1/72 Planet Models, CMK, Czech Republic

Planet produces resin and photo-etched models.

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Kit MV001 - T-40 Amphibious tank

Planet/MV001/01.jpg Planet/MV001/02.jpg Planet/MV001/03.jpg Planet/MV001/04.jpg Planet/MV001/05.jpg

Kit MV002 - BTR-70

Planet/MV002/01.jpg Planet/MV002/02.jpg Planet/MV002/03.jpg Planet/MV002/04.jpg Planet/MV002/05.jpg

For an "Doug Chaltry" review about kit MV002 - BTR-70 visit:

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Kit MV003 - Bergepanzer Tiger I

Planet/MV003/01.jpg Planet/MV003/02.jpg Planet/MV003/03.jpg

Kit MV004 - Sturmtiger

Planet/MV004/01.jpg Planet/MV004/02.jpg Planet/MV004/03.jpg

Kit MV005 - Bergephanter

Planet/MV005/01.jpg Planet/MV005/02.jpg Planet/Mv005/03.jpg

Kit MV006 - Panzer Draisine

Planet/MV006/01.jpg Planet/MV006/02.jpg

Kit MV007 - 37mm Flak 43

Planet/MV007/01.jpg Planet/MV007/02.jpg Planet/MV007/03.jpg Planet/MV007/04.jpg

For an "On The Way" preview about kit MV007 - 37mm Flak 43 visit:

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Kit MV008 - Plate Form Ssyms 50ton

Planet/MV008/01.jpg Planet/MV008/02.jpg Planet/MV008/03.jpg

Kit MV009 - Faun ZRS on road

Planet/MV009/01.jpg Planet/MV009/02.jpg Planet/MV009/03.jpg Planet/MV009/04.jpg Planet/MV009/05.jpg Planet/MV009/06.jpg

Kit MV010 - Schwere Sig33

Planet/MV010/01.jpg Planet/MV010/02.jpg Planet/MV010/03.jpg

For an "On The Way" preview about kit MV010 - Schwere Sig33 visit:

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Kit MV011 - Porsche "Maus"

Planet/MV011/01.jpg Planet/MV011/02.jpg Planet/MV011/03.jpg

For an "On The Way" preview about kit MV011 - Porsche "Maus" visit:

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Kit MV012 - A-Stoff Transporter

Planet/MV012/01.jpg Planet/MV012/02.jpg Planet/MV012/03.jpg

Kit MV013 - Meillerwagen (V-2 Trailer)

Planet/MV013/01.jpg Planet/MV013/02.jpg Planet/MV013/03.jpg

Kit MV014 - Faun RS (Rail Version)

Planet/MV014/01.jpg Planet/MV014/02.jpg Planet/MV014/03.jpg

Kit MV015 - SdKfz. 7/3 Feuerleit Panzer

Planet/MV015/01.jpg Planet/MV015/02.jpg Planet/MV015/03.jpg Planet/MV015/04.jpg Planet/MV015/05.jpg Planet/MV015/06.jpg Planet/MV015/07.jpg Planet/MV015/08.jpg

Kit MV016 - Sam-2 Guideline

Planet/MV016/01.jpg Planet/MV016/02.jpg Planet/MV016/03.jpg Planet/MV016/04.jpg

Kit MV017 - Kfz.385


Kit MV018 - Opel Blitz Tanker


Kit MV019 - Armoured SdKfz. 7 with flak 36

Planet/MV019/01.jpg Planet/MV019/02.jpg Planet/MV019/03.jpg

Kit MV020 - Panzer IV Ausf. J

Planet/MV020/01.jpg Planet/MV020/02.jpg Planet/MV020/03.jpg Planet/MV020/04.jpg Planet/MV020/05.jpg Planet/MV020/06.jpg

For an "Doug Chaltry" preview about kit MV020 - Panzer IV Ausf. J visit:

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Kit MV021 - Pz IV with Schmalturm and Schurzen

Planet/MV021/01.jpg Planet/MV021/02.jpg Planet/MV021/03.jpg Planet/MV021/04.jpg

For an "On The Way" preview about kit MV021 - Pz IV with Schmalturm and Schurzen visit:

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Kit MV022 - Bergepanzer IV


Kit MV023 - Panzer IV Kugelblitz


Kit MV024 - Famo 18 ton Heavy Halftrack

Planet/MV024/01.jpg Planet/MV024/02.jpg Planet/MV024/03.jpg

Conversion into SdKfz. 9 Famo with 88mm Flak - (Planet MV024 with CMK2003) - Built model by Ivan Visek

Planet/MV024/1/01.jpg Planet/MV024/1/02.jpg Planet/MV024/1/03.jpg Planet/MV024/1/04.jpg

For an "On The Way" preview about kit MV024 - Famo 18 ton Heavy Halftrack visit:

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Kit MV025 - Sd. Anh. 116 Trailer

Planet/MV025/01.jpg Planet/MV025/02.jpg Planet/MV025/03.jpg Planet/MV025/04.jpg Planet/MV025/05.jpg

For an "Doug Chaltry" preview about kit MV025 - Sd. Anh. 116 Trailer visit:

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Kit MV026 - Bussing NAG 4500A

Planet/MV026/01.jpg Planet/MV026/02.jpg Planet/MV026/03.jpg

For an "On The Way" preview about kit MV026 - Bussing NAG 4500A visit:

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Kit MV027 - 'Krasnaja Zvezda' Russian Arm. Train

Planet/MV027/01.jpg Planet/MV027/02.jpg Planet/MV027/03.jpg

Kit MV028 - Steyer K2670 Armoured Train

Planet/MV028/01.jpg Planet/MV028/02.jpg Planet/MV028/03.jpg

Kit MV029 - Sd.Kfz. 166 Brummbar

Planet/MV029/01.jpg Planet/MV029/02.jpg Planet/MV029/03.jpg

Kit MV030 - SdKfz. 164 Nashorn / Hornisse

Planet/MV030/01.jpg Planet/MV030/02.jpg Planet/MV030/03.jpg

For an "On The Way" preview about kit MV030 - SdKfz. 164 Nashorn / Hornisse visit:

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Kit MV031 - Ford GPA Jeep

Planet/MV031/01.jpg Planet/MV031/02.jpg

Model built by Andrei Makarov


Kit MV032 - SdKfz. 9 Famo armoured flak 88

Planet/MV032/01.jpg Planet/MV032/02.jpg Planet/MV032/03.jpg

Kit MV034 - M984 Oshkosh Recovery Vehicle


Kit MV035 - SdKfz. 9 with Bildstein Crane

Planet/MV035/01.jpg Planet/MV035/02.jpg Planet/MV035/03.jpg Planet/MV035/04.jpg Planet/MV035/05.jpg Planet/MV035/06.jpg

Kit MV036 - Brencarrier MKII

Planet/MV036/01.jpg Planet/MV036/02.jpg Planet/MV036/03.jpg

Model built by Andrei Makarov


For an "On The Way" preview about kit MV036 - Brencarrier MKII visit:

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Kit MV038 - Dragon Wagon - Armoured Recovery Vehicle

Planet/MV038/01.jpg Planet/MV038/02.jpg Planet/MV038/03.jpg Planet/MV038/04.jpg Planet/MV038/05.jpg

For an "On The Way" preview about kit MV038 - Dragon Wagon visit:

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Kit MV039 - M26A1 with M15 Trailer

Planet/MV039/01.jpg Planet/MV039/02.jpg Planet/MV039/03.jpg Planet/MV039/04.jpg Planet/MV039/05.jpg Planet/MV039/06.jpg Planet/MV039/07.jpg

Kit MV041 - Russian VT-34 Recovery vehicle

Planet/MV041/01.jpg Planet/MV041/02.jpg Planet/MV041/03.jpg

Kit MV043 - 17cm Kanone Matterhorn

Planet/MV043/01.jpg Planet/MV043/02.jpg Planet/MV043/03.jpg

Kit MV044 - 21cm Kanone Matterhorn

Planet/MV044/01.jpg Planet/MV044/02.jpg Planet/MV044/03.jpg

Kit MV045 - Railway Transport for Maus

Planet/MV045/01.jpg Planet/MV045/02.jpg Planet/MV045/03.jpg

Kit MV046 - Famo Artillery Tracker

Planet/MV046/01.jpg Planet/MV046/02.jpg Planet/MV046/03.jpg

Kit MV047 - Railway Transport - Vagon Gattungs Bezirk

Planet/MV047/01.jpg Planet/MV047/02.jpg Planet/MV047/03.jpg

Kit MV048 - Railway Transport - Gattung

Planet/MV048/01.jpg Planet/MV048/02.jpg Planet/MV048/03.jpg

Kit MV049 - Tracks for Pz.IV and variant

Planet/MV049/01.jpg Planet/MV049/02.jpg

Kit MV050 - Kriegslokomotive BR52


Kit MV051 - Kriegslokomotive BR64

Planet/MV051/01.jpg Planet/MV051/02.jpg Planet/MV051/03.jpg Planet/MV051/04.jpg Planet/MV051/05.jpg Planet/MV051/06.jpg

Kit MV052 - Kriegslokomotive BR86


Kit MV053 - Diesellokomotive WR360 C14

Planet/MV053/01.jpg Planet/MV053/02.jpg Planet/MV053/03.jpg

Kit MV054 - Railway-track (2pcs) + lie


Kit MV055 - German ammo boxes WW II

Planet/MV055/01.jpg Planet/MV055/02.jpg

Kit MV056 - US ammo boxes WW II

Planet/MV056/01.jpg Planet/MV056/02.jpg

Kit MV057 - German equipment set WW II

Planet/MV057/01.jpg Planet/MV057/02.jpg

Kit MV058 - US equipment set WW II

Planet/MV058/01.jpg Planet/MV058/02.jpg

Kit MV059 - US equipment set modern

Planet/MV059/01.jpg Planet/MV059/02.jpg

Kit MV060 - British equipment set modern

Planet/MV060/01.jpg Planet/MV060/02.jpg

Kit MV061 - Tentpack part I

Planet/MV061/01.jpg Planet/MV061/02.jpg

Kit MV062 - Tentpack part II

Planet/MV062/01.jpg Planet/MV062/02.jpg

Kit MV063 - M2A2 Bradley Iraq war

Planet/MV063/01.jpg Planet/MV063/02.jpg Planet/MV063/03.jpg

Kit MV064 - M1A1 Abrams Iraq war

Planet/MV064/01.jpg Planet/MV064/02.jpg Planet/MV064/03.jpg

Kit MV065 - Challenger I Equipment Set

Planet/MV065/01.jpg Planet/MV065/02.jpg Planet/MV065/03.jpg

Kit MV066 - Railway Trackparts - 3 pieces


Kit MV067 - Sd.Kfz. 165 Hummel Early version

Planet/MV067/01.jpg Planet/MV067/02.jpg Planet/MV067/03.jpg

Kit MV068 - SdKfz. 165 "Hummel Late version

Planet/MV068/01.jpg Planet/MV068/02.jpg Planet/MV068/03.jpg

Kit MV069 - SdAhn. 473 Leuchtfeuer anhanger

Planet/MV069/01.jpg Planet/MV069/02.jpg Planet/MV069/03.jpg Planet/MV069/04.jpg Planet/MV069/05.jpg

Kit MV070 - German Commanders Caravan

Planet/MV070/01.jpg Planet/MV070/02.jpg Planet/MV070/03.jpg Planet/MV070/04.jpg Planet/MV070/05.jpg

Kit MV071 - Large Air Compressor 34

Planet/MV071/01.jpg Planet/MV071/02.jpg Planet/MV071/03.jpg

Kit MV073 - Lynz - Carrier Me40 parts one

Planet/MV073/01.jpg Planet/MV073/02.jpg Planet/MV073/03.jpg

Kit MV074 - Lynz - Carrier Me40 parts two

Planet/MV074/01.jpg Planet/MV074/02.jpg Planet/MV074/03.jpg

Kit MV075 - Lynz - Carrier Me40 parts three

Planet/MV075/01.jpg Planet/MV075/02.jpg Planet/MV075/03.jpg

Kit MV076 - M983 Oskosh Tractor

Planet/MV076/01.jpg Planet/MV076/02.jpg Planet/MV076/03.jpg

Kit MV077 - Sonderahw. 105

Planet/MV077/01.jpg Planet/MV077/02.jpg Planet/MV077/03.jpg

Kit MV078 - 20mm Oerlikon AA Gun

Planet/MV078/01.jpg Planet/MV078/02.jpg

Kit MV079 - Naval 102mm (4inch) Gun

Planet/MV079/01.jpg Planet/MV079/02.jpg

Kit MV080 - Coaling Crane

Planet/MV080/01.jpg Planet/MV080/02.jpg Planet/MV080/03.jpg

Kit MV081 - M977 Oskosh Gargo Truck

Planet/MV081/01.jpg Planet/MV081/02.jpg Planet/MV081/03.jpg

Kit MV082 - Oskosh Feul tanker

Planet/MV082/01.jpg Planet/MV082/02.jpg Planet/MV082/03.jpg

Kit MV084 - 40mm Bofor Gun

Planet/MV084/01.jpg Planet/MV084/02.jpg Planet/MV084/03.jpg

Kit MV085 - Fug 2.5t tractor


Kit MV086 - Morris Commercial

Planet/MV086/01.jpg Planet/MV086/02.jpg Planet/MV086/03.jpg Planet/MV086/04.jpg Planet/MV086/05.jpg Planet/MV086/06.jpg Planet/MV086/07.jpg

Kit MV087 - Water Tank Trailer "Ben Hur"

Planet/MV087/01.jpg Planet/MV087/02.jpg Planet/MV087/03.jpg

Kit MV088 - Gargo Trailer "Ben Hur"

Planet/MV088/01.jpg Planet/MV088/02.jpg Planet/MV088/03.jpg

Kit MV089 - 5cm Pak 38

Planet/MV089/01.jpg Planet/MV089/02.jpg Planet/MV089/03.jpg

Kit MV091 - 75mm Fiel Gun Schneider


Kit MV092 - 3.7cm Pak 37(t)

Planet/MV092/01.jpg Planet/MV092/02.jpg Planet/MV092/03.jpg Planet/MV092/04.jpg

Kit MV093 - Armoured Engineer vehicle GPM PT2

Planet/MV093/01.jpg Planet/MV093/02.jpg Planet/MV093/03.jpg Planet/MV093/04.jpg Planet/MV093/05.jpg Planet/MV093/06.jpg Planet/MV093/07.jpg Planet/MV093/08.jpg Planet/MV093/09.jpg Planet/MV093/10.jpg

Kit MV094 - Tender 2'2'32 Vanderbilt - for Lokomotive BR-52

Planet/MV094/01.jpg Planet/MV094/02.jpg Planet/MV094/03.jpg Planet/MV094/04.jpg Planet/MV094/05.jpg

Kit MV096 - Auto Union DKW Munga

Planet/MV096/01.jpg Planet/MV096/02.jpg Planet/MV096/03.jpg Planet/MV096/04.jpg Planet/MV096/05.jpg

Kit MV097 - Tatra V855 WWII German Aerosleigh

Planet/MV097/01.jpg Planet/MV097/02.jpg Planet/MV097/03.jpg Planet/MV097/04.jpg Planet/MV097/05.jpg Planet/MV097/06.jpg

Kit MV098 - DKW Munga Ambulance

Planet/MV098/01.jpg Planet/MV098/02.jpg Planet/MV098/03.jpg

Kit MV099 - Sd.Anh 54 – German WW II Trailer

Planet/MV099/01.jpg Planet/MV099/02.jpg

Kit MV100 - MO-120-RT-61 - 20 mm rifled towed mortar

Planet/MV100/01.jpg Planet/MV100/02.jpg

Kit MV101 - R-1 (Praga AH-IV-R) WW II Tankette

Planet/MV101/01.jpg Planet/MV101/02.jpg

Kit MV102 - Strv m/37 (Praga AH-IV-S) WW II Tankette

Planet/MV102/01.jpg Planet/MV102/02.jpg

Kit MV103 - M22 "Locust" Airborne Tank

Planet/MV103/01.jpg Planet/MV103/02.jpg

Kit MV104 - Tatra OA vz.30

Planet/MV104/01.jpg Planet/MV104/02.jpg Planet/MV104/03.jpg

Model built by Vojislav Jereb

Planet/MV104/1/01.jpg Planet/MV104/1/02.jpg Planet/MV104/1/03.jpg Planet/MV104/1/04.jpg

Kit MV105 - Funkwagen PA.II(t) / PA.II Želva (Turtle) Czechoslovak Armoured Car in German Service


Kit MV106 - Orion V - Bundeswehr Container Load Trailer

Planet/MV106/01.jpg Planet/MV106/02.jpg Planet/MV106/03.jpg Planet/MV106/04.jpg

Kit MV107 - 20 Feet Cargo Container

Planet/MV107/01.jpg Planet/MV107/02.jpg

Kit MV108 - TATRA OA vz.30 / Pz.SpW.30(t) Czechoslovak Armoured Car in WWII Service


Kit MV109 - Portable Toilet „TOI TOI“ (2 pcs)


Kit MV110 - Unimog U406 DoKa Military Airport Tug + AERO Rx Towbar

Planet/MV110/01.jpg Planet/MV110/02.jpg

Kit MV111 - Wheeled fire extinguisher PG 50 with transport container


Kit MV112 - Multi Water Tank Container, 10 m3

Planet/MV112/01.jpg Planet/MV112/02.jpg

Kit MV113 - Sanitary Container (Mobile WC)


Kit MV114 - Fuel Storage Tank Container


Kit MV115 - Gas Station Container


Kit MV116 - Water Supply Tank Container, 18 m3

Planet/MV116/01.jpg Planet/MV116/02.jpg

Kit MV117 - M29 Weasel – full resin kit

Planet/MV117/01.jpg Planet/MV117/02.jpg Planet/MV117/03.jpg

Kit MV118 - Ringtrichter Richtungshörer Horchgerät (RRH) – German WW2 Acoustic Monitoring Device

Planet/MV118/01.jpg Planet/MV118/02.jpg

Kit MV119 - Unimog FLU 419 SEE US Army


Kit MV120 - MAN LE 10.220 Bundeswehr Military Aircraft Tug / Flugzeugschlepper


For an "Volker Helms' / IPMSDeutschland" preview about Kit MV120 - MAN LE 10.220 Bundeswehr Military Aircraft Tug / Flugzeugschlepper visit:

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Kit MV121 - Austro-Hungarian WWI 30,5 cm Belagerungsmörser M.11 (Skoda 30,5cm Haubitze)

Planet/MV121/01.jpg Planet/MV121/02.jpg Planet/MV121/03.jpg

Kit MV122 - ARL-44 French Heavy Tank

Planet/MV122/01.jpg Planet/MV122/02.jpg

Kit MV123 - M1278 Heavy Gun Carrier "Joint Light Tactical Vehicle"

Planet/MV123/01.jpg Planet/MV123/02.jpg Planet/MV123/03.jpg Planet/MV123/04.jpg Planet/MV123/05.jpg Planet/MV123/06.jpg Planet/MV123/07.jpg

Kit MV124 - M1280 General Purpose Configuration "Joint Light Tactical Vehicle"

Planet/MV124/01.jpg Planet/MV124/02.jpg Planet/MV124/03.jpg Planet/MV124/04.jpg Planet/MV124/05.jpg Planet/MV124/06.jpg

Kit MV125 - 15cm TbtsK C36 WWII Destroyer Gun

Planet/MV125/01.jpg Planet/MV125/02.jpg

For an "Volker Helms' / IPMSDeutschland" preview about Kit MV125 - 15cm TbtsK C36 WWII Destroyer Gun visit:

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Kit MV127 - Cetor-15 Czechoslovak Tractor


Kit MV128 - Cetor-25 Military version

Planet/MV128/01.jpg Planet/MV128/02.jpg Planet/MV128/03.jpg Planet/MV128/04.jpg

Kit MV129 - Cetor-25 Agriulture version

Planet/MV129/01.jpg Planet/MV129/02.jpg Planet/MV129/03.jpg

Kit MV132 - Morris CS9 British light armored car

Planet/MV132/01.jpg Planet/MV132/02.jpg Planet/MV132/03.jpg Planet/MV132/04.jpg Planet/MV132/05.jpg Planet/MV132/06.jpg

Kit MV133 - British CS9 Light Armoured Car North Africa

Planet/MV133/01.jpg Planet/MV133/02.jpg Planet/MV133/03.jpg Planet/MV133/04.jpg Planet/MV133/05.jpg Planet/MV133/06.jpg Planet/MV133/07.jpg

For an "Jan Willisch' / IPMSDeutschland" preview about Kit MV133 - British CS9 Light Armoured Car North Africa visit:

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Kit MV134 - Fordson WOT2E

Planet/MV134/01.jpg Planet/MV134/02.jpg Planet/MV134/03.jpg Planet/MV134/04.jpg Planet/MV134/05.jpg Planet/MV134/06.jpg Planet/MV134/07.jpg Planet/MV134/08.jpg

For an "Jan Willisch' / IPMSDeutschland" preview about Kit MV134 - Fordson WOT2E visit:

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Kit MV135 - Fordson WOT2D "Van Body"


Kit PLT065 - Enzian E-4

Planet/plt065/01.jpg Planet/plt065/02.jpg Planet/plt065/03.jpg

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