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Painted examples

vepa/painted/01.jpg vepa/painted/02.jpg vepa/painted/03.jpg vepa/painted/04.jpg vepa/painted/05.jpg vepa/painted/06.jpg

Irak 2012

Kit JVP03-01 - U.S Infantry Relaxed Patrol

vepa/irak/01/01.jpg vepa/irak/01/02.jpg vepa/irak/01/03.jpg

Kit JVP03-02 - U.S Infantry Agressive Patrol

vepa/irak/02/01.jpg vepa/irak/02/02.jpg

Kit JVP03-03 - U.S Infantry Combat 1

vepa/irak/03/01.jpg vepa/irak/03/02.jpg vepa/irak/03/03.jpg

vepa/irak/03/1/01.jpg vepa/irak/03/1/02.jpg vepa/irak/03/1/03.jpg vepa/irak/03/1/04.jpg vepa/irak/03/1/05.jpg vepa/irak/03/1/06.jpg vepa/irak/03/1/07.jpg

Kit JVP03-04 - U.S Infantry Sniper Team

vepa/irak/04/01.jpg vepa/irak/04/02.jpg

vepa/irak/04/1/01.jpg vepa/irak/04/1/02.jpg vepa/irak/04/1/03.jpg vepa/irak/04/1/04.jpg vepa/irak/04/1/05.jpg

Kit JVP03-05 - U.S Infantry Chekpoint

vepa/irak/05/01.jpg vepa/irak/05/02.jpg

Kit JVP03-06 - U.S Infantry House Assault

vepa/irak/06/01.jpg vepa/irak/06/02.jpg

Kit JVP03-07 - U.S Infantry MG/Grenade Launcher Team

vepa/irak/07/01.jpg vepa/irak/07/02.jpg

Kit JVP03-08 - U.S Infantry Mortar Team

vepa/irak/08/01.jpg vepa/irak/08/02.jpg

Lebanon 1982

Kit JVP01-01 - IDF Sniper

vepa/lebanon/JVP01/01/01.jpg vepa/lebanon/JVP01/01/02.jpg vepa/lebanon/JVP01/01/03.jpg

Kit JVP01-02 - IDF on Golan heights

vepa/lebanon/JVP01/02/01.jpg vepa/lebanon/JVP01/02/02.jpg vepa/lebanon/JVP01/02/1/01.jpg vepa/lebanon/JVP01/02/1/02.jpg vepa/lebanon/JVP01/02/1/03.jpg

Kit JVP01-03 - IDF on patrol

vepa/lebanon/JVP03/01/01.jpg vepa/lebanon/JVP03/01/02.jpg vepa/lebanon/JVP03/01/03.jpg

vepa/lebanon/JVP03/01/04.jpg vepa/lebanon/JVP03/01/05.jpg

Kit JVP01-04 - Syrian infantry on rest

vepa/lebanon/JVP01/04/01.jpg vepa/lebanon/JVP01/04/02.jpg vepa/lebanon/JVP01/04/03.jpg

vepa/lebanon/JVP01/04/1/01.jpg vepa/lebanon/JVP01/04/1/02.jpg vepa/lebanon/JVP01/04/1/03.jpg vepa/lebanon/JVP01/04/1/04.jpg vepa/lebanon/JVP01/04/1/05.jpg

Kit JVP01-05 - Syrian infantry on combat

vepa/lebanon/JVP01/05/01.jpg vepa/lebanon/JVP01/05/02.jpg vepa/lebanon/JVP01/05/03.jpg

Kit JVP02-01 - Suspicious

vepa/lebanon/JVP02/01/01.jpg vepa/lebanon/JVP02/01/02.jpg

Kit JVP02-02 - Lebanese arab militias

vepa/lebanon/JVP02/02/01.jpg vepa/lebanon/JVP02/02/02.jpg

Kit JVP05-01 - Socom in Combat


Kit JVP05-02 - Socom in Rest


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