Panzer IV and their VARIANTS

Source text and information:
Achtung Panzer - No 1 Panzerkampfwagen IV
German Combat Tanks 1933-1945, by Chris Ellis and Hilary Doyle
Waffen Revue No.64-1987
Russian magazine Boehhbie Pz4 - part 1, 2, 3 and 4
Internet Websites
Kagero Photosniper 012 Brummbar
Books with drawings by Hilary L. Doyle
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Panzer IV Proposal History

Panzer III MKA - Krupp Prototype

The Krupp MKA prototype for the Pz.III series. This was not adopted for the Pz.III, but features from it were later used in the Pz.IV.

VK2001 - Rheinmetal-Borsig Proposal



VK2002 MAN Concept



Panzer IV - Ausf.A



Model built by Kenneth Overby

cploverby/mp012/mp012-1.jpg cploverby/mp012/mp012-2.jpg cploverby/mp012/mp012-3.jpg cploverby/mp012/mp012-4.jpg cploverby/mp012/mp012-5.jpg cploverby/mp012/mp012-6.jpg cploverby/mp012/mp012-7.jpg cploverby/mp012/mp012-8.jpg cploverby/mp012/mp012-9.jpg cploverby/mp012/mp012-10.jpg

Panzer IV - Ausf.B



Panzer IV - Ausf.C



Model built by Werner Kampfhofer - 1/35 - www.modellversium.de


Panzer IV - Ausf.D



Model built by Ch.Hoeltge - ch-hoeltge.de


Panzer IV - Ausf.E



Model built by ? - 1/35




Panzer IV - Ausf.F1

PzKpfw. IV, Ausf. F1, (SdKfz. 161)
Appearing in 1941 at about the same time as the PzKpfw III, Ausf. J, this model saw substantial changes. The basic armouw thickness was increased from 30mm to 50mm on all front faces (hull, superstructure, turret) and to 30mm on the sides.The supplementary bolted armour was dropped The superstructure front was changed back to a single straight plate, and the hull machinegun was changed from the Gimbal mount to a ball mount, kugelblende 50. A thicker driver's visor, Fahrersehklappe 50, was also incorporated. The large single doors on the turret sides were replaced by dubble doors which had a vision port in the leading door and a pistol port in the rear door. Air intakes with cast cowls were included on the glacis plate brake access hatches. The new pattern dished sprocket and a tubular contruction idler wheel were fitted on each side, taking the new 400mm wide track which included slots in the outher web to take grousers or ice spargs. With the invasion of Russia and the requirement for many more Panzer Divisions, PzKpfw IV production was greatly stepped up. Two more firms, Vomag and Nibelungenwerke subsequently joined Krupp in building this model.


Panzer IV - Ausf.F2

PzKpfw. IV, Ausf. F2
The tail end of Ausf. F production was now converted to take the long barrel 7.5 cm KwK 40 L/43 gun on Hitlers direct orders, consequent upon the situation on the Russian front where the T34 had appeared and out-gunned all existing German tanks. The long barrel gun had been planned for introduction in the Ausf. G, but evens dictated its priority fitting in the earlier model. Fitted with the long 7.5cm gun the PzKpfw IV became reasonable match for the T34, and superior to British tanks. Vehicles so fitted were popularly known to the British as the "Mark IV Special". Aside from the gun there were no other factory changes in the Ausf. F2, though subsequent refits could result in installation of fittings more common to later models.


Model built by Mightybird72 - 1/35 - Ebay


Panzer IV - Ausf.G

PzKpfw. IV, Ausf. G. (SdKfz. 161/1)
This vehicle became the most important of the PzKpfw IV series, being built in huge numbers and with many production changes. The BW designation was dropped from this model on. The early KwK 40 gun had a single baffle muzzle brake and was to be seen on both the F2 and G. A double baffle muzzIe brake was soon introduced and became the commonest. On some early Ausf G the vision ports in the turret sides and front were deleted for both gunner and loader, but generally only the loader's were so removed. The turret roof was thickened from 10 mm to 15 min and there were many detail changes internally. There were very many detail changes externally - Ausf G tanks with Ausf F2 turrets, late production vehicles with early KwK 40 guns, and so on Ausf G production was under way by mid 1942. Front late 1942 an improved Ausf G appeared, production changes including the longer L/48 gun replacing the L/43. From July 1942 a proportion of tanks produced had extra 30mm armour plates welded or bolted to the nose and front. By January 1943 all production vehicles had the additional armour. At this time a new cupola with 100 min armour and single piece hatch appeared, and finally hull and turret side skirting plates (schurzen) were introduced. Chassisnumbers run to 84000. The three manufacturers, Nibelungenwerke, Krupp, and Vomag were each allocated separate number bands, but within these bands not all numbers were necessarily taken up by production.

Panzer IV - Ausf.H

PzKpfw IV Ausf H (Sd Kfz 161/2)
This was a new production model which introduced several mechanical and constructional features when introduced in mid 1943. The 7.5 cm KwK L/48, first introduced on the late Ausf G was standard, as was the thickened ( 100mm) cupola, which had a single flap rather than two half flaps. On some vehicles a V-shaped splash plate was welded to the turret roof forward of the cupola. Like the late Ausf G, the Ausf H had extra 30mm armour plates welded or bolted to the nose and front vertical plates. A new eight-spoked driving sprocket of webbed pattern was fitted, and the gearbox was changed from a ZF SSG 76 to an improved type, the ZF SSG 77. The very late production Ausf H had entirely new armour disposition, a single thickness of 85mm replacing the welded or bolted layers, and the armour plates were of inter-locked construction. Very late vehicles also had a new idler wheel of webbed and welded construction, the return rollers were of all steel type, and simplified limiting stops were fitted for the bogies. New vehicles were all fitted with Schurzen as standard, these being intended mainly as protection against hollow-charge projectiles of the bazooka type. The side skirts were mild steel, 5-9mm thick, hung from rails attached to the vehicle sides. These plates were removable. The turret skirting was similar but was a permanent fixture, with hinged panels opposite the turret side doors. Zimmerit anti-magnetic mine paste was a usual covering on new vehicles in the 1943-44 period. A semi-circular rail, Fliegerbesschussgerat, was fitted to the front of the cupola in most vehicles to take a MG 34 mount for AA defence. Output of the Ausf H was huge, Nibelungenwerke being the major producer with 46% of production. Krupp and Vomag built 27% each. Chassis numbers: 84001 - 90000 in at least six production bands.

Model built by Gianluca Travero - 1/72


Model built by Albert Chen - 1/72


Model built by Maza Takahashi - 1/35 - MissingLynx.com


Panzer IV - Ausf.J

PzKpfw IV Ausf J (Sd Kfz 161/2)
In December 1943 Krupp had ceased PzKpfw IV production (switching to StuG IV and the Möbelwagen FIPz IV), and in mid 1944 Vomag switched to building the Jagdpanzer IV. This left only Nibelungenwerke in Austria to build the last model, the PzKpfw IV Ausf J, which remained in production until the war's end. The Ausf J was similar to the Ausf H but featured a number of changes to simplify production. The auxiliary two-stroke DKW 500cc generator was removed from the engine compartment. An extra 44 gallon fuel tank replaced it. The turret could now be traversed by hand only. All turret vision ports were deleted except the gunners. The skirt armour was retained, but on late models the hull plates were replaced by heavy gauge wire mesh. A wider track specially developed for use in ice and snow on the Russian Front (Ostkette = East track) could be fitted. On late vehicles the four return rollers were reduced to three. A new type of turret fan extractor was fitted, and the rear exhaust system was simplified. Many fittings were now common to both PzKpfw III and IV and were like those used on SP vehicles based on the unified Pz III/IV chassis. For example towing lugs were formed from an extension of the side plates, the same as those introduced on the PzKpfw III Ausf J.

Model built by Andrew Judson - 1/35 - www.hsgalleries.com


Eastern Front - model built by Adrian Turcu - 1/72

aturcu/pz4.jpg aturcu/pz4-1.jpg aturcu/pz4-3.jpg aturcu/pz4-4.jpg aturcu/pz4-6.jpg

Panzer IV - Ausf.K - (Krupp Proposal for PzIV Ausf.H)


Model built by Calum Melrose - 1/72

pz4/K/01.jpg pz4/K/02.jpg pz4/K/03.jpg pz4/K/04.jpg pz4/K/05.jpg pz4/K/06.jpg pz4/K/07.jpg

Other Variants

Pz. IV Raketenwerfer VS150

Model built by - Unknown


Panzer IV Ausf.C - Model built by ? - 1/35 Diorama

pz4/vs150/1/01.jpg pz4/vs150/1/02.jpg pz4/vs150/1/04.jpg pz4/vs150/1/05.jpg pz4/vs150/1/06.jpg pz4/vs150/1/08.jpg pz4/vs150/1/09.jpg pz4/vs150/1/10.jpg pz4/vs150/1/11.jpg pz4/vs150/1/12.jpg pz4/vs150/1/13.jpg pz4/vs150/1/14.jpg pz4/vs150/1/15.jpg

Panzer IV Ausf. C - Model built by ? - 1/35

pz4/vs150/2/02.jpg pz4/vs150/2/03.jpg pz4/vs150/2/04.jpg pz4/vs150/2/05.jpg pz4/vs150/2/06.jpg pz4/vs150/2/07.jpg pz4/vs150/2/08.jpg pz4/vs150/2/09.jpg pz4/vs150/2/10.jpg pz4/vs150/2/11.jpg pz4/vs150/2/12.jpg

Panzer IV Ausf. D - Model built by ? - 1/35

pz4/vs150/3/01.jpg pz4/vs150/3/02.jpg pz4/vs150/3/03.jpg pz4/vs150/3/04.jpg

Bergepanzer Panzer IV

A few old PzKpfw IV chassis were used as towers, the turret being removed and recovery gear and tools being carried. A small number were converted late in 1944.


Model built by ? - 1/35 - www.falconbbs.com

pz4/berge/1.jpg pz4/berge/2.jpg pz4/berge/3.jpg pz4/berge/4.jpg

Model built by Zhenmin Han - 1/72

Han/berge4/01.jpg Han/berge4/02.jpg Han/berge4/03.jpg Han/berge4/04.jpg Han/berge4/05.jpg Han/berge4/06.jpg Han/berge4/07.jpg Han/berge4/08.jpg

Pz. IV, Bridgelayer / Bruckenleger (Magirus)
Pz. IV, Bridgelayer / Bruckenleger (Krupp)

pz4/bridge/1.jpg pz4/bridge/2.jpg

Bruckenleger IV
Two models of a launched vehicle-carrying bridge on the PzKpfw IV chassis are known to have been produced. One was built by Magirus and the other by Krupp. These were in service in 1940 and the Krupp-built vehicles were used in the invasion of France.
Bruckenleger IVS/Inf Sturm/Steg
This vehicle carried a light extending sectionalised bridge, total length 85 ft, enabling infantry to cross-Streams and gaps. The bridge was similar in structure to a fire brigade ladder.

Bridgelayer Panzer IVb on Panzer IV Ausf.D - Model built by Werner Kampfhofer - www.rlm.at

pz4/bridge/wer/01.jpg pz4/bridge/wer/02.jpg pz4/bridge/wer/03.jpg pz4/bridge/wer/04.jpg pz4/bridge/wer/05.jpg pz4/bridge/wer/06.jpg pz4/bridge/wer/07.jpg pz4/bridge/wer/08.jpg pz4/bridge/wer/09.jpg pz4/bridge/wer/10.jpg

Bridgelayer Panzer IV - Model built by Eugeny Crechaniy - 1/35

pz4/bridge/2/01.jpg pz4/bridge/2/02.jpg pz4/bridge/2/03.jpg pz4/bridge/2/04.jpg pz4/bridge/2/05.jpg pz4/bridge/2/06.jpg pz4/bridge/2/07.jpg

Bridgelayer Panzer IV - Model built by ?

pz4/bridge/1/01.jpg pz4/bridge/1/02.jpg pz4/bridge/1/03.jpg pz4/bridge/1/04.jpg pz4/bridge/1/05.jpg pz4/bridge/1/06.jpg

Pz. IV - with minenrollern - (Krupp version)


The Germans and Russians utilizedtanks with front-mounted rollers thatwould detonate mines, allowing the tankto make clear a path through minefields. Both German and Russian models couldclear mines moving forward but could bedestroyed when backing overunexploded mines.

Pz. IV - Tauchpanzer - (Built by Olav ?) - (1/35 scale - pictures from armorama.com)

pz4/tauch/01.jpg pz4/tauch/02.jpg pz4/tauch/03.jpg pz4/tauch/04.jpg pz4/tauch/05.jpg pz4/tauch/06.jpg pz4/tauch/07.jpg

Built model by Nagy Sandor - 1/72

pz4/taug/1/01.jpg pz4/taug/1/02.jpg pz4/taug/1/03.jpg pz4/taug/1/04.jpg pz4/taug/1/05.jpg pz4/taug/1/06.jpg pz4/taug/1/07.jpg pz4/taug/1/08.jpg

The Tauchpanzer was an attempt to make a tank capable of being submersed, for example to take part in beach landings or cross rivers. A number of Panzer III's and Panzer IV Ausf.D's were converted to participate in operation Sealion, but of course were never used. The Panzer IV Tauchpanzer's did however see use in various river crossings on the Eastern front. A small number of Panzer IV Ausf.E were converted in this way

For more pictures built Tachpanzer visit:

logo "Armorama" Website

Pz. IV - Beobachtungswagen (observation / commandtank) - (1/35 scale)


The Panzerbeobachtungswagen IV was an artillery observation vehicle based on the Panzer IV. Work on it began in September 1943, and it was hoped that production would begin in April 1944. The Pz Beob Wg IV featured the same commander’s cupola at the StuG III, with seven periscopes instead of the vision slits of the normal Panzer. A SF14Z scissors periscope was fitted, which could be raised without opening the cupola. The vehicle was also equipped with artillery plotting equipment and three radio sets. To make space for this the turret machine gun was removed. The Pz Beob Wg IV was used by Wespe and Hummel units.

For more pictures built model Panzer IV Beob.Wg by Bill Hazard visit:

logo "Military Modelling" Website

Pz.Sfl.IVa, "Dicker Max" with 10,5cm, K18 L/52

- (Only two prototypes were built and send to Russian front)


pz4/dickm/02.jpg pz4/dickm/03.jpg pz4/dickm/04.jpg pz4/dickm/05.jpg pz4/dickm/06.jpg pz4/dickm/07.jpg pz4/dickm/08.jpg pz4/dickm/09.jpg pz4/dickm/10.jpg pz4/dickm/11.jpg

Model built by MaxWinamp - 1/35 - www.outthere.info

pz4/dickm/max/01.jpg pz4/dickm/max/02.jpg pz4/dickm/max/07.jpg pz4/dickm/max/08.jpg pz4/dickm/max/09.jpg pz4/dickm/max/10.jpg pz4/dickm/max/11.jpg pz4/dickm/max/12.jpg pz4/dickm/max/13.jpg pz4/dickm/max/17.jpg pz4/dickm/max/19.jpg pz4/dickm/max/20.jpg

Munitionspanzer IV for the "KARL"


Munitionspanzer IV 'Karl'
This was a special conversion of the PzKpfw IV Ausf F with a load compartment and a 3ton crane, specially designed to carry ammunition for the heavy mortar Karl. Only a token number were converted.

Model built by ? - 1/35 - www.falconbbs.com

pz4/mun/02.jpg pz4/mun/03.jpg pz4/mun/04.jpg pz4/mun/05.jpg pz4/mun/06.jpg pz4/mun/07.jpg pz4/mun/08.jpg pz4/mun/09.jpg

PzKpfw IV, 88mm Self-Propelled Gun, "Nashorn"

Remaining example Aberdeen Profing Ground

pz4/nash/1.jpg pz4/nash/2.jpg

Model built by Mightybird72 - 1/35 - Ebay

pz4/nash/01.jpg pz4/nash/02.jpg pz4/nash/03.jpg pz4/nash/04.jpg pz4/nash/05.jpg pz4/nash/06.jpg

Model built by Alex Clark - 1/72

pz4/nash/1/01.jpg pz4/nash/1/02.jpg pz4/nash/1/03.jpg pz4/nash/1/04.jpg

PzKpfw IV,150mm Self-Propelled Howitzer "Hummel"

Remaining example Aberdeen Profing Ground

pz4/hum/1.jpg pz4/hum/2.jpg pz4/hum/3.jpg

Model built by ? - 1/35 - www.falconbbs.com

pz4/hum/01.jpg pz4/hum/02.jpg pz4/hum/04.jpg pz4/hum/05.jpg pz4/hum/06.jpg pz4/hum/08.jpg


pz4/stug/1.jpg pz4/stug/2.jpg pz4/stug/3.jpg pz4/stug/4.jpg

Model built by ? - 1/35 - www.falconbbs.com

pz4/stug/01.jpg pz4/stug/02.jpg pz4/stug/03.jpg pz4/stug/04.jpg pz4/stug/05.jpg pz4/stug/06.jpg

Model built by Kenneth Overby - 1/72

cploverby/mp005/mp005.jpg cploverby/mp005/mp005-1.jpg cploverby/mp005/mp005-2.jpg cploverby/mp005/mp005-3.jpg

JagdPanzer IV/70A (Alket - Prototype) - Zwischenlosung

Panzer IV/70(A) Zwischenlosung
It was planned to end PzKpfw IV production by February 1945, but production continued to the end of the war, due to the diminishing speed of production of the order. However, the success of the Vomag-designed Jagdpanzer IV led Hitler to ask for the premature end of PzKpfw IV production in July 1944. He wanted all PzKpfw IV output to be converted to Jagdpanzer vehicles armed with the 7.5 cm L/70. It was not possible to consider immediately such a change, as production was then about 300 units a month with considerable advance orders placed with suppliers. It was agreed that Nibelungenwerke would convert to the new Jagdpanzer IV chassis as soon as possible but in the meantime a proportion of their PzKpfw IV production would be converted to the Pz IV/70 Zwischenlosung (= interim) with a superstructure designed by Alkett. Thus by the end of the war, of the 2,500 (approximately) Ausf J built by Nibelungenwerke, almost 300 were converted to Pz IV/70(A) or Zwischenlosung. This vehicle was not a tank in the accepted. Sense, being really a version of the Jagdpanzer IV under another name. Its full development history is intimately bound up with the story of German self-propelled equipment and is outside the scope of this present book. The Pz IV/70(A) was, however, built on a tank chassis and justifies its inclusion here. There were several detail variations in the chassis. Most were essentially the Ausf J chassis, but some Pz IV/70 was on the unified PzKpfw III/IV chassis. The two leading bogies each side had steel rimmed 'silent bloc' wheels, the rear bogies having rubber tired wheels.

JagdPanzer IV/70 75MM PAK42 (L/70A) - (Zwischenlosung)



Remaining example in Panzer Museum Saumur

pz4/zwis/2.jpg pz4/zwis/3.jpg

Model built by Alex Clarck - 1/72

pz4/zwis/01.jpg pz4/zwis/02.jpg pz4/zwis/03.jpg pz4/zwis/04.jpg

Jagdpanzer IV (L/48) - SdKfz.162 - (O-Serie)


Model built by Kenneth Overby

cploverby/mp006/mp006-2.jpg cploverby/mp006/mp006-3.jpg cploverby/mp006/mp006-4.jpg cploverby/mp006/mp006-5.jpg

Jagdpanzer IV/48 - SdKfz.162

pz4/jagd/1/1.jpg pz4/jagd/1/2.jpg

pz4/jagd/1/01.jpg pz4/jagd/1/02.jpg pz4/jagd/1/03.jpg pz4/jagd/1/04.jpg pz4/jagd/1/05.jpg pz4/jagd/1/06.jpg

Model built by Patric Dauga

pz4/jagd/1/1/01.jpg pz4/jagd/1/1/02.jpg pz4/jagd/1/1/03.jpg pz4/jagd/1/1/04.jpg

Jagdpanzer IV/70 - SdKfz.162/1


pz4/jagd/2/01.jpg pz4/jagd/2/02.jpg pz4/jagd/2/03.jpg pz4/jagd/2/04.jpg

Sturm-Panzer IV, Brummbar, early type

pz4/brum/1/Brummbar1-1.jpg pz4/brum/1/Brummbar1-2.jpg pz4/brum/1/Brummbar1-3.jpg pz4/brum/1/Brummbar1-4.jpg

Model built by Steve Shrimpton - 1/72 - Braille Scale

pz4/brum/1/1/01.jpg pz4/brum/1/1/02.jpg pz4/brum/1/1/03.jpg pz4/brum/1/1/04.jpg pz4/brum/1/1/05.jpg

Model built by ? - 1/35 - www.falconbbs.com

pz4/brum/1/01.jpg pz4/brum/1/02.jpg pz4/brum/1/03.jpg pz4/brum/1/04.jpg pz4/brum/1/05.jpg pz4/brum/1/06.jpg

Sturm-Panzer IV, Brummbar, mid type

pz4/brum/2/Brummbar1-1.jpg pz4/brum/2/Brummbar1-2.jpg pz4/brum/2/Brummbar1-3.jpg pz4/brum/2/Brummbar1-4.jpg

Remaining example Aberdeen Profingground

pz4/brum/2/01.jpg pz4/brum/2/02.jpg pz4/brum/2/03.jpg pz4/brum/2/04.jpg pz4/brum/2/05.jpg

Sturm Panzer IV - Brummbar with Zimmerit (Late Version)

pz4/brum/3/Brummbar3-1.jpg pz4/brum/3/Brummbar3-2.jpg pz4/brum/3/Brummbar3-3.jpg pz4/brum/3/Brummbar-turrets.jpg

Model built by Robert Kru - 1/72

pz4/brum/3/01.jpg pz4/brum/3/02.jpg pz4/brum/3/03.jpg pz4/brum/3/04.jpg pz4/brum/3/05.jpg pz4/brum/3/06.jpg

Model built by Kenneth Overby - 1/72

cploverby/mp010/mp010-1.jpg cploverby/mp010/mp010-2.jpg cploverby/mp010/mp010-3.jpg cploverby/mp010/mp010-4.jpg cploverby/mp010/mp010-5.jpg

Flak Panzer IV variants

Flak-Panzer IV, Mobelwagen with 20mm flak-vierling / Quad 38 AA

pz4/mob20/2/01.jpg pz4/mob20/2/02.jpg pz4/mob20/2/03.jpg

Model built by ? - 1/35 - www.falconbbs.com

pz4/mob20/01.jpg pz4/mob20/02.jpg pz4/mob20/03.jpg pz4/mob20/04.jpg pz4/mob20/05.jpg

Model built by ? - 1/35 - www.falconbbs.com

pz4/mob20/1/01.jpg pz4/mob20/1/02.jpg pz4/mob20/1/03.jpg pz4/mob20/1/04.jpg pz4/mob20/1/05.jpg

Flak-Panzer IV, Mobelwagen with 37mm flak 43


Model built by Viper1972 - 1/35 - viper1972.wordpress.com

pz4/mob37/02.jpg pz4/mob37/03.jpg pz4/mob37/04.jpg pz4/mob37/05.jpg pz4/mob37/06.jpg pz4/mob37/07.jpg

Flak-Panzer IV, Wirbelwind with 20mm flak-vierling / Quad 38 AA

pz4/wirb/1/01.jpg pz4/wirb/1/02.jpg pz4/wirb/01.jpg

Model built by Alex Clarck - 1/72 - www.missinglynx.com

pz4/wirb/02.jpg pz4/wirb/03.jpg pz4/wirb/04.jpg pz4/wirb/05.jpg pz4/wirb/06.jpg

Flak-Panzer IV, "Zerstörer 45" with 30mm flak-vierling / 103/38 - Prototype


Flak-Panzer IV, Ostwind with 3.7cm flak 43

pz4/ost/2/01.jpg pz4/ost/2/02.jpg pz4/ost/01.jpg

Model built by Jurrie - 1/35 - www.plastickit.nl

pz4/ost/02.jpg pz4/ost/03.jpg pz4/ost/04.jpg pz4/ost/05.jpg pz4/ost/06.jpg pz4/ost/07.jpg pz4/ost/08.jpg pz4/ost/09.jpg pz4/ost/10.jpg pz4/ost/11.jpg pz4/ost/12.jpg

Flak-Panzer IV, Ostwind-II with 3.7cm flakzwilling 44


Flak-Panzer IV, Kugelblitz, 30mm AA

pictures from jagdtiger.de

pz4/kug/mus/01.jpg pz4/kug/mus/02.jpg pz4/kug/mus/03.jpg pz4/kug/mus/04.jpg

Model built by Olav Hauke
This is the MACO kit with the Schatton barrels. With late PzKpfw. IV exthausts from Dragon, extra armor above the grills and reduced number of return rollers to three
- Olav Hauke

pz4/kug/1/01.jpg pz4/kug/1/02.jpg pz4/kug/1/03.jpg pz4/kug/1/04.jpg

Model built by Dynamo - 1/35 - modellbauer.foren-city.de

pz4/kug/01.jpg pz4/kug/02.jpg pz4/kug/03.jpg pz4/kug/04.jpg pz4/kug/05.jpg pz4/kug/06.jpg pz4/kug/07.jpg pz4/kug/08.jpg pz4/kug/09.jpg

Flak Panzer IV - 4 x 20mm - Prototype

Model built by Werner Kampfhofer - 1/35 - www.modellversium.de

pz4/flak/01.jpg pz4/flak/02.jpg pz4/flak/03.jpg pz4/flak/04.jpg pz4/flak/05.jpg

Other Variants

Projects and prototypes PzKpfw IV Ausf D/E Unterwasser Tauchpanzer Limited numbers of vehicles were converted for underwater operation in 1940 for the projected. Operation Sealion. Features were similar to those described for the PzKpfw III conversion. In 1941 these vehicles were used in the invasion of Russia.

PzBetWg IV (7.5 cin KwK 1/48) This conversion to a command vehicle was carried out from early 1944 after the supply of PzBefWg III was K or Umbau L. About 100 were converted.

PzBeob Wg IV A few new PzKpfw IV Ausf J were converted to armoured OP vehicles in the latter half of 1944 when the supply of PzBeobWg III was diminished. A pole type periscope alongside the cupola, and a radio aerial on the turret roof distinguished this vehicle, which was externally similar in all other respects to the PzKpfw IV Ausf J.

Built Prototypes

Panzer IV - Gas variant

pz4/gas/01.jpg pz4/gas/02.jpg pz4/gas/03.jpg

Model built by Zhenmin Han - 1/72

Han/p4gas/04.jpg Han/p4gas/05.jpg Han/p4gas/06.jpg Han/p4gas/07.jpg Han/p4gas/08.jpg Han/p4gas/09.jpg Han/p4gas/10.jpg Han/p4gas/11.jpg Han/p4gas/12.jpg Han/p4gas/13.jpg Han/p4gas/14.jpg Han/p4gas/15.jpg

Model built by Tony Ivey - 1/72

pz4/tony/01.jpg pz4/tony/02.jpg pz4/tony/03.jpg pz4/tony/04.jpg pz4/tony/05.jpg pz4/tony/06.jpg pz4/tony/07.jpg pz4/tony/08.jpg pz4/tony/09.jpg pz4/tony/10.jpg


Development of Landwasserschlepper (Land-Water-Tractor) started in 1936, but first 7 vehicles were completed in July of 1940. Additional 14 were produced by March of 1941. It was designed by Rheinmetall-Borsig as an amphibious vehicle for the use by engineers but it lacked storage and loading/unloading access. To overcome this problem, special 10 and 20 ton amphibious trailers were made. It carried 3 to 5 men crew and 20 passangers. Another problem was that it was unarmored and could operate effectively in the combat area. LWS saw service in Russia and North Africa.

pz4/pzfahre/early/01.jpg pz4/pzfahre/early/02.jpg pz4/pzfahre/early/03.jpg pz4/pzfahre/early/04.jpg pz4/pzfahre/early/05.jpg

1/35 scale Resin model from Miniart Studio - home.cfl.rr.com

pz4/pzfahre/early/06.jpg pz4/pzfahre/early/07.jpg pz4/pzfahre/early/08.jpg pz4/pzfahre/early/09.jpg
pz4/pzfahre/early/10.jpg pz4/pzfahre/early/11.jpg pz4/pzfahre/early/12.jpg pz4/pzfahre/early/13.jpg pz4/pzfahre/early/14.jpg pz4/pzfahre/early/15.jpg pz4/pzfahre/early/16.jpg pz4/pzfahre/early/17.jpg pz4/pzfahre/early/18.jpg

PanzerFahre IV (Pz.F) on Panzer IV Chassis

Designed in 1941 to replace the Landwasserschlepper, the Pz. F, was a lightly armored amphibious tractor that was intended to operate on land, and in water.Only two prototypes were ever completed.

pz4/pzfahre/00.jpg pz4/pzfahre/01.jpg pz4/pzfahre/02.jpg pz4/pzfahre/03.jpg pz4/pzfahre/04.jpg

Model built by Zhenmin Han

Han/pzfahre/ready/01.jpg Han/pzfahre/ready/02.jpg Han/pzfahre/ready/03.jpg Han/pzfahre/ready/04.jpg Han/pzfahre/ready/05.jpg Han/pzfahre/ready/06.jpg Han/pzfahre/ready/07.jpg Han/pzfahre/ready/08.jpg Han/pzfahre/ready/09.jpg Han/pzfahre/ready/10.jpg

Model built by J.Steinman - 1/35 - www.missinglynx.com

pz4/pzfahre/stein/01.jpg pz4/pzfahre/stein/02.jpg pz4/pzfahre/stein/03.jpg pz4/pzfahre/stein/04.jpg pz4/pzfahre/stein/05.jpg

Panzer IV with electric drive - Remaining example on Aberdeen Profing Ground

Pz.IV BW40 Experimental tank with a new suspension (One built)

pz4/elec/01.jpg pz4/elec/02.jpg pz4/elec/03.jpg pz4/elec/04.jpg

Pz.IV, with "new suspension" One vehicle was given hydraulic drive by the firm of Zahnradfabrik at Augsburg. The idler wheels were moved to the chassis front and the drive units were fitted at the rear under a sloped combined engine and transmission cover. Test vehicle was an Ausf G. Another trials vehicle was fitted to operate from producer gas fuel, the fuel being carried externally in containers carried in a vertical box at the tail of the vehicle. Designs were drawn up for a PzKpfw IV model mounting the complete turret and L/70 gun from a Panther tank, (Schmall turm), but the prototype was never built due to the obvious overload on the chassis. A further project existed only in model form. This would have carried two recoilless rifles in a coaxial mount together with a 2cm aiming gun.

Model built by Calum Melrose - 1/72

pz4/elec/calum/01.jpg pz4/elec/calum/02.jpg pz4/elec/calum/03.jpg pz4/elec/calum/04.jpg pz4/elec/calum/05.jpg pz4/elec/calum/06.jpg pz4/elec/calum/07.jpg pz4/elec/calum/08.jpg

Model built by Tony Ivey - 1/72

pz4/elec/ivey/01.jpg pz4/elec/ivey/02.jpg pz4/elec/ivey/03.jpg pz4/elec/ivey/04.jpg pz4/elec/ivey/05.jpg

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Panzer IV with 88mm Flak

pz4/88/00.jpg pz4/88/01.jpg pz4/88/01-1.jpg

Panzer IV with 88mm Flak 18

Model built by Jens Scholler - www.sturmtiger.com
pz4/88/02.jpg pz4/88/03.jpg pz4/88/04.jpg pz4/88/05.jpg pz4/88/06.jpg pz4/88/07.jpg pz4/88/08.jpg pz4/88/09.jpg pz4/88/10.jpg pz4/88/11.jpg pz4/88/12.jpg

Panzer IV with 88mm Flak 36

Model built by ? - 1/35 - www.falconbbs.com

pz4/88/1/01.jpg pz4/88/1/02.jpg pz4/88/1/03.jpg pz4/88/1/04.jpg pz4/88/1/05.jpg pz4/88/1/06.jpg pz4/88/1/07.jpg

Panzer IV mit ruckstossfreier Bewaffnung 7,5cm Rf.K 43


Model built by Jens Scholler - www.sturmtiger.com
pz4/recoil/02.jpg pz4/recoil/03.jpg pz4/recoil/04.jpg pz4/recoil/05.jpg pz4/recoil/06.jpg pz4/recoil/07.jpg pz4/recoil/08.jpg

Pz. IV Lang Krupp 88mm L71 - (Tankdestroyer)


pz4/krupp/02.jpg pz4/krupp/03.jpg pz4/krupp/04.jpg pz4/krupp/05.jpg

Panzer IV with Tiger 1 turret - Is this vehicle a fake or not?


22 November 2008: Peter Mueller from Germany wrote:

Hello Henk, you've got a picture on your website showing a Tiger Turret on PzKpfw IV (and asked about info)
Forget that - must be a fake!
The turret ring of the Tiger I was 1850 mm (outer diameter is bigger)
The chassis of PzKpfw IV was 1854 mm wide, but the turret ring was smaller (1700 mm)
That never fits in size, despite in weight.
Regards Peter


23 november 2008: It's a fake!!!!! Zhenmin Han from China has found the original picture! Thanks Zhenmin!!!

The original picture is from a Pz.4 Munitionschlepper in Hungary, March 1945.

Panzer IV Ausf. H with Panther Schmallturm - Prototype

pz4/pan/1.jpg pz4/pan/2.jpg pz4/pan/3.jpg

Model built by Herain Branislav - 1/72 - smallscaleafv.com

pz4/pan/1/01.jpg pz4/pan/1/02.jpg pz4/pan/1/03.jpg pz4/pan/1/04.jpg pz4/pan/1/05.jpg pz4/pan/1/06.jpg

Model built by Zhenmin Han

Han/pz4h/01.jpg Han/pz4h/02.jpg Han/pz4h/03.jpg Han/pz4h/04.jpg Han/pz4h/05.jpg Han/pz4h/06.jpg Han/pz4h/07.jpg Han/pz4h/08.jpg Han/pz4h/09.jpg

Panzer IV Ausf. K with Panther Schmallturm - who know more about this vehicle or picture?

pz4/pan/01.jpg pz4/pan/02.jpg

Model under construction by Calum Melrose

Vehicles based on Pz. III/IV concept

Panzer III/IV - (Krupp Proposal) - (New Wheels and Tracks)

pz4/krupp/1/01.jpg pz4/krupp/1/02.jpg

Jagdpanzer III/IV lang (E) - (Krupp Proposal) - New big Wheels and Tracks


Model built by webmaster - resin 1/72

pz4/jagd/4/01.jpg pz4/jagd/4/02.jpg pz4/jagd/4/03.jpg pz4/jagd/4/04.jpg pz4/jagd/4/05.jpg pz4/jagd/4/06.jpg pz4/jagd/4/07.jpg pz4/jagd/4/08.jpg pz4/jagd/4/09.jpg pz4/jagd/4/10.jpg pz4/jagd/4/11.jpg pz4/jagd/4/12.jpg

Heusschrecke - Pz.III / IV SFL, with 10.5cm leFH18

pz4/heu/00.jpg pz4/heu/01.jpg

Remaining example on Aberdeen Proofing Ground USA

pz4/heu/02.jpg pz4/heu/03.jpg pz4/heu/04.jpg pz4/heu/05.jpg

Model built by Michael - 1/35 - www.michaelshobbyside.de

pz4/heu/michael/01.jpg pz4/heu/michael/02.jpg pz4/heu/michael/03.jpg pz4/heu/michael/04.jpg pz4/heu/michael/05.jpg pz4/heu/michael/06.jpg pz4/heu/michael/07.jpg pz4/heu/michael/08.jpg pz4/heu/michael/09.jpg

Rheinmetal-Borsig - 10,5cm Selbtsfahrlafette


Selbtsfahrlafette IVb 18/1 - SdKfz. 165/1 - (Krupp Prototype)

pz4/krupp/2/01.jpg This was an experimental Panzerartillerie type using Pz.IV components, having a smaller engine, three return-rollers with large roadwheels. The modified 10.5cm light field howitzer was mounted in an open-topped turret with limited traverse. Eight vehicles were built and tested in Russia.

pz4/krupp/2/02.jpg pz4/krupp/2/03.jpg pz4/krupp/2/04.jpg pz4/krupp/2/05.jpg pz4/krupp/2/06.jpg

JagdPanzer IVb - E39 - (Krupp Prototype)

pz4/E39/01.jpg pz4/E39/02.jpg pz4/E39/03.jpg

Cold War Period)

In early August 1944 OKW or the Supreme Command of the German Armed Forces approved the delivery of a large number of armoured vehicles to the Bulgarian Armed Forces. The delivery consisted of over 88 Pz.Kpfw IV G's and over 50 Stug 3 assault guns. This despite the protests of Heinz Guderian and Col. Von Jungenfeldt head of German liason and training with the Bulgarian tank units. While Guderian’s objections were based on the belief that this equipment was desperately needed by German forces, Von Jungerfeldt realised that the Bulgarians were an untrustworthy ally whose traditional links with Russia made them highly susceptible to Moscows overtures. It was felt in OKW that this delivery would bolster the Reichs Eastern European ally inpreparation for what they considered the inevitable Soviet assault. However it was too little too late. On the August 23rd Prince Cyrils’new government declared war on Germany, followed by an armistice with Moscow on the 11th September. What followed was a rout of the German forces from Yugoslavia and Bulgaria, with Bulgarian units serving under Soviet High Command and fighting throughout Eastern Europe in support of the Soviets until the end of the war. After the war the Bulgarians received much ex-German equipment from the Soviet Army including Panthers and Jagdpanzer IV’s, alongside Soviet SU-76 and T-34 85's. By the late forties the Iron curtain of Soviet Russia settled over the vast territory of Eastern Europe. Under the control of the Soviet Union Bulgaria became a communist one party state with attendant collectivisation. On the up side there were plenty of T-55's and Mig's, lots of guns but not much butter. By the mid 50's there was an abundance of German and Russian equipment of WWII vintage, large numbers of these inoperable vehicles were now dug in along the Turkish – Bulgarian Warsaw Pact/NATO frontier as this area was seen as the weak underbelly of the Warsaw pact compounding the centuries old animosity between the Bulgars and the Turks. While visiting Sofia I recall a young graduate telling me of Bulgarias deep love for Russia: 'They liberated us you know' 'oh' I said , a little confused 'from the Germans?' 'No no ' he spat' from the Ottomans' memories run deep in this neck of the woods, and I won't tell you what he said about the French. Thus large numbers of the aforementioned redundant WWII armoured vehicles were dug in as pillboxes and machine gun nests along this frontier. The quality of these fortifications was a fairly mixed bag which consisted of three main types. The first type being pillboxes constructed entirely of tank turrets or superstructures with the main gun removed and plated over and with machine gun portals added. The second consisted mainly of stripped down tank hulls and turrets with the main gun intact such as the Stug III , Jagdpanzer IV and Panzer IV and of particular interest to this article a Bulgarian hybrid which combined a Panzer IV hull and turret with its main gun and turret roof removed and a 7.5cm Zis 3 anti-tank gun and its housing taken from a SU-76 SPG mounted as an extension on the turret. Other positions were constructed using tank turrets such as those of the T-34/85 mounted in specially built concrete bunkers. These fortifications were reminiscent of German WWII West Wall defences and late war Panther pillboxes used in both northern Italy and the Berlin area. While Bulgaria’s border pillboxes may well have slowed down an attack by Turkish or Nato forces one can't help but feel that the life expectancy of a Bulgarian pillbox crew during a major attack would have been very short indeed.
(Source Bulgarian Border Guard from Zack Sex and David Coyne)

pz4/bulg/01.jpg pz4/bulg/02.jpg pz4/bulg/03.jpg pz4/bulg/04.jpg pz4/bulg/05.jpg

Built diorama model - (owner and builder unknown)

pz4/bulg/1/01.jpg pz4/bulg/1/02.jpg pz4/bulg/1/03.jpg pz4/bulg/1/04.jpg pz4/bulg/1/05.jpg

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