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Compare sprue pictures between Ceasar Miniatures Demag D7 and MPK Demag D7

Warning - the maximum size pictures are very big

Ceasar Miniatures kit 7204 - SdKfz.10 Demag D7

ceasar-mpk/ceasar/01.jpg ceasar-mpk/ceasar/02.jpg ceasar-mpk/ceasar/03.jpg ceasar-mpk/ceasar/04.jpg ceasar-mpk/ceasar/05.jpg ceasar-mpk/ceasar/06.jpg ceasar-mpk/ceasar/07.jpg ceasar-mpk/ceasar/08.jpg

The Tracks of this kit are very thin and have a wide from around 3.6mm

MPK kit 7201 / 7202 - SdKfz.10 Demag D7

ceasar-mpk/mpk/01.jpg ceasar-mpk/mpk/02.jpg ceasar-mpk/mpk/03.jpg ceasar-mpk/mpk/04.jpg ceasar-mpk/mpk/05.jpg ceasar-mpk/mpk/06.jpg ceasar-mpk/mpk/07.jpg

The Tracks of this kit are a little bit thicker then the Ceasar tracks and have a wide from around 4 mm


After comparing the sprue's from both kits, it's my opinion that the MPK kit is superior above the Ceasar Miniatures kit .... Webmaster

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