Review of 1/72 Colibri, Fort Ltd, Komintern Models and Model Group Dnieper (MGD), all from Ukraine

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Kit 72001 - Gaz-67 Jeep
Kit 72001 - Sprue Layout Gaz-67

mgd/72001.jpg mgd/72001-1.jpg mgd/72001-2.jpg

The Russian Gaz-67 Jeep is from very high quality, high detailed, with small nice casted parts. (As example a advice for some other manufacturers!!) The kit is originally released by the "Colibri" manufactory, later re-released by "Fort" and "Model Group Dnieper", but all this companies are "out of production".
Luckfully is the Gaz-67 kit re-released again by Eastern-Express and Ace-Models. (On the sprue you found the original Colibri label)

mgd/72001-3.jpg mgd/72001-4.jpg mgd/72001-5.jpg mgd/72001-6.jpg mgd/72001-7.jpg mgd/72001-8.jpg

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Kit 7210 - Russian Gaz-AA Truck
Kit 7211 - Russian Gaz-AAA Truck
Kit 7210/11 - Sprue Layout Gaz- AA-AAA

mgd/7210.jpg mgd/7211.jpg mgd/sprue.jpg

The Russian Gaz-Trucks are also from very high quality in casting and details and are also as example a advice for some other manufacturers!!
Parts for the 2 versions are on the same sprue, only the box-layout and the instruction sheet are different.

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Other variants on the GAZ trucks

mgd/variants1.jpg mgd/variants2.jpg

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