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Tank classification with help from Fernando Platon Carnicero.

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Italian, Hungaria & Poland

Italian - Light Tank CV33 & Medium Tank M13/40 - (photo 1 and 2)
Hungaria - ToldiI - (Photo 3)
Hungaria - Turan II - (photo 4 and 5)
Hungaria - Zrinyi II - (photo 6)
Poland - tankette TK3 - (photo 7)

kubinka/kub-047.jpg kubinka/kub-048.jpg kubinka/kub-049.jpg kubinka/kub-050.jpg kubinka/kub-051.jpg kubinka/kub-052.jpg kubinka/kub-053.jpg


Type 97 "Te-Ke"
Type 95 "Ha-Go" with early turret
Type 95 "Ha-Go" with late turret
Type 97 "Chi-Ha"
railroad armoured carrier type 2595 Cho-gi
self propelled crane typ 2595 ri-ki, on background Ka-Mi
Type 2 Ka Mi

kubinka/kub-054.jpg kubinka/kub-055.jpg kubinka/kub-062.jpg kubinka/kub-056.jpg kubinka/kub-057.jpg kubinka/kub-058.jpg kubinka/kub-059.jpg kubinka/kub-060.jpg kubinka/kub-061.jpg kubinka/kub-063.jpg


T-26 "Twin Turret" 1931 Version
T-26-1 version 1939
OT-130 flame thrower

kubinka/kub-083.jpg kubinka/kub-089.jpg kubinka/kub-084.jpg kubinka/kub-088.jpg kubinka/kub-085.jpg kubinka/kub-086.jpg kubinka/kub-087.jpg


kubinka/kub-113.jpg kubinka/kub-114.jpg kubinka/kub-115.jpg kubinka/kub-090.jpg kubinka/kub-091.jpg

Light Tank T-37A

kubinka/kub-092.jpg kubinka/kub-093.jpg

Light Tank T-40

The T-40 was a amphibious tank and intended to replace the T-38. Few were produced because of the war's outbreak, and its non-amphobious relative the T-60, was adopted in its place

kubinka/kub-094.jpg kubinka/kub-095.jpg

T-126SP - (Prototype of T-50)

kubinka/kub-096.jpg kubinka/kub-097.jpg

Light Tank T-60 - model 1942

The original version of the T-60 light tank was distinctive because of its use of spoked raodwheels. The later production batches of the T-60 used convex disc roadwheels, and had additional armour on the turret sides and front.

kubinka/kub-098.jpg kubinka/kub-099.jpg

SU-76M & ZSU-37

The SU-76 was based on the lengthened T-70 tank chassis. This version entered production in 1942, but was so plagued with engine and transmissions problems that it had to completely redesigned. A small number of SU-76s saw combat in the winter of 1942-43, but were quickly withdrawn from frontline service until the improved SU-76M became available.
The original version of the ZSU-37 was based on the failed SU-76 chassis. Necessary corrections to the powertrain delayed development of this anti-aircraft vehicle. A small number of the ZSU-37 were built in 1944 and 1945, but is was never entirely succesfull because inadequate turret traverse speed.

kubinka/kub-102.jpg kubinka/kub-103.jpg kubinka/kub-100.jpg kubinka/kub-101.jpg

Light Tank T-80 Model 1942

The T-70 and T-80 light tank were developed because of the sluggishness of the T-60 in rough terrain, and its inadequate gun. Even the 45mm gun of the T-70 was hardly adequate against German tanks in 1943. One of the main problems with the T-70 was that it had only a single turret crewman. This problem was addressed in the T-80 which had a two-man crew.

kubinka/kub-104.jpg kubinka/kub-105.jpg

Odessa Tank "Na Ispug"

In August 1941, Odessa was surrounded and cut off from supplies of tanks.The Januari Uprissing Factory proposed that tractors be armoured as improvised tanks. Stz-5 tractors and KhTZ-3 tractors were fitted with boiler plate sandwiched with wood or rubber sheeting to provide more protection from small arms. The armament on these tanks varied. Totall of 68 these Odessa Tanks were built. Most are different. They were eventually called NI-Tanks (Na Ispug: Terror Tanks)
(Follow information is the tank on the pictures not original, but a replica.)

kubinka/kub-106.jpg kubinka/kub-107.jpg kubinka/kub-108.jpg kubinka/kub-109.jpg kubinka/kub-110.jpg kubinka/kub-111.jpg

Austin Putilov Armoured Car


Armoured Cars

BA-27 - The BA-27 was originally based on the Amo-F-15 and later on the Ford AA chassis.
BA-6 model 1935

kubinka/kub-117.jpg kubinka/kub-118.jpg kubinka/kub-119.jpg kubinka/kub-121.jpg kubinka/kub-120.jpg

Medium Tank T-50

The T-50 was designed to replace the T-26 infantrytank, but only a small number were built because of his high cost and complexity. It served with a tankbrigade in Karelia fightings the Fins where it was known as the "Little Klim" a reference to its similarity in appearance to the KV tank.

kubinka/kub-125.jpg kubinka/kub-123.jpg kubinka/kub-126.jpg kubinka/kub-127.jpg kubinka/kub-128.jpg kubinka/kub-129.jpg kubinka/kub-130.jpg kubinka/kub-131.jpg kubinka/kub-132.jpg kubinka/kub-133.jpg kubinka/kub-134.jpg kubinka/kub-135.jpg kubinka/kub-136.jpg

Heavy tanks


SU-14BR-2 Prototype - built in 1939 with chassis parts from T28 and T35 with a 152mm naval gun.

kubinka/kub-064.jpg kubinka/kub-065.jpg kubinka/kub-066.jpg


kubinka/kub-067.jpg kubinka/kub-068.jpg kubinka/kub-069.jpg kubinka/kub-070.jpg

Russia - Post War (Prototypes??)

JSU-152 model 1945 (object 704)

kubinka/kub-071.jpg kubinka/kub-072.jpg

JS-4 (Josef Stalin 4)


JS-7 (Josef Stalin 7)

kubinka/kub-074.jpg kubinka/kub-075.jpg

JS-8 (Josef Stalin 8) - (entered production as T-10 - after the dead of Stalin)

kubinka/kub-076.jpg kubinka/kub-077.jpg

Object 268 - 152mm gun on T10 chassis

kubinka/kub-078.jpg kubinka/kub-079.jpg kubinka/kub-080.jpg

Object 279 with 130mm gun - low aerodynamic profile, low center of gravity and big stability for nuclear battlefield area.
(Testing showed that tank were turned down, but continue working so this prototype was developed to resist the blast without been turned. - But you prefer don't stay inside near nuclear explosion!)

kubinka/kub-081.jpg kubinka/kub-082.jpg


The vehicles on the pictures are based on the T54 hull - This are the same fire enigines as used by Saddams oil-fires in Koewait

kubinka/kub-112.jpg kubinka/kub-112-1.jpg kubinka/kub-112-2.jpg kubinka/kub-112-3.jpg kubinka/kub-112-4.jpg kubinka/kub-112-5.jpg

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