Drawings and Artwork from Hubert Cance

Mr. Hubert Cance, 56, Bd.E. Lintilhac, 15000 Aurillac, FRANCE

Mr. H. Cance have made a lot of drawings from Military Vehicles and Artillery, all about period WW-I, WW-II and Post-War. The drawings are from all nations and available in the scale 1/35, 1/48, 1/72 and 1/76.

The drawings are available on paper or Bristol Card.
1/35 Scale Plans: A3 size
1/48 Scale Plans: A4 size
1/72 Scale Plans: A4 size
1/76 Scale Plans: A4 size

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Challenger 2 MBT
155mm m1A1 Gun 'Longtom' on M1 Carriage + M2 Limber (Trailer)
Armored Car Daimler MK-I
Camionetta Spa.Viberti A.S.42 'Sahariana' Desertica

hcance/Challenger01.jpg hcance/Challenger02.jpg hcance/Longtom01.jpg hcance/Longtom02.jpg hcance/Daimler.jpg hcance/Sahariana.jpg

From Hubert Cance are also colored artwork available.

hcance/artwork01.jpg hcance/artwork02.jpg

List available drawings 2010

Download your own copy of available drawing-list: (Word document)

Drawing list 12-12-2010(106kb)

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