Werk 803

Resin kits in 1/72 scale which are not from a manufacurer, but modelling work from a group of modellers from different countries

All models at "Werk 803" are also usable as military vehicles -> because they were all also in the NVA in the employment! (NVA = Nationale Volksarmee / East German Army / National Peoples Army) The sheets of the appropriate regulations of the NVA are included

They have excellent decals, stencils for maintenance and Indicator for regulator (R) - trafic control, or Commander Service (KD) - MP of the NVA. Which are always extensive and suitable for several other vehicles

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Kit 803201 - IFA Sachsenring P3

werk803//803201/01.jpg werk803//803201/02.jpg werk803//803201/03.jpg werk803//803201/04.jpg

Kit 803202 - P601A Kubel

werk803//803202/01.jpg werk803//803202/02.jpg werk803//803202/03.jpg werk803//803202/04.jpg

Kit 803203 - M25 Koffer

werk803//803203/01.jpg werk803//803203/02.jpg werk803//803203/03.jpg werk803//803203/04.jpg werk803//803203/05.jpg

Kit 803204 - Fufrungs Fahrzeug P3S Salon - (Horch/Sachsenring/Ifa)

werk803//803204/01.jpg werk803//803204/02.jpg werk803//803204/03.jpg

Model built by Hans Sedlmair

werk803//803204/1/01.jpg werk803//803204/1/02.jpg werk803//803204/1/03.jpg

Kit 803205 - P601A Kubel "Stofhound"

werk803//803205/01.jpg werk803//803205/02.jpg werk803//803205/03.jpg werk803//803205/04.jpg werk803//803205/05.jpg

Kit 803206 - Sachsenring Repräsentant

werk803//803206/01.jpg werk803//803206/02.jpg werk803//803206/03.jpg werk803//803206/04.jpg werk803//803206/05.jpg

Model built by Hans Sedlmair

werk803//803206/1/01.jpg werk803//803206/1/02.jpg werk803//803206/1/03.jpg

Kit 803207 - M25 Kipper

werk803//803207/01.jpg werk803//803207/02.jpg werk803//803207/03.jpg werk803//803207/04.jpg werk803//803207/05.jpg

Kit 803208 - IFA HM-20 Trailer

werk803//803208/01.jpg werk803//803208/02.jpg werk803//803208/03.jpg werk803//803208/04.jpg

Kit 803216 - B-Krader "Dampfhammer" AWO 425 one or with seitenwagen BK350 & 2 NVA Soldiers

werk803//803216/01.jpg werk803//803216/02.jpg werk803//803216/03.jpg

Kit 803222 - Schleppwinde Herkules III with KR50 Simson Moped & crew

werk803//803222/01.jpg werk803//803222/02.jpg werk803//803222/03.jpg

Kit 803300 - ZT-300 Fortschritt-tractor & Trailer HW-80

werk803//803300/01.jpg werk803//803300/02.jpg werk803//803300/03.jpg

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Kit 803303 - ZT-303 4x4-tractor with tanktrailer HL50.45 & Snowplough

werk803//803303/01.jpg werk803//803303/02.jpg werk803//803303/03.jpg

Kit ? - NVA Soldiers with IFA Motorcycles - (TS 250, ETZ 250 & BK350)

Ipms Deutschland / Werk 803 have available as a club kit a set of former East German military motorcycles.in 1/72 resin with figures

werk803//ipms-de/01.jpg werk803//ipms-de/02.jpg werk803//ipms-de/03.jpg werk803//ipms-de/04.jpg werk803//ipms-de/05.jpg werk803//ipms-de/06.jpg

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