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Presentation of diorama's built by Pascal Hut, from the Netherlands

Comments from Pascal Hut.

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Diorama 01 - "Yes dear, very nice" - inspired by the Kubinka Maus
Kit used is the Pegasus "Maus" (kit 7201) with Preiser "passengers" figures (72510). The rest of the diorama is scratchbuild.

hut/1/01.jpg hut/1/02.jpg hut/1/03.jpg hut/1/04.jpg

Diorama 02 - "Sonntagsruhe"
Kits used: Revell Stug ausf. G (03132) with preiser figures (72505, 72507), tools (1/87) and crates (1/87).

hut/2/01.jpg hut/2/02.jpg hut/2/03.jpg hut/2/04.jpg

This dio was sort of an accident, I started to build a house with a thatched roof and one thing led to another and it ended-up being the most complex dio I made so far (actually the first real dio). The stug was originally intended as a base for a sIG 33 assault gun, but I needed a vehicle for the house.
The stone wall and well were build stone by stone using white glue. The camouflage pattern on the stug is probably historically not correct but I like the idea of it.
Scratchbuild details where added like stowage rack and skirts to the stug, jerrycan handles, bread (miliputty), bucket, etc.

Diorama 03 - "They said it would be peanuts!"
Kits used: Academy kubelwagen (1310) with scratchbuild details and Preiser figure (72521), the panzerschreck is from a hasegawa figure set.

hut/3/01.jpg hut/3/02.jpg hut/3/03.jpg hut/3/04.jpg

The soldier has lost his way even though they told him it was easy to find (the signpost broken of). The "peanuts" revers to the base which is made from the lid of a peanut butter jar.
The vignette was built as an experiment with snow and tree stumps, the snow is made from plaster and the stumps from balsawood. Both techniques come from a terrain modeling book by Richard Windrow. They both turned out pretty nicely.
As can be seen figure painting is not my strong point. I did try to improve the "cold factor" of the vignette by adding a scarf around the figures head.

Diorama 04 - "Beutepanzer M4 748(a)"
Kits used: Italerie Sherman (7003) and italeri pak 35 (7026) with preiser panzer crew.

hut/4/01.jpg hut/4/02.jpg hut/4/03.jpg hut/4/04.jpg

A quick build with a leftover Sherman hull. Not a very good build, it could have used a lot more detailing but it was meant as a quick experiment in mud.

Diorama 05 - "Flakbunker"
Kits used: Flak from the Revell Sd Kfz 7/1 (03126) kit with Preiser infantry and crates

hut/5/01.jpg hut/5/02.jpg hut/5/03.jpg hut/5/04.jpg hut/5/05.jpg

The position was cast in 5 piece from plaster and based on dimension from an article on flak field positions on missing linx. What wasn't clear to me at the time was that normally earth is stacked up against the outer wall, hence this detail is missing. I used a miliputty mold from an original to reproduce the spare cartridges with molten plastic sprue. (This technique still requires some perfecting)

Diorama 06 - "Light machine gun position"
Kits used: Preiser figures and equipment (72505,72527)

hut/6/01.jpg hut/6/02.jpg hut/6/03.jpg hut/6/04.jpg

A textbook machine gun position as described in the Osprey fortress series book about German field fortifications. I was very happy with how the tree trunk came out.

Diorama 07 - "Kanonierschule"
Kits used: Tiger I turrets from both Tigers issued by Revell (03108/03116), Preiser panzer crew (72515) and ammo with box from Attack (72320).

hut/7/01.jpg hut/7/02.jpg hut/7/03.jpg hut/7/04.jpg hut/7/05.jpg hut/7/06.jpg

I got the idea from a picture I found on Alan Hamby's "Tiger I information centre" http://www.alanhamby.com/tiger.html
This was a very enjoyable project involving plaster casting and scratchbuilding. I used both types of turrets as if the second tower was built later as an extension of the original shooting range.

The figures came out pretty nice this time.

Diorama 08 - "Milk run"
Kits used: Hasegawa GMC cargo truck (MT20), Preiser figure (72502)

hut/8/01.jpg hut/8/02.jpg hut/8/03.jpg hut/8/04.jpg hut/8/05.jpg

This was my first attempt at scratchbuilding, I found some drawings of the wrecker on internet and decided to rebuild a truck I had already build. The milk car is completely scratchbuild. For a first try I think it came out quite good. The title comes from "milk run" being an easy task/mission. Again figures are not my strong point.

Diorama 09 - "Grubers little tank, E-100 "
Kits used: Dragon E-100 (7256) with a Preiser figure

hut/9/01.jpg hut/9/02.jpg hut/9/03.jpg

For the ones that don't know the TV-series 'Alo 'alo, the title refers to a small armored car of a character named Gruber, to which he always refers as "my little tank". (It's a bit farfetched)
It was a small project in between and it turned out to be a rather boring vignette. In the future I may take this apart and re-used the E-100 in a different setting.

Diorama 010 - "PAK 43 Neuntoter"
Kits used: ACE PAK 43 Neuntoter (72217) with preiser figure (72502)

hut/10/01.jpg hut/10/02.jpg hut/10/03.jpg hut/10/04.jpg hut/10/05.jpg

Added some scratched parts (Left part gunshield, paint bucket and brush). The big rock was plaster cast from a latex mold I made from a piece of tree bark. The mud on the guncarriage was made from pastel chalk in turpentine, which came out fairly decent.

Diorama 11 - "King tiger, prototype 3"
Kits used: Revell king tiger Porsche turret (03138) with preiser figures (72502)

hut/11/01.jpg hut/11/02.jpg hut/11/03.jpg hut/11/04.jpg

I found an interesting picture on internet and decided to do my first build based on a specific photo. I stripped almost al small details from the hull and added them from scratch including e.g. the cap for the snorkeling device on the rear deck and the old style exhausts.
I also made a small experiment with water, which was created with several layers of clear lacquer. The scene came out pretty good, however based on the information I had at the time my conclusion was that this must be the third prototype of the king tiger as I could not see any zimmerite on the vehicle on the picture I had, plus it had the cap for the snorkeling device, hence the erroneous title.
Later on I discovered this was an error as better pictures of the vehicle showed zimmerite and it turned out there is a whole different combat history attached to this vehicle. (I forgot which unit they fought with). This just shows how tricky it is to base dioís on actual photographs, especially a single photo and the importance of good research.

Diorama 12 - "Opel Blitz holzgas"
Kits used: MAC German 3-ton Vehicle w/Gas Generator (72065) and MAC 20mm Flak 38 (72063)

hut/12/01.jpg hut/12/02.jpg hut/12/03.jpg hut/12/04.jpg

These MAC kits come together really great. The only thing I scratched was the gun shield; the kit part was overly thick.
This vignette was to experiment with wire trees and autumn leaves. I was quite happy with the result.

Diorama 13 - "Sd. Kfz. 101, panzerkampfwagen I ausf. B"
Kits used: Italeri panzer I (7042) with preiser figure

hut/13/01.jpg hut/13/02.jpg hut/13/03.jpg hut/13/04.jpg

Just a simple vignette of the pnzr I with some small modifications to the exhaust and rear deck as described on "on the way". I also added an antenna.

Diorama 14 - "Sd. Kfz. 222 "DAK"
Kits used: ICM Sd. Kfz. 222 (27411) with preiser figures (72509)

hut/14/01.jpg hut/14/02.jpg hut/14/03.jpg hut/14/04.jpg hut/14/05.jpg

Added some details to the vehicle and replaced the head of the figure leaning on the vehicle. The wall and tower ruin are made from plaster. I really like the kit of the 222 it comes together really great and has separate wheels and hubs, which is very convenient for painting. Overall it came out pretty nice except that the figure taking the photo seems to be standing rather odd.

Diorama 15 - "Stampede"
Kits used: Dragon Elephant (7201) with preiser figures (72501, 72504)

hut/15/01.jpg hut/15/02.jpg hut/15/03.jpg hut/15/04.jpg

I know the painting scheme is completely wrong; the scene is an old one with little research. The plans behind the scene were making something active and try out the salt technique.
The salt technique is not something I personally like, I could not get the salt off properly after painting and this can be seen clearly.
Besides the not so fantastic painting of the vehicle I was quite happy with the corrugated iron roof (made from an aluminium dish) and also with the shack and the axe with chopped wood. Except for the vehicle and figures the rest is scratched.

Diorama 16 - "Was ist los?"
Kits used: Italeri king tiger turret (7004) with preiser figures (72510), machines, crates and tools (1/87)

hut/16/01.jpg hut/16/02.jpg hut/16/03.jpg hut/16/04.jpg hut/16/05.jpg hut/16/06.jpg hut/16/07.jpg

The columns came from an old revell kit of a rocket and launch platform. The rest of the scene is scratch build. I like the idea of having the black-out poster and the windows painted black. The scene came out pretty good (if I say so myself) except that it is a bit vague what the person looking at the turret is actually looking at.

Diorama 17 - "What's this thing for?"
Kits used: Revel tiger ausf H (03108) with ausf E (03116) details, the turret is from planet models bergetiger (MV003) and a preiser figure (72505)

hut/17/01.jpg hut/17/02.jpg hut/17/03.jpg hut/17/04.jpg

I bought the planet model bergetiger as my first resin kit. Personally I don't like resin, but some subjects are hard to get in 1/72 plastic. (This was pre-dragon). It really was disappointing for me, the only parts I ended up using where the turret and the PE, even the boom had to be rebuilt. Both tiger I's where left over from the kannonierschule dio. This was my first attempt at zimmerite with a homemade tool from the side of a cd case. The vehicle could have done with some more scratch details and a better paint job. My airbrushing abilities and equipment both need desperate upgrading, but practice makes perfect. De rubble was made in the usual manner from plaster casting.

Diorama 18 - "Sturmtiger"
Kits used: Dragon sturmtiger (7204), Italeri opel blitz (7014) with preiser figures (72504, 72515, 72507, statue: 72510, 72511)

hut/18/01.jpg hut/18/02.jpg hut/18/03.jpg hut/18/04.jpg

My first (and only) encounter with a die cast hull, I found it something not worth repeating. The tracks of the sturmtiger were to short and required a piece of revell tiger I track to complete it. The crane was rebuilt and the fenders and exhausts replaced. I've also added windows to the truck. The statue base is a left over sprocket from the revel 1/35 panther.
The sturmtiger rockets are cast from plaster as is the ruin, separate bricks and the town square. Although the street was meant to look cleaned after the battle it looks to clean and the rubble pile is not high enough.

Diorama 19 - "Four seasons in one day"
Kits used: Mirage panzer IV ausf. C (72853)

hut/19/01.jpg hut/19/02.jpg hut/19/03.jpg hut/19/04.jpg hut/19/05.jpg

I very much liked the idea of showing several types of camouflage used by the Germans in one setting. It took a while to find the right panzer that could have worn them all. As it turns out there was a particular ausf. C that was used right up to the end of the war in Normandy. Iíve read some negative things about the Mirage kit, but I must say I like it very much. It comes together great. It was rather difficult to show the difference between spring and summer, but I like the way autumn came out.

Diorama 20 - "8 cmm mortar position"
Kits used: Preiser 8 cm mortar team (72517)

hut/20/01.jpg hut/20/02.jpg hut/20/03.jpg hut/20/04.jpg hut/20/05.jpg

Small vignette based on the standard mortar position as described in the Osprey fortress series book "German field fortifications". It came out fairly nice except that it looks rather cramped while the dimensions are according to description.

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