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Kit 7101 - Sherman M1 - WWI German Legend Tank - (German A7V with Sherman Turret and Gatling gun)

(This kit is not available outside China - it's just only for China local market?) - (info T-Model)


Some info about this vehicle / model, by N.L. from China:

The model was created as a result of a Chinese TV series about the Anti-Japanese War of China. In the series, an student of the Chinese Army was asked what the best tank was in the first World War. The student replied, "The best tank in World War I was a German tank and was the Sherman M1, with a weight of 56 ton and which could fire 350 rounds per minute". - (lacking military knowledge of the TV production team!!) This has become a famous joke in China - so T-Model chose the German A7V tank, with a Sherman Turret and a Gatling gun to come to the possibilty to fire 350 round per minute.

Sherman M1 - (picture from kknews.cc)

The Chinese words on the picture said "The legendary Sherman M1, it is real!!"

t-model/7101/1/01.jpg t-model/7101/1/02.jpg

Some modellers has made another variant based on the Sherman with the turret from the Abrahams M1

Sherman M1

t-model/7101/1/2/01.jpg t-model/7101/1/2/02.jpg t-model/7101/1/2/03.jpg

For explain and info about the Chinese TV serie visit:

logo "KKNEWS.cc" Chinese language - (use Google translator for your own language)

Kit TM7201 - HMMWV M1114

t-model/TM7201/01.jpg t-model/TM7201/02.jpg t-model/TM7201/03.jpg t-model/TM7201/04.jpg t-model/TM7201/05.jpg t-model/TM7201/06.jpg t-model/TM7201/07.jpg t-model/TM7201/08.jpg t-model/TM7201/09.jpg t-model/TM7201/10.jpg t-model/TM7201/11.jpg t-model/TM7201/12.jpg t-model/TM7201/13.jpg

t-model/TM7201/3/01.jpg t-model/TM7201/3/02.jpg t-model/TM7201/3/03.jpg t-model/TM7201/3/04.jpg t-model/TM7201/3/05.jpg t-model/TM7201/3/06.jpg t-model/TM7201/3/07.jpg t-model/TM7201/3/08.jpg t-model/TM7201/3/09.jpg t-model/TM7201/3/10.jpg t-model/TM7201/3/11.jpg t-model/TM7201/3/12.jpg t-model/TM7201/3/13.jpg t-model/TM7201/3/14.jpg t-model/TM7201/3/15.jpg t-model/TM7201/3/16.jpg t-model/TM7201/3/17.jpg t-model/TM7201/3/18.jpg t-model/TM7201/3/19.jpg

3D Drawings

t-model/TM7201/1/01.jpg t-model/TM7201/1/02.jpg t-model/TM7201/1/03.jpg t-model/TM7201/1/04.jpg t-model/TM7201/1/05.jpg t-model/TM7201/1/06.jpg t-model/TM7201/1/07.jpg t-model/TM7201/1/08.jpg t-model/TM7201/1/09.jpg t-model/TM7201/1/10.jpg t-model/TM7201/1/11.jpg t-model/TM7201/1/12.jpg t-model/TM7201/1/13.jpg t-model/TM7201/1/14.jpg t-model/TM7201/1/15.jpg

Built model by T-Model

t-model/TM7201/4/01.jpg t-model/TM7201/4/02.jpg t-model/TM7201/4/03.jpg t-model/TM7201/4/04.jpg t-model/TM7201/4/05.jpg t-model/TM7201/4/06.jpg t-model/TM7201/4/07.jpg

Built model by Alex Clark

t-model/TM7201/2/01.jpg t-model/TM7201/2/02.jpg t-model/TM7201/2/03.jpg t-model/TM7201/2/04.jpg

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For "www.moxdao.com, China" review & construction Kit TM7201 - HMMWV M1114 visit:

logo "MoxDao" Website

(Chinese language - use Google translator for your own language)

For "Volker Helms' / IPMSDeutschland" preview of Kit TM7201 - HMMWV M1114 visit:

logo "IPMSDeutschland" Website

For "KFS-miniatures.com / recenzjemodeli.pl" preview of Kit TM7201 - HMMWV M1114", visit:

logo 'KFZ-Miniatures' Website - Polish Language - (use Google translator for own language)

Kit TM7202 - HMMWV-M114 with GPK Turret & with PE upgrade set

t-model/TM7202/01.jpg t-model/TM7202/02.jpg t-model/TM7202/03.jpg t-model/TM7202/04.jpg t-model/TM7202/05.jpg t-model/TM7202/06.jpg t-model/TM7202/07.jpg t-model/TM7202/08.jpg t-model/TM7202/09.jpg t-model/TM7202/10.jpg t-model/TM7202/11.jpg t-model/TM7202/12.jpg t-model/TM7202/13.jpg t-model/TM7202/14.jpg t-model/TM7202/15.jpg t-model/TM7202/16.jpg t-model/TM7202/17.jpg t-model/TM7202/18.jpg t-model/TM7202/19.jpg t-model/TM7202/20.jpg t-model/TM7202/21.jpg t-model/TM7202/22.jpg

3D Drawings

t-model/TM7202/1/01.jpg t-model/TM7202/1/02.jpg t-model/TM7202/1/03.jpg t-model/TM7202/1/04.jpg t-model/TM7202/1/05.jpg t-model/TM7202/1/06.jpg t-model/TM7202/1/07.jpg t-model/TM7202/1/08.jpg t-model/TM7202/1/09.jpg t-model/TM7202/1/10.jpg t-model/TM7202/1/11.jpg

For "Erhan Atalay's / MiniAFV" preview Kit TM7202 - HMMWV-M114 with GPK Turret & with PE upgrade set visit:

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For "Ahmet Gürkan's / MiniAFV" construction & finished Kit TM7202 - HMMWV-M114 with GPK Turret & with PE upgrade set visit:

logo "MiniAFV - blogspot"Construction logo "MiniAFV - blogspot"Finished model

Kit TM7203 - M1114 Up-Armored Humvee Frag 5 with GPK Turret

t-model/TM7203/01.jpg t-model/TM7203/02.jpg t-model/TM7203/03.jpg t-model/TM7203/04.jpg t-model/TM7203/05.jpg t-model/TM7203/06.jpg t-model/TM7203/07.jpg t-model/TM7203/08.jpg t-model/TM7203/09.jpg t-model/TM7203/10.jpg t-model/TM7203/11.jpg t-model/TM7203/12.jpg t-model/TM7203/13.jpg t-model/TM7203/14.jpg t-model/TM7203/15.jpg t-model/TM7203/16.jpg t-model/TM7203/17.jpg t-model/TM7203/18.jpg t-model/TM7203/19.jpg t-model/TM7203/20.jpg t-model/TM7203/21.jpg t-model/TM7203/22.jpg t-model/TM7203/23.jpg t-model/TM7203/24.jpg t-model/TM7203/25.jpg

Bonus parts in TM7203

t-model/TM7203/2/01.jpg t-model/TM7203/2/02.jpg t-model/TM7203/2/03.jpg t-model/TM7203/2/04.jpg t-model/TM7203/2/05.jpg t-model/TM7203/2/06.jpg t-model/TM7203/2/07.jpg t-model/TM7203/2/08.jpg t-model/TM7203/2/09.jpg

3d Drawings

t-model/TM7203/1/02.jpg t-model/TM7203/1/03.jpg t-model/TM7203/1/04.jpg t-model/TM7203/1/05.jpg t-model/TM7203/1/06.jpg

For "Erhan Atalay / MiniAFV" preview Kit TM7203 - M1114 Up-Armored Humvee Frag 5 with GPK Turret visit:

logo "MiniAFV - blogspot"

For "Marc Mercier 's / OTW" preview & comments Kit TM7203 - M1114 Up-Armored Humvee Frag 5 with GPK Turret visit:

logo "On the Way" Website - (Preview & Comments)

For "LandLord's / Moxdao" preview Kit TM7203 - M1114 Up-Armored Humvee Frag 5 with GPK Turret visit:

logo "www.moxdao.com" Website - (Chinese language - for own language use translator program)

Note Manufacturer:

In the future, our products will have different versions of same product, we will distinguish them with "Oak Leafs" like iron leafs and golden leafs. Leafs is an tip paper which will paste on the box, so you can easily tell the difference between them.
For example:
- The base version is without bonus kits
- "Iron Oak Leaf" version will have metal upgrade parts for M2 barrel and antennas
- "Golden Oak Leaf" version is contains M2 barrel and antennas also with a set of A72001 in the box together

Kit TM7204 - US Modern M1114, Up-Armored with M153 CrowsII system - "Basic"

t-model/TM7204/01.jpg t-model/TM7204/02.jpg t-model/TM7204/03.jpg

Kit TM7204 - US Modern M1114, Up-Armored with M153 CrowsII system - (Iron Oak Leaf)

"Iron Oak Leaf" version contains metal upgrade parts for M2 barrel and antennas

t-model/TM7204/2/01.jpg t-model/TM7204/02.jpg t-model/TM7204/03.jpg t-model/TM7204/04.jpg t-model/TM7204/05.jpg t-model/TM7204/06.jpg

Kit TM7204 - US Modern M1114, Up-Armored with M153 CrowsII system - (Golden Oak Leaf)

"Golden Oak Leaf" version contains metal upgrade parts for M2 barrel and antennas & accessoires set of A72001

t-model/TM7204/1/01.jpg t-model/TM7204/02.jpg t-model/TM7204/03.jpg t-model/TM7204/04.jpg t-model/TM7204/05.jpg t-model/TM7204/06.jpg t-model/TM7204/1/02.jpg t-model/TM7204/1/03.jpg

Drehgestell Fur SSys-RailwayWagon - 50 & 80 ton

t-model/ssys80t/01.jpg t-model/ssys80t/02.jpg

logo "T-Models", Facebook - Drehgestell Fur SSyms-RailwayWagon - 50 & 80 ton - (Video)

logo "Review / Comparison: T-Models" TK7304 / TK7306, SSyms-RailwayWagons 50 & 80ton & ModelCollect UA72043 / UA72086 SSyms-RailwayWagons
(review by "Greatmaohao" a modeller from China with information of instruction manual problems and info about problems with railroad sections etc.)
(Chinese Language - Use Google Translator)

Kit TK7304 - 50 tons Type SSys Schwerer Platform wagen

Kit is available in single & double set - (Wooden deck & metal wheels are separate available parts) - (Sturdy box from 18x29x5cm)

t-model/TK7304/01.jpg t-model/TK7304/02.jpg t-model/TK7304/03.jpg t-model/TK7304/04.jpg t-model/TK7304/05.jpg t-model/TK7304/06.jpg t-model/TK7304/07.jpg t-model/TK7304/08.jpg t-model/TK7304/09.jpg t-model/TK7304/10.jpg t-model/TK7304/11.jpg t-model/TK7304/13.jpg t-model/TK7304/14.jpg t-model/TK7304/15.jpg t-model/TK7304/16.jpg t-model/TK7304/17.jpg t-model/TK7304/18.jpg t-model/TK7304/19.jpg t-model/TK7304/20.jpg

Four-axis 50-ton flat-panel transporter finished product set, and a wooden deck overlay for upgrade effect matching!

t-model/TK7304/1/01.jpg t-model/TK7304/1/02.jpg t-model/TK7304/1/03.jpg t-model/TK7304/1/04.jpg t-model/TK7304/1/05.jpg t-model/TK7304/1/06.jpg t-model/TK7304/1/07.jpg t-model/TK7304/1/08.jpg

Double packs with extra's

t-model/TK7304/2/01.jpg t-model/TK7304/2/02.jpg

Kit TK7305 - German 88mm Flak 36 mount on 50 ton SSys Schwerer Platform wagen

Basic / Economic- (sprue's platform wagon indentical as TK7304)

t-model/TK7305/02.jpg t-model/TK7305/07.jpg t-model/TK7305/08.jpg t-model/TK7305/09.jpg


t-model/TK7305/01.jpg t-model/TK7305/06.jpg

Gold, Platinum & Iron

t-model/TK7305/03.jpg t-model/TK7305/04.jpg t-model/TK7305/05.jpg

Kit TK7306 - 80 tons Type SSys Schwerer Platform wagen

Kit is available in single & double set - (Wooden deck & metal wheels are separate available parts) - (Sturdy box from 18x29x5cm)

t-model/TK7306/01.jpg t-model/TK7306/02.jpg t-model/TK7306/03.jpg t-model/TK7306/04.jpg t-model/TK7306/05.jpg t-model/TK7306/06.jpg t-model/TK7306/07.jpg t-model/TK7306/08.jpg t-model/TK7306/09.jpg t-model/TK7306/10.jpg t-model/TK7306/11.jpg t-model/TK7306/12.jpg t-model/TK7306/13.jpg t-model/TK7306/14.jpg t-model/TK7306/15.jpg t-model/TK7306/16.jpg t-model/TK7306/17.jpg t-model/TK7306/18.jpg t-model/TK7306/19.jpg t-model/TK7306/20.jpg

Six-axis 80-ton flat-panel transporter finished product set, and a wooden deck overlay for upgrade effect matching!

t-model/TK7306/01.jpg t-model/TK7306/02.jpg t-model/TK7306/03.jpg t-model/TK7306/04.jpg t-model/TK7306/05.jpg t-model/TK7306/06.jpg t-model/TK7306/07.jpg t-model/TK7306/08.jpg

Double packs with extra's

t-model/TK7306/2/01.jpg t-model/TK7306/2/02.jpg

For "Pascal Leroux's / Minitracks" pictures & comments Kit TK7304 - 50 tons Type SSys Schwerer Platform wagen & Kit TK7306 - 80 tons Type SSys Schwerer Platform wagen visit:

logo "Minitracks" Website - (Comments)

Kit TK7310 - US M1A2 SEP "Abrahams" - (SEP TUSK I MBT) - Model in collaboration with Tiger-Model

t-model/TK7310/a/01.jpg t-model/TK7310/a/02.jpg t-model/TK7310/a/03.jpg t-model/TK7310/a/04.jpg t-model/TK7310/a/05.jpg t-model/TK7310/a/06.jpg t-model/TK7310/a/07.jpgBasic Version

Kit TK7310 (Iron) - US M1A2 SEP "Abrahams" - with additional parts

t-model/TK7310/b/01.jpg(Iron) t-model/TK7310/c/01.jpg (Silver) t-model/TK7310/d/01.jpg(Gold)

Model built by Mike du Toit - (stowage from Black Dog)

t-model/TK7310/1/01.jpg t-model/TK7310/1/02.jpg t-model/TK7310/1/03.jpg t-model/TK7310/1/04.jpg

Kit TK7312 - Middle East Military Man Set with weapons

t-model/TK7312/01.jpg t-model/TK7312/02.jpg t-model/TK7312/03.jpg t-model/TK7312/04.jpg t-model/TK7312/05.jpg t-model/TK7312/06.jpg t-model/TK7312/07.jpg

Kit TK7315 - US Modern M1114 - Interim Fragment (Frag) Kit 5W/GPK Turret

t-model/TK7315/01.jpg t-model/TK7315/02.jpg t-model/TK7315/03.jpg t-model/TK7315/04.jpg t-model/TK7315/05.jpg t-model/TK7315/06.jpg t-model/TK7315/07.jpg t-model/TK7315/08.jpg t-model/TK7315/09.jpg t-model/TK7315/10.jpg t-model/TK7315/11.jpg t-model/TK7315/12.jpg

Possible Future plans - TX750x Serien

Kit TK7501 - British FV215b ??


t-Model Drawings

t-model/TX7501/01.jpg t-model/TX7501/02.jpg t-model/TX7501/03.jpg t-model/TX7501/04.jpg t-model/TX7501/05.jpg t-model/TX7501/06.jpg t-model/TX7501/07.jpg

Accessoires / figures sets in Brass, Pe & Resin

Kit A72001 - Modern US Military equipment

t-model/A72001/00.jpg t-model/A72001/18.jpg t-model/A72001/19.jpg t-model/A72001/01.jpg t-model/A72001/02.jpg t-model/A72001/03.jpg t-model/A72001/04.jpg t-model/A72001/05.jpg t-model/A72001/06.jpg t-model/A72001/07.jpg t-model/A72001/08.jpg t-model/A72001/09.jpg t-model/A72001/10.jpg t-model/A72001/11.jpg t-model/A72001/12.jpg t-model/A72001/13.jpg t-model/A72001/14.jpg t-model/A72001/15.jpg t-model/A72001/16.jpg t-model/A72001/17.jpg

For an " F. Giovagnorio's / OTW" review Kit A72001 - Modern US Military Equipment visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit A72002 - Modern US M153 Crows II System

t-model/A72002/01.jpg t-model/A72002/02.jpg t-model/A72002/03.jpg t-model/A72002/04.jpg t-model/A72002/05.jpg t-model/A72002/06.jpg t-model/A72002/07.jpg t-model/A72002/08.jpg t-model/A72002/09.jpg

Kit A72003 - German Railway Tracks

t-model/A72003/01.jpg t-model/A72003/02.jpg t-model/A72003/03.jpg t-model/A72003/04.jpg t-model/A72003/05.jpg t-model/A72003/06.jpg t-model/A72003/07.jpg t-model/A72003/08.jpg

Kit A72004 - Modern US M153 Crows II System + Tank Urban Survival Kit (Tusk) 1

t-model/A72004/01.jpg t-model/A72004/02.jpg t-model/A72004/03.jpg

Kit A72005 - Modern US HMMWV Upgrade kit

t-model/A72005/01.jpg t-model/A72005/02.jpg

Kit A72010 - German Shelter Quarter & Barrel Canvas Cover

t-model/A72010/01.jpg t-model/A72010/02.jpg t-model/A72010/03.jpg t-model/A72010/04.jpg t-model/A72010/05.jpg t-model/A72010/06.jpg t-model/A72010/07.jpg t-model/A72010/08.jpg t-model/A72010/09.jpg t-model/A72010/10.jpg

Kit TK72001 - WWII German M24 Grenade

t-model/TK72001/01.jpg t-model/TK72001/02.jpg t-model/TK72001/03.jpg

Kit TK72002 - Russian APC 2A72 30mm barrel for Ace BTR-80A

t-model/TK72002/01.jpg t-model/TK72002/02.jpg t-model/TK72002/03.jpg

Kit TK72003 - US Military soldiers - (2 figures)

t-model/TK72003/00.jpg t-model/TK72003/01.jpg t-model/TK72003/02.jpg t-model/TK72003/03.jpg t-model/TK72003/04.jpg t-model/TK72003/05.jpg t-model/TK72003/06.jpg t-model/TK72003/07.jpg t-model/TK72003/08.jpg t-model/TK72003/09.jpg t-model/TK72003/10.jpg t-model/TK72003/11.jpg t-model/TK72003/12.jpg t-model/TK72003/13.jpg t-model/TK72003/14.jpg t-model/TK72003/15.jpg

pictures by T-Model

t-model/TK72003/1/01.jpg t-model/TK72003/1/02.jpg t-model/TK72003/1/03.jpg t-model/TK72003/1/04.jpg t-model/TK72003/1/05.jpg

Kit TK72004 - Schwere Plattformwagen Type SSys 50 wooden tips - laser cut wood

t-model/TK72004/01.jpg t-model/TK72004/02.jpg t-model/TK72004/03.jpg t-model/TK72004/04.jpg

Kit TK72005 - 8 metal wheels for kit TK7304

t-model/TK72005/01.jpg t-model/TK72005/02.jpg t-model/TK72005/03.jpg

Kit TK72006 - Schwere Plattformwagen Type SSys 80 wooden tips - laser cut wood

t-model/TK72006/01.jpg t-model/TK72006/02.jpg t-model/TK72006/03.jpg t-model/TK72006/04.jpg t-model/TK72006/05.jpg t-model/TK72006/06.jpg

Kit TK72007 - 12 metal wheels for kit TK7306

t-model/TK72007/01.jpg t-model/TK72007/02.jpg

Kit TK72009 - M-ATV Paint Mask Tip for Kit GH72A01 & Kit GH72A02


Kit TK72015 - HMMWV Camouflage mask

t-model/TK72015/01.jpg t-model/TK72015/02.jpg t-model/TK72015/03.jpg

t-model/TK72015/1/01.jpg t-model/TK72015/1/02.jpg t-model/TK72015/1/03.jpg t-model/TK72015/1/04.jpg t-model/TK72015/1/05.jpg t-model/TK72015/1/06.jpg

Kit TK72016 - HMMWV Camouflage mask

t-model/TK72016/01.jpg t-model/TK72016/02.jpg

Kit TK72017 - U.S. 0-GPK Upgrade PE

t-model/TK72017/01.jpg t-model/TK72017/02.jpg t-model/TK72017/03.jpg t-model/TK72017/04.jpg

Kit TK72018 - M-ATV Rear Frame Update PE-set (0-GPK not included)

t-model/TK72018/01.jpg t-model/TK72018/02.jpg t-model/TK72018/03.jpg t-model/TK72018/04.jpg

Kit TK72019 - German Flak 36 shield (PE Set)


Galaxy Hobby

Moulds tooled by t-Model

Kit GH72A01 - M1240 M-ATV - Mine Resistant Ambush Protected all terrain vehicle with O-GPK Turret

Kit is available in single & double set - (Sturdy box from 18x29x6cm)

Note for double set: The box contains 2 plastic kits with only one decal sheet (for two different cars/number plates) so there is no possibility to build two same cars or split the box for two modelers - (Vladimir Muff)

t-model/GH72A01/01.jpg t-model/GH72A01/02.jpg t-model/GH72A01/03.jpg t-model/GH72A01/04.jpg t-model/GH72A01/05.jpg t-model/GH72A01/06.jpg t-model/GH72A01/07.jpg t-model/GH72A01/08.jpg t-model/GH72A01/09.jpg t-model/GH72A01/10.jpg t-model/GH72A01/11.jpg t-model/GH72A01/12.jpg t-model/GH72A01/13.jpg t-model/GH72A01/14.jpg t-model/GH72A01/15.jpg t-model/GH72A01/16.jpg t-model/GH72A01/17.jpg t-model/GH72A01/18.jpg t-model/GH72A01/19.jpg t-model/GH72A01/20.jpg t-model/GH72A01/21.jpg t-model/GH72A01/22.jpg t-model/GH72A01/23.jpg t-model/GH72A01/24.jpg t-model/GH72A01/25.jpg

Pictures t-Model - (resin wheels will be separate available parts)

t-model/GH72A01/1/02.jpg t-model/GH72A01/1/03.jpg t-model/GH72A01/1/04.jpg t-model/GH72A01/1/05.jpg t-model/GH72A01/1/06.jpg t-model/GH72A01/1/07.jpg t-model/GH72A01/1/08.jpg t-model/GH72A01/1/09.jpg t-model/GH72A01/1/10.jpg t-model/GH72A01/1/11.jpg

Kit GH72A01-20 - M1240 M-ATV w/0GPK Turret - (Double Golden version)


Same vehicles are also released by Riich & ModelCollect

t-model/GH72A01/2/01.jpg t-model/GH72A01/2/02.jpg

Extra PE parts from Tetra Works


Kit GH72A02 - M1240 M-ATV - Mine Resistant Ambush Protected all terrain vehicle with M153 Crows II

Kit is available in single & double set - (Sturdy box from 18x29x6cm)

t-model/GH72A02/01.jpg t-model/GH72A02/02.jpg t-model/GH72A02/03.jpg t-model/GH72A02/04.jpg t-model/GH72A02/05.jpg t-model/GH72A02/06.jpg t-model/GH72A02/07.jpg t-model/GH72A02/08.jpg t-model/GH72A02/09.jpg t-model/GH72A02/10.jpg t-model/GH72A02/11.jpg t-model/GH72A02/12.jpg t-model/GH72A02/13.jpg t-model/GH72A02/14.jpg t-model/GH72A02/15.jpg t-model/GH72A02/16.jpg t-model/GH72A02/17.jpg t-model/GH72A02/18.jpg t-model/GH72A02/19.jpg t-model/GH72A02/20.jpg t-model/GH72A02/21.jpg t-model/GH72A02/22.jpg t-model/GH72A02/23.jpg t-model/GH72A02/24.jpg t-model/GH72A02/25.jpg t-model/GH72A02/26.jpg t-model/GH72A02/27.jpg

Extra PE parts from Tetra Works


Built model by Mike du Toit

t-model/GH72A02/2/01.jpg t-model/GH72A02/2/02.jpg t-model/GH72A02/2/03.jpg t-model/GH72A02/2/04.jpg t-model/GH72A02/2/05.jpg

Kit GH72A03 - M1124 MaxxPro MRAP

t-model/GH72A03/01.jpg t-model/GH72A03/2/01.jpg t-model/GH72A03/2/02.jpg t-model/GH72A03/2/03.jpg t-model/GH72A03/2/04.jpg t-model/GH72A03/2/05.jpg t-model/GH72A03/2/06.jpg t-model/GH72A03/2/07.jpg t-model/GH72A03/2/08.jpg

Double packs, Gold, Silver & Iron

t-model/GH72A03/1/01.jpg t-model/GH72A03/1/02.jpg t-model/GH72A03/1/03.jpg

t-model/GH72A03/02.jpg t-model/GH72A03/03.jpg t-model/GH72A03/04.jpg t-model/GH72A03/05.jpg t-model/GH72A03/gold06.jpg t-model/GH72A03/silver06.jpg t-model/GH72A03/iron06.jpg

Kit GH72A04 - M1224A1 MaxxPro MEAP with MRAP Expedient Armor Program- (Double packs, Gold, Silver & Iron)

t-model/GH72A04/00.jpg t-model/GH72A04/01.jpg t-model/GH72A04/02.jpg t-model/GH72A04/03.jpg t-model/GH72A04/04.jpg t-model/GH72A04/05.jpg t-model/GH72A04/06.jpg t-model/GH72A04/07.jpg t-model/GH72A04/08.jpg t-model/GH72A04/09.jpg t-model/GH72A04/10.jpg t-model/GH72A04/11.jpg t-model/GH72A04/12.jpg t-model/GH72A04/13.jpg t-model/GH72A04/14.jpg t-model/GH72A04/15.jpg t-model/GH72A04/16.jpg t-model/GH72A04/17.jpg t-model/GH72A04/18.jpg

Detail pictures

t-model/GH72A04/1/01.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/02.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/03.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/04.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/05.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/06.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/07.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/08.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/09.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/10.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/11.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/12.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/13.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/14.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/15.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/16.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/17.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/18.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/19.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/20.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/21.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/22.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/23.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/24.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/25.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/26.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/27.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/28.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/29.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/30.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/31.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/32.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/33.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/34.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/35.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/36.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/37.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/38.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/39.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/40.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/41.jpg t-model/GH72A04/1/42.jpg

Kit GH72A05 - M1240A1 (M-ATV) MRAP w/O-GPK Turret & XZL wheel set

t-model/GH72A05/01.jpg t-model/GH72A05/02.jpg t-model/GH72A05/03.jpg t-model/GH72A05/04.jpg

Kit GH72A06 - M-1277 M-ATV w/ CROWS & XZL wheel set

t-model/GH72A06/01.jpg t-model/GH72A06/02.jpg t-model/GH72A06/03.jpg t-model/GH72A06/04.jpg

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