"Poklonnaya Gora Hill, Moscow"

"Great Patriotic War Museum", Historical War Museum, Memorial Victory Park Moscow, Russia

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PoklonnayaGora PoklonnayaGora gpwm/allies.jpg PoklonnayaGora PoklonnayaGora

German Anti Aircraft variants with 8 barrels (20 / 30mm)

gpwm/85.jpg gpwm/86.jpg gpwm/94.jpg

gpwm/87.jpg gpwm/88.jpg ............ gpwm/89.jpg gpwm/90.jpg

gpwm/91.jpg ............ gpwm/93.jpg

05 April 2005: Wolfgang Seles from Austria inform me, that there is information about this guns in the Waffenrevue 106 from Autumn 1997 and number 109 from Summer 1998.
The name of the articles is "German R & D of multibarrelled AA Weapons ("Salvenmaschinenkanonen")in WW II."

29 June 2005: Hans van Oerle from the Netherlands inform me, that there is documentation about this guns in the magazines "Nuts & Bolts" 3 and 8 - Experimental Flak part 1 and 2.
Hans thanks for the information and copies of the articles.

Other Guns

Naval Gun
Japanese gun 75mm

gpwm/v01.jpg ) gpwm/v09.jpg ) gpwm/v11.jpg ) gpwm/v12.jpg )

Citroen Kegresse Halftrack


gpwm/CK_01.jpg gpwm/CK_02.jpg gpwm/CK_03.jpg gpwm/CK_04.jpg gpwm/CK_05.jpg gpwm/CK_06.jpg gpwm/CK_07.jpg

to the Tankmaster "The Tankmaster" an amazing Russian armor website. Many of high resolution color and B&W images of Russian and Soviet armor and artillery. It is also a retail model site featuring high quality resin kits made in Russia. Featuring MajorModels, OA, SK(Russia).

Other Vehicles

Amphibian Jeep
Gaz Ambulance
Gaz 67B Jeep with Mortar
Komsomolets carrier

gpwm/v03.jpg ) gpwm/v04.jpg ) gpwm/v05.jpg ) gpwm/v06.jpg )

Field Kitchen

gpwm/v07.jpg ) gpwm/v08.jpg ) gpwm/v10.jpg )

German Rail-Cutter

gpwm/95.jpg ) gpwm/96.jpg )

Russian Railway Guns and Wagons

gpwm/v23.jpg gpwm/v24.jpg gpwm/99.jpg gpwm/97.jpg gpwm/98.jpg gpwm/v21.jpg

Russian Heavy Railway Guns

Russian TM-1 Railroad gun

gpwm/100.jpg gpwm/101.jpg gpwm/v26.jpg

Russian TM-3-12 1938 305mm Railroad gun in Poklonnaya Gora, Moscow

gpwm/110.jpg gpwm/111.jpg gpwm/112.jpg gpwm/113.jpg gpwm/115.jpg gpwm/v22.jpg

gpwm/v13.jpg gpwm/v14.jpg gpwm/v15.jpg gpwm/v16.jpg (Pictures by Nick Matveev)

Russian TM-3-12 1938 305mm Railroad gun in Railway Museum St.Petersbourgh

gpwm/v17.jpg gpwm/v18.jpg gpwm/v19.jpg gpwm/v20.jpg (Pictures by Nick Matveev)

Airplanes: German Messerschmitt BF109 - Russian Sturmovik and other airplanes

gpwm/104.jpg gpwm/105.jpg gpwm/106.jpg gpwm/107.jpg gpwm/102.jpg gpwm/103.jpg gpwm/v02.jpg

British Lend-lease Wasp with different wheels - (or wrong wheels?)

gpwm/108.jpg gpwm/109.jpg

In the museum are many Wall-paintings with diorama's from important Battles's
The pictures shows the "Reichstag-battle" in Berlin

gpwm/1.jpg gpwm/2.jpg gpwm/3.jpg gpwm/4.jpg

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