WIP3D - (3D Print Service)

A 3D Printing manufacturer from Italy. Kits are available as complete kit and / or as "cannibal" kit, which requiring parts from other models.

This label has released a big range of printed models. The kits below are showed for information only. For other kits visit the website link on the bottom of the page

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Kit 72028 - VCC-2 - (Cannibal kit)

WIP3D/72028/01.jpg WIP3D/72028/02.jpg WIP3D/72028/03.jpg WIP3D/72028/04.jpg WIP3D/72028/05.jpg WIP3D/72028/06.jpg

Kit 72037 - Auto Cannone Dovunque 51da 90/53 - (Cannibal kit)


Kit 72038 - Auto Cannone Dovunque 51da 90/53 with Trailer - (Cannibal kit)


Kit 72039 - AutoCarro Dovunque 51/52 - (Complete kit)

WIP3D/72039/01.jpg WIP3D/72039/02.jpg WIP3D/72039/03.jpg WIP3D/72039/04.jpg

Kit 72040 - Auto Cannone Dovunque 41da 90/53 - (Complete kit)

WIP3D/72040/01.jpg WIP3D/72040/02.jpg WIP3D/72040/03.jpg WIP3D/72040/04.jpg

Kit 72041 - Auto Cannone Dovunque 51da 90/53 with Trailer - (Complete kit)

WIP3D/72041/00.jpg WIP3D/72041/01.jpg WIP3D/72041/02.jpg WIP3D/72041/03.jpg WIP3D/72041/04.jpg

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