Aksay, Russia

War History Museum Aksay, nearby Rostov on Don, Russia.

Most of the vehicles and guns are Post War, pictures posted by Roman Skiba
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"War History Complex of Aksay's War History Museum".
Ministry of culture of Rostov region."

aksay/awm/001.jpg aksay/awm/002.jpg aksay/awm/003.jpg

120mm Regiment Mortar, model 1938. Distance of shooting - 0,1- 4km.

aksay/awm/004.jpg aksay/awm/004-1.jpg aksay/awm/004-2.jpg aksay/awm/004-3.jpg

ZU-23 Zenith's mounting. Distance of shooting - 2,5km.

aksay/awm/005.jpg aksay/awm/005-1.jpg aksay/awm/005-2.jpg aksay/awm/005-3.jpg aksay/awm/005-4.jpg

ZIS-3, 76mm, model 1942. Distance of shooting - 6 - 8km

aksay/awm/006.jpg aksay/awm/006-1.jpg aksay/awm/006-2.jpg aksay/awm/006-3.jpg aksay/awm/006-4.jpg

SD-44, 85mm, model 1944. Distance of shooting - 10 - 12km.

aksay/awm/007.jpg aksay/awm/007-1.jpg aksay/awm/007-2.jpg aksay/awm/007-3.jpg aksay/awm/007-4.jpg

100mm anti-tank Gun, model 1944. Distance of shooting - 16 - 18km.

aksay/awm/008.jpg aksay/awm/008-1.jpg aksay/awm/008-2.jpg aksay/awm/008-3.jpg aksay/awm/008-4.jpg aksay/awm/008-5.jpg

37mm Gun (Romania) model 1937. Distance of shooting - to 4km

aksay/awm/009.jpg aksay/awm/009-1.jpg aksay/awm/009-2.jpg aksay/awm/009-3.jpg aksay/awm/009-4.jpg

VK-12. Intend for formation of pontoon's bridge and to transport of technics over water's obstacle. Speed - 36km/h.

aksay/awm/010.jpg aksay/awm/010-1.jpg aksay/awm/010-2.jpg aksay/awm/010-3.jpg aksay/awm/010-4.jpg aksay/awm/010-5.jpg


aksay/awm/011.jpg aksay/awm/011-1.jpg aksay/awm/011-2.jpg aksay/awm/011-3.jpg aksay/awm/011-4.jpg aksay/awm/011-5.jpg

PTS Transporter floatable middle for transport of technics. Weight - 10t, Speed: on land - 42km/h, on water - 11,5km/h.

aksay/awm/012.jpg aksay/awm/012-1.jpg aksay/awm/012-2.jpg aksay/awm/012-3.jpg

Floating bridge pontoon's type for transport of artillery, Weight - 5t, Speed - 40km/h.

aksay/awm/013.jpg aksay/awm/013-1.jpg aksay/awm/013-2.jpg aksay/awm/013-3.jpg

BRDM-2 Armourclad reconnaissance guarding vehicle, Crew - 5 persons, Speed: on land - 80km/h, on water - 8 - 9km/h.

aksay/awm/014.jpg aksay/awm/014-1.jpg aksay/awm/014-2.jpg aksay/awm/014-3.jpg

BMP-2 Fighting vehicle of infantry - 2, Crew - 10 persons, Weight - 13t, Speed: on land - 60km/h, on water - 5km/h.

aksay/awm/015.jpg aksay/awm/015-1.jpg aksay/awm/015-2.jpg aksay/awm/015-3.jpg


aksay/awm/016.jpg aksay/awm/016-1.jpg aksay/awm/016-2.jpg aksay/awm/016-3.jpg

MTLB Multi-aim tug light armour clad, Crew - 2 persons, Weight - 11t, Speed - 60 km/h, Intend for tug of artillery armament.

aksay/awm/017.jpg aksay/awm/017-1.jpg aksay/awm/017-2.jpg aksay/awm/017-3.jpg

BMP-1 Fighting vehicle of infantry - 1, In armament since 1966 year, Crew - 10 persons, Weight - 10t, Speed: on land - 60km/h,on water - 5km/h

aksay/awm/018.jpg aksay/awm/018-1.jpg aksay/awm/018-2.jpg aksay/awm/018-3.jpg aksay/awm/018-3.jpg

Armoured Personal Transporter (APC) model of 1960 year, Landing - 6 persons, Weight - 10t, Speed: on land - 80km/h,on water - 10 - 12km/h.
This model is a special version of the BTR-60 PB - possible the ACCC version (Armoured Command Communication Carrier.

aksay/awm/019.jpg aksay/awm/019-1.jpg aksay/awm/019-2.jpg aksay/awm/019-3.jpg aksay/awm/019-3.jpg

Armoured Personal Transporter (APC) model of 1970, Water-throw motor, Landing - 7 persons, Weight - 12t, Speed: on land - 60km/h, on water - 10km/h.
The antenna in the front tell us that this model is a communication version from the BTR-70

aksay/awm/020.jpg aksay/awm/020-1.jpg aksay/awm/020-2.jpg aksay/awm/020-3.jpg aksay/awm/020-3.jpg


aksay/awm/021.jpg aksay/awm/021-1.jpg aksay/awm/021-2.jpg

Left overs from a War!!

aksay/awm/022.jpg aksay/awm/022-1.jpg aksay/awm/022-2.jpg aksay/awm/022-3.jpg

Aeroplane AN-2 construction by Antonov, multi-aim, Quantity of passengers to 12 persons. Crew - 3 persons.

aksay/awm/023.jpg aksay/awm/023-1.jpg aksay/awm/023-2.jpg aksay/awm/023-3.jpg aksay/awm/023-4.jpg


aksay/awm/024.jpg aksay/awm/024-1.jpg aksay/awm/024-2.jpg aksay/awm/024-3.jpg aksay/awm/024-4.jpg

Automobile URAL ZIS-5, Lifting of loads - 3t, Speed - 60km/h

aksay/awm/025.jpg aksay/awm/025-1.jpg aksay/awm/025-2.jpg aksay/awm/025-3.jpg

Automobile GAZ-63, Lifting of loads - 2t, Speed - 65km/h

aksay/awm/026.jpg aksay/awm/026-1.jpg aksay/awm/026-2.jpg

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