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Llus Vilalta - Minairons miniatures, Avinguda U, 139, 08794 Les Cabanyes, Catalonia, Spain

Minairons miniatures' ranges will usually have a close relationship with the military history of the nations of the Iberian Peninsula - logically with a special accent on Catalonia, where the brand is born. In this manner, the starting range will consist of a selection of Spanish Civil War fighting vehicles, mainly those with a wider use in other Inter-war conflicts, or even early WWII. These are to be released in 1/72 and 1/100 scale first - leaving an eventual 28mm range for a little later, depending on demand and budget volumes.

Minairons Miniatures are kits in the "Fast Assembly - Quick Build Range" for wargamers and/or collectors

True that, as for detail level, our kits wouldn't stand face to higher detailled examples, certainly. But we're not aimed at such target --but to producing a good wargaming model instead.
Technically, the more parts you can divide the model in, the more detail you get. But this implies a higher production cost and, more important, a substantially higher fragility of the finished model.
Intended at wargaming as it is, our model must be sturdy --although detailed enough for looking good on a wargaming tabletop.

(And well... I'm happy to say this particular model seems to have been a goal, for wargamers do like it!)

About resin and mixed kits, we realized that some SCW vehicles were so uncommon, or produced in so small numbers, that it would have been unwise to try and produce them in plastic --for the large production needed for redeeming mould cost, face to the unlikeliness to sell them by significant quantities. So we've chosen to derive some models to resin production, instead of plastic. designing process keeps being the same, though: CAD designing from blueprints (whenever these exist) or contemporary pictures.
About the Pz. Befehlswagen track units, they're closed around the wheels. There's a resin layer amongst --but too thick for being easily worked, I believe. Not properly one side castings; the visible inner side (lower wheels) has been also worked out.

Update and Reworking:
I am retooling time to time some models - usually following some feedback

Lluis Vilalta, Director

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Catalog 2021

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Download your copy of the Minairons catalogue 2021. - (all scales)

Catalan made IGC Sadurni d'Anoia assault tank, carrier and tractor

This tank was the result of a commission of the IGC, or War Industries Board of Catalonia, to a tractors factory in the town of Sant Sadurni d'Anoia --henceforth tank's name itself--, by that time held by CNT anarchist trade union.
Little time later (around February 1937), three different vehicles were formally presented by them to Presidents Azana and Companys, all three built on a common chassis structure: a so-called Assault Tank, a Universal Carrier and an Artillery Tractor. This tank version we've just released was the less fortunate of all three, because it was rejected for mass production. In spite of its mechanical relliability, the tank was too poorly armed with just one Hotchkiss MG and, even worse, it showed no chances of being fitted a turret capable of carrying heavier weaponry. No longer than 3.5m, it weighed close to 4 and was powered by a 60HP Hispano Suiza engine, so it stood on the border line between tankettes and proper tanks.
Two prototypes of this tank had been built, whose ultimate fate is plainly unknown. Perhaps they were reconverted into tractors, or discretely diverted by CNT to the anarchist columns in the Front of Aragon, where the lack of modern armour had become dramatic.
- Lluis Vilalta, Director

For information about the Sadurni d'Anoia Tank, visit:

logo "Vehiculosblindadosdelaguerracivil", Blogspot

Sadurni d'Anoia assault tank

minairons/GEV/20GEV001/01.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV001/02.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV001/03.jpg

Sadurni d'Anoia carrier


Sadurni d'Anoia tractor


Sadurni d'Anoia tank, carrier and tractor

minairons/GEV/20GEV001/06.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV001/07.jpg

Spanish Civil War (SCW) - (Kit Code - GEV)

Kit 20GEV001 - IGC Sadurni tank

A short run tank, only 2 prototypes of which were built by a Catalan industry, renowned by their Benach civilian tractors.
Rejected for mass production by the Spanish Republic Ministry of Defence; allegedly due to poor weaponry, as well as the unability to being improved by the addition of a rotating turret.
It's completely unknown the ultimate fate of the prototypes built --although not unlikely to have been sent anyway to the Aragon Front.

1 resin model kit in a box
3 resin main parts
Hard plastic MG
Decalsheet for 5+ SCW Catalan and Very British Civil War (VBCW) Scottish Republic AFVs

minairons/GEV/20GEV001/1/01.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV001/1/02.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV001/1/03.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV001/1/04.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV001/1/05.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV001/1/06.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV001/1/07.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV001/1/08.jpg

Model built by Julio Lopez

minairons/GEV/20GEV001/2/01.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV001/2/02.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV001/2/03.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV001/2/04.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV001/2/05.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV001/2/06.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV001/2/07.jpg

Kit 20GEV002 - Panzer I ausf. A

Fast assembly hard plastic model kit
3 sprues in a box
Alternative SCW enlargened turret armed with a Breda 20mm gun
Decalsheet for several Spanish Nationalist, early WWII German and Kuomintang Chinese markings

minairons/GEV/20GEV002/01.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV002/02.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV002/03.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV002/04.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV002/05.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV002/06.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV002/07.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV002/08.jpg

minairons/GEV/20GEV002/3/01.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV002/3/02.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV002/3/03.jpg

Standard turret

minairons/GEV/20GEV002/1/01.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV002/1/02.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV002/1/03.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV002/1/04.jpg

20mm Breda gun "modificado" turret

minairons/GEV/20GEV002/2/01.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV002/2/02.jpg

For an OTW preview about kit 20GEV002 - PANZER I Ausf. A visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit 20GEV003 - Bilbao armoured car (Released)

Initially intended to serve as an anti-riot AFV, it was the standard armoured vehicle of the Guardia de Asalto police, although some were also delivered to a Cavalry Battalion.
Most fought the SCW on the Republican side, although some were captured by the Nationalists.
It has been recently known than one or two of these latter were added flamethrowers.

2 mainly resin model kits in a box
Hard plastic MG and fore wheels
Paper sheet with 3 full-coloured, textured Institutional flags of the Republic

minairons/GEV/20GEV003/01.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV003/02.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV003/03.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV003/04.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV003/05.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV003/06.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV003/07.jpg

Kit 20GEV004 - Befehlswagen I ausf. B

Mixed resin and hard plastic model kit including all the parts necessary to build the model either as a regular turreted Panzer I ausf. B, or a Befehlswagen command tank. This latter can also be built in two different versions.

1 mainly resin model kit in a box
Alternative hard plastic body and turret
Decalsheet for several German, Hungarian, Spanish Nationalist and VBCW British Union of Fascists (BUF) tanks

minairons/resin/20GEV004/01.jpg minairons/resin/20GEV004/02.jpg minairons/resin/20GEV004/03.jpg minairons/resin/20GEV004/04.jpg minairons/resin/20GEV004/05.jpg minairons/resin/20GEV004/06.jpg minairons/resin/20GEV004/07.jpg

Buil model by Ruben Torregrosa

minairons/resin/20GEV004/1/01.jpg minairons/resin/20GEV004/1/02.jpg

Minairons Miniatures is delighted to formally present its latest production, the Pz. Befehlswagen I ausf. B in 1:72nd scale. This is a kit mostly made in resin, albeit with a couple of optional parts in hard plastic, aimed at allowing you to build the model as a regular fighting Pz.Kpfw I ausf. B. The whole set consists of 10 resin parts, a couple of them also optional, besides of the above commented plastic pieces.
As a novelty with regard to prior releases, this new set is complimented with a decals sheet including not only the expected historical national markings (German, Hungarian and Spanish Nationalist), but also a fictional set. Indeed, sheet also includes BUF symbol roundels for the fictional Very British Civil War (VBCW) setting.

Kit 20GEV005 - T-26 versions A & B (Released)

Fast assembly hard plastic model kit
2 sprues in a box
Alternative MG-armed twin turrets
Decalsheet for up to four USSR, Spanish (both SCW sides), Turkish and Finnish markings

minairons/GEV/20GEV005/01.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV005/02.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV005/03.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV005/04.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV005/05.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV005/06.jpg

Built Model

minairons/GEV/20GEV005/1/01.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV005/1/02.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV005/1/03.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV005/1/04.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV005/1/05.jpg

3D Drawings

minairons/GEV/20GEV005/2/01.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV005/2/02.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV005/2/03.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV005/2/04.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV005/2/05.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV005/2/06.jpg

T-26 production design

Minairons' T-26 tanks come in a sprue consisting of only 10 parts - 2 of which are intended for an alternative build of the twin-turreted "A" version. Following recommendations issued by several sources including those from a well-known magazine significant contributor, this time the main gun turret includes a hatchet that can be opened, as well as an optional tank commander torso.
These new tanks are available in a 2-sprues box, also including a decals sheet with national markings for a good number of Soviet, Finnish, Turkish and Spanish (both Republican and Nationalist) tanks.

Kit 20GEV006 - Renault FT-17

hull plastic sprue kindly supplied by HT
Fast assembly hard plastic model kit
(possible 2 or 3) sprues in a box
Alternative turrets and weapons
Decalsheet for several French, Basque, Spanish Republican and VBCW Anglican League tanks

minairons/GEV/20GEV006/01.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV006/02.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV006/03.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV006/04.jpg

Finished model by Minairons

minairons/GEV/20GEV006/1/01.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV006/1/02.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV006/1/03.jpg

Kit 20GEV007 - UNL-35 armoured car

minairons/GEV/20GEV007/01.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV007/02.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV007/03.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV007/04.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV007/05.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV007/06.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV007/07.jpg

Kit 20GEV008 - Hispano Suiza MC-36 armoured truck (released)

This massive AFV was built on the chassis of the popular Hispano Suiza T-69 heavy truck. Offered with no success to different Security Corps of Spanish Republican and Catalan Governments.
Some 5 to 15 were built and fought for the Republic in the first months of SCW.
Those not destroyed were captured by the Nationalists, who improved at least one of them by the addition of a T-26 turret. This one was used as high command vehicle.

1 mainly resin model kit in a box
Hard plastic alternative turret, as well as MG for the standard dome turret
Decalsheet for several vehicles of both sides

minairons/GEV/20GEV008/01.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV008/02.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV008/03.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV008/04.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV008/05.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV008/06.jpg

Finished model by Jef Hamblen

minairons/GEV/20GEV008/1/01.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV008/1/02.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV008/1/03.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV008/1/04.jpg


Fast assembly hard plastic model kit


Kit 20GEV010 - Harley Davidson Flatbed

minairons/GEV/20GEV010/01.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV010/02.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV010/03.jpg

Kit 20GEV011 - L3/33 Carro Veloce

Note: 3D printed prototype / test model

minairons/GEV/20GEV011/01.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV011/02.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV011/03.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV011/04.jpg

Kit 20GEV012 - BT-5

minairons/GEV/20GEV012/01.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV012/02.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV012/03.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV012/04.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV012/05.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV012/06.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV012/07.jpg

Kit 20GEV013 - IGC Sadurni carrier

An universal carrier version of IGC Sadurni tank, also short run.
Although rejected for mass production by the Spanish Republic Ministry of Defence, the 4 to 6 already built were nevertheless dispatched to the Aragon Front.

1 resin model kit in a box
3 resin main parts
White metal driver, officer and 4 passenger Republican soldiers
Decalsheet for 5+ SCW Catalan and Very British Civil War (VBCW) Scottish Republic AFVs --same as 20GEV001

minairons/GEV/20GEV013/01.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV013/02.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV013/03.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV013/04.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV013/05.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV013/06.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV013/07.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV013/08.jpg

Kit 20GEV014 - IGC Sadurni tractor & howitzer

Artillery tractor version of IGC Sadurni tank. This one was luckier than other versions. Built and used ceaselessly well up to the Ebro battle.
Kit includes a Schneider 155mm howitzer and carriage.

1 resin tractor and 1 howitzer in a box
All resin model kits
White metal driver
Same decalsheet as 20GEV001 and 20GEV013

minairons/GEV/20GEV014/1/01.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV014/1/02.jpg

minairons/GEV/20GEV014/01.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV014/02.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV014/03.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV014/04.jpg

Kit 20GEV015 - Henschel Typ 33 truck (Released)

1 mainly resin model kit in a box
White metal small parts
White metal driver

minairons/GEV/20GEV015/01.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV015/02.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV015/03.jpg

Built and painted model by Ruben Torregrosa

minairons/GEV/20GEV015/1/01.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV015/1/02.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV015/1/03.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV015/1/04.jpg

Kit 20GEV018 - Chevrolet 1.5ton truck

minairons/GEV/20GEV018/01.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV018/02.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV018/03.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV018/04.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV018/05.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV018/06.jpg

Kit 20GEV022 - Trubia-Naval tank

minairons/GEV/20GEV022/01.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV022/02.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV022/03.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV022/04.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV022/05.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV022/06.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV022/07.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV022/08.jpg

Kit 20GEV024 - Ford AA Frontline Bookmobile

Mainly resin kit, with some white metal small parts)
Kit will include the white metal figure of a Librarian or Driver

minairons/GEV/20GEV024/01.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV024/02.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV024/07.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV024/03.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV024/04.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV024/05.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV024/06.jpg

Finished model by Minairons

minairons/GEV/20GEV024/1/01.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV024/1/02.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV024/1/03.jpg

Kit 20GEV026 - Trubia A4 Tank

minairons/GEV/20GEV026/02.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV026/03.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV026/04.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV026/05.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV026/06.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV026/07.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV026/08.jpg

Kit 20GEV031 - Barbastro Tank

minairons/GEV/20GEV031/01.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV031/02.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV031/03.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV031/04.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV031/05.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV031/06.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV031/07.jpg

Kit 20GEV035 - Landesa tractor & Vickers 105mm Gun

minairons/GEV/20GEV035/01.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV035/02.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV035/03.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV035/04.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV035/05.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV035/06.jpg minairons/GEV/20GEV035/07.jpg

Spanish Civil War Scenery - (Kit Code - GEE)

Kit 20GEE001 - Bailed out tank

minairons/GEE/20GEE001/01.jpg minairons/GEE/20GEE001/02.jpg minairons/GEE/20GEE001/03.jpg minairons/GEE/20GEE001/04.jpg minairons/GEE/20GEE001/05.jpg

Kit 20GEE002 - Downed I-15 fighter

minairons/GEE/20GEE002/01.jpg minairons/GEE/20GEE002/02.jpg minairons/GEE/20GEE002/03.jpg minairons/GEE/20GEE002/04.jpg minairons/GEE/20GEE002/05.jpg minairons/GEE/20GEE002/06.jpg

Kit 20GEE003 - Wine Cellar

minairons/GEE/20GEE003/01.jpg minairons/GEE/20GEE003/02.jpg minairons/GEE/20GEE003/03.jpg minairons/GEE/20GEE003/04.jpg minairons/GEE/20GEE003/05.jpg

WW-II Range - (Kit Code - GMV)

Kit 20GMV001 - Flakpanzer I ausf. A

minairons/GMV/20GMV001/01.jpg minairons/GMV/20GMV001/02.jpg minairons/GMV/20GMV001/03.jpg minairons/GMV/20GMV001/04.jpg minairons/GMV/20GMV001/05.jpg

Kit 20GMV002 - Kugelpanzer

minairons/GMV/20GMV002/01.jpg minairons/GMV/20GMV002/02.jpg minairons/GMV/20GMV002/03.jpg minairons/GMV/20GMV002/04.jpg minairons/GMV/20GMV002/05.jpg minairons/GMV/20GMV002/06.jpg minairons/GMV/20GMV002/07.jpg

Kit 20GMV006 - OT-130 flamethrower tank

minairons/GMV/20GMV006/01.jpg minairons/GMV/20GMV006/02.jpg minairons/GMV/20GMV006/03.jpg minairons/GMV/20GMV006/04.jpg

Inter-wars range - (Kit Code - IGV)

Kit 20IGV002 - Benach M1935 Fast Tank

minairons/IGV/20GV002/01.jpg minairons/IGV/20GV002/02.jpg minairons/IGV/20GV002/03.jpg minairons/IGV/20GV002/04.jpg minairons/IGV/20GV002/05.jpg

minairons/IGV/20IGV002/01.jpg minairons/IGV/20IGV002/02.jpg minairons/IGV/20IGV002/03.jpg minairons/IGV/20IGV002/04.jpg minairons/IGV/20IGV002/05.jpg minairons/IGV/20IGV002/06.jpg minairons/IGV/20IGV002/07.jpg

Finished model by Minairons

minairons/IGV/20IGV002/1/01.jpg minairons/IGV/20IGV002/1/02.jpg minairons/IGV/20IGV002/1/03.jpg minairons/IGV/20IGV002/1/04.jpg

Kit 20IGV003 - Landesa Tank

minairons/IGV/20IGV003/01.jpg minairons/IGV/20IGV003/02.jpg minairons/IGV/20IGV003/03.jpg minairons/IGV/20IGV003/04.jpg minairons/IGV/20IGV003/05.jpg

Kit 20IGV004 - Renault TFS Tank

hull plastic sprue kindly supplied by HT

minairons/IGV/20IGV004/01.jpg minairons/IGV/20IGV004/02.jpg

Finished model by Minairons

minairons/IGV/20IGV004/1/01.jpg minairons/IGV/20IGV004/1/02.jpg

Spare Models 1/72 - (Kit Code - GER)

Kit 20GER002 - Panzer 1 Ausf. A

minairons/GER/20GER002/01.jpg minairons/GER/20GER002/02.jpg minairons/GER/20GER002/03.jpg

Kit 20GER003 - Bilbau Armoured Car

minairons/GER/20GER003/01.jpg minairons/GER/20GER003/02.jpg minairons/GER/20GER003/03.jpg

Kit 20GER005 - T26 Model A&B

minairons/GER/20GER005/01.jpg minairons/GER/20GER005/02.jpg minairons/GER/20GER005/03.jpg

Kit 20GER006 - Renault FT17

minairons/GER/20GER006/01.jpg minairons/GER/20GER006/02.jpg minairons/GER/20GER006/03.jpg

Kit 20GER007 - UNL-35 Armoured Car

minairons/GER/20GER007/01.jpg minairons/GER/20GER007/02.jpg minairons/GER/20GER007/03.jpg

Kit 20GER011 - L3/33 Carro Veloce

minairons/GER/20GER011/01.jpg minairons/GER/20GER011/02.jpg minairons/GER/20GER011/03.jpg

Kit 20GER014 - ICG Sadurni Tractor

minairons/GER/20GER014/01.jpg minairons/GER/20GER014/02.jpg minairons/GER/20GER014/03.jpg minairons/GER/20GER014/04.jpg

Kit 20GER022 - Trubia Naval Tank

minairons/GER/20GER022/01.jpg minairons/GER/20GER022/02.jpg

Kit 20GER035 - Landesa Tractor

minairons/GER/20GER035/01.jpg minairons/GER/20GER035/02.jpg

Spanish Civil Weapons (SCW) 1/72 - (Kit Code - GEG)

Kit 20GEG001 - Schneider 155/13 Howitzer

minairons/GEG/20GEG001/01.jpg minairons/GEG/20GEG001/02.jpg minairons/GEG/20GEG001/03.jpg minairons/GEG/20GEG001/04.jpg

Kit 20GEG002 - Vickers 105/22 Howitzer

minairons/GEG/20GEG002/01.jpg minairons/GEG/20GEG002/02.jpg minairons/GEG/20GEG002/03.jpg minairons/GEG/20GEG002/04.jpg

Kit 20GEG007 - Canone DA 105/28

minairons/GEG/20GEG007/01.jpg minairons/GEG/20GEG007/02.jpg minairons/GEG/20GEG007/03.jpg minairons/GEG/20GEG007/04.jpg

Spanish Civil War Figures 1/72 - (Kit Code - GEF)


minairons/GEF/20GEF001/01.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF001/02.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF001/03.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF001/04.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF001/05.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF001/06.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF001/07.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF001/08.jpg

minairons/GEF/20GEF001/1/01.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF001/1/02.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF001/1/03.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF001/1/04.jpg


minairons/GEF/20GEF002/01.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF002/02.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF002/03.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF002/04.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF002/05.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF002/06.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF002/07.jpg

Painted figures by Rafa Archiduque

minairons/GEF/20GEF002/1/01.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF002/1/02.jpg


minairons/GEF/20GEF003/01.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF003/02.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF003/03.jpg

Kit 20GEF004 - Republican AT Gun
(Two hard-plastic 45mm guns by The Plastic Soldier Company, with seven white metal Republican crewmen)

minairons/GEF/20GEF004/01.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF004/02.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF004/03.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF004/04.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF004/05.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF004/06.jpg

Kit 20GEF005 - Republican Vehicle Riders

minairons/GEF/20GEF005/01.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF005/02.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF005/03.jpg


minairons/GEF/20GEF006/01.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF006/02.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF006/03.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF006/04.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF006/05.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF006/06.jpg

Painted figures by Rafa Archiduque

minairons/GEF/20GEF006/1/01.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF006/1/02.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF006/1/03.jpg

Kit 20GEF007 - Nationalist HQ & Weapons

minairons/GEF/20GEF007/01.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF007/02.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF007/03.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF007/04.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF007/05.jpg

Kit 20GEF008 - Nationalist Artillery

minairons/GEF/20GEF008/01.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF008/02.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF008/03.jpg

Kit 20GEF009 - Nationalist Cavalry

minairons/GEF/20GEF009/01.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF009/02.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF009/03.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF009/04.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF009/05.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF009/06.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF009/07.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF009/08.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF009/09.jpg

Kit 20GEF010 - Nationalist Cavalry Command

minairons/GEF/20GEF010/01.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF010/02.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF010/03.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF010/04.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF010/05.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF010/06.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF010/07.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF010/08.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF010/09.jpg

Kit 20GEF011 - Militiawomen

minairons/GEF/20GEF011/01.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF011/02.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF011/03.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF011/04.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF011/05.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF011/06.jpg

Finished models by Minairons

minairons/GEF/20GEF011/1/01.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF011/1/02.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF011/1/03.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF011/1/04.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF011/1/05.jpg

Kit 20GEF012 - Militiamen

minairons/GEF/20GEF012/01.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF012/02.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF012/03.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF012/04.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF012/05.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF012/06.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF012/07.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF012/08.jpg

Kit 20GEF014 - 81mm mortar & Nationalist crew - (announced)

minairons/GEF/20GEF014/01.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF014/02.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF014/03.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF014/04.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF014/05.jpg

Kit 20GEF019 - Moroccan Regulars

minairons/GEF/20GEF019/01.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF019/02.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF019/03.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF019/04.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF019/05.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF019/06.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF019/07.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF019/08.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF019/09.jpg

Kit 20GEF020 - Moroccan Regulars HQ & Weapons

minairons/GEF/20GEF020/01.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF020/02.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF020/03.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF020/04.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF020/05.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF020/06.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF020/07.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF020/08.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF020/09.jpg

Kit 20GEF025 - Requet Carlist Militia

minairons/GEF/20GEF025/01.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF025/02.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF025/03.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF025/04.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF025/05.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF025/06.jpg

"Spanish Civil War" Packs - (Kit Code - GEF)

Kit 20GEF101 - Militia Female Casualties

minairons/GEF/20GEF101/01.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF101/02.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF101/03.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF101/04.jpg

Kit 20GEF201 - Republican Artillery Crew

minairons/GEF/20GEF201/01.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF201/02.jpg

Kit 20GEF202 - Nationalist Artillery Crew

minairons/GEF/20GEF202/01.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF202/02.jpg

Kit 20GEF401 - Republican Mortar & Crew

minairons/GEF/20GEF401/01.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF401/02.jpg

Kit 20GEF402 - Natinalist Mortar & Crewo

minairons/GEF/20GEF402/01.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF402/02.jpg

Kit 20GEF501 - Republican Dispatch Riders

minairons/GEF/20GEF501/01.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF501/02.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF501/03.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF501/04.jpg

Kit 20GEF601 - Republican Vehicle Riders

minairons/GEF/20GEF601/01.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF601/02.jpg

"Spanish Civil War" heads - (Kit Code - GEF)

New sets of separate heads for Spanish Civil War 20mm figures customization

Kit 20GEF991 - Isabelino Caps

minairons/GEF/20GEF991/01.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF991/02.jpg

Kit 20GEF992 - Berets

minairons/GEF/20GEF992/01.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF992/02.jpg

Kit 20GEF993 - 1/72 Woolen cap heads: 9 spare heads in bag

minairons/GEF/20GEF993/01.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF993/02.jpg

Kit 20GEF994 - 1/72 Maghribian turban heads: 9 spare heads in bag

minairons/GEF/20GEF994/01.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF994/01.jpg

Kit 20GEF995 - 1/72 Maghribian tarboosh heads: 9 spare heads in bag

minairons/GEF/20GEF995/01.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF995/01.jpg

Kit 20GEF996 - Pasamontana Caps

minairons/GEF/20GEF996/01.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF996/02.jpg

Kit 20GEF997 - Czech Helmets

minairons/GEF/20GEF997/01.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF997/02.jpg

Kit 20GEF998 - Trubia Helmets

minairons/GEF/20GEF998/01.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF998/02.jpg

Kit 20GEF999 - Adrian Helmets

minairons/GEF/20GEF999/01.jpg minairons/GEF/20GEF999/02.jpg

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