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From origine an aircraft / ships modeller, has started with (one) military vehicle in the 1/72 scale Mister Craft Hobby Kits, OlympAircraft, ul. Sarbinowska 27/19 54-320 Wroclaw, Poland, tel. +48 501 589 625, E-mail: olympaircraft@o2.pl

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Kit MSCD299 - Willy Jeep with Trailer

Note: - on the box side and in the instruction sheet a 0.5 Browning shown but this weapon is NOT included in the kit
- on the box side is the incorrect inscription that decals for 4 painting schemes. The box contains decals for 9 painting schemes (USA, two Polish, German, Soviet, Greek, Italian, British - Royal Navy and French
- This Mister Craft kit is a re-box of the Heller kit with new decals

mistercraft/MSCD299/01.jpg mistercraft/MSCD299/02.jpg mistercraft/MSCD299/03.jpg mistercraft/MSCD299/04.jpg mistercraft/MSCD299/05.jpg mistercraft/MSCD299/06.jpg mistercraft/MSCD299/07.jpg mistercraft/MSCD299/08.jpg mistercraft/MSCD299/09.jpg mistercraft/MSCD299/10.jpg mistercraft/MSCD299/11.jpg mistercraft/MSCD299/12.jpg

Heller kit 79997 - Willy Jeep with Trailer - (US 1/4 ton Truck)

mistercraft/MSCD299/1/00.jpg mistercraft/MSCD299/1/01.jpg mistercraft/MSCD299/1/02.jpg mistercraft/MSCD299/1/03.jpg

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