Russian armored trains, guns and platforms available in scale 1/72.

Asking for help!!
- Who can help me with pictures of finished models or with information about other manufacturers of Russian armoured trains in scale 1/72 ?

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Ace Models.

Kit 72210 - BA-20 railway version - model built by Neil Lyall.

Ace/72210/01.jpg Ace/72210/2/01.jpg Ace/72210/2/02.jpg Ace/72210/2/03.jpg Ace/72210/2/04.jpg

Kit 72264 - railroad versions of Ba-64.


Built model by Neil Lyall

Ace/72264/1/01.jpg Ace/72264/1/02.jpg Ace/72264/1/03.jpg

For Neil Lyall's review of kit 72264 - railroad versions of Ba-64, visit:

logo "BrailleBuilder" Blogspot

For more information visit Ace Models page:

logoAce Models page


Kit HB82912 - Soviet draisine Krasnaja Zvezda.


Finished model by Przemo Mrozek.

hobbyboss/82912/3/01.jpg hobbyboss/82912/3/02.jpg hobbyboss/82912/3/03.jpg hobbyboss/82912/3/04.jpg hobbyboss/82912/3/05.jpg

For more information visit the Hobbyboss page:

logo UMMT page

Planet - CMK.

Kit MV027 - Krasnaja Zvezda Russian armored train.

Planet/MV027/01.jpg Planet/MV027/02.jpg Planet/MV027/03.jpg

For more information visit the Planet CMK page:

logo Planet CMK page.

Ultimade Models (UM).

Kit um364 - BA-3 armoured car - Railway version.


Model built by Scott van Aken.

um/72364/1/01.jpg um/72364/1/02.jpg um/72364/1/03.jpg um/72364/1/04.jpg um/72364/1/05.jpg um/72364/1/06.jpg

For more information visit the UM page:

logo UM page.

Ukraine Models Military Technics (UMMT).

Kit um601 - armoured self-propelled railroad car D-37 with D-38 turret.


Built model by Neil Lyall

um/72601/1/01.jpg um/72601/1/02.jpg um/72601/1/03.jpg um/72601/1/04.jpg um/72601/1/05.jpg um/72601/1/06.jpg

Model built by Al Magnus.

um/72601/2/01.jpg um/72601/2/02.jpg um/72601/2/03.jpg

Kit um602 - armoured self-propelled railroad car DT-45.


Model built by unknown person.

um/72602/3/01.jpg um/72602/3/02.jpg um/72602/3/03.jpg um/72602/3/04.jpg um/72602/3/05.jpg um/72602/3/06.jpg um/72602/3/07.jpg um/72602/3/08.jpg

Kit um603 - armoured self-propelled railroad car BD-41 - finished model by Al Magnus.

um/72603/01.jpg um/72603/2/01.jpg um/72603/2/02.jpg um/72603/2/03.jpg

Kit um604 - armoured self-propelled railroad car Leningrad - model built by Al Magnus.

um/72604/01.jpg um/72604/2/01.jpg um/72604/2/02.jpg

Kit um608 - OB3 armoured car with T26 (1933) turret.


Kit um609 - OB-3 armored railway carrier with T-26-1 (1937-1939) turret.


Kit um610 - armored train - armored locomotive OV of type OB-3.


Model built by Gulumik Blogspot.

um/72610/1/01.jpg um/72610/1/02.jpg um/72610/1/03.jpg um/72610/1/04.jpg um/72610/1/05.jpg um/72610/1/06.jpg

Kit um611 - armored train - Type OB-3.


Kit um612 - armored train - OB-3 armored railway carriage with T-26 (1933).


Model built by Neil Lyall.

um/72612/1/01.jpg um/72612/1/02.jpg um/72612/1/03.jpg um/72612/1/04.jpg um/72612/1/05.jpg

For Neil Lyall's review of kit um612 - armored train - OB-3 armored railway carriage with T-26 (1933), visit:

logo "BrailleBuilder" Blogspot

Kit um613 - armored train - type OB-3 no.1 of 23ste battalion.


Kit um614 - armored train - two axle short pilot car (flat car).


Kit um615 - armored arain - two axle long pilot car.


Model built by Liarry Amrose.

um/72615/2/01.jpg um/72615/2/02.jpg um/72615/2/03.jpg um/72615/2/04.jpg um/72615/2/05.jpg um/72615/2/06.jpg

For Liarry Amrose's review of kit ummt 615 - armored train - two axle long pilot car, visit:

logo "Cybermodeler" Website

Kit um616 - armored train - armored anti-aircraft mount built by the Steel bridge factory.


Kit um617 - SAM-AT platform - finished model Telford 2013 - photo by Dimitris Kontos.

um/72617/01.jpg um/72617/1/01.jpg um/72617/1/02.jpg

Kit um622 - PL-43 armored car with T-34/76 turret - model built by Neil Lyall.

um/72622/01.jpg um/72622/1/01.jpg um/72622/1/02.jpg um/72622/1/03.jpg

For Neil Lyall's review of kit 622 - PL-43 armored car with T-34/76 turret, visit:

logo "Armorama" Website.

Kit um628 - OB-3 biaxial armored car with two T-26-1 conical turrets.


Model built by David Lovell.

um/72628/1/01.jpg um/72628/1/02.jpg um/72628/1/03.jpg um/72628/1/04.jpg

For David Lovell's review of finished kit ummt 628 - OB-3 biaxial armored car with two T-26-1 conical turrets, visit:

logo "Military Modelling" Website.

Kit um629 - armored platform PL-43 with T-34/76 (1941) turret - finished model Telford 2013 - Dimitris Kontos.

um/72629/01.jpg um/72629/1/01.jpg

Kit um636 - armored train Fascism Fighter.


Model built by Gulumik Blogspot.

um/72636/3/01.jpg um/72636/3/02.jpg um/72636/3/03.jpg um/72636/3/04.jpg um/72636/3/05.jpg um/72636/3/06.jpg um/72636/3/07.jpg um/72636/3/08.jpg

For Gulumik Military Models' review of kit 636 - armored train Fascism Fighter, visit:

logo "Gumulik Blogspot" part 1 - construction. logo "Gumulik Blogspot" part 2 - finished & painted.

Kit um637 - armored train Dzerzhinets - pictures from Modelimex.com.


Finished model by Gulumik Blogspot.

um/72637/2/01.jpg um/72637/2/02.jpg um/72637/2/03.jpg um/72637/2/04.jpg um/72637/2/05.jpg um/72637/2/06.jpg um/72637/2/07.jpg um/72637/2/08.jpg

For Gulumik Military Models' review of kit 637 - armored train Dzerzhinets, visit:

logo "Gumulik Blogspot" part 1 - construction. logo "Gumulik Blogspot" Part 2 - finished & painted.

Kit um638 - heavy armored railway car BDT.


Model built by unknown person - 1/25 Shipyard paper model.

um/72638/1/01.jpg um/72638/1/02.jpg um/72638/1/03.jpg um/72638/1/04.jpg um/72638/1/05.jpg um/72638/1/06.jpg um/72638/1/07.jpg um/72638/1/08.jpg

Kit um639 - motorized armored railcar D-3 - finished model Telford 2013 - photo by Dimitris Kontos.

um/72639/01.jpg um/72639/2/01.jpg um/72639/2/02.jpg

Kit um640 - armored car Zeppelin.


Finished model by Neil Lyall.

um/72640/3/01.jpg um/72640/3/02.jpg um/72640/3/03.jpg um/72640/3/04.jpg um/72640/3/05.jpg um/72640/3/06.jpg um/72640/3/07.jpg um/72640/3/08.jpg

Kit um641 - tank T-28 on rails - armored platform.


Model built by David Lovell - pictures from Military Modelling.com.

um/72641/1/01.jpg um/72641/1/02.jpg um/72641/1/03.jpg um/72641/1/04.jpg um/72641/1/05.jpg um/72641/1/06.jpg um/72641/1/07.jpg um/72641/1/08.jpg

Kit um642 - armored train platform.


Kit um643 - railway platform with BT-5 tank.


Kit um644 - armored train of the 27th division - No. 1: Victory, or No. 2: For the Motherland.


Kit um645 - armored trains Alexander Nevskiy.


For more information visit the UMMT page:

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