Tommy Atkins Armoured Cars - White Metal 1/76

Out of Production

Tommy Atkins died in 2012 and was an RAF pilot flying Meteors in the post war period.
He was primarily an aircraft modeller but produced some white metal (pewter) models in the 2000's

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TommyAtkins/AB41/01.jpg TommyAtkins/AB41/02.jpg TommyAtkins/AB41/03.jpg TommyAtkins/AB41/04.jpg


TommyAtkins/AEC/01.jpg TommyAtkins/AEC/02.jpg TommyAtkins/AEC/03.jpg

Carrier MK2A

TommyAtkins/Carrier/01.jpg TommyAtkins/Carrier/02.jpg

Crossley 1923

TommyAtkins/Crossley/01.jpg TommyAtkins/Crossley/02.jpg

Csaba 39M

TommyAtkins/Csaba/01.jpg TommyAtkins/Csaba/02.jpg TommyAtkins/Csaba/03.jpg

Daimler MK1

TommyAtkins/Daimler/01.jpg TommyAtkins/Daimler/02.jpg TommyAtkins/Daimler/03.jpg


TommyAtkins/Fordson/01.jpg TommyAtkins/Fordson/02.jpg

Humber MKIII / IV

TommyAtkins/Humber/01.jpg TommyAtkins/Humber/02.jpg TommyAtkins/Humber/03.jpg

Lanchester MKII

TommyAtkins/Lanchester/01.jpg TommyAtkins/Lanchester/02.jpg TommyAtkins/Lanchester/03.jpg

M39 Daf

TommyAtkins/M39Daf/01.jpg TommyAtkins/M39Daf/02.jpg TommyAtkins/M39Daf/03.jpg

MarmonHerrington MKII

TommyAtkins/MarmonHerrington/01.jpg TommyAtkins/MarmonHerrington/02.jpg TommyAtkins/MarmonHerrington/03.jpg TommyAtkins/MarmonHerrington/04.jpg

Tatra OAvz

TommyAtkins/OAvz/01.jpg TommyAtkins/OAvz/02.jpg TommyAtkins/OAvz/03.jpg


TommyAtkins/SdKfz231/01.jpg TommyAtkins/SdKfz231/02.jpg TommyAtkins/SdKfz231/03.jpg


TommyAtkins/WhiteLaffly/01.jpg TommyAtkins/WhiteLaffly/02.jpg TommyAtkins/WhiteLaffly/03.jpg TommyAtkins/WhiteLaffly/04.jpg TommyAtkins/WhiteLaffly/05.jpg TommyAtkins/WhiteLaffly/06.jpg

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