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Kit MRP72001 - Italian C1 "Ariete" Italian Main Battle Tank

ricardi/72001/01.jpg ricardi/72001/02.jpg ricardi/72001/03.jpg

The Ariete is an Italian Battle Tank, produced by Iveco and Otobreda (italian companies), weight 48 ton, crew 4 men, cannon 120 mm, engine diesel 1250 HP. The study started on the 1984 to substitute the old Leopard.

Kit MRP72002 - Italian VCC Camillino Tank - (the Italian evolution of M113)


Kit MRP72003 - Cannone 149A - (ex Da.Ga kit)

ricardi/cannone-149-a.jpg ricardi/72003/01.jpg ricardi/72003/02.jpg ricardi/72003/03.jpg

The italian "cannone da 149 A" (i. e. 149 mm. caliber gun, "A" standing for "acciaio"= steel) was introduced in 1905 as one of the most important Italian Army guns and served not only in world war I, but also - thanks to its good range, exceeding 16 kms. - in world war II, though obsolete (it had rigid carriage and recoil was absorbed simply by wooden wedges placed behind wheels and a box structure placed under the tail). Mr. Panzer resin kit parts are very precise, highly detailed and can be easily cleaned and detached from base. Gun can be assembled either in firing or towing order, as kit includes a limber, the wedges and the tail box

Kit MRP72004 - Fiat 15 Ter - (ex Da.Ga kit)
Kit MRP72005 - Fiat 18BL - (ex Da.Ga kit)

ricardi/72004/01.jpg ricardi/72005/01.jpg

Kit MRP72006 - Italian Car 500 A "Topolino" (No picture)

Kit MRP72007 - Italian SP gun 105/14 conversion based on the French FT-17

ricardi/72007/01.jpg ricardi/72007/02.jpg

Kit MRP72008 - Addictional armour for kit MRP72002 Italian Camillino Tank


Kit MRP72009 - Italian VCC Dardo Italian APC

ricardi/72009/01.jpg ricardi/72009/02.jpg ricardi/72009/03.jpg

Kit MRP72010 - Italian Fiat Ansaldo 90/53 SP gun (Semovente) - (Master by HenkofHolland)

ricardi/72010/01.jpg ricardi/72010/02.jpg ricardi/72010/03.jpg ricardi/72010/04.jpg ricardi/72010/05.jpg ricardi/72010/06.jpg

Kit MRP72011 - Italian Blindo Centauro

ricardi/72011/01.jpg ricardi/72011/02.jpg ricardi/72011/03.jpg ricardi/72011/04.jpg ricardi/72011/05.jpg

Kit MRP72012 - SIDAM 25 - an Italian Anti Aircraft vehicle based on the chassis of M113.

ricardi/72012/01.jpg ricardi/72012/02.jpg

Kit MRP72013 - AMX13 turret on Sherman Hull.


Kit MRP72015 - Italian armoured car FIAT 6614 (there are 3 versions possible)

ricardi/72015/01.jpg ricardi/72015/02.jpg ricardi/72015/03.jpg

Kit MRP72015 - Italian Aurmoured Car Fiat 6614 - Police version

decals MRP72801 for police version

ricardi/72015P/01.jpg ricardi/72015P/02.jpg ricardi/72015P/03.jpg

Kit MRP72016 - Lancia 1ZM Armoured Car (WW-I & WWII Version) - (Master by HenkofHolland)

ricardi/72016/01.jpg ricardi/72016/02.jpg ricardi/72016/03.jpg ricardi/72016/04.jpg ricardi/72016/05.jpg ricardi/72016/06.jpg

Kit MRP72017 - Conversion for the CV 33 doc models to built a CV 33 with Solothurn

ricardi/72017/01.jpg ricardi/72017/02.jpg

Kit MRP72018 - Conversion part for the Italeri M 113 to modificate the kit in a M113 munition carrier


Kit MRP72019 - Italian armoured car Fiat 6616 - used by Italian army also in Libanon during the operation of U.N. forces

ricardi/72019/01.jpg ricardi/72019/02.jpg ricardi/72019/03.jpg ricardi/72019/04.jpg

Kit MRP72020 - Autocarro SPA T-40 Mod 1945 - (master by Alex Giersch from Romania)

ricardi/72020/01.jpg ricardi/72020/02.jpg ricardi/72020/03.jpg ricardi/72020/04.jpg ricardi/72020/05.jpg ricardi/72020/06.jpg

Kit MRP72022 - Italian armoured car PUMA 4x4 - (master by Enrico BAI and painted by Ivano FRANCO)

ricardi/72022/01.jpg ricardi/72022/02.jpg

Kit MRP72023 - Italian armoured car PUMA 6x6 - (master by Enrico BAI and painted by Ivano FRANCO)

ricardi/72023/01.jpg ricardi/72023/02.jpg

Kit MRP72024 - Italian Staff car, Lancia Aprilia Coloniale - (master by Alexandru Giersch from Romania)

detail72/set6/1.jpg detail72/set6/2.jpg detail72/set6/3.jpg detail72/set6/4.jpg detail72/set6/5.jpg detail72/set6/6.jpg detail72/set6/7.jpg

Built model and Part pictures<

ricardi/72024/01.jpg ricardi/72024/02.jpg ricardi/72024/03.jpg ricardi/72024/04.jpg ricardi/72024/05.jpg

Comments Mr.Panzer
The kit - casted by Brach Models - is supplied with 2 canvas tilts (open and closed) and 2 different type of wheels (holed one and desert one) The master has been done by Alexandru Giersch "magic hands" from Romania.

Kit MRP72025 - Italian Truck "Bianchi Miles", master by Alexandru Giers from Romania

ricardi/72025-1.jpg ricardi/72025-2.jpg ricardi/72025-3.jpg ricardi/72025-4.jpg

Pictures from the master by Alexandru Giersch

ricardi/72025-5.jpg ricardi/72025-6.jpg ricardi/72025-7.jpg ricardi/72025-8.jpg ricardi/72025-9.jpg ricardi/72025-10.jpg

Kit MRP72026 - Conversion for ITALERI kit AB41 Posto comando mobile - master by Alexandru Giers from Romania - casted by Brach Models

ricardi/72026/01.jpg ricardi/72026/02.jpg ricardi/72026/03.jpg

detail72/set14/01.jpg detail72/set14/02.jpg detail72/set14/03.jpg detail72/set14/04.jpg detail72/set14/05.jpg detail72/set14/06.jpg detail72/set14/07.jpg detail72/set14/08.jpg detail72/set14/09.jpg detail72/set14/10.jpg detail72/set14/11.jpg detail72/set14/12.jpg detail72/set14/13.jpg detail72/set14/14.jpg detail72/set14/15.jpg detail72/set14/16.jpg detail72/set14/17.jpg detail72/set14/18.jpg

Kit MRP72027 - Libia wheels for ITALERI kit AB41 - casted by Brach Models


Kit MRP72029 - Artiglio wheels for ITALERI kit AB41 - casted by Brach Models


1/72 Accessoires

Kit MRP72501 - Tobruk with FT-17 turret - atlantic wall

ricardi/72501/01.jpg ricardi/72501/02.jpg

Kit MRP72502 - Bunker MG - atlantic wall


Kit MRP72503 - Emplacement for AA Gun 88mm - Atlantic Wall


Kit 72504 - Milestones for road (15 pc.) - (No picture)

Kit MRP72505 - Emplacement for small gun (i.e. pak 35/36)


Kit MRP72506 - 20 feets container.


Kit MRP72507 - Road blocs


Kit MRP72508 - Road blocs


Kit MRP72509-MRP72510 - Road blocs


Kit MRP72511 - Shelter used by the most of West Europe Armies (include by Italian Army)

ricardi/72511/01.jpg ricardi/72511/02.jpg ricardi/72511/03.jpg

Kit MRP72512 - Dragon teeth.


Kit MRP72513 - Accessories for ITALERI kit AB41 (2 sprues for each kits)


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