AGA Models

A manufacturer from Poland, with re-releases from the plastic 1/72 ex-AER Kits.
(This kits are also re-released by other labels as PST, TOGA, Cooperativa and others)
On the main sprue is the original AER logo
Boxes don't have kitnumbers

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aga/01/01.jpg aga/01/02.jpg aga/01/03.jpg aga/01/04.jpg aga/01/05.jpg aga/01/06.jpg


aga/02/01.jpg aga/02/02.jpg aga/02/03.jpg aga/02/04.jpg aga/02/05.jpg


aga/03/01.jpg aga/03/02.jpg aga/03/03.jpg aga/03/04.jpg aga/03/05.jpg aga/03/06.jpg

BM-13N - (Studebaker US6 chassis)

aga/04/01.jpg aga/04/02.jpg aga/04/03.jpg

Studebaker US-6 Cargo


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