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Kit 7201 - M911 and M747 - M911 8x6 Heavy Equipment Tractor and M747 60-ton lowbed trailer combo...

The M911 (with M747 trailer) HET systems was used from 1979 to 1995, and it was the main transporter of the M1 Abrams in the Desert Storm.

minimanfactory/7201/01.jpg minimanfactory/7201/02.jpg minimanfactory/7201/03.jpg minimanfactory/7201/04.jpg minimanfactory/7201/05.jpg

Kit 72001 - M911 8x6 Heavy Equipment Tractor

minimanfactory/72001/01.jpg minimanfactory/72001/02.jpg minimanfactory/72001/14.jpg minimanfactory/72001/15.jpg minimanfactory/72001/03.jpg minimanfactory/72001/04.jpg minimanfactory/72001/05.jpg minimanfactory/72001/06.jpg minimanfactory/72001/07.jpg minimanfactory/72001/08.jpg minimanfactory/72001/09.jpg minimanfactory/72001/10.jpg minimanfactory/72001/11.jpg minimanfactory/72001/12.jpg minimanfactory/72001/13.jpg

Model built by Akos Szabo

minimanfactory/72001/1/01.jpg minimanfactory/72001/1/02.jpg minimanfactory/72001/1/03.jpg minimanfactory/72001/1/04.jpg minimanfactory/72001/1/05.jpg minimanfactory/72001/1/06.jpg minimanfactory/72001/1/07.jpg minimanfactory/72001/1/08.jpg minimanfactory/72001/1/09.jpg

Kit 72002 - M747 60-ton lowbed trailer

minimanfactory/72002/01.jpg minimanfactory/72002/07.jpg minimanfactory/72002/08.jpg minimanfactory/72002/02.jpg minimanfactory/72002/03.jpg minimanfactory/72002/04.jpg minimanfactory/72002/05.jpg minimanfactory/72002/06.jpg

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