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Armory from Ukraine is started with 1/72 Injection moulded kits (plastic)

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Plastic Kits.

Kit Code: AR 722XX - "Complete Vehicles" - (Plastic Injection)

Kit AR72201 - Pz.VII Lowe - German WWII heavy prototype tank (full plastic kit).

Pictures posted by Jose manuel Chasco / 1/72 Depot.

armory/ar/72201/01.jpg armory/ar/72201/02.jpg armory/ar/72201/03.jpg armory/ar/72201/04.jpg armory/ar/72201/05.jpg armory/ar/72201/06.jpg armory/ar/72201/07.jpg armory/ar/72201/08.jpg armory/ar/72201/09.jpg armory/ar/72201/10.jpg armory/ar/72201/11.jpg armory/ar/72201/12.jpg armory/ar/72201/13.jpg armory/ar/72201/14.jpg armory/ar/72201/15.jpg armory/ar/72201/16.jpg armory/ar/72201/17.jpg

Pictures by Armory

armory/ar/72201/3/01.jpg armory/ar/72201/3/02.jpg armory/ar/72201/3/03.jpg armory/ar/72201/3/04.jpg

Built model by Paco Motos Orellana

armory/ar/72201/4/01.jpg armory/ar/72201/4/02.jpg armory/ar/72201/4/03.jpg armory/ar/72201/4/04.jpg

Pictures sprueparts posted by Igor Leonov

armory/ar/72201/1/01.jpg armory/ar/72201/1/02.jpg armory/ar/72201/1/03.jpg armory/ar/72201/1/04.jpg armory/ar/72201/1/05.jpg armory/ar/72201/1/06.jpg armory/ar/72201/1/07.jpg armory/ar/72201/1/08.jpg

Pictures posted by Leonid Postny

armory/ar/72201/2/01.jpg armory/ar/72201/2/02.jpg armory/ar/72201/2/03.jpg armory/ar/72201/2/04.jpg armory/ar/72201/2/05.jpg armory/ar/72201/2/06.jpg armory/ar/72201/2/07.jpg

For "Leonid Postny's / 1/72 Depot" review of kit AR72101 - Pz.VII Lowe - German WWII heavy prototype tank visit:

logo "1/72 Depot" Website

For " F. Giovagnorio's / OTW" preview & review of Kit AR72201 - Pz.VII Lowe - German WWII heavy prototype tank visit:

logo "On the Way" Website, (preview) logo "On the Way" Website, (review)

Kit AR72202 - VK 72.01 (K) German WWII heavy prototype tank

armory/ar/72202/01.jpg armory/ar/72202/02.jpg armory/ar/72202/03.jpg armory/ar/72202/04.jpg armory/ar/72202/05.jpg armory/ar/72202/06.jpg armory/ar/72202/07.jpg armory/ar/72202/08.jpg armory/ar/72202/09.jpg armory/ar/72202/10.jpg armory/ar/72202/11.jpg armory/ar/72202/12.jpg armory/ar/72202/13.jpg armory/ar/72202/14.jpg armory/ar/72202/15.jpg armory/ar/72202/16.jpg armory/ar/72202/17.jpg armory/ar/72202/18.jpg armory/ar/72202/19.jpg armory/ar/72202/20.jpg armory/ar/72202/21.jpg armory/ar/72202/22.jpg armory/ar/72202/23.jpg

3D Drawings

armory/ar/72202/1/01.jpg armory/ar/72202/1/02.jpg armory/ar/72202/1/03.jpg armory/ar/72202/1/04.jpg

For " Rob Haelterman's / OTW" preview of Kit AR72202 - VK 72.01 (K) German WWII heavy prototype tank visit:

logo "On the Way" Website - (with spruepart pictures)

Kit AR72203 - Panzer II Ausf. L "Luchs" - (early and late) (full plastic kit).

armory/ar/72203/01.jpg armory/ar/72203/02.jpg armory/ar/72203/03.jpg armory/ar/72203/04.jpg armory/ar/72203/05.jpg armory/ar/72203/06.jpg armory/ar/72203/07.jpg armory/ar/72203/08.jpg armory/ar/72203/09.jpg armory/ar/72203/10.jpg armory/ar/72203/11.jpg armory/ar/72203/12.jpg

For "Marc Mercier's / OTW" review of Kit AR72203 - Panzer II Ausf. L "Luchs" - (early and late) visit:

logo "On the Way" Website

Kit AR72210 - VK 36.01(H) German WWII Experimental Heavy Tank, plastic kit w/ PE parts

armory/ar/72210/01.jpg armory/ar/72210/02.jpg armory/ar/72210/03.jpg armory/ar/72210/04.jpg armory/ar/72210/05.jpg armory/ar/72210/06.jpg armory/ar/72210/07.jpg armory/ar/72210/08.jpg armory/ar/72210/09.jpg armory/ar/72210/10.jpg armory/ar/72210/11.jpg armory/ar/72210/12.jpg armory/ar/72210/13.jpg armory/ar/72210/14.jpg armory/ar/72210/15.jpg armory/ar/72210/16.jpg armory/ar/72210/17.jpg armory/ar/72210/18.jpg armory/ar/72210/19.jpg armory/ar/72210/20.jpg armory/ar/72210/21.jpg

3D Drawings

armory/ar/72210/1/01.jpg armory/ar/72210/1/02.jpg armory/ar/72210/1/03.jpg armory/ar/72210/1/04.jpg armory/ar/72210/1/05.jpg armory/ar/72210/1/06.jpg armory/ar/72210/1/07.jpg armory/ar/72210/1/08.jpg

Kit AR72239 - US M45 Quadmount with M20 trailer

Kitparts and instructions in Rob's preview below


Built model by Armory

armory/ar/72239/1/01.jpg armory/ar/72239/1/02.jpg armory/ar/72239/1/03.jpg armory/ar/72239/1/04.jpg

For " Rob Haelterman's / OTW" preview Kit AR72239 - US M45 Quadmount with M20 trailer visit:

logo "On the Way" Website, (preview)

Kit AR72401R - ZPRK 96K6 "Pantsyr-C1" (SA-22 Greyhound), Russian AA weapon system

instructions by F.Giovagnorio / sprueparts by Miroslav Baranenko

armory/ar/72401/00.jpg armory/ar/72401/01.jpg armory/ar/72401/02.jpg armory/ar/72401/03.jpg armory/ar/72401/04.jpg armory/ar/72401/05.jpg armory/ar/72401/06.jpg armory/ar/72401/07.jpg armory/ar/72401/08.jpg armory/ar/72401/09.jpg armory/ar/72401/10.jpg armory/ar/72401/11.jpg armory/ar/72401/12.jpg armory/ar/72401/13.jpg armory/ar/72401/14.jpg armory/ar/72401/15.jpg armory/ar/72401/16.jpg armory/ar/72401/17.jpg armory/ar/72401/18.jpg armory/ar/72401/19.jpg armory/ar/72401/20.jpg armory/ar/72401/21.jpg armory/ar/72401/22.jpg armory/ar/72401/23.jpg armory/ar/72401/24.jpg armory/ar/72401/25.jpg armory/ar/72401/26.jpg armory/ar/72401/27.jpg armory/ar/72401/28.jpg armory/ar/72401/29.jpg

Model built by Udo Bauer

"Pantsyr S-1" by Armory. An interesting air defense complex of the Russians. Armory has implemented the model well, with few weaknesses that the "short run technology" brings with it. Also PE and Resin parts were used by Armory. There was a lot of work, but she was happy

armory/ar/72401/1/01.jpg armory/ar/72401/1/02.jpg armory/ar/72401/1/03.jpg armory/ar/72401/1/04.jpg armory/ar/72401/1/05.jpg

Model built by Igor Leonov

armory/ar/72401/2/01.jpg armory/ar/72401/2/02.jpg armory/ar/72401/2/03.jpg armory/ar/72401/2/04.jpg armory/ar/72401/2/05.jpg armory/ar/72401/2/06.jpg armory/ar/72401/2/07.jpg armory/ar/72401/2/08.jpg armory/ar/72401/2/09.jpg armory/ar/72401/2/10.jpg armory/ar/72401/2/11.jpg armory/ar/72401/2/12.jpg armory/ar/72401/2/13.jpg armory/ar/72401/2/14.jpg armory/ar/72401/2/15.jpg armory/ar/72401/2/16.jpg armory/ar/72401/2/17.jpg armory/ar/72401/2/18.jpg armory/ar/72401/2/19.jpg armory/ar/72401/2/20.jpg

For "Burak Ozdil's / MiniAFV" review / built model of Kit AR72401R - ZPRK 96K6 "Pantsir-C1" (SA-22 Greyhound), Russian AA weapon system visit:

logo "MiniAFV" Blogspot

For " F. Giovagnorio's / OTW" preview & review of Kit AR72401R - ZPRK 96K6 "Pantsir-C1" (SA-22 Greyhound), Russian AA weapon system visit:

logo "On the Way" Website - preview logo "On the Way" Website - review

Kit AR72406 - Russian Modern 4x4 Military Cargo Truck mod.4350, LIMITED EDITION

armory/ar/72406/01.jpg armory/ar/72406/02.jpg armory/ar/72406/03.jpg armory/ar/72406/04.jpg

armory/ar/72406/1/01.jpg armory/ar/72406/1/02.jpg armory/ar/72406/1/03.jpg armory/ar/72406/1/04.jpg

Kit AR72407 - Russian Modern 6x6 Military Cargo Truck mod.5350, LIMITED EDITION, plastic kit w/ PE & resin parts

armory/ar/72407/01.jpg armory/ar/72407/02.jpg armory/ar/72407/03.jpg armory/ar/72407/04.jpg armory/ar/72407/05.jpg

Built model by Armory

armory/ar/72407/1/01.jpg armory/ar/72407/1/02.jpg armory/ar/72407/1/03.jpg armory/ar/72407/1/04.jpg

Kit AR72412 - M4A1/A2 "Walker Bulldog"

armory/ar/72412/01.jpg armory/ar/72412/02.jpg armory/ar/72412/03.jpg armory/ar/72412/04.jpg armory/ar/72412/05.jpg armory/ar/72412/06.jpg armory/ar/72412/07.jpg armory/ar/72412/08.jpg armory/ar/72412/09.jpg armory/ar/72412/10.jpg armory/ar/72412/11.jpg armory/ar/72412/12.jpg armory/ar/72412/13.jpg armory/ar/72412/14.jpg armory/ar/72412/15.jpg armory/ar/72412/16.jpg armory/ar/72412/17.jpg armory/ar/72412/18.jpg

Built model by Armory

armory/ar/72412/1/01.jpg armory/ar/72412/1/02.jpg armory/ar/72412/1/03.jpg armory/ar/72412/1/04.jpg

For "F. Giovagnorio's / OTW" preview & review of Kit AR72412 - M4A1/A2 "Walker Bulldog" visit:

logo "On the Way" Website - preview

Kit AR72430 - M752, US ballistic SSM MGM-52 "Lance" - announced

armory/ar/72430/01.jpg armory/ar/72430/02.jpg armory/ar/72430/03.jpg armory/ar/72430/04.jpg

Kit AR72442 - ZSU-23-4V "Shilka" Mod 1967

armory/ar/72442/01.jpg armory/ar/72442/02.jpg armory/ar/72442/03.jpg armory/ar/72442/04.jpg armory/ar/72442/05.jpg armory/ar/72442/06.jpg armory/ar/72442/07.jpg armory/ar/72442/08.jpg armory/ar/72442/09.jpg armory/ar/72442/10.jpg armory/ar/72442/11.jpg armory/ar/72442/12.jpg armory/ar/72442/13.jpg armory/ar/72442/14.jpg armory/ar/72442/15.jpg armory/ar/72442/16.jpg armory/ar/72442/17.jpg armory/ar/72442/18.jpg armory/ar/72442/19.jpg armory/ar/72442/20.jpg armory/ar/72442/21.jpg armory/ar/72442/22.jpg

Kit AR72443 - ZSU-23-4V1 "Shilka" Mod 1970

armory/ar/72443/01.jpg armory/ar/72443/02.jpg armory/ar/72443/03.jpg armory/ar/72443/04.jpg armory/ar/72443/05.jpg armory/ar/72443/06.jpg armory/ar/72443/07.jpg armory/ar/72443/08.jpg armory/ar/72443/09.jpg armory/ar/72443/10.jpg armory/ar/72443/11.jpg armory/ar/72443/12.jpg armory/ar/72443/13.jpg armory/ar/72443/14.jpg armory/ar/72443/15.jpg armory/ar/72443/16.jpg armory/ar/72443/17.jpg armory/ar/72443/18.jpg armory/ar/72443/19.jpg armory/ar/72443/20.jpg armory/ar/72443/21.jpg armory/ar/72443/22.jpg armory/ar/72443/23.jpg armory/ar/72443/24.jpg armory/ar/72443/25.jpg armory/ar/72443/26.jpg armory/ar/72443/27.jpg armory/ar/72443/28.jpg

Built model by Armory

armory/ar/72443/1/01.jpg armory/ar/72443/1/02.jpg armory/ar/72443/1/03.jpg armory/ar/72443/1/04.jpg armory/ar/72443/1/05.jpg armory/ar/72443/1/06.jpg armory/ar/72443/1/07.jpg armory/ar/72443/1/08.jpg armory/ar/72443/1/09.jpg

Kit AR72444 - ZSU-23-4M "Shilka" Mod 1973

armory/ar/72444/01.jpg armory/ar/72444/02.jpg armory/ar/72444/03.jpg armory/ar/72444/04.jpg armory/ar/72444/05.jpg armory/ar/72444/06.jpg armory/ar/72444/07.jpg armory/ar/72444/08.jpg armory/ar/72444/09.jpg armory/ar/72444/10.jpg armory/ar/72444/11.jpg armory/ar/72444/12.jpg armory/ar/72444/13.jpg armory/ar/72444/14.jpg armory/ar/72444/15.jpg armory/ar/72444/16.jpg armory/ar/72444/17.jpg armory/ar/72444/18.jpg armory/ar/72444/19.jpg

Kit AR72448 - Russian Modern 6x6 Military Cargo Truck mod.43114

armory/ar/72448/01.jpg armory/ar/72448/02.jpg armory/ar/72448/03.jpg armory/ar/72448/04.jpg armory/ar/72448/05.jpg armory/ar/72448/06.jpg armory/ar/72448/07.jpg

Model built by Udo Bauer

Conversion of a KAMAZ into a Waffentrager with AZP S-60. AZP is a Russian abbreviation for Automatic AA-gun (Avtomatitcheskaja Zenitnaja Pushka). The 57mm caliber is experiencing a renaissance as a ground attacker in local conflicts. Many truck types but also tracked vehicles (T-54/55, MTL-B) are used as carriers.
The KAMAZ is used by both the Ukrainians and the Lugansk separatists. There are many pictures and videos online that also show other carrier vehicles (URAL, KrAZ). The KAMAZ 43114 kit is from ARMORY (#72448), the AZP S-60 57mm is a 3D print from PLAYMOREIT 3D (no number) - Udo Bauer

armory/ar/72448/1/01.jpg armory/ar/72448/1/02.jpg armory/ar/72448/1/03.jpg armory/ar/72448/1/04.jpg armory/ar/72448/1/05.jpg armory/ar/72448/1/06.jpg armory/ar/72448/1/07.jpg

Kit ?? - Armory is preparing a kit of the MGM-52 "Lance", US ballastic SSM

armory/mgm-52/01.jpg armory/mgm-52/02.jpg armory/mgm-52/03.jpg armory/mgm-52/04.jpg

Kit ?? - Armory is preparing a kit of the T28/T95 GMC US WWII assault tank / super-heavy SPG

armory/T28/01.jpg armory/T28/02.jpg armory/T28/03.jpg armory/T28/04.jpg

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