1/76 MMS Classic Models

August 2017 - "Out of production"

- retirement - Comments owner: I have not had any offer for the business that I have felt able to accept, so MMS will cease trading.

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Below are a few pictures about the MMS Models collection. For the hole collection you have to visit MMS-Models website

Kit 003 - A10 MKI Cruiser Tank

Model built by Luciano Marcuzzi

mms/003/01.jpg mms/003/02.jpg mms/003/03.jpg mms/003/04.jpg

Kit 020 - Cruiser Mk IVA C.S. - A13 Mk II

Model built by Luciano Marcuzzi

mms/020/01.jpg mms/020/02.jpg mms/020/03.jpg mms/020/04.jpg mms/020/05.jpg mms/020/06.jpg mms/020/07.jpg mms/020/08.jpg

Kit 0021 - U.S. M4A1 76 (W)
Kit 0022 - Komsomolyets Artillery Tractor
Kit 0023 - A9 Close Support

mms/021.jpg mms/022.jpg mms/023.jpg

Kit 0024 - Marmon Herrington MkII A/Car


Model built by Luciano Marcuzzi

mms/024/02.jpg mms/024/03.jpg mms/024/04.jpg mms/024/05.jpg

Kit 952 - Tiger 1 Ausf. E - Late Production


Kit 953 - 17pdr. Firefly Mk 1C - Hybrid
Kit 955 - Marder II Pak 36( r )
Kit 967 - Morris PU 8cwt GS Truck
Kit 968 - OT34 Flamethrower
Kit 969 - Russian SU-76i Tank Destroyer

mms/953.jpg mms/955.jpg mms/967.jpg mms/968.jpg mms/969.jpg

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August 2017 - "Out of production"

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