1/72 scale resin models from Profikit, manufacturer from Czech Republic

"Out of Production" in March 2007. Company Stopped

03-2007 - Good News

The Profikit-Products are over to another Czech manufacturer and should be released again step by step.

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kit 7201 - 3,7cm KPUV vzor37/J,M17

profi/7201/01.jpg profi/7201/1/01.jpg profi/7201/02.jpg profi/7201/03.jpg profi/7201/04.jpg

kit 7202 - 3,7cm KPUV vzor37/P

profi/7202/01.jpg profi/7202/1/01.jpg profi/7202/02.jpg profi/7202/03.jpg

kit 7203 - 3.7cm Pak 34(t) Skoda

profi/7203/01.jpg profi/7203/1/01.jpg profi/7203/02.jpg profi/7203/03.jpg

kit 7204 - PRAGA RV Truck

profi/7204/01.jpg profi/7204/1/01.jpg profi/7204/02.jpg profi/7204/03.jpg profi/7204/04.jpg profi/7204/05.jpg

Model built by Alexandre Novellino

profi/7204/2/01.jpg profi/7204/2/02.jpg profi/7204/2/03.jpg profi/7204/2/04.jpg profi/7204/2/05.jpg profi/7204/2/06.jpg

For an "Christopher Benjamin" review about kit 7204 - PRAGA RV Truck visit:

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kit 7205 - 75mm Schneider 1897

profi/7205/01.jpg profi/7205/1/01.jpg profi/7205/02.jpg profi/7205/03.jpg profi/7205/04.jpg

kit 7206 - PRAGA "RV" & 3.7cm Pak 37(t)


kit 7207 - 75mm Schneider 1897/1938

profi/7207/01.jpg profi/7207/1/01.jpg profi/7207/02.jpg profi/7207/03.jpg profi/7207/04.jpg profi/7207/05.jpg profi/7207/06.jpg profi/7207/07.jpg

kit 7208 - 5cm Pak 38 - early type

profi/7208/01.jpg profi/7208/1/01.jpg profi/7208/02.jpg

kit 7209 - 75mm Field Gun Schneider 1897

profi/7209/01.jpg profi/7209/1/01.jpg profi/7209/02.jpg profi/7209/03.jpg profi/7209/04.jpg

kit 7210 - Pz.V "Bergepanther" - transition type

profi/7210/01.jpg profi/7210/1/01.jpg profi/7210/1/02.jpg profi/7210/1/03.jpg profi/7210/1/04.jpg profi/7210/1/05.jpg profi/7210/1/06.jpg

profi/7210/02.jpg profi/7210/03.jpg profi/7210/04.jpg profi/7210/05.jpg profi/7210/06.jpg profi/7210/07.jpg profi/7210/08.jpg profi/7210/09.jpg profi/7210/10.jpg

kit 7211 - Praga RV

profi/7211/01.jpg profi/7211/1/01.jpg profi/7211/02.jpg profi/7211/03.jpg profi/7211/04.jpg

kit 7212 - Pz.V "Bergepanther" - transition type


kit 7213 - Pz.V "Bergepanther" - Battle of Kursk


kit 7214 - 10cm FieldHowitzer, M14 Skoda


kit 7215 - Ben Hur, 1 ton Gargo Trailer

profi/7215/01.jpg profi/7215/1/01.jpg profi/7215/02.jpg profi/7215/03.jpg

kit 7216 - Ben Hur, 250gal Water Tank

profi/7216/01.jpg profi/7216/1/01.jpg profi/7216/02.jpg profi/7216/03.jpg profi/7216/04.jpg

1/72 Interior sets

kit 9201 - Ferdinand/Elephant interior set for TRUMPETER

profi/9201-03.jpg profi/9201.jpg profi/9201-01.jpg

kit 9202 - Pz. V "Panther" A/D detail set for REVELL

profi/9202-02.jpg profi/9202-01.jpg profi/9202.jpg

kit 9203 - Pz. VI "Tiger I" late detail set for REVELL

profi/9203-00.jpg profi/9203-02.jpg profi/9203-01.jpg profi/9203-03.jpg

kit 9204 - Panther Engine Set
kit 9205 - Panther Ammo Set
kit 9206 - Tiger Engine Set
kit 9207 - Tiger Driver Set
kit 9208 - Tiger I Combat Compartment Set for Revell
kit 9209 - Panther Correct Wheels

profi/9204.jpg profi/9205.jpg profi/9206.jpg profi/9207.jpg profi/9208.jpg profi/9209.jpg

kit 9210 - Enginet Set
kit 9211 - Maybach for Tiger
kit 9212 - Panther Etching parts
kit 9213 - German Jerrycans etc.
kit 9214 - Jeep Correct Wheels
kit 9215 - Panther type A/D Photo Etching grills

profi/9210.jpg profi/9211.jpg profi/9212.jpg profi/9213.jpg profi/9214.jpg profi/9215.jpg

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