Gecko Heavy Industries models & Reforger Gecko - Resin 1/72

The master of the kits are made by a German modeller and is a member of the Swedish SIG.
The kits are in the 1/72 wargaming scale and need some experience in reworking and / or upgrading for collectors.
The kits come without decals, but a generic set is available from the manufacturer that will fit most of the models

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Kit 72001 - Stridsvagn m/41

gecko/72001/01.jpg gecko/72001/02.jpg gecko/72001/03.jpg gecko/72001/04.jpg gecko/72001/05.jpg gecko/72001/06.jpg

Kit 72002 - Stormartillerivagn m/43

gecko/72002/01.jpg gecko/72002/02.jpg gecko/72002/03.jpg gecko/72002/04.jpg gecko/72002/05.jpg gecko/72002/06.jpg gecko/72002/07.jpg

Kit 72003 - PBV301 (figure not included)

gecko/72003/01.jpg gecko/72003/02.jpg gecko/72003/03.jpg gecko/72003/04.jpg gecko/72003/05.jpg gecko/72003/06.jpg gecko/72003/07.jpg gecko/72003/08.jpg gecko/72003/09.jpg

Kit 72004 - Klargöringsbil 9711 Dallas-Jeep

The kit is aimed at modelers of Swedish Aircraft and diorama as the Jeep helped service and tow Saab Viggens and Grypens up until the 1990s

gecko/72004/01.jpg gecko/72004/02.jpg gecko/72004/03.jpg gecko/72004/04.jpg gecko/72004/05.jpg

Kit 72005 - KP Terrängbil m/42 VKPF / SKPF

gecko/72005/00.jpg gecko/72005/01.jpg gecko/72005/02.jpg gecko/72005/03.jpg gecko/72005/04.jpg gecko/72005/05.jpg gecko/72005/06.jpg gecko/72005/07.jpg

Kit 72006 - InfanteriKanonvagen - IKV Production Version - (master by Luigi Cuccaro)

gecko/72006/01.jpg gecko/72006/02.jpg gecko/72006/03.jpg gecko/72006/04.jpg gecko/72006/05.jpg gecko/72006/06.jpg gecko/72006/07.jpg gecko/72006/08.jpg

Kit 72007 - InfanteriKanonvagen - IKV Prototype Version - (master by Luigi Cuccaro)

gecko/72007/01.jpg gecko/72007/02.jpg gecko/72007/03.jpg gecko/72007/04.jpg gecko/72007/05.jpg gecko/72007/06.jpg gecko/72007/07.jpg

Kit 72008 - Bärgningsbandvagn BGBV 82

gecko/72008/00.jpg gecko/72008/01.jpg gecko/72008/02.jpg gecko/72008/03.jpg gecko/72008/04.jpg gecko/72008/05.jpg gecko/72008/06.jpg

Kit 72009 - Brobandvagn Brobvn 941

gecko/72009/00.jpg gecko/72009/01.jpg gecko/72009/02.jpg gecko/72009/03.jpg gecko/72009/04.jpg gecko/72009/05.jpg gecko/72009/06.jpg gecko/72009/07.jpg

Kit 72010 - Jeep J20 Dallas Klärgoring 9712 as used by the Flygvapnet to ferry airmen around bases in winter

gecko/72010/01.jpg gecko/72010/02.jpg gecko/72010/03.jpg gecko/72010/04.jpg gecko/72010/05.jpg gecko/72010/06.jpg gecko/72010/07.jpg

Kit 72011 - Swedish Bandkanon BK1 - Self propelled 155 mm Howitzer

gecko/72011/01.jpg gecko/72011/02.jpg gecko/72011/03.jpg gecko/72011/04.jpg

Kit 72012 - Dodge Rädningsbil 922

gecko/72012/01.jpg gecko/72012/02.jpg gecko/72012/03.jpg gecko/72012/04.jpg gecko/72012/05.jpg gecko/72012/06.jpg

Kit 72013 - Scania Rädningsterrängbil 4112

gecko/72013/01.jpg gecko/72013/02.jpg gecko/72013/03.jpg gecko/72013/04.jpg gecko/72013/05.jpg

Kit 72014 - Volvo C303 TGB11 - (No decals)

gecko/72014/01.jpg gecko/72014/02.jpg gecko/72014/03.jpg gecko/72014/04.jpg gecko/72014/05.jpg gecko/72014/06.jpg

Kit 72015 - Volvo C303 Pansarvarnspjasterrangbil - (No decals)

gecko/72015/01.jpg gecko/72015/02.jpg gecko/72015/03.jpg gecko/72015/04.jpg gecko/72015/05.jpg gecko/72015/06.jpg

Kit 72016 - Volvo C304 TGB13 - (No decals)

gecko/72016/01.jpg gecko/72016/02.jpg gecko/72016/03.jpg gecko/72016/04.jpg gecko/72016/05.jpg

Kit 72017 - Volvo C304 TGB1312-1316

Note July 2020: - Decals will be made available for 72017 in the future. The printer lost the file in the last 2 months, so there is a delay. Kits 72014 <-> 72016 will NOT get decals at all as they only need licence plates which can be made by one self

gecko/72017/01.jpg gecko/72017/02.jpg gecko/72017/03.jpg gecko/72017/04.jpg gecko/72017/05.jpg gecko/72017/1/01.jpg gecko/72017/06.jpg gecko/72017/07.jpg gecko/72017/08.jpg gecko/72017/09.jpg

Kit 72018 - Volvo 306 can be built as the TGB 21 troop transport or TGB 22 transport for the RBS 70 anty aircraft missile system, which is included

gecko/72018/01.png gecko/72018/02.jpg gecko/72018/03.jpg gecko/72018/04.jpg gecko/72018/05.jpg gecko/72018/06.jpg

Kit 72019 - PvKV m/43 can be built as the early or late version which has anarmoured roof.

gecko/72019/01.jpg gecko/72019/02.jpg gecko/72019/03.jpg gecko/72019/04.jpg gecko/72019/05.jpg gecko/72019/06.jpg

Kit 72020 - can be built in all Strv m/42 variants TM, TH, TV, EH as well as the IKV 73 (some are not externaly discernible)

gecko/72020/01.jpg gecko/72020/02.jpg gecko/72020/03.jpg gecko/72020/04.jpg gecko/72020/05.jpg gecko/72020/06.jpg gecko/72020/07.jpg

Kit 72021 - Strv 74 is in only one version, as the internal transmission difference could not discerned externaly

gecko/72021/01.jpg gecko/72021/02.jpg gecko/72021/03.jpg gecko/72021/04.jpg gecko/72021/05.jpg gecko/72021/06.jpg

Kit 72022 - Volvo-959-tow-truck-apu-745g-w-3d-towbar

Volvo Tow Truck for the Swedish Air Force. It was used from the late 1960s to the early 1990s. It comes with the necessary 3D printed tow bar for an SAAB AJ37 Viggen as well as the Kraftvagn 745G (GPU) which was used to start Viggens and J35 Drakkens etc.

gecko/72022/01.jpg gecko/72022/02.jpg gecko/72022/03.jpg gecko/72022/04.jpg gecko/72022/11.jpg gecko/72022/12.jpg gecko/72022/13.jpg gecko/72022/05.jpg gecko/72022/06.jpg gecko/72022/07.jpg gecko/72022/08.jpg gecko/72022/09.jpg gecko/72022/10.jpg

Kit 72023 - Volvo L370 / N84 Brage

gecko/72023/01.jpg gecko/72023/02.jpg gecko/72023/03.jpg gecko/72023/04.jpg gecko/72023/05.jpg gecko/72023/06.jpg

Kit 72024 - Volvo L37003 ammo loading truck 806 Brage

gecko/72024/01.jpg gecko/72024/02.jpg gecko/72024/03.jpg gecko/72024/04.jpg gecko/72024/05.jpg gecko/72024/06.jpg

Kit 72025 - J35 Draken Ground Support Set

In December 2022, Gecko Heavy Industries was pleased to release via Rebell Hobby in Sweden a comprehensive 1/72 resin ground support set for the legendary Saab J35 Draken, suitable for the diorama builder. After more than 5 years of research from photos and manuals as well as contacting Swedish museum for detailed photos and measurements, it was possible to put this set together. It featured the MB319 Servicebil 405 for electronics maintenance, the Kraftvagn 745B GPU, the Hydraulprovningsaggregat 804, the Omfornarvagn 802 “Humlan” electric servicing unit, 3 jacks, two different ammo carts “Ammunitionslapkärra,” ammo boxes for Aden 30 mm cannon munitions, a fluid replenishment cart, the combination tow bar, as well as oxygen, nitrogen and compressed air carts (Syrgaskärra 873/Kvävgaskärra 875/Tryckluftkärra 8051). Some instrument panel decals and rubber tubes are provided. This really offers ALL known GSE used on the Draken as well as some other Swedish jets of that era that are large enough to be cast in resin or that where ever depicted on a reference photo. Some of this equipment was also used on Finnish, Danish and Austrian Drakens.

gecko/72025/1/01.jpg gecko/72025/1/02.jpg gecko/72025/1/03.jpg gecko/72025/1/04.jpg gecko/72025/1/05.jpg

gecko/72025/01.jpg gecko/72025/15.jpg gecko/72025/16.jpg gecko/72025/17.jpg gecko/72025/18.jpg gecko/72025/02.jpg gecko/72025/03.jpg gecko/72025/04.jpg gecko/72025/05.jpg gecko/72025/06.jpg gecko/72025/07.jpg gecko/72025/08.jpg gecko/72025/09.jpg gecko/72025/10.jpg gecko/72025/11.jpg gecko/72025/12.jpg gecko/72025/13.jpg gecko/72025/14.jpg

Reforger Gecko - Resin 1/72

Kit ref72001 - RAF 1950s Ground Support Set

The 1950s RAF Ground Support Set is the first release. It includes the post war David Brown VIG1A Tractor, 1 x Vernon V-Bomber 3 axle Electric Servicing Trolley, 1 x Vernon MK3 Electrical Servicing Trolley, 2 x RAF Type F Bomb Trolleys, RAF Canberra Bomb Load with Avro bomb rack and cradle For Type F Bomb Trolley. It’s designed to complement other GSE equipment from the likes of Flightpath, Big Sky or AIM. It should make for a busy Canberra or Hunter flight line diorama and the paint schemes can be quite colourful with RAF Yellow and RAF Blue and later Olive Drab. The Vernon MK3 was ubiquitous on RAF airfields and the Vernons 3 Axle Trolley was widely used for V bombers and large transports until the early 1970s. The RAF Type F Bomb Trolley was also used for bombs in other configurations, rockets and for maintenance. The David Brown VIG1A was larger and more powerful than its WWII predecessor and could be seen in numerous paint schemes at all RAF airfield of the Era as well as in red with flat hubcaps also on Royal Navy carriers. It complements the Airfix WWII era David Brown tractor in the RAF Bomber Support Set.

gecko/ref72001/01.jpg gecko/ref72001/02.jpg gecko/ref72001/03.jpg gecko/ref72001/04.jpg gecko/ref72001/05.jpg gecko/ref72001/06.jpg gecko/ref72001/07.jpg gecko/ref72001/08.jpg gecko/ref72001/09.jpg gecko/ref72001/10.jpg

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