Airfix/2341/03.jpg Airfix/2341/04.jpg Airfix/2341/05.jpg Airfix/2341/06.jpg

Model built by Jiri Bednar

Airfix/2341/1/01.jpg Airfix/2341/1/02.jpg Airfix/2341/1/03.jpg Airfix/2341/1/04.jpg Airfix/2341/1/05.jpg Airfix/2341/1/06.jpg

A 02342 - Tiger I - (1/72 new mould)

Airfix/2342/01.jpg Airfix/2342/02.jpg Airfix/2342/03.jpg Airfix/2342/04.jpg Airfix/2342/05.jpg Airfix/2342/06.jpg

Airfix announced also to release a tractor and two variants of the British Scammell - (announced for winter 2020-2021 - but DELETED)

A 0???? - 1/72 Case VAI Tractor (military)
A 0???? - 1/72 Scammell Pioneer Recovery Tractor SV/2S
A 0???? - 1/72 Scammell Artillery Tractor R100

Info from Airfix Catalogue 2020

Airfix/scammell/01.jpg Airfix/scammell/02.jpg

It's possible that the new Airfix items are the earlier announced, but never released, 1/72 kits from Thundermodel

thundermodel/info/01.jpg thundermodel/info/02.jpg thundermodel/info/03.jpg

Kit 3301 LCM III with Sherman.

Airfix/3301/01.jpg Airfix/3301/02.jpg Airfix/3301/03.jpg Airfix/3301/04.jpg


Kit 3301V - LCM III with Sherman - (Re-release - Vintage Classics)

Airfix/3301V/01.jpg Airfix/3301V/02.jpg Airfix/3301V/03.jpg Airfix/3301V/04.jpg Airfix/3301V/05.jpg Airfix/3301V/06.jpg Airfix/3301V/07.jpg Airfix/3301V/08.jpg Airfix/3301V/09.jpg Airfix/3301V/10.jpg Airfix/3301V/11.jpg Airfix/3301V/12.jpg Airfix/3301V/13.jpg Airfix/3301V/14.jpg

Kit 3302 RAF refuelling set.

Airfix/3302/01.jpg Airfix/3302/02.jpg Airfix/3302/03.jpg Airfix/3302/04.jpg

Airfix/3302/1/01.jpg Airfix/3302/1/02.jpg Airfix/3302/1/03.jpg

Models built by Erhan Atalay.

Airfix/3302/2/01.jpg Airfix/3302/2/02.jpg Airfix/3302/2/03.jpg Airfix/3302/2/04.jpg Airfix/3302/2/05.jpg

Airfix/3302/3/01.jpg Airfix/3302/3/02.jpg Airfix/3302/3/03.jpg Airfix/3302/3/04.jpg

Model built by Laszlo Szasz.

Airfix/3302/4/01.jpg Airfix/3302/4/02.jpg

Kit 3303 Sam 2 missile 'Guideline'.

Airfix/3303/01.jpg Airfix/3303/02.jpg Airfix/3303/03.jpg Airfix/3303/04.jpg Airfix/3303/05.jpg Airfix/3303/06.jpg Airfix/3303/07.jpg Airfix/3303/08.jpg Airfix/3303/10.jpg Airfix/3303/09.jpg Airfix/3303/14.jpg Airfix/3303/12.jpg Airfix/3303/11.jpg Airfix/3303/13.jpg Airfix/3303/15.jpg

Sprue part pictures by Laszlo Szasz.

Airfix/3303/1/01.jpg Airfix/3303/1/02.jpg Airfix/3303/1/03.jpg Airfix/3303/1/04.jpg Airfix/3303/1/05.jpg Airfix/3303/1/06.jpg Airfix/3303/1/07.jpg Airfix/3303/1/08.jpg Airfix/3303/1/09.jpg Airfix/3303/1/10.jpg

Model built by Matthias Muth

Airfix/3303/2/01.jpg Airfix/3303/2/02.jpg Airfix/3303/2/03.jpg

For "Cem Esen's / MiniAfv" preview Kit 3303 Sam 2 missile 'Guideline' visit:

logo 'MiniAfv' Blogspot - part 1

Kit 3304 RAF emergency set.

Airfix/3304/02.jpg Airfix/3304/01.jpg Airfix/3304/06.jpg Airfix/3304/1/01.jpg Airfix/3304/1/02.jpg

Model built by Zhenmin Han.

Airfix/3304/03.jpg Airfix/3304/04.jpg Airfix/3304/05.jpg

Model built by Mick Hill.

Airfix/3304/2/01.jpg Airfix/3304/2/02.jpg

Kit 3305 RAF recovery set.

Airfix/3305/01.jpg Airfix/3305/02.jpg Airfix/3305/00.jpg Airfix/3305/1/01.jpg Airfix/3305/1/02.jpg Airfix/3305/1/03.jpg Airfix/3305/1/04.jpg Airfix/3305/1/05.jpg Airfix/3305/1/06.jpg

Model built by Patrice Dauga.

Airfix/3305/5/01.jpg Airfix/3305/5/02.jpg Airfix/3305/5/03.jpg Airfix/3305/5/04.jpg Airfix/3305/5/05.jpg Airfix/3305/5/06.jpg

Model built by Erhan Atalay.

Airfix/3305/3/01.jpg Airfix/3305/3/02.jpg Airfix/3305/3/03.jpg Airfix/3305/3/04.jpg Airfix/3305/3/05.jpg Airfix/3305/3/06.jpg Airfix/3305/3/07.jpg Airfix/3305/3/08.jpg

Kit 3306 - Bedford QL trucks (QLT and QLD) - Two kits in one box.

Airfix/3306/01.jpg Airfix/3306/02.jpg Airfix/3306/03.jpg Airfix/3306/1/01.jpg Airfix/3306/1/02.jpg

Models built by Mike Hill

Airfix/3306/2/01.jpg Airfix/3306/2/02.jpg Airfix/3306/2/03.jpg Airfix/3306/2/04.jpg Airfix/3306/2/05.jpg

For Airfix Tribute's review of kit 3306 - Bedford QL trucks (QLT and QLD), visit:

logo 'Airfix Tribute' website.

For Robin Jenkins' review of kit 3306 - Bedford QL trucks (QLT and QLD), visit:

logo 'Scale Plastic & Rail' website.

Kit 3310 - King Tiger Ausf. B - Porsche.

Airfix/3310/01.jpg Airfix/3310/02.jpg Airfix/3310/03.jpg Airfix/3310/04.jpg Airfix/3310/05.jpg Airfix/3310/06.jpg Airfix/3310/07.jpg Airfix/3310/08.jpg Airfix/3310/09.jpg Airfix/3310/10.jpg Airfix/3310/11.jpg Airfix/3310/12.jpg Airfix/3310/13.jpg

Model built - owner unknownp>

Airfix/3310/1/01.jpg Airfix/3310/1/02.jpg

For Matthew Lenton's review of kit 3310 - King Tiger, visit:

logo 'Armorama' Website

Kit 3311 - WWII RAF Vehicle Set - (1/72)

Airfix/3311/01.jpg Airfix/3311/02.jpg Airfix/3311/03.jpg Airfix/3311/04.jpg Airfix/3311/05.jpg Airfix/3311/06.jpg Airfix/3311/07.jpg Airfix/3311/08.jpg Airfix/3311/09.jpg Airfix/3311/10.jpg Airfix/3311/11.jpg Airfix/3311/12.jpg Airfix/3311/13.jpg Airfix/3311/14.jpg Airfix/3311/15.jpg

For an "Erhan Atalay's / MiniAfv" preview Kit 3311 - WWII RAF Vehicle Set visit:

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For "Carli Danilo's / OTW" review Kit 3311 - WWII RAF Vehicle Set - Standard Tilly, visit:

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Kit 4301 - Churchill bridgelayer - note: bridge is in-correct.

Airfix/4301/01.jpg Airfix/4301/02.jpg Airfix/4301/03.jpg Airfix/1304/1/03.jpg Airfix/1304/1/04.jpg

Airfix/4301/1/01.jpg Airfix/4301/1/02.jpg Airfix/4301/1/03.jpg Airfix/4301/1/04.jpg Airfix/4301/1/05.jpg Airfix/4301/1/06.jpg Airfix/4301/1/07.jpg Airfix/4301/1/08.jpg Airfix/4301/1/09.jpg Airfix/4301/1/10.jpg Airfix/4301/1/11.jpg Airfix/4301/1/12.jpg Airfix/4301/1/13.jpg

Model built - owner unknown.

Airfix/4301/3/01.jpg Airfix/4301/3/02.jpg Airfix/4301/3/03.jpg Airfix/4301/3/04.jpg

For information and tips to correct the Churchill bridgelayer kit 4301, visit:

logo 'Tapatalk /Missing Lynx'- page 1 & 2 "How to correct Churchill Bridgelayer"

logo 'Tapatalk /Missing Lynx'"How to correct the bridge with PE"

logo 'Tapatalk / Missing Lynx' - page 1 & 2

logo 'www.mafva.org' Website - "How to correct Churchill Bridgelayer"

logo 'www.rcuniverse.com/forum' - About working: - Don't forget to visit the You Tube links on the page!

Airfix starter / gift sets - paint, paintbrush and glue included.

Kit 50121 - Landrover Patrol.


Kit 50122 - helicopter support.


Kit 50123 - patrol and spport Group.


Kit 50124 - forward assault group.


Kit 50142 - King Tiger with Cromwell.


Kit 50157 - D-Day air assault gift set.


Kit 55109 - Cromwell.


Kit 55303 - King Tiger.


Airfix diorama parts.

Kit 75001 - Europian demolished workshop.


Model built by Mick Hill.

Airfix/75001/02.jpg Airfix/75001/03.jpg Airfix/75001/04.jpg

Kit 75002 - Europian demolished cafe.


Kit 75003 - Europian demolished corner house.

Airfix/75003/01.jpg Airfix/75003/02.jpg Airfix/75003/03.jpg>

Kit 75004 - Europian demolished country cottage.

Airfix/75004/01.jpg Airfix/75004/02.jpg Airfix/75004/03.jpg

Kit 75005 - Europian townhouse.

Airfix/75005/01.jpg Airfix/75005/02.jpg Airfix/75005/03.jpg Airfix/75005/04.jpg

For Britmodeller's review of kit 75005 - Europian townhouse:

logo 'Britmodeller' Website

Kit 75006 - Europian church.

Airfix/75006/01.jpg Airfix/75006/02.jpg

For Airfix Tribute's review of kit 75006 - Europian church, visit:

logo 'Airfix Tribute' website

Kit 75007 - Europian four story shop.

Airfix/75007/01.jpg Airfix/75007/02.jpg Airfix/75007/03.jpg Airfix/75007/04.jpg Airfix/75007/05.jpg Airfix/75007/06.jpg

For Britmodeller's review of kit 75007 - Europian four story shop:

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For Airfix Tribute's review of kit 75007 - Europian four story shop, visit:

logo 'Airfix Tribute' website.

Kit 75008 - Europian brewery.

Airfix/75008/01.jpg Airfix/75008/02.jpg Airfix/75008/03.jpg Airfix/75008/04.jpg

For Britmodeller's review of kit 75008 - Europian Brewery:

logo 'Britmodeller' Website

Kit 75011 - narrow road bridge full span.


Kit 75012 - nrrow road bridge broken span.


Kit 75013 - Italian farmhouse.


Kit 75014 - Italian townhouse.


Kit 75015 - Polish bank.


Kit 75016 - Czech restaurant.


Kit 75017 - city steps.


Kit 75018 - city fountain.


Airfix diorama sets.

Kit 3380 RAF control tower.

Airfix/3380/01.jpg Airfix/3380/02.jpg Airfix/3380/03.jpg

Airfix/3380/1/01.jpg Airfix/3380/1/02.jpg Airfix/3380/1/03.jpg Airfix/3380/1/04.jpg Airfix/3380/1/05.jpg

Model built by Mick Hill.

Airfix/3380/2/01.jpg Airfix/3380/2/02.jpg Airfix/3380/2/03.jpg

For "Gurkan Ozkan / MiniAFV" construction review of Kit 3380 RAF control tower , visit:

logo 'MiniAfv' Blogspot
Kit 3381 - Forward command post.

Airfix/3381/01.jpg Airfix/3381/02.jpg Airfix/3381/03.jpg Airfix/3381/04.jpg Airfix/3381/05.jpg Airfix/3381/06.jpg

Kit 3382 - jungle outpost - old & new layout.

Airfix/3382/01.jpg Airfix/3382/02.jpg Airfix/3382/03.jpg

Kit 3383 pontoon bridge - old & new lay-out.

Airfix/3383/01.jpg Airfix/3383/02.jpg Airfix/3383/03.jpg

Kit 4382 German outpost.

Airfix/German Outpost.jpg

Kit 5330 - WW2 bomber re-supply set.

Airfix/5330/01.jpg Airfix/5330/02.jpg Airfix/5330/03.jpg

Finished models by Lo Baars - (Control Tower is kit 3380)

Airfix/5330/1/01.jpg Airfix/5330/1/02.jpg

For Michael Benolkin's / Cybermodeller's review of kit 5330 - WW2 bomber re-supply set:

logo 'Cybermodeller Online' Website

For Volker Helms' / IPMS Deutschland's review of kit 5330 - WW2 bomber re-supply set (with sprue parts etc):

logo 'IPMS Deutschland' website.

For Robin Buckland's / Military Moddeling's preview of kit 5330 - WW2 bomber re-supply set with spreu parts and instruction manual etc.:

logo 'Military Modelling' website.

Kit 6704 - gun emplacement.

Airfix/6704-0.jpg Airfix/6704.jpg

Kit 6706 - coastal defence fort - old & new lay-out.

Airfix/6706.jpg Airfix/6706-1.jpg Airfix/6706-2.jpg

Kit 670x - Fort Saharina.

Airfix/670x.jpg Airfix/670x-1.jpg

Kit 50009 - battle front.

Airfix/50009/01.jpg Airfix/50009/02.jpg Airfix/50009/03.jpg Airfix/50009/04.jpg Airfix/50009/05.jpg Airfix/50009/06.jpg Airfix/50009/07.jpg Airfix/50009/08.jpg Airfix/50009/09.jpg Airfix/50009/10.jpg Airfix/50009/1/01.jpg Airfix/50009/1/02.jpg Airfix/50009/1/03.jpg Airfix/50009/1/04.jpg Airfix/50009/1/05.jpg Airfix/50009/1/06.jpg Airfix/50009/2/01.jpg Airfix/50009/2/02.jpg Airfix/50009/2/03.jpg Airfix/50009/2/04.jpg Airfix/50009/2/05.jpg Airfix/50009/2/06.jpg Airfix/50009/2/07.jpg Airfix/50009/3/01.jpg Airfix/50009/3/02.jpg Airfix/50009/3/03.jpg Airfix/50009/3/04.jpg Airfix/50009/3/05.jpg

Kit 50015 - RAF battle of Britian set.


Kit 50060 - WW-I western front diorama.

Airfix/50060/01.jpg Airfix/50060/02.jpg Airfix/50060/03.jpg

Kit 50061 - The Dambusters - 617 Squadron RAF.


You found also interesting information about Airfix "Battle" Dioramasets on:

logo "PlasticSoldier Review", Website.

Special D-Day collection - Operation Overlord, June 6, 1944

Kit 50064 - This collection contains the following kits:

Tiger I, AEC Matador, LCV IV, DUKW 353, Sherman Crab, LCM III with Sherman and coastal defence kit


Airfix/50064/1/01.jpg Airfix/50064/1/02.jpg Airfix/50064/1/03.jpg Airfix/50064/1/04.jpg Airfix/50064/1/05.jpg Airfix/50064/1/06.jpg Airfix/50064/1/07.jpg Airfix/50064/1/08.jpg Airfix/50064/1/09.jpg Airfix/50064/1/10.jpg Airfix/50064/1/11.jpg Airfix/50064/1/12.jpg Airfix/50064/1/13.jpg Airfix/50064/1/14.jpg Airfix/50064/1/15.jpg Airfix/50064/1/16.jpg

Battle front history series. - Out of production.

Kit D1 (09654-9) or (40651-0) - 'D-Day' Allied atack forces.
Kit D2 (09652-2) or (40652-3) - 'D-Day' German defence forces.

Airfix/dio-03.jpg Airfix/dio-10.jpg Airfix/dio-04.jpg Airfix/dio-09.jpg

Kit G1 (09657-7) or (40657-8) - 'Guadalcanal' US Marine assault forces.
Kit G2 (09658-0) or (40658-1) - 'Guadalcanal' Japanese defence forces.

Airfix/dio-02.jpg Airfix/dio-11.jpg Airfix/dio-01.jpg Airfix/dio-12.jpg

Kit E2 (09654-8) or (40654-5) - 'El-Alamein' German defence forces.
Kit E1 (09653-5) or (40653-6) - 'El-Alamein' Allied atack forces.

Airfix/dio-14.jpg Airfix/dio-14-1.jpg Airfix/dio-15.jpg Airfix/dio-15-1.jpg

Kit S1 (09655-1) or (40655-2) - 'Stalingrad' German attack forces.
Kit S1 (09656-4) or (40656-5) - 'Stalingrad' Russian defence forces.

Airfix/dio-05.jpg Airfix/dio-08.jpg Airfix/dio-13.jpg Airfix/dio-13-1.jpg

Airfix kits released by Heller and Airfix

Note August 2011: These 3 kits are no longer available from the Airfix label, but only from the Heller label.

Kit Airfix 01321 / Heller 49995 - LCVP Landing craft.

Heller/49995/01.jpg Heller/49995/02.jpg Heller/49995/03.jpg Heller/49995/04.jpg Heller/49995/05.jpg Heller/49995/06.jpg Heller/49995/07.jpg Heller/49995/08.jpg

Heller/49995/09.jpg Heller/49995/10.jpg Heller/49995/11.jpg Heller/49995/12.jpg Heller/49995/13.jpg Heller/49995/14.jpg Heller/49995/15.jpg

For Al Magnus' Improving the Airfix/Heller LCVP kit 01321, visit:

logo 'On the Way' website.

Model built by Al Magnus.

Heller/49995/1/01.jpg Heller/49995/1/02.jpg Heller/49995/1/03.jpg Heller/49995/1/04.jpg Heller/49995/1/05.jpg Heller/49995/1/06.jpg Heller/49995/1/07.jpg

My Heller LCVP is finally finished. This was one of my most intensive projects taking close to three months to complete. There is not a lot left of the original kit save the hull, decks and ramp and a couple of smaller items. Almost everything else from the original kit has been replaced because it was basically garbage and I had to add a lot of missing details. Al Magnus.

Kit Airfix 01323 / Heller 49996 - GMC truck.

Heller/49996/01.jpg Heller/49996/02.jpg Heller/49996/03.jpg Heller/49996/04.jpg Heller/49996/05.jpg Heller/49996/06.jpg Heller/49996/07.jpg Heller/49996/08.jpg Heller/49996/09.jpg Heller/49996/10.jpg Heller/49996/11.jpg Heller/49996/12.jpg Heller/49996/13.jpg Heller/49996/14.jpg Heller/49996/15.jpg

For Stephen Brezinski's review of kit 49996 - GMC truck, visit:

logo 'On the Way' Website

Kit Airfix 01322 / Heller 49997 - Willy Jeep with trailer.

Airfix/1322/01.jpg Heller/willy1.jpg Heller/trailer1.jpg Heller/willy3.jpg Heller/willy5.jpg

For Al Magnus' review of kit 49997 - Willy Jeep with trailer, visit:

logo 'On the Way' website.

Airfield sets

Kit 3380 RAF control tower.

Airfix/3380/01.jpg Airfix/3380/02.jpg Airfix/3380/03.jpg

Kit 50015 - RAF battle of Britian set.


Kit 5330 - WW2 bomber re-supply set.

Airfix/5330/01.jpg Airfix/5330/02.jpg Airfix/5330/03.jpg

Kit 06304 - USAAF Bomber Resupply Set

Airfix/6304/01.jpg Airfix/6304/02.jpg Airfix/6304/03.jpg

Airfix/6304/1/01.jpg Airfix/6304/1/02.jpg Airfix/6304/1/03.jpg

Models built by W.L. Baars

Airfix/6304/2/01.jpg Airfix/6304/2/02.jpg Airfix/6304/2/03.jpg

Kit 06901 - WWII RAF airfield set. (RAF refuelling, Spitfire Ia, personnel, base)

Airfix/06901-3.jpg Airfix/06901-2.jpg Airfix/06901-1.jpg Airfix/06901.jpg

Kit 06902 - WWII Luftwaffe airfield Set - Opel Blitz & PAK, Me-109E, personnel, base.

Airfix/06902-3.jpg Airfix/06902-2.jpg Airfix/06902-1.jpg Airfix/06902.jpg

Kit 06903 - WWII USAAF airfield Set - Willys Jeep, P-51D, personnel, base.

Airfix/06903-3.jpg Airfix/06903-2.jpg Airfix/06903-1.jpg Airfix/06903.jpg

Kit 06904 - Modern RAF airfield Set - Scorpion, Harrier GR3, personnel, base.

Airfix/06904-3.jpg Airfix/06904-2.jpg Airfix/06904-1.jpg Airfix/06904.jpg

Interested to do a 1/72 scale diorama in combination with historic bombers and / or other aircraft WWII period, visit

logo Airfix Website, 1:72 Scale Military Aircraft

Kit 12010 - Eight Air Force: Boeing B-17G and Bomber Re-Supply Set

Airfix/12010/01.jpg Airfix/12010/02.jpg Airfix/12010/03.jpg Airfix/12010/04.jpg Airfix/12010/05.jpg Airfix/12010/06.jpg Airfix/12010/07.jpg Airfix/12010/08.jpg Airfix/12010/09.jpg Airfix/12010/10.jpg Airfix/12010/11.jpg Airfix/12010/12.jpg Airfix/12010/13.jpg Airfix/12010/14.jpg Airfix/12010/15.jpg Airfix/12010/16.jpg Airfix/12010/17.jpg

Airfix scale 1/72 ships.

Kit 5280 Vosper motor torpedo boat

Airfix/5280/01.jpg Airfix/5280/02.jpg Airfix/5280/03.jpg Airfix/5280/04.jpg Airfix/5280/05.jpg Airfix/5280/06.jpg Airfix/5280/07.jpg

For "Gokay Yalcin's / MiniAfv" review of Kit 5280 Vosper motor torpedo boat visit:

logo 'MiniAfv' Blogspot - part 1: construction logo 'MiniAfv' Blogspot - part 2: built model

For "Tahir Ozcivan's / MiniAfv" review of Kit 5280 Vosper motor torpedo boat visit:

logo 'MiniAfv' Blogspot - part 1: construction

Kit 5281 RAF Rescue launch.

Airfix/5281/01.jpg Airfix/5281/02.jpg Airfix/5281/03.jpg Airfix/5281/04.jpg Airfix/5281/05.jpg Airfix/5281/06.jpg Airfix/5281/07.jpg Airfix/5281/08.jpg Airfix/5281/09.jpg Airfix/5281/10.jpg Airfix/5281/11.jpg Airfix/5281/12.jpg

For "Berkcan Göksu's / MiniAfv" review of Kit 5281 RAF Rescue launch visit:

logo 'MiniAfv' Blogspot - part 1 logo 'MiniAfv' Blogspot, part 2

Kit 10280 German E-boat.

Airfix/10280-1.jpg Airfix/10280.jpg

For "Baris Acar's / MiniAfv" review of Kit 10280 German E-boat visit:

logo 'MiniAfv' Blogspot

The 1/76 Soft-Skins 'Snap-Togheter' Kits from Airfix

Many years ago Airfix released many soft-skin kits in the 'Snap-together' catagory. - (15 polythene models were produced)


Airfix/poly/boxes.jpg Airfix/poly/showcase.jpg Airfix/poly/Cat1975.jpg Airfix/poly/Cat1977.jpg

Kit 40770 - Field gun and Tractor
Kit 40771 - M48 Patton Tank
Kit 40772 - 155mm SPG
Kit 40773 - 6x6 Truck
Kit 40774 - Centurion Tank

Airfix/poly/40770/01.jpg Airfix/poly/40771/01.jpg Airfix/poly/40772/01.jpg Airfix/poly/40773/01.jpg Airfix/poly/40774/01.jpg

Kit 40775 - Troop Carrier
Kit 40776 - Landing Craft
Kit 40777 - Dukw

Airfix/poly/40775/01.jpg Airfix/poly/40776/01.jpg Airfix/poly/40777/01.jpg Airfix/poly/40777/02.jpg

Kit 40778 - Antar Tanktransporter

Airfix/poly/40778/01.jpg Airfix/poly/40778/02.jpg Airfix/poly/40778/03.jpg

Kit 40779 - Panther Tank
Kit 40780 - Tiger Tank
Kit 40781 - T34

Airfix/poly/40779/01.jpg Airfix/poly/40780/01.jpg Airfix/poly/40780/02.jpg Airfix/poly/40781/01.jpg

Kit 40782 - Elephant
Kit 40783 - Sherman
Kit 40784 - German Halftrack with gun

Airfix/poly/40782/01.jpg Airfix/poly/40782/02.jpg Airfix/poly/40782/03.jpg Airfix/poly/40783/01.jpg Airfix/poly/40783/02.jpg Airfix/poly/40784/01.jpg Airfix/poly/40784/02.jpg

Airfix kits released under other labels.

Hobby - Made in Japan by Tsukada - released in 1988.


876W02 CRUSADER TANK Mk2 or Mk3


Airfix/hobby/ht01/01.jpg Airfix/hobby/ht01/02.jpg Airfix/hobby/ht01/03.jpg

Kit 876W02 CRUSADER TANK Mk2 or Mk3

Airfix/hobby/ht02/01.jpg Airfix/hobby/ht02/02.jpg Airfix/hobby/ht02/03.jpg

Kit 876W03 OPEL BLITZ & PAK 40 GUN









Airfix/hobby/ht07/01.jpg Airfix/hobby/ht07/02.jpg Airfix/hobby/ht07/03.jpg

Kit 876W08 MATADOR & 5.5 INCH GUN



Airfix/hobby/ht09/01.jpg Airfix/hobby/ht09/02.jpg Airfix/hobby/ht09/03.jpg


Airfix/hobby/ht10/01.jpg Airfix/hobby/ht10/02.jpg Airfix/hobby/ht10/03.jpg Airfix/hobby/ht10/03.jpg Airfix/hobby/ht10/03.jpg


Airfix/hobby/ht11/01.jpg Airfix/hobby/ht11/02.jpg Airfix/hobby/ht11/03.jpg





MPC - Made in the USA - interval of release 1981-1985.

Catalog history.




MPC issued Airfix kits as follows:


1-6201 Amphibious Buffalo
1-6202 German 88
1-6203 AT battery
1-6204 Chieftain
1-6205 Centurion
1-6206 Leopard
1-6207 Tank transporter
1-6208 Reconnaissance patrol
1-6209 AA battery

Kit 6201 - Amph. Buffaloo
Kit 6202 - SKfz. 7 & 8.8cm
Kit 6203 - Opel Blitz & pak 40
Kit 6204 - Chieftain


Kit 6205 - Centurion
Kit 6206 - Leopard
Kit 6207 - Scammel Transporter
Kit 6208 - SdKfz. 222 & Kubel


MPC issued Airfix (Historama) kits as follows:


2-1204 Red Baron dogfight (1972)
2-1205 Chopper! Chopper! (1972)
2-1206 Battle of Britain! (1972)
2-1207 Balloon buster! (1972)
2-1208 Pearl Harbor attack! (1972)
2-8001 The battle of El Alamein (1972)
2-8002 The battle of Tobruk (1972)
2-8003 The battle of Iwo Jima (1972)
2-8004 D-Day: Merville beach (1972)
2-8005 D-Day: Omaha beach (1972)
2-8006 D-Day: Sword beach (1972)
2-8007 Rescue at Dunkirk (1972)
2-8008 Battle of the Bulge (1972)
2-8009 Guadalcanal (1972)

Historama - MPC.

Airfix/mpc/hist1.jpg Airfix/mpc/hist2.jpg Airfix/mpc/hist3.jpg Airfix/mpc/hist4.jpg Airfix/mpc/hist5.jpg Airfix/mpc/hist6.jpg Airfix/mpc/hist7.jpg

Kit 2-1206 - Battle of Britain! (1972.)

Airfix/mpc/britian/01.jpg Airfix/mpc/britian/02.jpg Airfix/mpc/britian/03.jpg

Kit 2-8001 - Historama - tank battle of El Alamein.

Airfix/mpc/elalamein/00.jpg Airfix/mpc/elalamein/01.jpg Airfix/mpc/elalamein/02.jpg Airfix/mpc/elalamein/03.jpg Airfix/mpc/elalamein/04.jpg Airfix/mpc/elalamein/05.jpg

Kit 2-8002 - Historama - The battle of Tobruk.

Airfix/mpc/tobruk/01.jpg Airfix/mpc/tobruk/02.jpg Airfix/mpc/tobruk/03.jpg Airfix/mpc/tobruk/04.jpg Airfix/mpc/tobruk/05.jpg Airfix/mpc/tobruk/06.jpg Airfix/mpc/tobruk/07.jpg

Kit 2-8003 - Historama - The battle of Iwo Jima.

Airfix/mpc/iwojima/01.jpg Airfix/mpc/iwojima/02.jpg Airfix/mpc/iwojima/03.jpg Airfix/mpc/iwojima/04.jpg Airfix/mpc/iwojima/05.jpg

Kit 2-8004 - Historama - D-Day - Merville June 06 - German army Merville battery.

Airfix/mpc/dday/01.jpg Airfix/mpc/dday/02.jpg Airfix/mpc/dday/03.jpg Airfix/mpc/dday/04.jpg Airfix/mpc/dday/05.jpg

Kit 2-8006 - Historama - D-Day - Merville June 06 - British commando's Sword beach.

Airfix/mpc/d-day/01.jpg Airfix/mpc/d-day/02.jpg Airfix/mpc/d-day/03.jpg

MPC Diorama's - Super Historama.

2-8051 Guns of Normandy (1973)
2-8052 Breakout From Normandy (1973)
2-8053 Commados strike at dawn (1973 or 74)
2-8054 Tank battle at El Alamein (1973 or 74)

Kit 2-8051 - Guns of Normandy. (1973)


Kit 2-8052 - Breakout From Normandy. (1973)


Kit 2-8053 - Commados strike at dawn. (1973 or 74)


Kit 2-8054 - Tank battle at El Alamein. (1973 or 74)


1-6101 Attack: Normandy.
1-6102 Attack: Rhineland. (no picture)


Bellona and Battle-HO-Rama diorama accessoires - Out of production.

Bellona sets from Micro Mould Plastics (Unifax group), have appeared in various header-cards over the years and were sold as Bellona, Micro Mold, and Almark. They also supplied some to Roco Minitanks. They actually came in a wide variety of colors, from pure white and grey to dark olive covering most shades of sand and fawn on the way!

Battleground sets were made in Stockport in the UK, by Power Play/Mainstream Products, but seem to have been mostly sold in the US, probably in order not to get into a major war with Bellona. Some sets are similar to Bellona's, others, however, are quite unique. There seem to have been at least 18 of which I have identified 13.

Source 'smallscaleworld.blogspot

Airfix/Bellona/01.jpg Airfix/Bellona/02.jpg Airfix/Bellona/03.jpg Airfix/Bellona/04.jpg Airfix/Bellona/05.jpg

For more information of Bellona and Battle-HO-Rama sets:

logo smallscaleworld-blogspot

Craftmaster - Catalog history


Airfix corporation of America (CraftMaster) has issued 1/76 kits as next:

M1-49 75mm assault gun.
M2-49 Josef Stalin 3.
M3-49 Pz.Kw.V Panther.
M4-49 Mk.I Sherman.
M5-49 Mk.VII Churchill.
M6-49 25-Pounder field gun with Quad limber and gun crew.
M7-49 Bristol Bloodhound and Land Rover.
M8-49 Mk.VI Tiger I.
M9-49 Brengun aarrier with 6-Pounder AT gun.
M1-79 Scammell 30-ton tank transporter.

Craftmaster (Airfix - US Layout)

Airfix/craft/M1-49.jpg Airfix/craft/M2-49.jpg Airfix/craft/M3-49.jpg

KIKO - Made in the Brasil - released after 1981

Airfix/kikocat.jpg Airfix/kiko-01.jpg

Posted by Luiz Edgard Marcondes from Brasil
Mr. A. Kikoler (KIKO) took REVELL to Brasil around 1960 and all (hundreds) of Revell kits produced worldwide are also produced in Brasil, even with similar boxtops.
At around 1980 the KIKO brandname was added, thus becoming REVELL KIKO and afterwards also HELLER KIKO, some 20 kits only, and AIRFIX KIKO, only 18 kits. From AIRFIX only the Sdkfz 234 in 1/76 and Rommel's Halftrack (Sdkfz 250/3) in 1/32 were made in Brasil. None of HELLER Armor was made in Brasil!
From REVELL no 1/76 armour kits were manufactured in Brasil, however, several of its 1/40 scale models from the 60s were, such as: M-48 bridge layer, T-34/85, 105 mm gun, Sherman tank, Self propeled gun, U.S. 6x6 truck etc.

Airfix - released in Taiwan - unknown company.


Sam Publications has released some Airfix Military Models related books:

For more information, contents and description, visit Sam Publications' website:

logo Sam Publications. logo Sam Publications logo Sam Publications. logo Sam Publications.

Three more editions will follow soon!

For more information about Airfix kits:

logo Airfix Website.

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