Adrian Turcu

Presentation of models built by Adrian Turcu from Romania.

With comments by Adrian Turcu.

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Opel Blitz

Opel Blitz, Italeri (ex-Esci mold), 1:72.

I've added the transparencies, tarpaulin (paper towel moist with dilluted white-glue) and the brass rod frame supporting it. Barrels are from the box.

aturcu/opel01.jpg aturcu/opel02.jpg aturcu/opel03.jpg aturcu/opel04.jpg

aturcu/opel05.jpg aturcu/opel06.jpg aturcu/opel07.jpg aturcu/opel08.jpg aturcu/opel09.jpg

Zil 157

Zil-157 Fuel Bowser, ICM, 1:72.

The model is build straight out of the box, only additions are a few brass handles to replace the original ones from the kit.

aturcu/zil01.jpg aturcu/zil02.jpg aturcu/zil03.jpg aturcu/zil04.jpg

aturcu/zil05.jpg aturcu/zil06.jpg

Zil 157

Zil-157 BM-13 Katoesja, ICM, 1:72.

aturcu/bm13.jpg aturcu/bm13-1.jpg aturcu/bm13-2.jpg aturcu/bm13-3.jpg aturcu/bm13-4.jpg


ZiS-5, AER Moldova, 1:72.
I have only added barrels and boxes from Details72 and some clear film for the transparencies.

aturcu/zis01.jpg aturcu/zis02.jpg aturcu/zis03.jpg aturcu/zis04.jpg

German Panzer IV Ausf. J - eastern front.

Pz. IV Ausf. J, Revell, 1:72.

aturcu/pz4.jpg aturcu/pz4-1.jpg aturcu/pz4-3.jpg aturcu/pz4-4.jpg aturcu/pz4-6.jpg

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