MiniWorld a company from Ukra´ne (??) which made in bronze and PE parts very detailled light arms in scale 1/72

The arms are available by "Armoury", Ukra´ne - see link on the bottum of this page

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Kit MCW7201 - DA-2 coupled machinegun on TUR-6 turret (casted bronze + photo-etched)


Kit MCW7202 - DA single machinegun on TUR-5 turret (casted bronze + photo-etched)


Kit MCW7203 - DA machinegun on king-pin (casted bronze + photo-etched)


Kit MCW7204 - ShKAS machinegun on king-pin (casted bronze + photo-etched)


Kit MCW7205 - ShKAS machinegun on TUR-9 turret (casted bronze + photo-etched)


Kit MCW7206 - Lewis Mk II on king-pin (casted bronze + photo-etched)

miniworld/7206/001.jpg miniworld/7206/002.jpg miniworld/7206/003.jpg miniworld/7206/004.jpg

Kit MCW7207 - Lewis Mk III on king-pin (casted bronze + photo-etched)


Kit MCW7208 - Lewis Mk II coupled on turret (casted bronze + photo-etched)


Kit MCW7209 - Lewis Mk III coupled on turret (casted bronze + photo-etched)

miniworld/7209/001.jpg miniworld/7209/002.jpg miniworld/7209/003.jpg miniworld/7209/004.jpg miniworld/7209/005.jpg miniworld/7209/006.jpg

Kit MCW7210 - 12,7mm UBT turret heavy machinegun for aircraft: I-15, I-152BS, I-16 type 29, Yak-1B, Yak-3, Yak-7B, Yak-9, MiG-3, LaGG-3 (casted bronze + photo-etched)


Kit MCW7211 - 12,7mm UBS synchronized heavy machinegun for aircraft: IL-2, IL-4, Pe-2, Pe-8, Er-2, SB, Tu-2 (casted bronze + photo-etched)


Kit MCW7212 - Hotchkiss Mle 1914 mounted on: Schneider Ca1, TKS, Saint-Chamond, FT-17, Automitrailleuse White, Minerva Armoured Car (casted bronze + photo-etched)


Kit MCW7214 - Vickers Mk.I mounted on: Bristol Scout Type D, F.2b, Airco DH.4, Nieuport 17-28, Sopwith 1B1, Pup, Triplane, Camel, Dolphin, Salamander, Snipe, RAF BE.12c, SE.5(a), SPAD VII-XIII, Salmson 2A2, 2B2, Hanriot HD.1/2 (casted bronze + photo-etched)


Kit MCW7215 - Type 99 japanese 20mm aircraft gun for planes: Mitsubishi G4M2E Betty, G3M Nell, Yokosuka P1Y Ginga, Kawanishi H8K2 Emily, H6K5 Mavis, Aichi B7A Ryusei, Nakajima G5N1 Shinzan (Liz), G8N1 Renzan (Rita)
(casted bronze + photo-etched)


Kit MCW7216 - Parabellum L╠G.14 machinegun
(casted bronze + photo-etched)

miniworld/7216/001.jpg miniworld/7216/002.jpg miniworld/7216/003.jpg

Kit MCW7217 - Browning M2 cal.50
(casted bronze + photo-etched)

miniworld/7217/001.jpg miniworld/7217/002.jpg miniworld/7217/003.jpg miniworld/7217/004.jpg miniworld/7217/005.jpg miniworld/7217/006.jpg

Kit MCW7218 - MG-34 machine gun with bipod
(casted bronze + photo-etched)

miniworld/7218/001.jpg miniworld/7218/002.jpg miniworld/7218/003.jpg

Kit MCW7219 - 12.7mm DShK heavy machinegun mod.1938
(casted bronze + photo-etched)

miniworld/7219/001.jpg miniworld/7219/002.jpg miniworld/7219/003.jpg miniworld/7219/004.jpg

Kit MCW7220 - DShKM heavy machinegun
(casted bronze + photo-etched)


Kit MCW7221 - MG-15 machine gun
(casted bronze + photo-etched)

miniworld/7221/001.jpg miniworld/7221/002.jpg miniworld/7221/003.jpg miniworld/7221/004.jpg

Kit MCW7222 - MG-42 machine gun
(casted bronze + photo-etched)

miniworld/7222/001.jpg miniworld/7222/002.jpg miniworld/7222/003.jpg

Kit MCW7223 - Darne machine gun (aircraft and tank version)
(casted bronze + photo-etched)

miniworld/7223/001.jpg miniworld/7223/002.jpg miniworld/7223/003.jpg miniworld/7223/004.jpg

Kit MCW7224 - Type 98 IJA, Type I JIN Japanese Machine Gun
(casted bronze + photo-etched)

miniworld/7224/001.jpg miniworld/7224/002.jpg miniworld/7224/003.jpg

Kit MCW7225 - DShKM heavy machinegun, turret version
(casted bronze + photo-etched)

miniworld/7225/001.jpg miniworld/7225/002.jpg miniworld/7225/003.jpg

Kit MCW7227 - Browning M2 cal.50 Aircraft barrel (10 or 2 pieces)
(casted bronze + photo-etched)

miniworld/7227/001.jpg miniworld/7227/002.jpg miniworld/7227/003.jpg

Kit MCW7228 - Browning M2 cal.50 on mount tank
(casted bronze + photo-etched)

miniworld/7228/001.jpg miniworld/7228/002.jpg miniworld/7228/003.jpg miniworld/7228/004.jpg

Kit MCW7230 - Browning M2 cal.50 Aircraft (fixed or flexible)
(casted bronze + photo-etched)

miniworld/7230/001.jpg miniworld/7230/002.jpg

Kit MCW7231 - Browning Machine Gun. Cal .30 barrel (10 or 2 pieces)
(casted bronze + photo-etched)

miniworld/7231/001.jpg miniworld/7231/002.jpg

Kit MCW7232 - M 240 B, C, D, E, G
(casted bronze + photo-etched)

miniworld/7232/001.jpg miniworld/7232/002.jpg miniworld/7232/003.jpg miniworld/7232/004.jpg

Kit MCW7243 - Browning.303 (British) Aircraft barrel (8 pieces)
(casted bronze)


Kit MCW7276 - Polish WZ.37 machine gun "Szczeniak"
(casted bronze + photo-etched)


Kit MCW7277 - Polish WZ.33 machine gun barrel
(casted bronze)


Kit MCW7278 - Polish set of guns for PZL.23 "Karas"
(casted bronze + photo-etched)


Kit MCW7279 - Polish set of guns for PZL.37 "Los"
(casted bronze + photo-etched)


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