Russian Trucks Part Two

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"Russian Scale Models"

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"Russian Scale Models" is a Illustrated Online Catalog, from Metall Diecast Models Scale 1/43 and shows not alone "Military Models World War II", but also postwar and models in all other catagory's, so as airplanes, ambulances, cars, busses, Figures, Fire Fighting, ships etc. For more information visit the web-site!

Zis - Trucks

Zis-5 Civil
Zis-6 with Autocrane
Zis-5 Armoured by Factory Workers

Rtrucks/rsm/zis5civiel.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/23.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/39.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/40.jpg

Zis-5 with Flak 38
Zis-5 Fuel Tanker
Zis-5 Fuel tanker with trailer
Zis-5 Gas tanker Winter camouflage

Rtrucks/rsm/41.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/42.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/43.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/44.jpg

Zis-5 Pelengation Station
Zis-5 with towing 45mm gun
Zis-5V with towing gun
Zis-5V with infantry Machinegun in bed

Rtrucks/rsm/45.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/46.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/47.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/48.jpg

Zis-6 with 2cm quad Flak 38
Zis-6 with 2cm quad Flak 38
Zis-6 Feul Tanker with trailer
Zis-5 covered

Rtrucks/rsm/49.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/50.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/51.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/52.jpg

Zis-6 covered
Zis-5V-U Training Truck with double cab
Zis-5 Fuel Tanker
Zis-5V (1944y)

Rtrucks/rsm/53.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/54.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/55.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/56.jpg

Zis-5V (1943y)
Zis-5 Zis-22 Halftrack
Zis-5 PM-5-6 Mobile Workshop

Rtrucks/rsm/57.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/58.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/59.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/60.jpg

Zis-6 PM5-6 Mobile Workshop
Zis-5 APRIM Mobile Workshop
Zis-6 AES-4 Electro Generator
Zis-5 Radio Station

Rtrucks/rsm/61.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/62.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/63.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/64.jpg

Zis-6 Radio Station
Zis-6 Radio Location Station RUS-2
Zis-5 Search Light (PO-15-08)
Zis-6 Search Light (PO-15-08)

Rtrucks/rsm/65.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/66.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/67.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/68.jpg

Zis-12 Search Light (3-15-4A)
Zis-5 Snow Plough
Zis-5 with towed 76mm gun
Zis-5 Airfield Fueller

Rtrucks/rsm/69.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/70.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/71.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/72.jpg

Zis-6 Airfield Fueller with filter
Zis-6 Airfield Oil Fueller
Zis-6 Airfield Feuller
Zis-6 Airfield Fueller with filter

Rtrucks/rsm/73.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/74.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/75.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/76.jpg

Zis-6 BZ-35 Fueller
Zis-5V BZ-43 Fueller
Zis-6 VMZ-40 Water and Oil Fueller
Zis-5 VMZ-40 Water and Oil Fueller

Rtrucks/rsm/77.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/78.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/79.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/80.jpg

Zis-5 VMZ-43 Water and Oil Fueller
Zis-12 Sonar Station
Zis-5 Gas Tanker
Zis-6 BM-13 Katyusha MRLS

Rtrucks/rsm/81.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/82.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/83.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/84.jpg

Zis-8 HQ Staff Bus - Winter
Zis-6 BM-13 Katyusha
Zis-22 PARM-2 Mobile Workshop
Zis-44 Ambulance

Rtrucks/rsm/149.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/150.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/153.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/158.jpg

Zis-5 Wehrmacht with Flak 38
Zis-6 with AA DShK Machinegun
is-6 with Maxime-4 AA Machinegun
Zis-8 Military Police Prison Bus

Rtrucks/rsm/159.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/160.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/161.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/162.jpg

Z Zis-8 Soft Top Ambulance
Zis-8 Soft Top HQ
Zis-8 Army HQ Bus
Zis-8 Army HQ Bus

Rtrucks/rsm/163.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/164.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/165.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/166.jpg

Zis-8 Ambulance
Zis-8s Ambulance
Zis-8s Ambulance
Zis-8s Ambulance

Rtrucks/rsm/167.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/168.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/169.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/170.jpg

Zis-6 PARM-2 Mobile Workshop
Zis-6 PARM-2 Mobile Workshop
Zis-44 Ambulance - Summer
Zis-6 Katyusha - MRLS

Rtrucks/rsm/171.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/172.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/173.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/174.jpg

Zis-22 Halftrack close
Zis-22 Halftrack open

Rtrucks/rsm/175.jpg Rtrucks/rsm/176.jpg

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