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The development of the model, printing of sprue, print decals, boxes and instructions are done in Ukraine. The model is designed in Ukraine specifically for British company AccsGB.

All 3 Scoutcar boxes contains the same sprue's, only the box, frontpage of instructions and decals are different.

3D Drawings

agb/01.jpg agb/02.jpg agb/03.jpg agb/04.jpg agb/05.jpg agb/06.jpg agb/07.jpg

Kit 72010 - M3A1 Scoutcar - with decals for USA & Russian Landlease version

agb/72010/01.jpg agb/72010/02.jpg agb/72010/03.jpg agb/72010/04.jpg agb/72010/05.jpg agb/72010/06.jpg agb/72010/07.jpg agb/72010/08.jpg agb/72010/09.jpg agb/72010/10.jpg agb/72010/11.jpg agb/72010/12.jpg agb/72010/13.jpg agb/72010/14.jpg agb/72010/15.jpg agb/72010/16.jpg

Model built by Andrey Onischuck

agb/72010/2/01.jpg agb/72010/2/02.jpg agb/72010/2/03.jpg agb/72010/2/04.jpg agb/72010/2/05.jpg agb/72010/2/06.jpg agb/72010/2/07.jpg agb/72010/2/08.jpg agb/72010/2/09.jpg

Kit 72020 - M3A1 Scoutcar - with decals for British & French version - (sprue parts as above)

agb/72020/01.jpg agb/72020/02.jpg agb/72020/03.jpg agb/72020/08.jpg agb/72020/09.jpg agb/72020/10.jpg

Kit 72030 - M3A1 Scoutcar - (Profipack - with extra resin, PE parts and decals for all versions) - (sprue parts as above)

agb/72030/00.jpg agb/72030/01.jpg agb/72030/02.jpg agb/72030/03.jpg agb/72030/08.jpg agb/72030/10.jpg agb/72030/11.jpg agb/72030/12.jpg agb/72030/13.jpg agb/72030/14.jpg

Extra Parts

agb/72030/1/01.jpg agb/72030/1/02.jpg agb/72030/1/03.jpg agb/72030/1/04.jpg agb/72030/1/05.jpg

Note: Dan Taylor

Regarding the five kits, four are essentially the same except for the decals, as there is only one small external difference between the Mk I and the Mk II and we decided it was easiest to have the option of both in each box. The soon-to-be released Profi-pack 5th model (kit 72504) will have additional etched brass and resin parts - chiefly so that the Dutch-Indie version can be modelled, as it had no roof. There will also be some accessory sets like alternative tyre patterns and external stowage plus crew figures.

Bantam BRC-40 in Collaboration with Format72 Label

Format72 Kit 72003 - Bantam BRC-40

agb/format72/01.jpg agb/format72/02.jpg agb/format72/03.jpg

Kit 72031 - Bantam BRC-40 - (Resin Model - British Decals)

agb/72031/01.jpg agb/72031/02.jpg agb/72031/03.jpg

Kit 72032 - Bantam BRC-40 - (Resin Model - U.S. Decals) - (parts as above)

agb/72032/01.jpg agb/72032/02.jpg agb/72032/03.jpg

Kit 72033 - Bantam BRC-40 - (Resin Model - German Decals) - (parts as above)

agb/72033/01.jpg agb/72033/02.jpg agb/72033/03.jpg

Kit 72501 - Humber Scout Car Mk.I - (in collaboration with Dan Taylor Modelworks)

agb/72501/01.jpg agb/72501/02.jpg agb/72501/03.jpg agb/72501/04.jpg agb/72501/05.jpg agb/72501/06.jpg agb/72501/07.jpg agb/72501/08.jpg

Sprueparts and built model - taken from Dan Taylors Modelworks website

agb/72501/1/00.jpg agb/72501/1/01.jpg agb/72501/1/02.jpg agb/72501/1/03.jpg agb/72501/1/04.jpg agb/72501/1/05.jpg agb/72501/1/06.jpg agb/72501/1/07.jpg agb/72501/1/08.jpg

Model under construction - by Will Alcott (Missing Lynx)

agb/72501/2/00.jpg agb/72501/2/01.jpg agb/72501/2/02.jpg agb/72501/2/03.jpg agb/72501/2/04.jpg agb/72501/2/05.jpg agb/72501/2/06.jpg agb/72501/2/07.jpg

Kit 72502 - Humber Scout Car Mk.II - (in collaboration with Dan Taylor Modelworks)

agb/72502/01.jpg agb/72502/02.jpg agb/72502/03.jpg agb/72502/05.jpg agb/72502/06.jpg agb/72502/07.jpg agb/72502/08.jpg agb/72502/09.jpg

Kit 72503 - Humber Scout Car Mk.I/II Allied Nations - (in collaboration with Dan Taylor Modelworks)

agb/72503/01.jpg agb/72503/02.jpg agb/72503/03.jpg agb/72503/04.jpg agb/72503/05.jpg agb/72503/06.jpg agb/72503/07.jpg agb/72503/08.jpg

Kit 72504 - Humber Scout Car with full interior and engine - (Profi Pack) - (with extra resin and brass parts) - (in collaboration with Dan Taylor Modelworks)

agb/72504/01.jpg agb/72504/02.jpg

Profi Pack under construction - (pictures by Dan Taylor)

agb/72504/1/01.jpg agb/72504/1/02.jpg agb/72504/1/03.jpg agb/72504/1/04.jpg agb/72504/1/05.jpg agb/72504/1/06.jpg agb/72504/1/07.jpg agb/72504/1/08.jpg agb/72504/1/09.jpg

Kit 72505 - Humber Scout Car Sharpshooters - (Special Edition) - (in collaboration with Dan Taylor Modelworks)

agb/72505/01.jpg agb/72505/02.jpg agb/72505/03.jpg agb/72505/04.jpg agb/72505/05.jpg agb/72505/06.jpg agb/72505/07.jpg agb/72505/08.jpg agb/72505/10.jpg

ADMK is a new brand that united three etablished scale model companies - "AccsGb - S+M Models & Dan Taylor Modelworks"

Future Kits


Accessoires - PE Parts:

Kit 72049 - PE parts - M3A1 White Scout Car (designed to be used with AGB or Esci/Italeri)

agb/72049/01.jpg agb/72049/02.jpg

Kit 72064 - PE parts - Somua S-35 (designed to be used with S- Model or Heller)

agb/72064/01.jpg agb/72064/02.jpg

Kit 72099 - PE parts - Soviet BMP-1 (designed to be used with Ace and S- Model kits)


Kit 72100 - PE parts - Soviet BMD-1/BMD-2 (designed to be used with Ace and S- Model kits)


Kit 72119 - PE parts - MaZ-543 detailing set designed for all Model Collect Soviet/Russian vehicles on Maz-543 chassis.

agb/72119/01.jpg agb/72119/02.jpg agb/72119/03.jpg

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